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  1. we ran an end around for -4 then had a penalty on Brick. on the 2nd possession he got sack, I don't recall if that was his fault or not.
  2. once again he had a 2nd and 19 and 2nd 17 on 2 of the 3 three and out possessions. what did you want him to do?
  3. tell your friend I don't say I am the best and to do a better job of reading comprehension and the arguments will make more sense. stats are part of the story but not all, you want to blame a a rookie and 2nd year QB who played very well in both playoff years rather than the supposed elite D. tell your friend to watch more football and spend less times look at out of context stats. also tell him to surround himself w/ people that understand the game so he can better understand it.
  4. you guys were complaining about sanchez leading his O to 17 pts on the road in championship games yet that is what Eli did on a nuetral field and you are celebrating him? interesting argument. he leeched onto a team where a hall of famer against a weaker sched w/ no Tom Brady couldn't even help them get to the playoffs. another great argument. 1. the O deserves SOME blame but the bulk was on the supposed big time D. 2. it wasn't a yes or no question. 3. sorry you don't like reality 4. I am not smart, you guys just make me look smart
  5. 1. stats in context are useful 2. you man the SB where they held the highest scoring offense of all time to just 14 points? and he needed a ball to stick to a helmet to pull it out late? 3. Eli is better than Mark, that wasn't the discussion. if you change the QBs on the teams the Giants still win 2 SBs and the Jets still lose 2 title games. the difference on those teams was D/STs- BOTH QBs played very well.
  6. you are good at hurling insults, too bad you aren't good at presenting an argument. it's nice you can look up stats but our O led by a ROOKIE QB gave the D(the supposed top D in the league) a double digit lead near the end of the 1st half. The D then got mauled and the game could have been much more lopsided if Indy didn't take their foot off the gas. what you also fail to remember(which i noted on numerous occasions) was that our only threat running the ball left the game on the 1st possession of the 2nd half. we then had no threat of a run game w/ 2 premiere pass rushers attacking our rookie QB in a loud dome but it's all Mark'a fault they got a few on the first possession where eventually a penalty set us back, 2 of the other non scoring possession they had 2nd and 19 and 2nd and 17- what do you expect the QB to do in those situations? tell your friend to watch football and get another friend that understand the game to explain it to him.
  7. pitt had the ball for 21 minutes of the 30,
  8. you challenged nothing, you gave a one sentence reply. who cares "if you told me", every game is different. Our D allowed Pitt to set the tone, we were down 17-0 before we could breathe, we were down 7-0 before our O got on the field and our didn't get on the field until almost the 2nd qtr. The game got stabilized, the O brought us back w/in a score w/ an eternity to play, we didn't even have to kick an OS kick and we had 2 TOs. all our D needed to do was hold Pitt to ONE 1st down(we knew they couldn't get a 3 and out) and they FAILED. That moment ended that game and changed the course of our franchise as we have never recovered.
  9. that was Peyton entering his prime, Favre in his prime, Brady ascending.
  10. they had three 3 and outs in 1st half: 1st one: end around for -4 yards then a penalty so it was 2nd and 19(clearly Mark's fault) 3rd one he was sacked on 1st down and it was 2nd and 17. but let's pretend it was all on the QB and ignore the fact he brought us back w/ no help from ru game in the 2nd half and a D that knew we had to throw. he was not good in the 1st half at Indy in the WC game, he was GREAT in the 2nd half completing a bunch of big 3rd downs and then w/ under a minute left setting up a chip shot FG for the win at the gun or do we forget that? you look at stats, I watch games.
  11. Pitt's O controlled the clock. they started the game w/ a near 10 minute TD drive, they held the ball for 21 of the 30 minutes in the 1st half but somehow this was the O's fault? I don't think you remember watching this game, I was there, I saw the pain first hand.
  12. Eli played well(as did Sanchez) but the Giants won b/c of incredible D and STs. it is very difficult to outduel Favre and Romo in the playoffs 2007: TB: D allowed 14 pts, TB averaged 21 PPG in reg season. -7, also forced 3 TOs Dal: D allowed 17, Dal averaged 28 PPG. -11, forced 1 TO GB: D allowed 20 in 5 qtrs, GB averaged 27 PPG. -7, forced 2 TOs(including one that led to FG that won the game) NE: D allowed 14 pts, NE averaged 37 PPG, -23, forced 1 TO totals: 16.3 PPG against O's that averaged 28 PPG. held to minus 12, forced 7 TOs in 4 games 2011: Atl: D allowed zero points, Atl averaged 25 PPG, -25, 0 TOs GB: D allowed 20 pts, GB averaged 35 PPG, -15, forced 4 TOs SF: D allowed 17 pts in 5 qtrs, SF averaged 24 PPG, -7, forced 2 TOs(which led to all NYG pts in 2nd half and OT including GW FG) NE: D allowed 17 pts, NE averaged 32 PPG, -15, forced 1 TO totals: 13.5 PPG against O's that averaged 29 PPG. held to minus 15.5, forced 7 TOs in 4 games 2009: Cin: D allowed 14, Cin averaged 19 PPG, -5.forced 2 TOs SD: D allowed 14, SD averaged 28 PPG, -14, forced 2 TOs Ind: D allowed 30, Ind averaged 26, +4, forced 1 TO totals: 19.3 PPG against O's that averaged 24.3 PPG. held to minus 5, forced 5 TOs in 3 games 2010: Ind: D allowed 16, Ind averaged 27, -11. forced 0 TOs NE: D allowed 21, NE averaged 32, -11, forced 1 TO Pitt: D allowed 17, Pitt averaged 23, -6, forced 2 TOs totals: 18 PPG against Os that averaged 27. held to minus 9, forced 3 TOs in 3 games team totals: NYG '07/'11: D held opps to 14.9 PPG, opposing O's averaged 28.6. rounded up it's -14, forced 14 TOs in 8 games(1.8 per game) NYJ '09/'10: D held opps to 18.7 PPG, opposing O's averaged 25.8. -7, forced 8 TOs in 6 games(1.3 per game) but yeah it was all about the QB.
  13. if he pulls a Gannon that is a great problem to have. Gannon was the best QB in the league fir a few years.
  14. give him whatever he wants, put up a statue. if he is the QB of the team that finally gets that done give him whatever he wants.
  15. cop out? how so? the O wasn't great but good enough if they got more help from our overrated Ds.