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  1. Sanchez in his 'rari

    even at a discount why would they take a guy that has never helped anyone win over a guy that has helped teams win?
  2. Brady had Randy Moss for 2 seasons. we were only down 5 but on our 27 w/ 24 secs left. w/ mark we make the playoffs last year. mark never had a Brandon Marshall and Mark could throw a deep ball unlike Fitz. Mark's MO was winning with us, Fitz's MO is melting in a big spot.
  3. so we would have needed a one in a million play to win, that's not putting us in position to win.
  4. how did he put the team in a position to win? he led the O to 17 pots and threw 3 INts w/ one in the EZ. he did not do enough to help his team win, he dragged his team down. He didnot do his job that day.
  5. when did jerry Rice make a catch like that in a SB? when has any big game ever been decided bya crazy catch like that would have been?
  6. stop it, he prevented them from winning. it would have taken a miracle of all miracles for Enunwa to catch that pass and go the distance. the blame isn't all on Fitz but he was terrible and played scared.
  7. absolutely, the better you are the more painful the final loss is but I'd rather have a shot than the season ending in october.
  8. it was a colossal disappointment not to make the playoffs. we had fun moments but ruined by the last week.
  9. Under Woody's Ownership

    I always love hearing that as if there is a single human on the planet who would buy a worthless PSL based on the jets acquiring a backup QB.
  10. Under Woody's Ownership

    and this tells us what?
  11. Under Woody's Ownership

    they weren't, anyone watching knows that. they were dominant at times but truly dominating D's don't blow as many late game leads as those D's blew, don't fail to show in the biggest games(title games) and get our O a chance at the end of the Pitt game rather than allow Pitt to get 2 1st downs to end the game but posters will come back w/ rankings! b/c we know rankings tell us everything.
  12. Under Woody's Ownership

    yep, that's what I said. Nah, the '85 bears D that we had carried the worst QB ever to 2 title games, Mark played no role.
  13. Under Woody's Ownership

    they didn't carry anything. those Ds were very good but not great and they melted in both title games.
  14. The Lee pick reminds me of

    I don't recall Vilma being a polarizing pick, I could be mistaken since it's 12 years ago but I remember everyone wanting Vilma(or most people).
  15. Under Woody's Ownership

    so now we are blaming Woody for our drafts?(by the way, most of those players turned out to be good players).