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  1. to be fair our win % was much better at Giants Stadium than Shea Stadium and since we opened the new building the jets and Giants have almost identical home records.
  2. That's ridiculous, there's no way we are any worse than 31st.
  3. the only one embarrassing here is you b/c you clearly can't read. move along son.
  4. John Mara had nothing to do w/ George Young. he was a long way off from joining the organization. Other points are valid though, Mara has done very little other than get lucky.
  5. Tannenbaum was certainly not perfect but he was a good GM. The favre deal was agreed to when we got him, it was a 1 year deal. He could have been a jerk and backed out and made Favre really retire but he honored the agreement. In 2008 w/ weaker sched and no Brady Favre sabotaged our season so losing him was a plus not a minus. IF we got the 2009 version that’s a different story but that guy didn’t want to play for us. He did strip Mark of the talent around him which set Mark back and he never recovered here but overall he was a good GM. Cotch wanted out and Braylon never did anything after we didn’t sign him. he re-signed Holmes then made tried w/ Mason and Plax. It didn’t work out. Mason and Plax were not very good. That 2011 team was really hurt by the lockout. You struggle to read, never once have I said Mark carried us or was the main reason we were very good. We were a D first team, we won mostly on the D and lost mostly on the D but Mark was vital to those runs. We don’t make them w/o him. There’s no message, there’s reality. You can try to change my argument as much as you want but the reality is mark was vital to our runs whether you like it or not. I understand he didn’t put up the fantasy #s you wanted, I am sure you preferred Favre 2008 but I like to win.
  6. he certainly was not consistent but he did have a lot of highs for us(and lows). unfortunately we stripped hi of all the talent around and expected him to get better. I have watched Rivers for a long time, when he's on he's a HOF caliber QB but he's usually on when his team is down big or the game/moment is meaningless. In big games and moments he's s small time QB.
  7. I don't, Mara is a fraud. the 2 SB teams he presided over were mostly built before he was in charge.
  8. 3 since 1969, before that they were a pathetic franchise and had a ton of coaches. the issue w/ BP is in 4 years he was involved w/ us we made the playoffs one time and he left us w/ a bad cap situation which we got lucky w/ expansion draft in 2002 or we would have gone through a major rebuild. Parcells also cost us Belichick and either Manning or Brady. I can't put his 1 great season over Rex's 1 1/2. Herm and rex were unfortunate to be here during Brady dynasty or we could have had easier path to success.
  9. I discuss reality, you get all pissy. of course Mark is one of our best QBs ever, that says more about our franchise than Mark. our greatest QB was an average QB the majority of his career. Jet fans celebrate Ken O'Brien and bash Mark sanchez, it's all nonsense. Rivers is a #s guy, a team will never win w/ him. is he better than mark? of course but I'd rather have a Mark and move on than waste an era w/ an overrated QB like Rivers. Mark 4-2 as starting QB in playoffs including beating Rivers on the road when SD was hottest team in the league and had much more talent than we had. Rivers 4-5 as starting QB in playoffs which includes his only div rd win after getting hurt and his backup coming in and leading GW TD drive. SD had the most talented team in the league for a few years. I get it, he puts up meaningless fantasy #s so that impresses fans. doesn't impress me.
  10. son, no one is following you. if you would like to not discuss this w/ me then please stop engaging in discussion w/ me as you are the one who follows me not the other way around. you can bash one of the most successful QBs in our history while pumping up an underachiever in SD all you want. you like fantasy #s, it's ok. most average fans do.
  11. so how did Mangini and Favre do w/ the team they handed Rex and mark? how many title games did they make?
  12. that's great, you can have Rivers and lose. Rivers had the best roster around him from about 2006-2009/2010. you talk about #1 D? he had the #1 D in a weak division in 2010 and couldn't even make the playoffs. Mark threw for 100 yds b/c they got a lead(thanks to the great Rivers) and protected it. he had similar #s to rivers at the time of his last pass(w/o the game changing mistake) but one kept throwing in desperation time and one handed off to run out the clock. Rivers was the #1 reason we won that game. Rivers is the most overrated QB in the game but he puts up nice fantasy #s so he fools most fans.
  13. I think this needs to be separated into best pure coach and best job as coach of the Jets. Parcells is the best HC we have ever had but he wasn't here long enough where he;d be our best HC. 1. Weeb. obviously b/c he won only SB and did it w/ INT machine at QB 2. Rex 3. parcells 4. Michaels 5. Herm 6. Walton 7. Mangini 8. Coslet 9. Groh 10. Carroll
  14. Is Philip Rivers a better QB? obviously BUT in a big game I would take Mark every time. Rivers walked into a ready made SB caliber team after having years to sit and learn, he ahd the most talented team in football for about 4-5 years. He made it as far as a conf title game ONE time and that one time came AFTER he got hurt and his backup led the game winning drive. I fully believe if Rivers was our QB in 2009/2010 we don't make a single title game. as far as elevating the team outside of the playoffs, look at how many late GW drives he led us on so yeah he elevated us.
  15. that seems about right though my guess is Hess pressured Steinberg into firing Coslet. for my childhood years we never even had an official GM. I think Steinberg was the first one since at least the 70s. the only real chance for a GM to fire a coach in recent years would have been for Tannenbaum to fire Mangini. the 4 coaches before him all walked away, Idzik got fired before he could execute his plan to fire Rex.