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  1. Bowles bears responsibility for that, far too often we see this team come out flat and yesterday they stayed flat most of the game against a very beatable opponent. we were thoroughly outcoached and outplayed yesterday.
  2. don't be fooled by the 10 points, if not for a fluky play it was 17. KC's O could do what they want whenever they wanted. we have elite defensive talent, we have not yet played anywhere near elite defensive football.
  3. we signed/acquired some older guys to get competitive again while we retool around them. Our young guys on the Ol are playing well, we have a ton of young WRs, the DL is young, we are rebuilding the LB corps. Obviously the QB is the missing piece, we'll see what Petty/Hack can do soon enough.
  4. people are kind of forgetting about the D b/c of how awful Fitz was. Boykin could tear us apart if the D keeps playing like it has.
  5. In case anyone hasn't notice we are rebuilding while remaining competitive. Obviously the big piece will be a QB, the hope is that Petty or hack can develop into that. if they do we are in great shape, if not we won't be where we need to be until we find one.
  6. Bowles is not a good coach, hopefully he can develop into one but he's not a good coach.
  7. I am quickly souring on Bowles. how many games does his team look unprepared? how many games w. no adjustment? give me Rex over this guy any day. the only thing I like is he doesn't panic but half the time I am not sure if he is awake or asleep on the sidelines.
  8. awww his little buddy is in to defend him. how cute.
  9. shouldn't you be busy liking your own posts?
  10. I didn't offer my opinion, I don't know enough about the situation to comment. you should probably take that advice in future discussions. you guys got away w/ murder in the title game, be glad they gave you a rare NCAA title.
  11. I just want to get to 2-1 this week.
  12. did you seriously like your own post?
  13. it's very overrated, BB seat was getting hot. they were going to Brady sooner than later. it may have delayed the dynasty by a year but Brady was coming soon.
  14. it worked! the nj meadowlands and greenwichjetfan signal