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  1. and I don't think he was fully healthy last year. I expect to see a better revis this year
  2. Revis Island good was the best cover corner in the history of the game, those days are gone but he;'s still an outstanding corner and the best player in franchise history. he had some bad moments last year but week 17 was on coaching.
  3. Wilson is underrated
  4. I think Philip Rivers has been one of the most overrated players of this generation.
  5. Airing today on NFL Network at 6PM. we know how it ended but there were a ton of great moments throughout the season so it should be a fun one(at least more fun than last years). also, Pats at jets is on NFL network right now, the 1 hour condensed version of the game we won at the meadowlands. as we were winning that one Pitt was losing to Baltimore and all we had to do was beat a mediocre Bills team a week later
  6. Harvin was never a SB MVP. he returned a kick for a TD in a blowout SB win for Seattle. he was not a game changer when we got him which was why Seattle gave him away. he was a game changer earlier in his career but was broken down by the time we got him. Decker may have played the same amount of games but he was clearly hobbled most of 2014.
  7. 2012 was the worst I have seen since 1995, 2013 wasn't far behind.
  8. Decker was playing hurt most of 2014 and he still nearly put up 1,000 yds on that terrible team. 2014 Decker wasn't half the player 2015 Decker was.
  9. I don't think most understand how great Brandon Marshall was last year. we have had some good WRs through the years but as long as I have been watching this team(since the early 80s) Brandon's 2015 season was the best I have ever seen by far. Will he have another season like that? I hope so but if he can make Fitz look that good imagine what he can do w/ a talented QB?
  10. is he comparing half a season or Harvin(after our season was over by the way) to Brandon Marshall?
  11. this was tweeted out by duke basketball. hahahahahahahahaha