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  1. a proven winner like Vince Young The "proven winner" led his teams to ONE playoff app, in that playoff game against legendary choker Philip Rivers and the Chargers Vince lwed his O to SIX points in a 1706 loss. Kerry was 15-17 overall but one season he was 12-3 w/ ten which was head and shoulders better than any season Vince led Ten to and Kerry did lead a team to a SUPER BOWL(even though he stunk in that game against maybe the greatest D of all time). the Daily News is a total joke w/ all this nonsense.
  2. is there a worse "news" organization than the race baiting NY daily News? they have no shame.
  3. Keller was good for us, Lowery was ok, Jenkins was a beats briefly when healthy. unfortunately we have had worse drafts.
  4. I would disagree there, I think a healthy Chad and healthy Vinny were as good or better. I like Ryan and would like him here but he would have been run out of town for not being perfect like every other coach/QB we have had.
  5. if we wanted Ryan bad enough we could have made a move. If Matt Ryan played here he'd be skewered by jet fans.
  6. I didn't mean to shock you
  7. more like a year and a half, he was terrible the 2nd half of 1986 and was nothing more than mediocre the rest of his career. He should be very thankful he didn't play in the social media/message board era or he would never have stayed with us as long as he did.
  8. by the way, rooting for the team does not affect the outcome. if it did we'd win the SB every year so i will always root for the Jets to win and if we suck and lose late in the season it won't bother me but I will never root for them to lose.
  9. I want to win every game, I don't care if we are 1-14 going into week 17. the draft is a crapshoot, the two greatest QBs of all time were 3rd and 6th round picks that every team had multiple chances to select.
  10. why would any fan want their team to tank? fans are too obsessed w/ the crapshoot of the draft,
  11. more injuries http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2016/10/25/dukes-jayson-tatum-injured-during-pro-day-practice/
  12. I think people should leave him alone, he didn't do anything wrong and is treated like he murdered 5 people. it would be a joke for people to "forgive" him if the Cubs win just as it was a joke when Sox fans "forgave" Buckner after they finally won even though Buckner wasn't why they lost in '86.
  13. that will never happen until we win a SB and winning a SB will only stop that temporarily.
  14. No he didn't, not when you don't have a team prepared and ready to play in a win and in game in week 17.
  15. yes, they finally did the job they are paid to do. let's hope they can do it again this week.