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  1. On what planet? I guess people forget how great Mo's impact was pre parcells. I love Mo, all time great jet but he wasn't half the player revis was for us.
  2. It's not surprising that someone like you would fall for that crap. Keep your head up though, in another 30 years Nova may win another title. Hopefully this time without crooked officiating.
  3. It's comical how people fall for fake news. Read that link I posted about the journalistic genius if Dan Kane. It's lazy "journalism" on the part of those that rehash Dan Kane junk which had been debunked. It's all jealousy though. I hope all the while haters enjoyed the latest title run. Not even a game scandal can keep this program down for long.
  4. Nothing has been conceded, they have been fighting for years and they have the evidence on their side. It's hard to know something about something that never happened. There's no evidence which is why nothing had happened. Read this: www.tarheelblog.com/2016/4/26/11505372/catfishing-the-banner-chasers
  5. You really shouldn't speak about things you don't have a clue about. Do some research then get back to me. What Roy Williams(the greatest coach if this generation) and Carolina have done especially in the face of these false allegations where they have been essentially on probation the last 3-4 years and despite that are one fairly officiated game from going to back to back. it's simply amazing and I get the jealousy but do some research and you will understand Carolina basketball did nothing wrong, athletes weren't steered to classes, athletes had to actually do the work to get grades and that the classes were open to all students and filled w/ more non athletes than athletes.
  6. What is that supposed to mean?
  7. so many great candidates. Joe Namath Eli Manning Michael Strahan Jason Taylor Alonzo Mourning Phil Rizzuto Lynn Swann Bruce Springsteen Jay Z Ty Law Philip Rivers Carmelo Anthony Ken O'Brien(by Jet fans)
  8. It sure wasn't pretty but for all the close calls through the years Carolina deserved this one. To be able to come back from being robbed a year ago and lose your 2 best players. What an incredible job by this team. The officials wouldn't let the teams play but at least this year it was more even w/ bad calls and the team that deserved to win actually won the title. What a crazy run of toughness from these guys, down 5 late to Arkansas, down 5 late to Kentucky, down by a bucket late to Gonzaga and then they went on incredible runs w/ O and D to pull out those games. Just an incredible run from a great group of people.
  9. The line Roy assistant at UNC that whey to a mid Major was Jerid Haase and he did a great job at UAB and is now HC at Stanford. Just because they worked at to level program didn't mean they won't be able to function at mid major. It sounds like C.B. is getting the job. I have no idea how well he will do but I will be rooting for him.
  10. Ha, I was a teenager and didn't know any better
  11. Yeah, how awful for C.B. to learn from one of the all time greats for 20 years knowing what it takes to win at a big time program. The dumb things people say.
  12. that should all but do it, UVa up 4 and w/ the ball after the TO w/ 15 secs left. still time but would take a small miracle. great game.
  13. huge offensive rebound leads to the 3, 2 pt game