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  1. compensatory picks announced: https://nflcommunications.com/Pages/NFL-Announces-32-Compensatory-Draft-Choices-to-16-Clubs.aspx we got one in the 3rd rd
  2. you showed nothing, you gave me career #s as if you can compare cover corners by INTs or TDs. the corner's job is to shut down the opposing WRs, no one has done a better job than revis. I didn't make my case based on QBs faced, that was part of the info I provided that was interestibng in that revis faced better opposing QBs and better WRs yet the WRs he faced he shut down while the WRs that faced Deion and Woodson thrived.
  3. for Jif: http://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/eyeing-a-sweep-of-kentucky-florida-looks-primed-for-an-ncaa-tournament-run/?linkId=34858918
  4. again, we are allowed to disagree. It would be great though if you could counter anything I post. you can make statements but how about making an argument? how about countering what I wrote? I'm waiting. now that he a is a felon oh boy, why do I get involved in these discussions?
  5. you have no idea how much you bore me. from looking at your stupid avatar and signature to reading your stupid posts. I lose IQ points every time I just see your username.
  6. Please list all the big time pass rushers he played w/? instead of hurling insults you probably should pay attention to the info that is being presented to you. Your quote was: " In my opinion he does not belong in the same sentence as Sanders or even Carles Woodson " That is a laughable statement, nowhere did I say Woodson wasn't really good. He's just not Revis. Revis is the greatest ever cover corner.
  7. as intelligent adults we have to understand NE let Vinatieri go when they already had 3 SB titles and had Tom Brady in his prime. No matter how you want to justify this it was a silly comparison. Thanks for your endorsement, it means a lot coming from one of our worst posters.
  8. sorry logic eludes you. you made the asinine comment comparing us to NE, I simply tore it apart like I generally do w/ your weak posts. I try to deal in reality not lala land. our fans wouldn't be the whiners we are if we had a Tom Brady and were winning big.
  9. Sanders was a playmaker, he made the flashy plays which got him recognition. he also got beat badly often. let's do that comparison w/ Deion that I did w/ Revis and Woodson: w/ Atl: 1991: at NO: Eric Martin 7-83 at was: Gary Clark 6-64 w/ SF: 1994: vs. Chi: Jeff Graham 4-33 vs. Dal: Irvin 12-192-2 vs. SD: Mark Seay 7-75 w/ Dal: 1995: vs. Phi: Calvin Williams 5-56 vs. GB: Robert Brooks 6-105-2 vs. Pit: Yancey Thigpen 3-19-1 1996: vs. Min: Carter 3-36-1 at Car: Mark Carrier 1-7 1998: vs. Ari: Frank Sanders 3-72 1999: at Min: Moss 5-127-1 12 games: 62 recs, 869 yds, 7 TDs prorate over 16 game season: 83 recs, 1159 yds, 9 TDs over 16 games:: Deion: 83 recs, 1159 yds, 9 TDs Revis: 43 recs, 610 yds, 5 TDs QBs faced: Deion: Chris Miller, Mark Rypien, Erik Kramer, Troy Aikman, Stan Humphries, Rodney Peete/Randall Cunningham, Brett favre, Neil O'Donnell, Brad Johnson, Kerry Collins, Jake Plummer, Jeff George Revis: Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson
  10. if we had a Brady we;d be winning and the fans wouldn't be as bad as they are.
  11. New England has the greatest QB of all time, I am sure if we had a Brady we wouldn't worry about any moves being made.
  12. Revis was hurt early in 2010 but once healthy hew as even better than he was during his greatest of all time(for a corner) season in 2009. he was 1st team all pro in 2014 after the injury so to say it was all downhill would be false. Revis has played basically 9 full seasons, he's been 1st team all pro in nearly half of them and made the pro bowl in 7 of them. Woodson played 12 full seasons at CB and was 1st team all pro 3 times and made 8 PBs so who was greater longer? Woodson moved to safety, prolonged his career and became a good safety but it doesn't change the facts at corner.
  13. Woodson belongs in the hall where he will go 1st ballot, he wasn't half the cover corner revis was. let's look at top WRs in playoff games, obviously it wasn't all on one player(the best WR against revis did most of his damage in prevent mode when revis wasn't on him) but it gives us a good guide: Woodson: w/ Oak: 2000: vs. Mia: Gadsden 1 rec 33 yds vs. Bal: Ismail 1-18 2001: vs. NYJ: Coles 8-123 at NE: Brown 4-43 2002: vs. NYJ: Coles 4-30 vs. Ten: Mason 5-41 vs. TB: Keyshawn: 6-69 w/ GB: 2007: vs. Sea: Engram 6-67-1 vs. NYG: Plax 11-151 2009(the year he was DPOY robbing Revis b/c voters were impressed w/ a few TDs): at Ari: fitz: 6-82-2 2010: at phi: Maclin 3-73 at Atl: white 6-57-1 at Chi: knox 2-56 I will leave out SB as he got hurt early 2011: vs NYG: Nicks 7-165-2 14 games: 70 recs, 1008 yds, 6 TDs prorate over 16 game season: 80 recs, 1152 yds, 7 TDs keep in mind the early part of his career the rules were different and it wasn't as much of a passing league as it was all of Revis' career. Revis: w/ Jets: 2009: at Cin: Johnson 2-28 at SD: Jackson 7-111 at Ind: Wayne 3-55 2010: at ind: Wayne 1-1 at NE: Branch 5-59-1 at Pitt: Wallace 1-6 w. Pats: 2014: vs. Bal: Smith 3-44-1 vs. Ind: Hilton 1-36 vs. Sea: Baldwin 1-3-1 9 games: 24 recs, 343 yds, 3 TDs prorate over a 16 game season: 43 recs, 610 yds, 5 TDs prorated #s over a 16 game season: Woodson: 80 recs, 1152 yds, 7 TDs Revis: 43 recs, 610 yds, 5 TDs and looked at the Qbs they faced: Woodson: Jay Fiedler, Trent Dilfer, Vinny Testaverde, Tom Brady(1st yr in blizzard), Chad Pennington, Steve McNair, Brad Johnson, Matt Hasslebeck, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler/Caleb Hanie, Eli Manning, Revis: Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson
  14. he didn't get us into the playoffs vs. the Colts, his kick won the game on the road in the playoffs against the Colts. below are all of his misses for us: 2010: at Miami: 61 yd attempt blocked. we won game 31-23 at Buffalo: 30 yd FG, we won 38-14 vs. GB: 37 yd FG, we lost 9-0 at Cle(his worst game): 48, 24, 47(ot). we won 26-20 in OT in a game that never should have reached OT if not for Folk and D. vs. Hou: 53, we won 30-27 vs. Cin: 44, we won 26-10 at NE: 53, we lost 45-3 at NE(playoffs): this gets forgotten b/c of the big win but he did miss a chip shot(30 yds) after the Harris INT. we won 28-21. Like I mentioned earlier, he was shaky his first season BUT he didn't cost us any games. 2011: at Buf: 50, we won 27-11 vs. NE: 24 on opening drive, a big miss but we lost 37-16 at den: 52, 61. lost 17-13. hard to blame him for missing those long kicks. at Was: 40, we won 34-19 vs. NYG: 44, this was HUGE. this was right after the devastating 99 yd TD. quick pts would have had us feeling better going to LR and tied the game. we lost 29-14 but this was a critical moment in this game. I would say he lost us any games but that NYG missed kick was big. 2012: vs. Mia: 35, we lost 30-9 at SL: blocked 26 yd attempt, missed from 44. we won 27-13 vs. AZ:(maybe worst game I have ever witnessed in person). 46 and 52, we won 7-6 at Buf: 30, we lost 28-0 again, never cost us a game 2013: at Buf: 48, we lost 37-14 vs. Cle: 49, we won 24-13 at Mia: 35, we won 20-7 didn't cost us a game 2014: at NE: 58 yd potential game winner was blocked at the gun. we lost 27-25 vs. Pitt: 45, we won 20-13 vs. Mia: 48, 45. we lost by 3. he cost us. at Ten: 53, we won 16-11 vs. NE: again had late long FG blocked for a chance at win, this one 52 yds but even if he made it Brady would have had 5 mins to win it. at Mia: 45, we won 37-24 I would say he cost us the Mia game 2015: he got hurt and missed most of season at Ind: 48, we won 20-7 "at" Mia:(London): 40, we won 27-14 vs. Was: 49, we won 34-20 2016: missed his first ever PATs. vs. Cin: missed PAT, missed FG of only 22 BUT both happened early, we had chances to win. he hurt us but I wouldn't blame him for loss. we lost 23-22 vs. Bal: 51 yd FG blocked, we won 24-16 vs. LA: missed PAT, we lost 9-6 vs NE: 54 yarder blocked, we lost 22-17 at NE: 34, we lost 41-3. you can make an argument he lost the Cincy game. maybe in all his years here he cost us 2 games. that's pretty good and our record in games where he had misses was 19-15
  15. Leahy used to miss PATs every season. I know K's were judged differently back then as they weren't as good but Leahy was never a great K. we have been lucky w/ K's for about a decade. Feely was really good in his brief time here and Folk was really good after a shaky first season w/ us.