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  1. that was a bad moment, thankfully Kaeding came through for us. that would have been an awful way to lose a game and we know a few things about losing in awful ways.
  2. he almost had one against Miami in 1989 but fell to the ground to avoid a hit at the goalline.
  3. the great Brett Favre
  4. w/ a torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder. one of the best throws you will ever see. go to 7:26 mark
  5. good defenses and good run games, nothing great, did he benefit? sure, all QBs need a good D and run game that aren't name Brady, Rodgers or Ben. we made championship games in 1982 and 1998 but in both games we didn't have a chance late. we were shut out in one and lost 23-10 in the other. In Pitt we had a legit chance to win but that "great" D couldn't keep Pitt from getting 2 1st downs to end it. No one has said mark was great but he was GOOD and a QB we could win with. If he was our QB in 2015 we make a deep run. you don't need a Brady to win but if you have a decent QB and put the right pieces around him you can win- see Eli, Flacco, etc...
  6. He's not favre(though he did better than Favre w. the same team) or Young, his point was more that they failed in their first stop(Mark didn't fail here) and in the right situation blossomed. who knows where Mark's career goes if we don't strip him of all his weapons after 2011?
  7. he almost single handedly took us to the playoffs in 2015, he didn't destroy anything here but I hope he does for them.
  8. why give up a pick when you don't have to? and who cares what he is doing now? he was good for US. I don't care how well he played in Philly in 2014 or how poorly he played for them in 2015. He helped MY TEAM reach heights it had never seen before and helped bring us closer to a SB than at any point since SB III.
  9. sucking and shi**ing the bed for us by helping us get to back to back title games for the only time in our history. we truly have the worst fans in sports and we desrev the crap they put out for us. he was 2nd string on dallas the majority of the year, was 2nd string in Philly. In Denver they didn't want to give up a pick, they traded for him as insurance in case their young guys were not ready.
  10. first year seeing the field: led us back from 1-4/2-5 to win division and a playoff game 2nd yr seeing the field: missed the first 6+ games, we were 4-5 in games he started and 2-5 in games he did not start 3rd yr seeing the field: led us to postseason where we won another postseason game 4th yr: injured week 3, missed season 5th year: led us to 10-6, another playoff app
  11. great argument, Joe made TWO playoff apps. In each one the 2nd place team(among 4 other teams) was just .500. Please don't talk about the league being watered down. the greatest dynasty of the SB era is in our division, Joe didn't have to worry about any of that.
  12. And 1967 where Jet fans routinely praise him for throwing for 4,000 yards and ignore that in the process he threw away the Jets chances of making the playoffs w/ all his INTs. Your "worst HC" quote is asinine though.
  13. let's break that down. In 1968 2 teams made the playoffs(technically 3 as KC and Oak tied and had to play). The Jets had to win the AFL east by beating out 4 other teams. The 2nd place team was a .500 team. They had a 1 in 5 chance, 20% In 1969 2 teams per div made the playoffs so the Jets had a 2 in 5 chance(40%) and again the 2nd place team was just a .500 team. The 2009 and 2010 Jets had the TOM BRADY dynasty in the division so the div title was out(if they had a .500 team as the next best team they would have won div titles, right?). removing the 4 div champs the Jets had a 2 in 12 chance to earn a WC(17%) 17% is less than 20 and 40, right? Not to mention in the lone year he won playoff games Joe got a home game his team didn’t earn b/c they rotated the title gaem and a bye they didn’t earn b/c Oak and KC tied. Oak and KC BOTH had better records and Oak BEAT the Jets yet we got a bye and hosted Oak needing ONE win to get to SB. he played like S**t in 2012 w/ Chaz Schilens and Stephen hill as his main weapons.
  14. Chad actually won playoff games, Chad actually won a div title, Chad actually won big games. Chad came into a team where coaches were fleeing what they perceived a sinking ship, Ken walked into a young team that was a game away from the SB. the 2 are not comparable in any way.