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  1. that should all but do it, UVa up 4 and w/ the ball after the TO w/ 15 secs left. still time but would take a small miracle. great game.
  2. huge offensive rebound leads to the 3, 2 pt game
  3. 5 pt game UVa under 2 mins left.
  4. 5 pt UVa lead w/ about 5 to play
  5. just like that it is a 3 pt game
  6. UVa pulling away but a long time to play, they have had numerous 2nd half meltdowns this season.
  7. good game so far w/ UVa and Wilmington, Wilmington had a big lead but UVa takes the 1 pt lead into the LR.
  8. players inducted into the pro football HOF don't go representing one team like they do in baseball w/ the cap they wear. each team they played for is mentioned in their write up. Revis will obviously be most associated w/ us.
  9. Final Four: Villanova over Gonzaga North Carolina over Louisville National Championship: North Carolina over Villanova
  10. South Region 1st rd: UNC over TX so. Ark over SH MTSU over Minn Butler over Winthrop Cin over KSU UCLA over Kent Dayton over WSU UK over NKU 2nd rd: UNC over Ark Butler over MTSU Cin over UCLA Uk over Dayton Sweet 16: UNC over Butler UK over Cin Elite 8: North Carolina over Kentucky
  11. Midwest Region 1st Rd: KU over UCD Mia over MSU Nevada over ISU Purdue over Verm URI over Creighton Oregon over Iona Mich over Ok State Lou over JVst 2nd rd: KU over Mia Purdue over Nevada Oregon over URI Lou over Mich Sweet 16: Purdue over KU Lou over Oregon Elite 8: Louisville over Purdue
  12. West Region 1st rd: Gon over SD St Vandy over NW ND over Prince Bucknell over WVU Xavier over MD FSU over FGCU SM over VCU AZ over UND 2nd rd: Gon over Vandy ND over Buck FSU over Xavier AZ over SM Sweet 16: Gon over ND AZ over FSU Elie 8: Gonzaga over Arizona
  13. My picks for the Tourney: East Region 1st rd: Nova over MSM VT over Wisc UVa over UNCW ETSU over UF SMU over USC Baylor over NMSU SC over Marq duke over Troy 2nd Rd: Nova over VT UVa over ETSU SMU over Baylor duke over SC Sweet 16: Nova over UVa SMU over duke Elie 8: Villanova over SMU