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  1. 10-5 the year w/o Brady a year after going 16-0 against a much weaker sched while missing the playoffs. if we finish 5-11 we will have lost 5 more games than a year ago. do you think that is a big difference?
  2. Brady is that system, BB was a complete failure pre-Brady
  3. as disastrous as this season has been for us seeing NYG and Miami potentially going to the playoffs makes it much worse. I cannot rest easy until at least NYG is eliminated
  4. we thought that in 2007 and 2011 then they went on those 2 fluky runs. I can't take another one.
  5. that Houston comeback was miraculous, with NO timeouts needing a TD starting at our 28. that throw to Braylon which set up the Td was as beautiful a throw as you will ever see. Some of those other comebacks were great too. Down 10 late at Detroit, buying time and giving JHolmes a chance at Denver, the Cle game where Folk was awful and D blew another late lead and the Indy…on the road…in the playoffs.
  6. mostly starting as a backup and coming in as injury replacement. he has only had 2 or 3 years where he went into a season as a starter. he's a quality backup, nothing more. if he hast to play full time his team is in trouble.
  7. based on watching him play those first few weeks.
  8. he did trade Bledsoe but that tells us what he thought of Bledsoe. if he thinks Jimmy is for real he'd never trade him w/in the division.
  9. terrible news. these are the types of acts people should be protesting in the streets about.
  10. we had some big penalties that set drives back. Pitt controlled the clock, our D set the tone early and finished us off late. Fitz is a backup who became a starter to injury and he will be a backup again soon. In 114 starts his teams have won 45 times. In 72 starts mark's teams have won 37 times not including 4 road playoff wins. there's a reason no one wanted Fitz when they could have had him w/o any compensation via trade.
  11. the D allowed Pitt to control the clock all 1st half. he helped bring us back and put us in a position to win that game. he was really good in Philly 2 years ago, other than that he hasn't really played. we'd be much better off w/ him than Fitz.
  12. Fitz threw 31 TDs a year, Taylor has 31 the last 2 years. Taylor is ok, he's in the Fitz range. Bowles took over a 4-12 team loaded w/ cap space that spent a boatload, rex took over a paper 9-7 team that folded in their biggest games. rex took over a franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs since 1999. Buffalo has not made the playoffs this Century. Rex is better, it's not close, it's not debatable.
  13. blowing a playoff spot against a dead team in week 17 was bad. Bowles has had more talent to work with. when rex had talent like the 2015 Jets he had us competing to win the AFC.
  14. it's better than 3-8, right? if they can pull off the upset this week they will be in great shape.