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  1. the browns have some talent, they sucked but they competed this year. they are not far off from being a decent team. I would much rather have the Browns roster and coach.
  2. good for Woody, congrats to him.
  3. I compared overall which is all that matters. is someone really dumb enough to argue that 2002 or 2003 Vinny was as good as Chad? or that Quincy Carter 2004 was as good as Chad? seriously, look at what you are trying to say.
  4. go check and see who he had to throw to in that game against a really good Baltimore D. let me know what you find.
  5. it actually does make the point, if they all of a sudden had the scouting report based on that oak PO game then how could he ever have had any more success? his career was based on health, when healthy he was good. he just wasn't durable enough.
  6. especially when they are NOT facts but how would you know that? you just want to whine and complain.
  7. I am comparing what his teams did w/ him compared to what they did w/ backups. it's obvious to anyone being fair his teams were much better w/ him than w/o but b/c we went 2-1 in 2004 people are fooled. those 2 wins we faced awful Cle and Ari, we barely won both despite the D allowing a TOTAL of 10 pts. the only one all over the map is you trying to skew #s. the facts are his teams were much better w/ him than w/o. there is a reason that any season he had double digit starts his teams made the playoffs every time and any season he had less(once he became a starter) his teams flamed out and were terrible.
  8. that's the Jets not us, whether I root for a win or not means nothing as far as wins and losses. I can't root for my team to lose, if they do then fine but I can't root for it. Cleveland has been top 5-10 in the draft most years since coming back in 1999, how has that worked for them? Namath had good moments, he wasn't the best for 3 years. injuries derailed his career but durability counts.
  9. I think that was his foot in the 2007 opener but that is why we have the worst fanbase in sports. when did BB "put the book on him"? b/c he led Miami to a div title his last healthy year of 2008 beating out NE. he took over what was a 1 win team in 2007 and led them to 11 wins. Just curious when this book came out.
  10. yep, so when he came back in 2003 and threw 9 TDs and 2 INTs in his first 3 games back did they not have scouting reports? in 2004 going into that Buffalo game(game 8) where he tore his rotator cuff he had us at 6-1 and his #s were: 137-201, 1502 yds, 8 TDs, 2 INTs, 99.1 rating so did they not have scouting reports on him by then too?
  11. My #s are correct, they were taken from games he starter and I used his the other QBs #s from seasons he missed games. Chad's teams were 44-37 w/ him as starter which included 4 playoff apps and 2 div titles his backups were 24-39 which included zero playoff apps backups: 2002: Vinny 1-3 2003: Vinny 2-5 2004: Carter 2-1(in 2 wins the D allowed a TOTAL of 10 pts in 2 good weather games) 2005: others 3-10 2007: Clemens 3-5 2009: Henne 7-6 2010: others 6-9 1+2+2+3+3+7+6=24 3+5+1+10+5+6+9=39 therefore record w/o him was 24-39 the only lies posted here are by you. Look it up.
  12. so you don't think facing the greatest QB of all time during this era has hurt us? you don't think it was miraculous that we won the division in 2002 becoming the only non Pats team to do so when Brady has been NE's primary starter. you don't think going into Foxboro and whipping Brady and the Pats in the div rd was a big deal? Only SB titles for you! so when UNCW lost rd 1 last year was it a failure that they didn't win the NCAA title? we have the worst fans on the planet, we deserve the 2016 season.
  13. Jet fans will tell me how great Ken O'Brien was and bash Chad Pennington. you just can't make this stuff up.
  14. says the guy trying to get the last word in.
  15. the first thing you have said that actually makes sense.