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  1. that play was bad but ultimately we won so it didn't hurt us.  In my lifetime of watching the Jets: 1981- Todd picked off by Bill Simpson at the GL going in for the winning TD in the WC game 1982- Todd to Duhe 1993- Cary Blanchard missing 3 FGs at Buffalo 1994- fake spike 1997- Leon Johnson halfback pass/ray Lucas option pass at detroit 1998- Elway to McCaffery after we took the 10-0 lead in the title game 2000- John Hall missed chip shot vs. det 2002- INT at end of 3rd at oak in div rd 2004- doug brien 2008- Brett favre 2009- Manning to Austin Collie after we had taken a 17-6 lead 2010- the final Pitt 3rd down 2011- Victor Cruz 99 yds 2015- Fitz INT in EZ
  2. Marty was such a great reg season coach, just couldn;'t get over the hump.  he did make 3 title games which people forget but just couldn't quite make it.   I remember reading how pissed Hasty was when we went into Arrowhead in 1998 and beat the Chiefs.
  3. Hasty couldn't wait to get out of here, he hated losing and b/c we stunk he never got any respect.  when he went to KC they did make the playoffs a coupe of times(although they were one and done w/ top seeds) and he was finally being recognized as a top corner.  I loved hasty as a Jet, had his jersey as a kid.
  4. hasty was very underrated b/c he played on mostly bad Jet teams.  No he isn't Revis, no one is but he was absolutely better than Aaron Glenn who, I think, gets overrated by Jet fans. 
  5. It sucks he wasn't durable, it's been our curse.  we had a potential longterm franchise QB and premier pass rusher(Abe) and both were injury prone.  what could have been.
  6. I think worship is too strong of a word, I just appreciate greatness.  I wish he sucked but unfortunately he's the best I have ever seen.
  7. don't know anything about football AND you don't have a sense of humor.  you must be really fun in real life
  8. just b/c you are paid well doesn't mean you are expected to make every throw.  they knew his limitations when they signed him. 
  9. what does his salary have to do w/ anything?
  10. Chad didn't have the greatest arm and it was diminished even more after the shoulder injuries- we all know this but this notion that he was "exposed" in Oakland is nonsense.  he led us to the div rd 2 years later then after a 2nd surgery led us back in 2006. Since Tom Brady became the NE starter in 2001 NE has won the division all but 2 seasons- the Chad led 2002 jets and the Chad led 2008 Dolphins(though they don't win it if Brady is healthy).  when Chad was healthy he led teams to the playoffs.  it amazes me how Jet fans bash him, it's why we don't deserve a winner.
  11. what Dungy did in TB was a million times more difficult than what Coughlin did in jax.  Dungy took over the worst franchise in the league and made the them SB contenders w/in a few years.  Coughlin had the easy job of making Jax into a good team as the league set it up for both them and Carolina which was why theywere BOTGH in title games in year 2.  The difference?  Coughlin, as usual, was 9-7 while Carolina was 12-4.   coughlin had 2 great postseason runs but again w/ SB championship talent could only go 10-6 and 9-7.  That is NOT greatness.   total NFL wins? how stupid is that?  Coughlin coached for 20 seasons, Dungy for only 13 and despite coaching 7 less seasons he had MORE playoff apps, more winning seasons, more double digit win seasons.   average season record: Dungy 11-5 Coughlin 9-7   the 4-12 Giants were a year removed from double digit wins and a playoff spot and the GM made a move to acquire the #1 overall pick in the draft.  w/ all that they only won playoff games in TWO of his 12 seasons and missed the playoffs 7 of 12 seasons.  Missing 7 of 12 seasons is a HOFer?  are you serious?          
  12. the opponent has nothing to do w/ that?  he faced the AFC champs in 2002 and the #1 D of a 15-1 team in 2004 and we had chances in both games to win.  he probably doesn't make the ROH only b/c he didn't play long enough but when he was healthy we made the playoffs(and no Jets QB has led us there more).  his issues were always about durability, he just didn't have the body to withstand the punishment of NFL football.
  13. remember when he threw that 50 yard bomb w/ a torn rotator cuff at SD in the 2004 playoffs?  that's longer than 20-25 yards?     I love when myths get spread and people start to believe them.