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  1. Awesome post. A little too much emphasis on stepping into throws. I saw a segment on QB play by Dan Marino that said in the NFL you throw a lot of throws off the back foot or flat footed, because of timing and the spred of the NFL. Now the criticism might be valI'd here, but it might not as well.
  2. Umm those things are not even in the same solar system of bad behavior.
  3. Well thats what you get when you hire a string of conservative defensive minded head coaches. I like Mac a lot, far far from sold on Bowles.
  4. True, but it wouldn't actually change our cap situation. Say Dallas offered a 3rd that could go to a second or first. The Jets would be morons not to take it considering the way this team is constructed.
  5. Actually the way the NFL measures hand size is ludicrous as it does not take into account finger size at all. In the piano world I have what is called "russian hands" which are short fingers but a large palm and almost perpendicular thumb. On the NFL scale I have like 10.5+ hands but I can barely hold on to a football.
  6. I think the Jets need to kick the tires on a Fitz trade. He is a one year option and our coaching staff can see that he is offering nothing to this team. If you could get a 3rd or better for Fitz which is possible because his contract would essentially be free for the Cowboys I think you pull the trigger. Petty has shown enough, and Id even be Ok with Hack or Petty learning on the job. I think both could play as well as Sanchez his first year easily in this offense/
  7. Good update. Fitz was completely inept. He literally threw one accurate pass and several completely awful ones. Julian Stanford really flashed The DL looked ridiculously strong at POA, still not a dramatic pass rushing front I keep 7 receivers if I am the Jets and dump Bohannon Hackenburg looks like could be the guy as does Petty Fitz literally cannot throw anything other than dump offs to RBs and "area" passes to Decker and Marshall. He is going to be exposed very badly.
  8. I would be shocked and it would be completely moronic. Please dont tell me you thought Fitzloser passed the eye test.
  9. And they are our #3 and #4 QB, Petty and Hackenburg. Hackenburg is not ready but you can see the potential. Same with Petty, though he looked not as strong tonight. But both have that quick reaction time, fast release, arm strength and presence that the elite QBs have. Fitz and Geno do not. Both were awful, especially Fitz who was pretty much completely inaccurate except for a single throw to Decker. Both stare down receivers, and Fitz throws a weak wobbly inaccurate pass on almost every throw. He is really pretty awful and needs the wingspan of Marshall and Decker to save him. Not sure what this says about the Jets, but Bowles will pull a Parcells and play both of his "veterans" to the bitter end.
  10. what in the ever living fuuck was that? give Hack another shot...a run to Bohannon in preseason
  11. Most impressive thing about preseason: special teams
  12. Maybe Geno went in so fast because the Jets just traded Fitz to Dallas for a conditional first
  13. that was all Decker...area throw to large receiver with a mismatch
  14. And Fitz with the quick "pad my stats" quick slant that has absolutely no chance to get the 1st down outside of a missed tackle. The dude sucks.
  15. People mentioned it literally HUNDREDS of times