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  1. FWIW, they were saying that Reid was the one that wanted Mahomes sees him as the next Favre.
  2. Umm, wouldn't the last two practices been infinitely more relevant than what is in the past because he is learning? It's almost the exact same thing as saying little Tommy sucks at reading because he used to be bad at reading because that is just as relevant as his current ability. Wow that is just plain dumb
  3. Solid article. I thought the Jets would make every move they have the second the season ended. And I am not sure ANY of them has actually made us a worse team as they were all playing like mediocre JAGS or injured. And if that is true, and we replace them with players that are just slightly above JAG we might be better. I think we will. The only player we lost that is an argument from a talent standpoint is Decker, but he is always injured and his release was about chemistry more than anything. The Jets are not tanking they are BUILDING. And I am as excited about this season as any in a long while, especially if Hack starts. If I see improvement and development every week, I wont care how many games we win and I will truly enjoy the upcoming season.
  4. But you DO NOT know that. No Jets fan knows if he is good or bad, we only get little snippets of info from coaches and beat reporters. We will only know if he is good when he plays in games. And last years 2 preseason games do not count. By all accounts, he is markedly improved over last year. And I find it interesting that his footwork being bad has not been mentioned by anyone which was the source of much of his issues. Jeremy Bates had great things to say about him, and the beat reporters were actually positive by the end of minicamp. But neither you or I or anyone else on the planet, including Jets coaches, will know if he is good, bad or indifferent until we actually see him play. And that is just fact. Constantly saying he sucks with no evidence of that adds no value at all to this board.
  5. Simply put you DO NOT KNOW THAT. GFY with this senseless and incessant Hack bashing. Go troll somewhere else.
  6. No it was critical to building a new team culture and leadership needs to become Hacks, Jamals and Leonards team now...not Mangold, Marshall, Decker and Fitz. It is very very critical.
  7. that quotes fine...give it a few weeks he'll say something monumentally dumb in TC
  8. Well your opinion. I think releasing him was critical to the future of this organization. The Jets seem to agree. He was released because of chemistry.
  9. Exactly, they even went as far to play him in the first team drills and then have him put the red shirt on immediately after once they could prove he was completely healthy and cleared to play. The moment I read that the Jets did that I knew he was gone. People are not allowing how big of an issue the Marshall, Decker, Mangold, Fitz "club" was last year. It tore the team apart.
  10. I think it is the best. And I completely serious. The Jets are finally finally doing the right thing and trying to build a team the correct way.
  11. Harris will likely only play short yardage obvious running plays under Belichick. There is a good chance they win again, but part of that is the reality that #1 seed in the playoffs is too much of an advantage in the NFL.
  12. The Jets released Decker as soon as NFL rules allowed. There was no window earlier to release him because of his injury status.
  13. I don't see that. Decker would have been the #1 campaigner for McCown, and if a young QB started he would look to Decker too much, not to mention that Decker has never been known to be a mentor and his durability is hugely suspect. Although the road is a little bumpier from a #1 WR standpoint I think the young QBs develop better in tandem with the young receivers. It falls to Morton to create gameplans and matchups that allows the QB to succeed.
  14. Hackenberg will fail almost any sabremetrics type analysis. But he has elite size, arm strength, along with elite work ethic, football intelligence, pedigree and overall natural QB talent. He was poorly coached and needs to fix mechanics. His upside is Top 5 in the NFL. His downside is out of the NFL by 25. But we are hearing progress. I think the scale is tipping towards upside,
  15. Well his grading criteria is Completion Percentage and TD/INT ratio. Favre would have sucked under that grading systems. YPA is much more valid in assessing a QB but its only a single stat.