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  1. MUCH rather have McCaffey. Fournette is not a fit
  2. God no. OK with Trubisky or Mahones or even Webb or Peterman, but Watson will be a complete bust in the NFL. He literally threw to 3 routes in college, is not a pocket passer and has no arm strength.
  3. The Jets will threaten the life of my TV by not trading down even though they they will admit they had offers and once again choose a bust CB in Lattimore. This draft is a good test of the relative strength of Mac vs Bowles.
  4. God no. He will suck in the NFL.
  5. Holy fuuuck that would be simply awful.
  6. I will be SOOOO pissed if we draft a defensive back at 6. The truth is that better offense will improve the pass defense more than drafting a defensive player at 6. I am OK with Howard, McCaffrey or even Mahomes if we are sold on him I really really want us to trade down though
  7. One of the guys, I think it was one of the former GMs on Sirius said he heard the Jets will trade Sheldumb to Dallas on day 3. So maybe a third and sixth something like that.
  8. Basketball is by far the most boring of all major sports. Insanely repetitive and the only sport where intentionally committing fouls can give you an advantage
  9. Ahh yes, our awesome defensive first round picks. If we pick another S or DB in the first round I might break the TV. History has shown it is a bad philosophy.
  10. Not sure I agree with that. Pass defense is an interesting thing. It is related to so many factors OTHER than the secondary: 1. Pass rush 2. Run defense 3. Offensive ball control 4. Special teams In the Jets case, I think that the cornerbacks were not as bad as they appeared (still not great) but the Jets were very very bad at rushing the passer, and offensive ball control. Lack of offensive plays led to tired defense especially the line, and we have nothing really for a pass rush outside of scheme. Reality is that improvement on offense and say 10-15 more offensive plays per game will improve the secondary more than a single first round player.
  11. Possibly true. But we are not making offensive picks to be NO defense, we need to just become COMPETENT. We need playmakers and OL help more than any single thing on defense.
  12. He's marginal, but more valuable and higher game impact than any DB. All we need to do is look at our own drafting history and the impact of first round CBs in general in recent drafts. Edge rushers have far more impact on games and defense against the pass than any DB outside of the HOF guys. But you win games by scoring more points than the opponent, especially now, and since we are trying to develop a young QB, providing protection and weapons for that young QB is far far more important than any defensive upgrade at this point in the rebuild.
  13. In my opinion, they are just not elite positions unless you get a once every 5-10 year talent and I do not think any of these backfield guys are
  14. Seems to me that this draft is just bending us over and will completely f$%k us in the a-- when we take another marginal non-value defensive pick at 6 that will do nothing to help the long term prospects of this team. If we pick a friggin safety or CB at 6 I might lose it