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  1. "With the 20th pick in the 2016 NFL draft, the Ny Jets select ----------------, Defensive Tackle, " It is not impossible in this draft. We lost snacks, and have Mo for one more season max. But if I hear those words again I might be so angry that Chloe the dog hides in her crate as I destroy my TV and miss the remainder of the draft. You?
  2. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    His arm was fine pre-injury but unfortunately there was almost no pre-injury Chad to see.
  3. A Couple Of Surprises

    Yeah I do not get the Myles Jack hype either.
  4. Cimini seems like one of the least connected Jets writers. Pure speculation on his part.
  5. I am optimistic on Mac but not sold on Bowles. So far all I have really seen is yet another Jets defense oriented head coach, that overly values defense and veteran players and is very conservative on offense. He has a more even demeanor than his predecessors and values offense slightly higher, but I would not have chosen him as a HC.
  6. Is WR in play at 20

    Not true really. Not enough data. The pick of Leonard Williams was not a BPA situation, it was a situation where a player from the elite tier fell to them and that is the key. He was in an entirely different tier. Within the same tier need comes into play
  7. This is what I dont understand.

    It's abut the next 10 years not just 2016
  8. 1. We will wind up picking at 20 and pick defense.....again 2. Mo does not get traded during the draft 3.The QB we draft is Sudfield in the 6th
  9. It does not matter if Brady performed as well or better with fully inflated balls or not. Being able to play well with fully inflated balls has no relation to whether or not Brady and the Pats tried to cheat and thought it gave them an advantage and the evidence is compelling that they did. Also, the legal battle has NOTHING to do with whether he us guilty or not and only with whether Goodell per the CBA has the authority to act and assess the penalty he did, which he does. Very unlikely the 2nd circuit or Supreme Court revisit this
  10. Keep in mind that I think Fitz pretty much sucks. I think Bradford is awful, the only thing he has going for him is his former #1 pick status.
  11. Would not that argument apply equally as well to Geno vs. Fitz?
  12. It is completely mind boggling that anyone could actually watch Bradford play and think good QB. Fitz is a JAG but he is much better than Bradford. Bradford is terrible. He is not good, and does not look good on the field and he is ultra fragile. the anti-Favre. He has a career 81 QB rating.and a very low YPA. Fitz is basically the same. There is NO upside to Bradford. None. He is a chicken in the pocket, throws a terrible long ball, is made of paper maiche and is the single most overrated and overpaid player, not just QB, in NFL history. Hard PASS
  13. What position would you ....

    I would say OL. Seems to me the bust potential of "edge rushers" is incredibly high, they might be as difficult to pick as QB. We need serious OL help long term
  14. Draft Week; Lynchtime

    See i actually get the other impression from him. I think he is a guy that in his own way will put the entire team on his back and raise the level of the entire team. I think that Lynch is going to be an elite QB in the NFL. And he is perfect for NY
  15. Draft Week; Lynchtime

    Most overblown criticism ever. QBs, even elite ones, lock onto to their first read ALL of the time. Fitz did it almost exclusively last year. Single read/dumpoff. Rinse/repeat. Even Aaron Rodgers has stated he rarely goes to a third read on most plays. Seems like there is this group think that QBs have to be looking somewhere else on every play and that at the last second go back to the read when the reaiity is that there is rarely time to go through several reads during the actual play. What separates the elites, is that they know which read will likely be open before the snap so locking in on them does not lead to a lot of interceptions.