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  1. Simple explanation for that. We keep signing essentially the same head coach: Defensive Minded "flashing" Defensive Cooredinator Very conservative Wants game manager QB Poor in game managers Has a defensive system rather than adapting to personnel Stubborn Only real difference in Herm, Mangini, Rex and Bowles is personality,.
  2. The moment Fitz was signed we were set back a year.
  3. It's FAR more bewildering that people are making excuses and still supporting Fitz
  4. And defensive minded stubborn head coaches that just want QBs to "manage the game" rather than a head coach he will actively develop the position that is more important than all others combined.
  5. I think it was a concession to Bowles, who thinks he can win this year with Fitz. I think Bowles leverage is gone now on that point. Another bad game, and I think the pressure from Mac Gailey and even Woody will start to build on Bowles to change, but he is VERY stubborn. Bowles will wait until Fitz has completely ruined the season.
  6. Bowles is a stubborn moron, unless he learns re as l quick we are not winning with this guy.
  7. The assumption he is the best option is very flawed. I do believe that Bowles thinks that, which is troubling because it is wrong.
  8. I believe much of it is personality. He comes across as aloof, awkward and arrogant all at the same time. Couple that with bad play, and you have one of the most hated Jets ever. Now Fitz on the other hand people like for some reason, and think because he went to harvard he is a smart QB (he is not). So today after one of the worst performances at QB EVER, tons of fans are doing everything they can to give Fitz a pass blaming coaching, scheme and whatever they can to excuse Fitz. It's all emotional not any type of actual observation.
  9. Any analysis of the Jets weaknesses that does not have Fitz as the number one problem is ridiculous.He is so limited that he makes the offensive coaching look bad.Half of the potential playbook gets thrown out because of him. There is no other "scheme" for Fitz. A decent QB would tear defenses apart with our offense, OC and weapons. Running more is difficult because Fitz does not force 2 deep and forcing the run leads to 3rd and long. And Fitz cant handle that. There is a reason Fitz is 7-37 against winning teams. Bowles is a big problem as well
  10. I stand by my assertion that Fitz is all Bowles. I do not believe that Gailey would start him, and I think Mac was comfortable with Geno and Bryce for this year. Part of the problem is Bowles stubborness when it comes to "his guys". He does not want to admit he is wrong especially to Gailey and Mac. Expect Bowles to go all Rex on us and come up with a super conservative game plan on Sunday. Note: teams will notice that the KC defenders were playing inside leverage and camping on the back shoulder pass, daring Fitz to throw it over the top in single coverage. He could not. Expect more of the same from Fitz, I do not see him being succesful going forward.
  11. Yesterday's performance by Fitz was BY FAR worse than the Geno game against Buffalo. especially since the Jets coaching staff told Geno to force the ball to Harvin open or not. I remember watching Eli's 0.0 QB rating game and though that was bad. This was much worse. It is actually the worst game I have ever seen a QB play. He through AT LEAST 10 intercerptable balls. He is Bowles guy but not Mac's or Gailey's will be an interesting staff meeting I think. Bowles is stubborn to a fault. He will want to keep trotting Fitz out there
  12. Bowles is VERY stubborn and wants veterans especially at QB. He will continue to trot Fitz out there even if he does the same thing next week,
  13. Bowles has a game PLAN. As in singular, he is a very stubborn H. He will not bench Fitz if he has three more consecutive games like this.