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  1. You argument does not hold up to even cursory analysis/
  2. Wow, the Cotchery non-catch was one they actually got right. By the rule as currently written they got it right. Cut and dry right. Couple things. FIrst, it should be a catch and second the rule is incredibly dumb. With Cotchery going to the ground he has to maintain control of the ball throughout. It does not matter (by the rule, not any logic) that the ball never hit the ground, because he never completed the catch by rule. Carey should be fired, and the rule HAS to be changed. Simms and Carey are idiots for not knowing the rule. But the play was judged correctly.  
  3. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Not according to the current brain dead rule.
  4. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Lol a rule so confusing that the announcers and even the rules expert have no clue. It has nothing to do with touching the ground. It is about control. Which Cotchery lost. Stupiid, stupid rule.   It SHOULD be a catch.   Von Miller just made $5 million more next year.
  5. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    No way is that a catch if they follow the rule
  6. Very large nay. Probably least deserving member ever. 
  7. get used to the idea, maybe 205 chance Mo is here next year
  8. As a fan I want to win the SB. As an objective onlooker we will be lucky to win 6 games next year
  9. Lol, Wilson is great, Newton had a great year. Both are far beyond "pretty good". And Wilson's OL sucks.
  10. Except that for only 3 or 4 exceptions in 50 years it IS the only way to win a SB That is so stastically small it is irrelevent. It is why doing anything other than trying to find THE guy (such as starting a JAG like Fitz) is actually worse than spinning your wheels it is going backwards.
  11. Nothing about the OP plan is long term. Aggressively sign Snacks AND MO ?? NO Sign Fitz for 2-3 morw years? NO We need to build through the draft, second tier FAs and compensatory picks.  No more big ticket Free agents. If Fitz wants to play for $5M as the backup/mentor fine. If he wants starter money hit the bricks. Unload all the veterans.  Trade MO for a first or second. Say good bye to Cro, Brick, Demario Davis, all the RBs except Bilal if he comes cheap Trade up for a QB if you feel he is a franchise guy If not select a couple and let them compete Prioritize speed and youth much more going forward than this team has been in the past Accept short term suckiness for long term success We are not a "win now" team. We have NO chance to win next year. Become a win for 6 years or more team.                      
  12. Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

    They would lose in court if challenged. Again.
  13. Signing Snacks should be a priority. Signing Wilkerson for an elite contract is idiotic.