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  1. I would be interested to see a pic. I like vintage watches too. (no sarcasm)
  2. Post of the week. 100% true.
  3. No it wasn't on any level. His lack of performance was 100% predictable based on his playing and physical limitations, his proven history against strong teams and the pure reality of teams having a full year of tape to fame plan for him as QB. As an example, they stared undercutting back shoulder throws knowing he could not throw it over the CB. The Jets with Fitz at QB had no chance at 3-3. I said it back when the schedule was first released. we are in this situation because if Fitz and Bowles. The Fitz signing was a horrible horrible move.
  4. You can fill them with third tier FA, undrafted FA and draft picks. None of those categories will create a big dropoff in performance. We have a lot of very highly paid old players and complete JAGs. As far as I am concerned we should never sign a Tier1 FA again. They are almost universally not worth it.
  5. Laughing at the incompetence of your own team is just an awful twisted thing...we are not only embarassing ourselves we are embarrassing the NFL
  6. Fitzloser can only throw slants, seams, in routes and back shoulder thriows, which literally means that he can make "half" of the throwe as opposed to "all" the throws. however teams realized that on the posts and corners and anything remotely deep he can literally ONLY throw back shoulder so teams started to let our receivers g er t behind them knowing he can't throw over throw and camp for the intrrception. So the solution was to remove those too, putting the bearded cancer at "one third" of the throws, which of course cuts down on turnovers but also makes the offense completely toothless. But toilet keeps playing him.
  7. Lol only Jets fans hate players and call them busts before they have taken a single snap in the NFL Lets give it a couple years
  8. but, but but he should get a third year.....F his ass....he is terrible. So it is pretty obvious that when Bowles says there was "no debate" there was literally no debate he just announced Fitz stays starter....Bowles may actually be the worst Jets coach of them all, he is completely clueless, Rex is only 80% clueless or so....
  9. People need to stop with the Gailey comment and the Macc comment about Petty developing slowly and being a backup. That was BEFORE training camp and I remember them being shocked at his development and how the light seemed to go on for him one day,
  10. Ok Because nothing actually points to him just sucking other than Bowles not switching to him. he passes the eye test, looked good in preseason and was not awful with no preparation in his only start. Throw in an elite arm and release and there is literally nothing to suggest he is not a very strong prospect other than Bowles being stupidly stubborn and in complete cover his butt mode. the slack Fitz gets is amazing to me. he is a PROVEN loser as a QB, yet he is viewed as the "best chance to win" yet people like you want to discard a QB with elite skills after one start. mind boggling
  11. Saying this bulls hi it 100 times does not make it true. This decision is NOT based on an evaluation of Petty, but purely on the size of Bowles vagina
  12. I honestly think this has nothing to do with Petty or what his prospects are. for 2 years Bowles has shown a stubborn, unflinching blind allegiance to Fitz. He has demonstrated this over and over again. Bowles is a weak minded HC that does not have control of his team, and in addition to this blind allegiance, is afraid he cannot manage the veterans reaction to a switch. He is pureLy making this decision on emotion, weakness and an effort to not lose his job. he could care less about developing the team long term. This decision is not about Petty at all. it does also suggest he was forced to start Geno. Which hopefully means Woody is ready to dump this loser.
  13. Hack could still be the best QB from this draft. he has a low floor, but his ceiling is best QB in the NFL and I am still high on Petty if he ever gets a chance
  14. I think the Hack pick is far from being able to evaluate. One thing about Hack is that his intelligence and natural skill give him a ceiling of beSt QB in the NFL. Have no issue with a 2nd rounder for that potential
  15. It is not the right choice from any angle.