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  1. johnnysd added a post in a topic Amaro to IR...done for the season   

    Weird thing about this is that I think there was a good chance he was going to get released on skill. For whatever reason he never seemed to be in the Jets plans, maybe because there is not a TE role and the HB plays a combined WR/moving TE/fullback role and Bohannon and Enunwa are just better at that. Unlike a lot of offense, receptions by a TE is not a key component of the Gailey offense and with our personnel will be even smaller than normal. I hated the Idzik draft at the time but man other than Sheldon and Bohannon(with TBDs for Enunwa and McDougle) that draft was a nightmare. We literally could have drafted better just using a draft guide.
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  2. johnnysd added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    Yes they would settle on a reduced suspension or fine. For the reason you stated neither side will settle.
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  3. johnnysd added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    A settlement is best for all parties and saves the taxpayers millions of dollars in judicial proceedings, so the judges attack both sides making them think they will rule against them so they will get off their high horse and settle.
    In this case though, the case is STRICTLY about whether or not the NFL followed the rules of the CBA, so yes the decision is essentially a yes/no decision and has nothing at all to do with the NFL's investigation or whether Brady is guilty or not.
    The judge knows in this case that an appeal is likely so he could take an in between route and defer his ruling until after the appeal which sort of streamlines the process somewhat. Brady though would likely be granted an injunction in that case though,
    But no one in the media seems to get that it is not about Brady's guilt at all.
    Brady would need to file a defamation suit to go down that road, but since he is guilty he would never do it.
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  4. johnnysd added a post in a topic Looooong read on PFF   

    While I do not believe in the absoluteness of the ratings I can imagine it would be useful for teams to spot under the radar players by noting "no name" players that have high ratings and then having pro player personnel check them. It is worth it in that sense just to get a macro sense of a player.
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  5. johnnysd added a post in a topic PFF odds and ends   

    I think PFF is close to useless maybe outside of OL, but even then the methodology is very very suspect. It has become quite common to quote PFF grades as if they are gospel on how a player is doing. Problem is that they do not know the scheme, not what the player was asked to do on a play, nor the quality of the player they are matched against. And that is huge. One or two big negatives in the PFF rating on a player that did the right thing can give him a big negative rating. It is too volatile. Way too often their "grades" disagree with what a coach is seeing and they are looking at every play as well but with the scheme and assignment in mind. Since they do everyone there is a normalization element to their ratings, but really they are not even useful until way into a season. And in my view utterly useless in preseason when veterans are mostly trying not to get hurt.
    Look at Enunwa. I can almost guarantee that the person watching his film has absolutely no idea what he us supposed to be doing on a play, especially since the HB role is very rare in NFL offenses.
    Petty's grade makes no sense from simple observation unless his first game was so hugely negative that even good games cant let him escape.
    Appreciate the posting and it is interesting from an intellectual curiosity standpoint, but I think PFF rankings are less useful than QB rating and QB rating is really pretty useless as it really does not measure what makes a QB succesful. 
    Rant not directed at you, just a reaction to the ridiculous PFF hype I see and how they are used as accurate and meaningful assessments of players.
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  6. johnnysd added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    Beer, the facts of the case are actually irrelevant. The judge is not ruling on that. All he is judging is whether the NFL correctly followed the CBA. Nothing else.
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  7. johnnysd added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    Injunctions are not guaranteed. If the next judge agrees with the first judges ruling and does not feel it is likely that Brady will prevail he will deny the injunction
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  8. johnnysd added a post in a topic Glennon Top rated QB to be traded   

    Thread title is misleading. Nothing to suggest Glennon is on the trading block.
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  9. johnnysd added a post in a topic Rex names 4 captains for pre-season wk 3...   

    OK maybe not 100% correct in his choices.
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  10. johnnysd added a post in a topic RGIII Out, Cousins In.   

    Shanahan DID use RHIII right, but the problem is that the NFL figured out how to defend the read option pass and all it's variants and it is the reason that he (and Kap too) are now struggling.
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  11. johnnysd added a post in a topic RGIII Out, Cousins In.   

    Exactly. It has even been reported that he can actually work too hard at times. Geno's issue is not intelligence or work ethic or talent but immaturity a shyness which he over compensates for and creates a subtle type of arrogance. Similar to Braylon actually. It is a personality type that a lot of people hate. And it was not a good match for Rex, which really hurt his development.
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  12. johnnysd added a post in a topic Rex names 4 captains for pre-season wk 3...   

    I obviously hate Rex but some things he did were OK, like the use of specific captains in the start of the game. I still think it is a pretty good concept. 
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  13. johnnysd added a post in a topic Observations From NYG Game   

    Whatever. Way I see it Geno may be the answer, he may not, but Fitz is in no f'ing way the answer and is not a better QB than Geno right now. The Jets need to see what they have in Geno. Pissing a season away on Fitz is idiotic and the chances of Geno not being on the team next year are very low so the Geno haters should give it up.
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  14. johnnysd added a post in a topic Coples & Davis   

    Coples has played out of position his whole career and has played pretty well. Maybe not 1st round well but good enough. 
    Davis is just not very good. Great leadership, high motor but not a great player. We are pretty sucky at LB overall.
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  15. johnnysd added a post in a topic Observations From NYG Game   

    The great likelihood is that Geno starts when he is healthy AND the coaching staff thinks he is better than Fitz who is a JAG veteran with health issues. Yeah, let's cut Geno. So dumb. 
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