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  1. Nah, Nantz sucks at golf coverage too. Watching today it struck me that as good as Brady is. Belichick is just better. Him and his staff (that pretty much do what he designs anyway) are literally several levels better than any other head coach in the NFL. Give NE our terrible coaching staff and bring the NE coaching staff here, the hooded cheater would probably win the division with Hack at QB. He is just several steps ahead of everyone else.
  2. Signing a veteran JAG QB has worked like all of once in NFL history. It is a vintage Jets half move, that is guaranteed to doom us to more mediocrity. Glennon SUCKS, he has been passed over by 2 regimes. yet so many want to bring him in and repeat history. I do not get it. No one is winning a championship with Glennon. The entire Jets philosophy us upside down,
  3. a healthy, strong armed Pennington like we had for parts of a single season is a different QB that the weak armed boat anchor JAG he became....dont miss him at all
  4. God no. 6 for CB unless they are a perennial all pro is terrible vslue.
  5. Unless we get a Sherman/good Revis level player CB at 6 is horrible value. Not enough impact.
  6. True, he went from an elite coach to one of the dumbest OCs ever that actually taught and insisted on bad mechanics. Watch the Gruden show and there is a pre draft video that goes through tape on why he is an elite prospect that is awesome. We just have the dumbest HC in relation to QBs in the entire NFL.
  7. not that simple
  8. All we hear is "give rookie QB a red shirt year, don't rush him". We do that, and all of a sudden Hack is a bust, and we should draft someone else. no wonder we suck .
  9. Another half measure by Woody. Fire Bowles, get OBRIEN
  10. Norv has sucked for a while, and is insanely overrated yet no one seems to be noticing. Lynn would be an awful hire. Personally, if O'Brien somehow does become free from Houston I would fire Bowles instantly and give OBrien the control and financial incentives needed to come here.
  11. As a San Diegan this move is all about greed on the Spanos family. They essentially want the city of San Diego to give them a stadium so they can make millions of extra money, and increase their valuation by maybe a billion all while giving nothing back to the city and never ever really negotiating in good faith. There have been a number of very strong proposals from Chula Vista and even Escondido which are really part of the extended San Diego but the Spanos' always refused to really add anything to the costs and instead consistently asking for additional perks such as free land that they could develop and take all that money too. They felt that San Diego being a small market would link and ultimately cave to their game of chicken but they didn't. Hard reality is that unless the city can make additional revenue from the stadium, a new stadium and keeping the Chargers has very little economic impact on the city. It's only really 8 events a year, not like the Padres that create significant revenue from 80+ events at Petco. The Spanos family is in for a very rude awakening. Not many San Diegans wlll follow them to the new Stadium in my opinion, and LA will not embrace them either. Plus all they are doing is renting the use of the LA stadium not building an asset for themselves. Plus they have to pay like a $500 million relocation fee. They could have taken that money, found an angel willing to invest a few hundred million for partial ownership and built their own stadium outright, but they are just too greedy. Would not shock me if this report is yet another chickensh*t attempt at a power move both those losers.
  12. I agree. I see an effective college QB, but not a NFL QB.
  13. Great game, but I do not see NFL QB in Deshaun at all. He will flop hard.
  14. Signing a veteran QB is flat idiotic. We need to develop our QBs. Period.
  15. NO. We need to see what we have in Hack and Petty after they are given significant reps and a full offseason with new OC and QB coach. Hack is NOT a bust yet, and Petty showed flashes of being good. But idiots on this board want to bring back Fitz or sign Glennon so it just shows you have brain dead most opinions are here. I do know this though. Whatever the right decision is, the Jets will not make it. AND Macc and Bowles are effectively lame ducks so there is NO WAY they will make the right long term decisions for this team.