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  1. When the super bow was 28-3 with first and goal with 2 minutes left in the 3rd I would have to think Atlanta's odds were literally something like 99.999% to win. If they had just snapped the ball with 3 or 4 seconds left on every snap there wasn't enough time in the game realistically for NE to win. It was literally the most inept in game coaching ever. A FG there and the Falcons are up 5 scores. Run the ball. score a TD or FG and go into the 4th quarter up 5 scores. Five.
  2. Buster Skrine per PFF

    If you actually read that you realize that literally and nickel on any team including PS players could match that performance. I actually think we have some decent assistants but Bowles is a train wreck. He blamed everything on penalties in his presser. Does anyone think the hood-ied one has to watch film to know if one of his players sucked ass that day?
  3. I shouldn't care but this is just so...boring. Hasn't he been in like 2 already as guest star? Ill just pause for 22 minutes or so like the last decade, and play a game and then fast forward through the crapfest it will be,
  4. Petty / Hack Timing

    i think that this argument is a gigantic barrel of crap. This was true, maybe, and only maybe up until the first week of TC. Past that, and knowledge of the playbook is solid enough to not impeded a single player on the roster In addition, McClown does not actually get rid of the ball quickly, most of his problems are related to issues that are core rookie mistakes: he holds the ball too long, he feels pressure and leaves the pocket before plays develop and he makes terrible decisions. This myth that the players will develop better under McClown is baffling. He is a proven loser in the NFL. Proven His ceiling is at best capable veteran backup to start a game or two. Not starter, in any circumstance. I don't actually buy into the "best chance to win" nonsense either. Reality is that Petty probably gives us the best chance to win and at the same time the best chance to lose depending on the day and the opponent. But McClown provides the"best chance to keep most games close without doing really anything well" Bowles is driving down the same road as in 2015, start the loser retread, and have him throw almost exclusively to the 2 veteran receivers, run the slow veteran RB and pretty much ignore everyone else of offense, since it might hurt the defense's chance to win the game. We have been down this road, yet you think that not wanting to sign up for that again is a difficult idea to comprehend. And want to keep McClown past this year. It is not and never will be the way to develop a team. Trying it year after year leads to the same result: mediocrity.
  5. Jets d not qb lost this game

    Look the defense sucked, and Bowles defensive calls and once again going ultra conservative with a lead were bigger factors. But it IS on McClown too. He is yet another Jets QB unable to win a game and that completely chokes under pressure. Starr Petty.
  6. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Close to dumbest thread ever...seriously?
  7. I think I agree with the take the touchback crowd, however big kickoff returns are HUGE momentum swings. Just the possibility of getting that momentum change might be worth the 5 or 6 yards you might lose on a typical kickoff.
  8. jets viewership down the most

    There is roughly 450 million reasons a year that TNF will not go away, not that I disagree with a word.
  9. jets viewership down the most

    My personal feeling is that ratings are down for primarily one reason, the game is just not as exciting anymore. And I think there is a core reason for that actually unrelated to what is on the field. I call it the "micro-pause" Well what is the "micro pause"? W ell it is related to the way the games are officiated now and the completely arbitrary nature of the rules themselves and the inconsistent nature in which they are called and enforced. All you need to do is go to a sports bar and listen. Say it's third down and five, and a critical point in the game, and if you stop them you get the ball back with a chance to win the game. You defense breaks up a pass. Incomplete. Do you cheer? No. You wait a few moments when all that is going through your head is "is there a flag". Seemingly more often than not there is, which is an awful feeling. But even if there isn't, once you realize there isn't a flag the moment is gone and the excitement diminished. And this happens on almost every important play. We look for the flag, then cheer. So the high moments are just continuously diminished by this micro pause. But worse than that, the low moments are even lower, because it seems the majority of times the critical plays are not the plays on the field, but the way the penalties are called. And those are completely arbitrary and often times feel very very biased. With 48 angles on every play you get that bad call rubbed in your face sometimes for minutes. And the really great moments which only last a few seconds are diminished by that "micro pause". Add to that the fact that there are so many rules, and they are so vague, confusing and so inconsistently applied. Does anyone here truly understand what a "catch" is. Dez Bryant reaches for the goal line with the ball after catching it and loses control from his outstretched hand when it hits the ground. No catch. Sunday, a Giants player catches the ball, lands on his elbow and the ball comes loose. Catch and down by contact. Huih? So back to the sports bar: big play happens.....several moments of silence...then cheers and boos. 15 years ago: big play happens, instant LOUD cheers and boos. The micro pause and the state of officiating. Ruining the "fun" of football. We leave games, confused and angry, not elated, or even disappointed at a loss which is much different than confused and angry.
  10. jets viewership down the most

    well the ones that have lives and dont post 20 times a day to Jets forums, yeah
  11. jets viewership down the most

    Because Jets fans unlike Bowles actually learned what a dead end move the veteran retread is from watching Fitzsh*trick for 2 years.
  12. Again, starting McClown only helps Bowles, at least in his mind. It is allowed because of the power structure that Woody created where the HC is equal to the GM, and in the case of Bowles that is a very very bad thing.
  13. He was surprised by Harris, angered by Sheldon. There were others. In terms of Hansen, Bowles playes veterans. I need to stop posting. I get so frustrated that clearly Bowles, the Jets organization and many fans absolutely refuse to learn from previous mistakes,
  14. He did enough to get a chance to start.
  15. Yeah lets place more emphasis on the first preseason game when he threw 6 passes than the 3rd, (you know the one after he has had more practice and knows the offense better) where he put up a perfect passing rating and was in clear control of the offense. Wow.