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  1. He's a cancer. Trade him. Question becomes if the pick is more valuable this year or next. And no lame "on roster" clause that has screwed us before.
  2. Mangold is in the "favorite" Jets category so sad to see him go, but it was the right move. The Jets really need to embrace an almost Cleveland Brown like rebuild. We should be one of the youngest teams if not THE youngest next year. Dump Revis. Try and trade Decker, Marshall, Richardson and possibly even Mo. Move on from Harris, Try and have 20 picks over next couple years. The only place I would spend any GA money is on OL to protect whatever YOUNG QB we start. We need foundational players, and a hoard of cap space for future years as we grow the team organically.
  3. We do not have to even wait for the actual events to happen to know what the Jets will do this offseason and how it will certainly extend the cycle of mediocrity for our team. Woody, master of half measures, of course did it again. Bowles is not a long term solution at HC. He lost the team, is poor at game planning, in game management, teaching, developing young players and on and on. I am all for longevity at the coaching position, but you have to choose the right person to begin with. Mac has not been stellar but has made some good draft picks and quite a few good UDFA signings and his drafts are influenced by Bowles yet another "all defense, no offense" style head coach. The full move was to fire Bowles (especially since Gailey was already leaving) and commit 3 to 5 years to Mac with his HC to build a team. Of course Woody chose the half move again, and essentially decided to make both Bowles and Mac both lame ducks. So going into the offseason they both know they cannot focus on building long term success they have to figure out how to win now. So here is our offseason: 1. We will once again mortgage the future and "win" the free agency period. After a veteran purge, expect Mac to spend like a madman on highly overpaid mediocre talents at OL and in the secondary. None will be good. 2. They won't take a chance at developing a QB, and Bowles is yet another HC that wants a veteran game manager, so expect a surprisingly high contract for yet another veteran retread QB like Cutler effectively giving up on both Hack and Petty 3. Expect the draft to once again be defense again, probably a reach at CB or safety (none of which are good choices at 6 EVER unless you get a Charles Woodson, or Troy Polamalu. We will draft a couple project lineman in mid rounds and a couple skill players late And we will suck next year and be boring to watch again. We will limp to 6 or 7 wins at best, Mac and Bowles will be fired and the cycle will start all over again with Woody once again hiring another DC flavor of the month that will not care about offense again and will be truly mediorce for 3 or 4 years before we do the same thing again.
  4. I just don't fundamentally agree Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  5. Lot of Rex in Parcells, he us more quotable but he wasn't the brilliant coach he was perceived to be. Belichick was Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  6. Exactly. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  7. Well Bowles is worse. Parcells was a good coach, but he was successful not because of his wisdom but the ridiculous coaching staff he had under him. He was a good front man, and had lots of get sounding sound bites, but a lot of the statements he us known for are completely irrelevant and obsolete on today's NFL Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  8. No more veteran retreads. No
  9. Dont agree on your opinion of Glennon, but the entire Jets philosophy is completely updside down. I am not even sure the list at the beginning is correct. I would say in todays NFL it might go something like this: QB>>>>>LT>>>RT>=Pass Rusher>>WR>=DT, Center>=CB, S, OG
  10. On the contrary, we suck because our nitwit owner is still searching for the next Parcells and believes much of the outdated horsecrap Parcells would shovel out regularly as "wisdom". Overrated does not even scratch the surface for Parcells.
  11. Awesome to see that arrogant, phony piece of f**cking dogg shiit loser off this team. What a complete and total prick fraud this guy was. Worst thing to happen to the Jets in a long time, but of course Bubba wanted this POS. FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK him. He actually made me like the Jets a little less. He is literally and I mean literally the most overrated player in the NFL ever. He screwed this team up the ass and sp**ged on our back on got paid for it. F**k this arrogant smug human turd.
  12. God no. Seems like the failure of Hackenburg was greatly exaggerated and stemmed mostly from a perception that if the Jets did not start him at the end of last year well he must suck. Silly. We have actually consistently been hearing positive things about him this offseason. We need to develop Hack. Tyrod Taylor sucks. NO MORE VETERAN CASTOFFS That strategy does not work. Why do people covet every crappy veteran QB over the promising ones we have on our roster? No to Taylor, no to Cutler, no to ALL of them
  13. Parcells is an idiot.
  14. I do not agree. Petty showed ability and improvement as he played but the concern is durability. No matter what ANYONE says, we know nothing about about the development of Hack. We need to see what these guys bring.
  15. I never want to see a weak armed or average armed "game manager" at QB again. The all defense no playmaker manage the offense philosophy if building a team does not work. Develop Hack asnd Petty. We need playmakers(RB, WR, TE,, OLB and FA) and a dynamic QB. Stop recycling the same losing plans