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  1. I do not believe at this point that they think Fitz gives them the best chance to win. I believe they feel Petty needs more recovery and practice time. Big difference.
  2. Excellent. Never should have been cut to begin with.
  3. He is bad not medocre
  4. Like Geno or not, he has had sone awful luck and misfortune derail his career. Fitz on the other hand seems to be blessed with chance after chance. I hope the Jets make the right call and go with Petty. On thing Geno definitely did show us that this offense needs a live armed QB. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  5. That was awesome and 200% true. I made a thread on it too. Fitz is a loser. Always has been, but he is like a politician that uses his charisma to fool people. He has never been about the team he is about him. Amazing that Geno is being the mature one.
  6. Lol, there was nothing self deprecating in that press conference. He is a complete self serving tool, that threw the coaching staff and ownership under the boss because how dare they bench the most popular (in his mind) QB, after all thats what is important....fuuck him.
  7. God he is an annoying douche. Laughed about getting back in the game (fake qualifier that it is not because Geno was hurt) and going on and on about how his teammates like him. Just cut this loser now and move forward.
  8. Probably correct but bad move. Fitz needs to never ever start again
  9. OK. I am not in shape and have not played receiver in 30 years but I could catch a pass against Revis with that much buffer
  10. wow we are not good (cough, SUCK) at deep pass defense. They had one friggin receiver running a route.
  11. You have become a straight up troll. Stop it, just makes you look like a douche