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  1. Possible, but with the Decker thing and the interviews stating he wants to be a Jet, equally as possible it is spin by the Fitz camp to place the "blame" on the Jets when he is never signed.
  2. Lol, no. All it really says is that Decker is just a crybaby douche who probably already knows that Fitz is not coming back and is pouting like a little bitch that just lost his pacifier. And he is giving a giant finger to the Jets organization so he can shove that one up his puckered ass too. Fitz sucks. But veterans want to play with all veterans because they want to "win now" could piss on the future for all they care. Plus Fitz is his"buddy". It says jack diddle about whether he is good as a QB or not. Once again Decker can go fuuck himself.
  3. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    He is not. One of the most overrated NFL players. Not saying he is bad. He is not elite.
  4. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    Last year was an illusion. Fitz is not better than Geno. He is one of the biggest frauds at QB ever.
  5. Lol Geno won 8 games his first season with no weapons. Fitz squeaked out 10 with a good WR corps and the weakest schedule ever. Your statement is nonsemse.
  6. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    Analysts go for the sound bite that gets them attention, and acting like Fitz is the best or only option right is the way to do that. Just saying that the Jets situation with the three current QBs is OK is boring and does not move the needle. Second Fitz season was the biggest illusion of all time for a Jets QB. People look at his TD total and think he must have been effective but he wasnt. He was gifted an all time easy schedule. Literally one of the easiest of all time in the NFL, and had the best #1 and #2 WR combo in the NFL and managed to be barely mediocre. And this nonsense about one of the best seasons for a Jets QB is just that because it is not about what Fitz did but how bad our QB play has been. Add in that he had 15 interceptions and could have easily had 30. Plus, when it mattered he came up SUPER small and three 3 picks. Reality is that Jets fans not blinded by Fitz beard and underserved reputation as smart know more about Fitz than analysts. Is he the guy he has been for 9 years or the illusion of last. Fact is, he SUCKS. Not worth a penny more than Hoyer
  7. I actually do not believe that at all. I think the Fitz thing is all Bowles. I am pretty positive Gailey prefers Geno. With our schedule Fitz the JAGOFF will crash and burn spectacularly thus seaon and Geno or Hack will be starting by midseaon, and the Jets will have done this by mortgaging the future and losing depth. It is clear he will be signed though from all the smoke lately.
  8. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    God that would be pure madness by the Jets. He is not worth that on any level. He's not worth $5M. Don't lose players or future cap for a JAG one year rentsl. Hell, if the Jets can free that, give it to Mo as part of a $27 million signing bonus. We could have better future cap with Mo than renting this guy fir another year
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    $10 million would horrible. What players are you willing to give up to rent him for another year? Personally I think Decker sounds desperate and that internally they may know JAG boy coming back us unlikely, but Decker also knows that Woody sometimes caves to fan pressure.
  10. If Fitz isn't here by 24th

    I could not possibly disagree more with that statement. "Win now" moves doom teams to years of mediocrity. You have to build long term . Have to.
  11. Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    No that costs future money twice. What are you going to pay Wilk?
  12. Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    Can only afford him by cutting players or using future cap. Fitzpatrick is not worth doing either of those
  13. If Fitz isn't here by 24th

    Nothing is stupider than cutting players and restructuring contracts to pay a complete journeyman JAG who will start 1 year max.