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  1. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Maybe the infrastructure, lack of quality offensive coaching, complete lack of offensive playmakers, lack of talent on OL, lack of patience and pussy defensive minded coaches has not allowed the QBs we drafted to have a chance at developing? As an organization our whole philosophy has been completely upside down
  2. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    It was also reported that McCllown will get additional time in the second preseason game. Listening to the Bowles press conference after the game, it seemed far from certain that McClown is even in the starting picture.
  3. Add play calling. It was quite terrible and did not put Hack in a position to succeed. All the armchair QBs blaming Hack on the sack, I can almost guarantee Powell is supposed to chip on that play, with that protection. And no reason to audible out since it was a quick 3 step pass to the stacked side, and a chip is all that is needed. If it was a 7 step drop, I guarantee Hack would have adjusted.
  4. LOTS of assumptions there. It is equally likely that Powell just missed his blocking assignment. If not, so what? I have seen EVERY QB in the NFL wind up in the same situation. Mistakes will happen. The mistake itself does NOT matter it is the future reaction that does. And if your point is that he should not play or is not ready because he blew a coverage call then that is just dumb. No QB is 100%, and rookies will make mistakes. Holy hell, even Brady was not Brady for a few years. Jets fans expecting young QBs to already be perfect. Of course, if a vet made that same play there would be no outcry and gnashing of teeth. Reality is that OL was at least 50% to blame for that offensive performance as the QB.
  5. So true. And the whole "BPA" thing should only apply to those positions, with an occasional exception made for DL as in Leonards case. ,
  6. I'm still in shock

    He threw a gorgeous slant last week. The playcalling, OL, running game and just overall concept was completely braindead yesterday. With our OL, we need to pass probably 65% of the time on first down. We cannot run on 1st and 2nd into 8 man boxes. We should also likely use more 12 personnel and max protect formations to help Hack on first and 2nd down. Run run pass is a complete recipe for disaster
  7. Horsebleep. Maybe the sack was Hacks fault but most likely it was Powells. Hack looked every bit as good as those guys last week and looked bad this week, but if you don't think that that the OL was a huge part of that you just have your head in the sand.
  8. If that scenario is true, then Bowles should be fired today.
  9. So what? It's the right thing to do. Maybe Mac grew a bigger set of balls and he and Woody explained what is what to Bowles. Again, playing Hack is the right thing to do even if he winds up completely sucking. We are building a team, not retooling or trying to get to the playoffs. We are constructing a foundation, and McClown is not part of that.
  10. OK REALITY: Who gives a flying fuuck about McClown? He has no part of the Jets fuure. None. He needs to hold the friggin clipboard and help Hack and Petty. Maybe Bowles is smart and finally realized this. We are NOT going to become competent in 1 game or 2. It might be close to 2 years. But it is the right thing to do for this franchise.
  11. Conspiracy theories are possible here. I would like to give Bowles the benefit of the doubt and say he decided to start Hack because it was the right thing to do. Starting him in every remaining Jets game is also the right thing to do, or Petty but never McClown. Having said that, Bowles demeanor about Hack was similar to him demeanor on Fitz. Did not blame him, essentially said he has a good chance to start and adamantly said McClown is not the presumptive starter. The GOAT Brady has looked almost as bad when he has consistent pressure up the middle. I think that Bowles either decided Hack is the QB, or was told that. Either way, despite the game still the right call.
  12. No McCown?

    Whether true or not, Bowles said McClown is not the starter, and Hack would get about the same amount of work in as last night. It seemed like they had decided to go with Hack as starter, but then last night. Bowles was adamant about McClown NOT being the starter, and defended Hack so Im not sure the Jets declare the starter before week 3 and maybe not until after 4th preseason game. Selecting the final OL is more important at this point.
  13. No I meant would of if available. Bowles press conference was interesting. He did not name McCown the starter, did not say he would start or even play the third game, and said Hack and Petty will still get a lot of work. Maybe, they are actually both ahead of McClown from a practice standpoint. Also said a flat no to a question that it was safe to assume McClown would be the starter,
  14. The Hack pick is NOT indefensible. It's one game. However, the double safety with so many great offensive players on the board is really bad, even if they both become pro bowlers. I think we would have picked Trubisky, but should have taken Mahomes, Watson or Peterman. And never signed McClown. The Jets are still doing the right thing, there will just be some brutal moments. There is talent on this team