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  1. Bachelors 3 was a mob gang out. The Jets have never been back to a super bowl since Namath cut ties with the Goodfellas. Just sayin.
  2. Darrelle Revis, seriously?
  3. Bachelors 3 did not cost Namath and neither will Goodells bogus witch hunt on Brady.
  4. What time is it over there?
  5. Cheating only costs 4 games. Geno was out longer plus could only have soup.
  6. Geno got what he asked for. All he had to do was give IK his money back. What do you learn at the Geno Smith football camp anyway? Timezones?
  7. Tyrod broke out last year. The 2nd year is much harder because NFL teams have had all off season to break down tape and identify Taylors tendencies. .
  8. Another trophy for Brady? GOAT
  9. It seems like that Sanchez cannot read defenses at all.
  10. Remember when Mark Sanchez had his first cheesesteak in Philly? What food is Denver famous for?
  11. Thats because theyre too busy with the lawsuit. Somebody has to mind the store.
  12. Goodell has been a thorn in the Pats side because they win all the time.
  13. Just evil Goodell.
  14. If this works Jet fans are due billions in restitution.