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  1. He's got a decent resume to work at a bakery when he retires.
  2. Is it so hard to pull out?? Guy must be a minute man.
  3. Geno Smith highlights

    I came into this thread expecting a montage of Geno holding a clipboard. I'm leaving disappointed.
  4. Wrong. They were a 2 point conversion to force overtime. What game were you watching?
  5. Can you name the 2 QB'S.......

    That super bowl was played in 2001. I get what you're saying tho
  6. Who do we all want to win next week?

    7 - 7 or 5 - 1
  7. Anyone remember when Revis was posting here?
  8. Let Ivory Walk?

    I live in Eagles country, I watched a lot of their games. Chip has no clue how to control the pace of the game to his advantage. When the offense is clicking the hurry up offense works. But, when the offense is misfiring you need to slow down the game a bit to allow the chance for your players to get on the same page. I watched too many games this year when the Eagles would go 3 and out for a third of the game, only to wear out their defense and fall behind.
  9. Let Ivory Walk?

    I definitely do not want Chip Kelly as OC. Man has no idea how to control the flow of the offense...he only has one speed.......FAST
  10. Jets fans in Philly area meet up

    Pennignton Lawrenceville boarder Definitely, been looking for Jets fans to enjoy the games with.
  11. Jets fans in Philly area meet up

    Live like 15 minutes from you, Pennington NJ
  12. Play clock

    Link to the video.... https://www.facebook.com/2064264/videos/10107738451577821/
  13. Week 3 Coverage Maps

    I will be in western Mayland on Sunday, and I am disappointed I'll be getting the Atalanta @ Dallas game and not the Eagles @ Jets. Normally, I'd just DVR, avoid the Internet and watch game when I get home but I live in Eagles Country, so there is no way I'd be able to avoid hearing the outcome (been talking sh*t about the Eagles for the past 2 weeks). Does anyone know where I can watch the game online, either paid or free? Thanks!