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  1. Sign up, bitches!

      I'm confused.
  2. You don't believe in the moon landing either doesn't make it not reality.  
  3. You guys are way too reactionary. You're not finding anyone better @ 20 or in free agency. Guy is pretty good and had a bad game.  Without him this year we have a losing record. Take a deep breath, take a few shots and enjoy a winning season.
  4. How are you feeling?

    I'm feeling good. This was expected.
  5. I'm not 90 years old so like any normal human being I don't pay for nor consume any of that post-war media.
  6. New Forum Upgrade

    Still a bit of a lag on 4g. No lag on the home comp but who uses a computer nowadays? I'm 29 not 89.
  7. New Forum Upgrade

    It's super slow. There is a noticeable lag when I type. At least 3-5 seconds between input and the letter appearing. My phone in brand new and I'm on my home wifi
  8. New Forum Upgrade

    Sure, when I check my quote /messages there is no way to leave the screen. If I  hit back it just exits the browser or goes to the last site. It's so large that my s6 lags and freezes when I type. The interface is mostly non responsive and slow. Like when  I click to open a forum nothing happens. This m
  9. New Forum Upgrade

      Max, I have a lot of respect for you so I'll try to be nice but the new mobile site is really bad.
  10. Super Simple Mafia Sign Ups

    I can't play on this site anymore. The new  site isn't very mobile friendly.
  11. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    I hate the new mobile site.
  12. Serious questions here....

    If HossStation can be a Dragon. I want to be a Rakshasa.   Yes. It's one life vs humanity. Kill em. Raise a statute to their memory.
  13. Bushwick Brooklyn?

    How big is jif? I'm impressed.