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  1. Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    I don't think it matters much with this roster. We're a 6 win team at best this season. Why waste the money on Fitz to get maybe a 7th win.
  2. If Fitz isn't here by 24th

    Why did he put us in this untenable cap situation in the first place. Hen inherited so much cap space for us to be a 6 win team with no cap space.
  3. Since no one here has any reading comprehension I'll help you guys out. Here's what Petty said. He's gotten so much better at football that it's improved his play at Madden. That last year he didn't even know what an "under front" was. He's spent so much time dedicated to reading defenses and improving that he even started to view his leisure activity through the eyes of an NFL quarterback. If any human being read his quote and took it as Madden improving his football play and not the other way around should hire a lawyer and sue their third grade teacher.
  4. ESPN Grades the Offseason

    D sounds about right for this sh*tty offseason. We're a 6 win team if we play up.
  5. The Jets are a 4 win rebuilding team team anyway. Put Petty out there and see if he sinks or swims
  6. You should probably go back to your safe space on tumblr.
  7. Sign up, bitches!

    I'm confused.
  8. You don't believe in the moon landing either doesn't make it not reality.
  9. You guys are way too reactionary. You're not finding anyone better @ 20 or in free agency. Guy is pretty good and had a bad game. Without him this year we have a losing record. Take a deep breath, take a few shots and enjoy a winning season.
  10. How are you feeling?

    I'm feeling good. This was expected.
  11. I'm not 90 years old so like any normal human being I don't pay for nor consume any of that post-war media.
  12. New Forum Upgrade

    Still a bit of a lag on 4g. No lag on the home comp but who uses a computer nowadays? I'm 29 not 89.
  13. New Forum Upgrade

    It's super slow. There is a noticeable lag when I type. At least 3-5 seconds between input and the letter appearing. My phone in brand new and I'm on my home wifi