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  1. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Manning 3-1 vs Brady in ACFCG I think either NFC teams take it to Denver but I will be rooting for Manning
  2. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    It was an extra point not turn over on downs
  3. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Push off
  4. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Give what a rest? Happy it wasn't called but imo it was PI. No biggie
  5. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    that was PI on Talib
  6. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    They are going to call this a catch and down by contact  
  7. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Hold on Miller
  8. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Why snap the ball with 14 seconds on the play clock?  

    It is correct. The reason the Saints help the Colts out in the playoffs is because of the strength of victory tie breaker
  10. Monday Night Football

    Jets Win, and either a KC or Denver lose, Jets get the 5th seed
  11. Jets vs. Cheats Roll Call

    Just pulled the trigger on 2 lowers and a yellow parking pass for $395 total (including fees). So I will be in the building.
  12. 2 Tickets for Jets/Pats

    PM sent if anything falls through.
  13. Sunday Games

    he should be suspended for that sh*t
  14. Sunday Games

    Are the bills really taking out Tyrod Taylor and replacing him with E.J. Manuel for wildcat plays?
  15. Sunday Games

    How Beckham hasn't been flagged or tossed by now is a joke. 3 or 4 punches right to the face of Carolina players.