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    Jets fan for life, hoping to see a Jets Superbowl win in my lifetime.
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    Central Jersey
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    Sports, Motorcycles, Cars, Working out, Bars.
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    Personal training.

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    Def. being at the Mon. Night Miracle game and running around the stands like a mad man.
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    Used to.
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    probably the Jets/Denver AFC championship game bc we were so close to the SB.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Terron Beckham gets Jets tryout.

    You mean Redskins?
  2. April 30th? He sent that from the future? lol
  3. Cardale Jones

    And they are both probably more intelligent than you. I believe the words you are looking for would be "worse" and "does".
  4. Cardale Jones

    I'm just saying he could be worth taking a chance on if everyone else is gone by a certain point on day 2 or 3. At that point we would prob run this yr with Fitz and Geno as backup or if they felt comfortable enough with Petty as backup and Jones could go practice squad and see if he can make any progress this yr.
  5. Cardale Jones

    Question for you guys. Let's say hypothetically that all the top QBs are gone by the time Jets pick and that they don't trade up for Lynch or something. Would you be against taking Jones in the 2nd or 3rd and seeing if he could turn into anything in the NFL. He def has the arm strength and some agility in the pocket, but the question would come down to his football IQ and if anyone can help him in that department. Could be a long shot, but might be worth a look if anyone they really want goes before any of their picks.
  6. Fitzy In Inclimate Weather

    Establishing a good passing game to start with easier to complete passes and then leaning on the running game later will be key.
  7. The only problem with that is reading that they have a Bills fan club that meets there and the Shoeless Joe bar says Pats fans. I'm not drinking with either of those fans.
  8. The Leroy Selmon's place looks pretty close to him.
  9. It looks like he lives near harlem heights in South Fort Myers. Not sure if that helps.
  10. He just moved there and isn't familiar with places down there. Plus I wanted to see if anywhere was like a Jets fan hangout down there.
  11. I will check on where my friend lives and on those two bars suggested.
  12. I will be traveling to Ft Myers next weekend and was wondering if anyone knew any bars down there that might be Jet friendly. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks
  13. The storm this weekend

    Yeah it was like that in AC and LBI. Those places flood on normal rain storms. Hopefully the tides don't cause too much damage.
  14. The storm this weekend

    Phil, I know last time you were organizing people to help out with damage from Hurricane Sandy in the Middletown, NJ area. I know this storm is nowhere near that level, but if there is anyone that has damage in or around that area and needs help cleaning up please let me know. I live right up by there now.
  15. Free? Or what is the cost?