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  1. I'm using anecdotal evidence to bolster the point that in general, people become fans by attending games. That is less financially accessible these days, despite the variety of methods of acquisition. What I'm saying is that TV ratings is a reflection of overall interest, which I think is correlated to people not going to games as much. Yes, attendance is still high, but many tickets are corporate owned, as opposed to family at this point.
  2. Incorrect. It's about the difficulty in attending games. In general, this is how people become fans, and cement their fan hood. Most people here talk about games they've attended as their first or most significant memory. It's a typical response to the question that's often asked here, "how did you first become a Jets fan." As it becomes more difficult to actually attend games, the overall interest drops with younger generations who find other things to do.
  3. That's really not how people make decisions.
  4. Yes and no. Costs are rising and disposable income is lowering and there's a lot more competition in town for your entertainment dollar/time.
  5. I think, more often than not, the people who claim to be boycotting because of it, are really turning it off for the other stated reasons: overexposure, watered down product, cheating, officiating, and have now found themselves a convenient thing/person to blame for their frustrations.
  6. So, Geno Smith puts fans back in the seats now? Failing Jets switch to Other Failing QB? If it was Hackenberg, that'd be meaningful news. This story may be on the back page, but NY Baseball is over, the NHL is brand new, and the NBA is still in preseason. Otherwise, it's below-the-fold news.
  7. Yeah, this. What exactly does Woody think this move gonna do? Placate the fanbase that hates Geno?
  8. What if they're especially funny?
  9. Not without at least adjusting for the heroics of continuing to play for a college football team when you got a new coach and others quit.
  10. Speculation, Conjecture, Wishful Thinking. Anything else?
  11. Almost 50% of the passing yards that year were Allen Robinson's... But, it's the coaching change that made the difference, not Robinson going to the NFL.
  12. Peake and Anderson may pan out, but neither has shown their going to be spotlight guys at this point. Decent complementary pieces. Which is perfectly fine for their draft positions. I like Lee, I just don't know if it was the best pick for what we needed. L. Williams is great, but he made one of our other top players obsolete. Now, the defense is a mess and we'll trade Richardson for next to nothing or let him go for nothing. But, the main issue I take with this post is that it's not really about the record. It's about the fact that in the last 4 games, we've been completely noncompetitive. Early in every one of those games, the outcome was never in doubt. 1-5 with a secondary like ours, with not one guy you want starting in 2017 is a problem. 1-5 with the defensive line, our elite unit, being unimpressive and unable to get to the QB, is a problem. You simply can't go 1-5 with Ryan Fitzpatrick though, because, what's the point? You're just wasting time on him. 1-5 would be tolerable if Petty was getting meaningful reps and looking like, at worst, you'd be comfortable starting him next year. 1-5 would be tolerable if Hackenberg didn't have to be the 4th string QB. The fact that we're 1-5 and still do not have a clue who the 2017 starting QB is, is a nightmare scenario.
  13. I'm not wrong about his draft status, unless you can produce other 2nd round, 4th string QBs who were bad in college... I might be wrong about how he'll turn out. In fact, I hope I am, but there hasn't been any evidence to suggest that I am.
  14. I wouldn't mind waiting if there was anything to suggest that he wasn't terrible. There are two arguments in favor of this kid. His measurables and the fact that he had a sh*tty coach. Other than that, everything we can see suggests he's not a good QB. If he were drafted in the 6th round, he'd have been cut.