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  1. I'll be rooting against him. I have previously stated that I think he was a poor pick and will not pan out and ultimately the Jets success is of less importance to me than being right on the internet.
  2. Quite a few. Yes the secondary sucked, but I don't recall any of those games ending with the feeling, if only we got better safety play, we'd be a contender.
  3. I'm no great supporter of McCown, but I went through this exercise before with someone, and it's fairly unprecedented to go into a season with the amount of experience that Hack, Petty, and a draft pick would have had.
  4. He may have... And those people would be wrong IMO. He'd also be defended if he drafted a punter in the 2nd, because "without a QB, field position is EVEN MORE important" or some nonsense like that...
  5. What do you do if you draft a QB? Cut Petty? I'm not objecting to that, but I sure would object to the 4 QB nonsense again.
  6. Some may have, but I think the notion that people are being unfair to Macc is overblown. This is year 3 and we are one of the worst, if not the worst team in the league, to the point where the #1 overall pick next year is realistic. Two drafts have failed to add much in the way of talent. Our QBs are McNown, Hack, and Petty. We have no pass-rusher, no left tackle, not one single offensive playmaker. Simply put, the team is headed to year 3 and is at best no better, and at worst, worse than the team he took over from Idzik. People who think Macc has been terrible have a ton of evidence to support their point of view.
  7. We are the least talented team in the league. Unless it's a QB, 2 > 1 as are chips to move for the QB next year.
  8. Everything you say here is false
  9. Agreed we're the worst... Disagree we're last. We were the worst this year too.
  10. I have no idea. But I'd have been fine taking below market if necessary. Couldn't care less about the chart there.
  11. Exactly why you trade down from 6. But yeah, I'm sure that late 5th will be more attractive than the Browns or Bills two 1s
  12. Do people think Chad Hansen will have a better career than Jake Butt?
  13. And there goes Butt... That's disappointing.
  14. I'm pretty sure you can directly attribute Lee, Adams, and Maye to Gronkowski and now Hansen to Welker, Edelman, Hogan. So, there's that.