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  1. Was at that game in cleveland... horrible.
  2. The Lamont Jordan Halfback Pass... It's far from the worst play in Jets history, and probably changed nothing regarding the outcome of the season, but it was just so unnecessary.
  3. Mostly though, limited only by the feeble imaginations of Paul Hackett, Mike Himerdinger, and Brian Schottenheimer!
  4. Yeah, no one gives Chad credit for how hard it was to win with Brady in the division!
  5. These haters need to face facts.  Chad was so much better (as was/is Sanchez) than the Peyton Manning who just won the super bowl.  If Woody Johnson cared about anything more than headlines and Jeb! we could have and may very well have won multiple super bowls with either!
  6. I've never heard of a "how to dislocate a shoulder" poster... We they up in your medical school classroom, Doctor?
  7. I love it when it only takes one play... one jpeg... to dismantle someone's entire argument.
  8. More like, they knew they could collapse our LOS, so they did that, with ease.
  9. More like the ankles of defenders.
  10. I wish they made motivational posters with this on it.
  11. And that's why he kept coming back... Because, in the warrior code, there is no surrender. Also, that's the 2nd Stallone reference of the thread.
  12. It's almost as if Chad Pennington is the first NFL football player to be interested in making money. Meanwhile, I'm still watching TV looking for a commercial that Peyton Manning isn't in.
  13. 30. Gave everything he had for the team, thanklessly: Chad Pennington 31. Switched teams within the division and shoved it in our stupid faces: Chad Pennington 32. Rhodes Scholar: Chad Pennington
  14. Still would be if it weren't for Mike Tannenbaum and Doug Brien.