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  1. LOL. That site legit cribbed @Integrity28's logo design too. So, he's got 2 jets sites ripping him off now, instead of one. Impressive.
  2. You know how you have that crazy uncle you only see at Thanksgiving?” Meyers asked, “This country is 48% crazy uncles..."
  3. Seriously... That Kaep thread was going places!
  4. Thanks, Idzick...
  5. Can't think of a more plausible scenario than this one!
  6. Always wished he got a little more of a look. He was better than a lot of what we trotted out there instead of him. Probably never would have turned into anything, I'm sure. But he flashed, and if McCareins could catch, things may have gone differently.
  7. I think we lose by 10 or more.
  8. You probably never thought of it, because you simply agree with it. I'm not taking a side, but you neg-repping my post, which simply posed a question, shows your biases, even if you're not conscious of them. Was Kapernick supporting a specific candidate by sitting? Also, who's denying the fans rights to boycott?
  9. And so, the thread was locked.
  10. Where do you draw that line? If you censure what you view as anti-american, should you also censure what you view as pro-american? Ie: