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  1. What exactly are Adam Schein's qualifications to be an "expert?" He's a tv/radio host.
  2. If we cut Petty, you know it's going to come back to haunt us... Just like Ratliff and Simms have.
  3. A good watch fellas

    You like me!!! All the feels...
  4. You may find it interesting to know that NGI in many, if not most, cases is far worse than actually serving your prison sentence.
  5. Seriously... It's like the guy didn't even see him tap his helmet like Tom Brady!

    The dude playing Ramsay Bolton is killing it. Just an amazing performance.
  7. Yup, the hope is we do as Carolina did and draft Clausen followed by Newton a year later as opposed to as the Jets did, drafting Geno and then doing nothing when opportunity arose.
  8. Hackington

    Ah. Thank you. That is simply brilliant and I have much to learn. Until you mentioned it,I thought that some people here knew for sure how he would turn out. Not thatwe were making predictions, or probablymore accurately, responding to a draft pick, based on either hope or what data we have available, or some interaction of the two. I appreciate that insight that "we don't know"and will hold it with me going forward.
  9. Hackington

    No, you just wrote something that was barely English, and then pat yourself on the back for it. If you don't want to discuss, then enjoy your self-anointed victory lap.
  10. Hackington

    You'll have to explain this one again...
  11. Hackington

    The main takeaway here is that the cerebral Pennington scored one point higher than Geno Smith.
  12. Hackington

    I don't think so. Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong here, actually, and I have no problem with it at all. For now, I can't get particularly excited about a draft pick who based on all available data, looks like a reach and another in a long line of Jets QBs who can't get it done. This isn't a "doom and gloom" prediction, as it's been called here. It's simply an honest and unbiasedevaluation based on the facts we presently have. Unfortunately, switching coaches (after a season that wasn't as good as it's been described), having a bad offensive line, and tapping your helmet like Tom Brady, isn't enough to make me ignore the tape/history/statson the player. In the end, I'll happily wear his jersey (I don't actually wear jerseys, but you get the idea)and be wrong that I thought a guy with a poor college career, including poor accuracy, and a poor combine that we took in the second round, turns out to be a valuable player. In the end, I think you'll find most of the 'data' guys will do the same, they just don't delude themselves until they see it.
  13. Hackington

    ninja'd... Oh, the humanity.
  14. Hey Savage 69

    Really???? So, you didn't just start a thread just to ask that question and be done? This is like an M. Night Shamalayan twist ending right here.
  15. Hackington