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  1. Just so I understand, is being statistically the league's most turnover-prone QB for your entire career a meaningless fantasy stat?
  2. Sure - I agree with this - but that's not really the point. Because you're not arguing Hackenberg vs. Tannehill, you're arguing Darnold et. al vs. Tannehill. Wrong. And you better not try!!!!!!!
  3. I'm not saying he's good, but Ryan Tannenhill would probably be the best Jets QB since Joe Namath - and Jet fans would rather have the guy who finished in 4th place in a quarterbacking competition that included Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and Bryce Petty.
  4. If the media narrative is the reason for this teams failures, then it was never good enough to begin with. Fair enough.
  5. If this is true, your over the top posts about Mac are a bit problematic, no?
  6. So, to clarify, if Hackenberg doesn't succeed, "the problem" will be the media?
  7. A problem that extends far beyond the bounds of football message boards
  8. Hope is fine. Hope is not facts. If you want to have an objective discussion of the Jets, there's going to be a lot of facts, most of which aren't pretty. If you want to have a hope based discussion of the Jets, that's fine too. But, facts are no stupidity. Stupidity is pretending hope is facts.
  9. Everything good - Macc Everything bad - Bowles Everything really bad - Woody
  10. So, if I'm understanding, basically, all we need is all our young players to turn into good players, which always happens, and we'll be just fine. So, can someone change my username to: ChadHansenIsDaFuture?
  11. The best solution may be to stop reading, I'd think?
  12. Stopping the idiocy is kind of why we don't want Mac doing his job anymore.
  13. In the past, they have. Years ago I saw something I wrote appear almost verbatim in a Cimini article. Others have had the same experience.