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  1. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Would definitely have anarchist wait... There is a chance they die, but as day 1 will likely be incorrect, regardless of whether we vote or DPR just picks, it seems like a waste.
  2. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Wasn't sure when we had Leelou, Lily, and Lizzy.
  3. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I was just responding to DPR suggesting he doesn't agree with the "case" against smash. I don't view it much as a case at all. I voted for him because of how he responded to a little bit of prodding. I've said he's probably not scum (which is solely based on math), but I don't have anything better to go by, so why not.
  4. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I just realized that Lizzy = Lizard King... I think.
  5. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    That's what's most interesting about the whole Smash thing. Dude gets a couple meaningless votes and it creates this much conversation. Compelling.
  6. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    How often are there meaningful cases made on day 1, when half the players haven't even participated? I voted smash not because I think there's a case, but basically because he acted like a baby back beeyatch when someone made an accusation. I could get down with CTM's strategy of voting an inactive, even if that makes me look a bit scummy, because, honestly, how many more pages of this do we want to read about nothing? Again, I'm new, but 16 pages of inside jokes and about one of gameplay... ugh.
  7. It's New York. Unlike Kansas, there's a million other things you can do with a Sunday. If people were miserable, they'd be bailing out in droves, or not have shown up in the first place. Yes, it's all overpriced and that's unfortunate, but you're 100% right about "fun money," because going to Aruba with the family is overpriced, going to see Hamilton is overpriced, flowers on mothers day are overpriced, as you mentioned, cigarettes are overpriced. We all waste money, and this is just another option to do so. I was very anti-PSL in the beginning, but then I realized, for me personally, season tickets just aren't a good value, not the PSL. I can't go to every game, I don't want to go to every game because of the traffic in/out (even with car service), I don't want to pay for/go to preseason, I have no problem paying 2 to 3x for playoffs, and I don't value sitting in the same seats. Max perfectly articulates the value of season tickets for him and his family, and I think that's wonderful. But, regardless of all of that, the market has spoken, and people are showing up, lots of them, regardless of it being 98% or 96% or whatever. The only real gripe I'd have with PSLs is that I think they should afford owners the right of first refusal on tickets to other events, as their money helped to build the stadium.
  8. I've pretty much moved on... But, yes, that particular comment bothered me... But, you've shown your insecurities and your failures and your intelligence throughout this thread and others, not just with that comment. As to your point, neither is particularly important, as both are pretty high, so you're arguing over nearly insignificant percentage points. PSLs didn't kill the Jets, they're doing just fine. And the owners who could afford them are doing just fine too.
  9. Nah, he did things that mattered, all without making himself look like a moron on the internet.
  10. My father sold shoes (and other men's wear) for a living. He retired in his mid-fifties, paid his two children's educations and myself through 5-years of graduate school without loans and is now putting money away for his first grandchild to go to college without loans. But, more relevantly, he amassed enough wealth that he wouldn't have defaulted on a PSL payment plan regardless of whether he felt he was getting good value, first, because he wouldn't have had one, and second because the only thing less valuable than a PSL is paying half a PSL and having nothing. Not bad for a shirt/shoe salesman... There are a lot of different opinions in this thread... But I assure you, the only one here coming off "dumb" (and other choice adjectives) is you.
  11. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Not even a mention... so many feels.

    Remind me... ??
  13. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Moreso than not. I'm also okay with eliminating overly paranoid townspeople as I think they just muck the waters.
  14. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    has jf80 really never done sex?