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  1. Breakout game for Vernon Gholston... Jets win!
  2. Lost his parents and got you? How much punishment can one boy take?
  3. What's up MaineJet? Couldn't stay away?
  4. The insecurity argument was lost the moment "sign up" was clicked. But I also kind of think these are fake trolls.
  5. Wait, MaineJet is back, trolling as a Pats fan now?
  6. Sure, I wish New England wasn't winning while Brady was out. But the reality of the matter is, they were always going to be battling for the #1 or #2 seed. They weren't missing the playoffs because of this, so it really doesn't matter much. Perfect season? They need to beat us twice, which they couldn't do last year, and barely did once.
  7. I think there's more of an opening to do damage in the NFC. I can't see us getting by Pitt and NE in the playoffs, and in all likelihood, we'll probably have to. That is, of course, assuming we can pull our sh*t together. I don't think Revis will get burned all year, but I do think he finishes the year as an average at best player. And that's a big part of our biggest issue. We aren't built for big plays, and we're giving them up.
  8. Super early, but NFL overall looks soft this year. Who do you like after Pats and Steelers?
  9. Was thinking that too. Reminded me of Sanchez firing bullets to Greene 3 yards beyond the LOS
  10. The Pats have a CB that can hang with Hopkins. We don't?
  11. Legit showed up in the Buffalo game thread the moment the game turned in Buffalo's favor. There used to be a "no trolls in the game thread" rule. I guess that's lapsed.
  12. If anyone watches this game tonight, instead of preparing for Sunday... You're off the squad.
  13. Did your inability to dunk anymore coincide with your graduation from a Playschool hoop?