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  1. I've always wondered what the board would look like if I was the only poster on it.
  2. This is an excellent call, if true.
  3. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    He has a permit to be there!
  4. First Time to NYC

    Here's what I'd generally do if I were you: Saturday: Check in to the hotel, get lunch, go to Times Square (quickly)/Nike Town/Central Park/Madison Ave, dinner downtown (STK, Bowery Meat, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Nobu, El Toro Blanco, La Esquina), then out for a drink in meatpacking. Sunday: Breakfast, JETS, dinner in midtown (Quality Meats, Keens, Sparks, Nobu57), empire state building and/or top of the rock at night Monday: Breakfast at Russ and Daughters, walk soho and nolita, walk across BK Bridge, Lunch at Grimaldi's, Ferry back to city, 9/11, Statue of Liberty, then late dinner at Carbone, then drinks on LWS Tuesday: Last minute anything you missed pre-airport
  5. First Time to NYC

    A tour would certainly be easier, but I assure you, you can get to all of these things without much trouble. It's not necessarily a need. They're all along major transportation stops. Is your last night sort of the big dinner you want to go all out on?
  6. First Time to NYC

    It's disgusting there. There's a guy that looks like he hasn't showered in like 7-8 years.
  7. First Time to NYC

    I have not. But, it looks like a restaurant you can get in any tourist location anywhere, and the fact that it's in the Empire St Building means it's going to be super overpriced for what you get. The food, I'm sure will be fine, but probably somewhat forgettable. In short, I doubt you'll be disappointed, but there are much, much better options. How many people are you? Any other dinner plans you're thinking of? Also, for touristy stuff that isn't terrible, you could consider Top of the Rock observatory. But yeah, CP, 9/11, and Statue of Liberty are all good things to check out. Oh, Russ and Daughters for a New York Bagel.
  8. First Time to NYC

    Others have said, avoid Times Square for the most part. Spend a little time there before going to see a show... Try now to get tickets for Hamilton, if that fails, Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen, etc. If with kids, Wicked or Lion King are good options. Try not to stay in/around Times Square. If budget allows, check out the Gramercy Park Hotel. For Steaks - Lugers and Keens have been recommended already, Sparks is also in a similar "old school" model. If you want something a little more updated, Quality Meats (rib-eye for two, corn creme brulee, and peanut butter and jalapeno bacon), Bowery Meat Company (get the duck lasagna to share), or STK (meatpacking, not midtown). For Italian - if you want a real old school feel, go to Arthur Ave as others have suggested, but that's a big trip if your not interested. Two high end amazing options are Babbo (make reservation exactly 30 days in advance) and Carbone (30 days in advance also, get veal parm and spicy penne vodka). Babbo is the fancier of the two, but both are absolutely amazing. Quality Italian if there is a few of you (chicken parm for 2). Otto is a is a fun, high-end Pizza place with good pasta and an impressive wine list as well (cacio-e-pepe pizza). Piccolo Angolo is a hole in the wall in Chelsea. The feel is like your in an old Italian woman's kitchen and she's bringing you her best stuff, closest thing to an Arthur Ave spot on this list. Tony's DiNapoli is similar to Carmines, but will be less touristy. Sushi - Blue Ribbon or Nobu. There's not really a reason to look beyond those two as I understand it. Mexican - El Toro Blanco (raspberry sangria, mexican street corn, and tacos) or La Esquina (30 days in advance, ask for the Basement Brasserie). You can also just pop in to the downtown location for some tacos if you can't get or don't want a reservation downstairs. Pizza - I recommend taking an afternoon walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then stopping underneath for Grimaldi's. Brunch - Cookshop, The Smith, Norma's are all options I like. Check out Shake Shack for a burger and a shake in Madison Square Park... Do Central Park... Do Madison Ave for some shopping... Maybe a Rangers or Knicks game at the Garden... What else are you looking for?
  9. I have no idea what day it is. My Blackberry ran out of juice 7 and a half years ago.
  10. 8/16 camp tweets

    Need to necro all the posts about Kellen Clemens throwing an "uncatchable ball" if that becomes the case.
  11. Meet me in the parking lot of the Western Beef Supermarket in Staten Island?
  12. I've been waiting in the parking lot of the Western Beef Supermarket in Staten Island for 8 years now.
  13. How I yearn for the days when posters would just challenge you to a fight in real life. More Pussification of America, if you ask me.
  14. I once went to see the Rangers play in Phoenix, versus the Coyotes. During the game, they had a 50/50 raffle. I remember laughing with my wife about this. Perhaps I should not have laughed.