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  1. Convincing them to fight is one thing... Convincing them to give up their guns so that the other group will fight is another.
  2. Good progress again. It will be interesting to see if Rick and co. outright steal the guns from the women's group, if they kill them, or if they convince them to join the fight. At the same time, seems like we'll see Saviors push the Kingdom to the point where they have to respond. I assume this season ends with Kingdom joining the fight, and basically just teasing the beginning of it.
  3. For one season, when they had the space to do so, and with minimal impact to the future. If he was that important, why wasn't he kept is an equally good question.
  4. 32 million dollar bandaid or something like that... But, if that's not enough to see him as a me-first player, how about showing up out of shape? How about his poor effort late in his career? In fact, can you name an instance where Revis appeared to be a team player?
  5. I agree 100%. Revis, as I think you said, was the greatest player to make the least impact on the outcome of a game I can imagine.
  6. In 2009, Rex was successful in designing a defense that forced the QB to throw Revis's way. Enough tape of the exotic blintzes and it stopped working, and Revis's impact was neutralized. QB and pass rushers are the only guys worth that kind of money.
  7. No, he didn't force it. But, he made trading him the correct move, as he was headed for his 3rd hold-out. Yes, he wanted what he believed he was worth, but he also refused to play for what he contractually signed to play for, and it wasn't the first time. He was not a million times better than those players, and that's not even the point I'm making. I'm saying Revis may have had better a better season or seasons than those guys had, but those guys had better careers. You're right, we have had so few great players in our history. And, when we finally found one, it'd be hard to describe him as anything but the (if not one of the) biggest "me-first" player that the NFL has ever seen. When we finally found one, he held out before his rookie year, once again, and was headed for his third hold-out before we traded him rather than pay him another contract that he wouldn't honor. When we finally found one, he won a championship with another team. When we finally found one, he returned and played well below expectations and with minimal effort. Wayne Chrebet doesn't have 1/10th of Revis's talent, but he's universally beloved an appreciated because he was a good player, a Jet through-and-through, played hurt and with a ton of heart. Revis brought none of that to the Jets. So, yes, we can respect Revis's great seasons, and even appreciate them. But, as a whole, maybe an all-time great talent, but by no means an all-time great Jet. In 20 years, Revis won't even be remembered.
  8. This is an old argument, but a really good one, when we were debating whether revis should be traded or not. Taking away 1 WR when you can successfully run 4 WR sets and have big TEs with great hands is a luxury that is not nearly as beneficial as it seems.
  9. Being beloved an appreciated are both emotional terms. As such, they come with an emotional context. I appreciate Revis's play early in his career for the Jets. But, I will not celebrate the career of a guy, who was for a short period, the best there is, but forced our hand to trade him because he was headed towards his 3rd hold out. Has shown up out of shape more than once. Won a Super Bowl with a division rival. Then, came back on a huge contract that he significantly under performed, and ultimately, quit on the field. That's Revis's full body of work. He's no Champ Bailey and He's no Charles Woodson, even if at his best, he was better than them. Ultimately, we are Jets fans, we are not Darrell Revis's bank account fans. The way he handles himself with regard to the team, who we care about far more than him, and his full body of work, matters. As such, most people respect his window of greatness, but still won't consider him an all time great Jet. Because, being an all-time great Jet is more than having a couple of outstanding seasons.
  10. Is there another "All time great" player who was at the top of their position for as limited a time as Revis was? Guy had an all world season for us, and some very good to great ones too. So, while his best is up there with the best ever, longevity matters in these conversations, as do things like heart and effort. Revis comes up way short on the latter.
  11. @joewilly12 Is it really necessary for you to ruin every ******* thread on this site?
  12. Scorching hot take right here!
  13. Optimism - that it won't suck nearly as bad as part one. There aren't any measurables by which I'm evaluating. Less boring, less absurd, more entertainment.
  14. Decent. Reason for optimism for the 2nd half of the season.
  15. Basically, I'd never think twice when they tell me "Guac is extra."