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  1. You find it "comforting" that Macc believed that a guy who came in last place in a QB competition that included Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and Bryce Petty was the best player available in the 2nd round?
  2. The first two paragraphs don't contradict because there's a difference between losing, and not being able to compete at all. My concern is that these two QBs put us in a position to not even be able to compete, and that's not good for anyone. That's what you're insuring, that the Jets can complete passes, move the football on offense, don't get blown out every game. As for the response to my question, the Seahawks had Tavaris Jackson well into training camp of that year. The Ravens had Kyle Boller, who was IR'd in September. Bronco's had Sanchez at this time last year. The Titans had Whitehurst until November of 2015. The Packers are the only corollary, but, Aaron Rodgers, a former 1st rounder, in his 4th year is probably a safer play than Bryce Petty, former 4th rounder, going into his 3rd. Your last paragraph is conjecture. Maybe he's here to start the season, maybe he's here to mentor, maybe he's here to be a back-up. We simply don't know. And I disagree with the premise that the difference between Hackenberg and competence is however many, if any, reps that McCown takes. The main issue is that in all likelihood, Hackenberg sucks and always was going to suck. A "turd like McCown" isn't the reason for that.
  3. I'm not sure I agree that winning games is the best strategy for Todd Bowles to keep his job. I think, again, I do not know, but he has a stronger case to keep his job if they are looking at the #1 pick than if they're looking at #11. My argument all along was that you either fire them both this offseason, or you give them a 4th season, because there's no realistic path to success this year. I think the Jets care about minimal levels of competence. Again, it's fine and good for us to talk about rebuild and even a tank job here on the internet, but if these two players suck, you're asking 51 other guys to sacrifice their season, their health, and possibly their livelihood for two guys. I imagine other players can tolerate a young QB if he shows anything, but probably not if he doesn't. Further, I'd imagine that Jets Management needs something more than 16 weeks of complete failure at the QB position when they're taking huge sums of money from season ticket holders and others. I'm not sure they can just punt the season entirely. My point then, was that he's here for insurance. It was suggested to sign "no one," and I'll ask you, in the past decade, has an NFL team ever started a season with 3 QBs totaling 6 appearances, 4 starts, and 133 passes? Because, that's what Petty/Hack/Draft would look like. If I'm right in my speculation that it doesn't happen, the league obviously cares about minimum competence. Lastly, McCown's arrival should change nothing about Hack's ability to prepare to be the starter. Hack should go out and play his best football, and we'll see what that looks like. This is the same argument as how we screwed up Sanchez by bringing in Tebow. Do you think a real QB would care if you brought that circus into town? Not likely. They'd be preparing for the season and playing football. Sanchez's demise had nothing to do with Tebow, and Hackenberg's success or failure will be irrelevant to McCown.
  4. At this point, if he's not a QB, I'll take him at 6.
  5. What talent has been sitting on the Jets bench, unrecognized? Genuinely want to know. I've also never uttered the word mentor once. The concept is nonsensical. I don't propose to know what Macc/Bowles have planned. I suspect that McCown is here because of the very real possibility that Petty and Hack are complete garbage, and they want someone in there who can provide minimum levels of competence, if necessary. But, I won't be convinced that McCown will start over Hack/Petty if either Hack or Petty demonstrate they belong on an NFL football field. Thus far, they have not.
  6. Sure hope so. Because, overdrafting a project QB sounds oddly familiar.
  7. Wow. This all started as a joke, but you know what, I learned something today. Thank you, RoadFan. Thank you.
  8. Most of us are too busy controlling the media and the banks to pay attention to such things.
  9. Asking because I don't know... Is there a team in the past decade or so who went into a season with 3 QBs combining for roughly 4 starts, 6 game appearances, and 133 passes? If there's any precedent for this whatsoever, I'd be interested.
  10. Rosen is biologically only half Jewish (on his father's side) and apparently identifies as an atheist.
  11. So, when a player asks to be released, you must honor it? Kirk Cousins asked to be traded too.
  12. If they are repeating the exact same strategy, do you really think that cutting Brandon Marshall was a part of that strategy? Fitz was a waste of time, no doubt, but it's my belief that he was here to win games. It is not my belief that McCown is here to win games, and he's gotten no support in doing so. The coaching staff sees what the young players have in practice. If they are absolutely dreadful in practice, then they don't need to see them in games. Realistically, you, the fan, wants to see what they have. But, I simply don't think Bowles and the whole staff is so incredibly incompetent that they can't recognize talent or potential. I think, simply put, Hackenberg sucks and Petty sucks. And, as such, if McCown starts next season, while it's easy to blame Bowles, I think the real reason is obvious... That those players simply suck out loud. Again, I ask... Why did we get rid of Brandon Marshall, who, unquestionably can still play, and we could still afford, if we were going to try to win games with McCown?
  13. It really hasn't been the same problem for the last two years though. It's been the problem for the 2nd half of last year. We signed Fitz to win more games. He did that. While I may not agree with the strategy, overall, we won 10 games and had a shot at the playoffs. Last year, we signed Fitz expecting a similar performance. You and I may not have done the same, but once signed, it was his job after the previous year. Then, it imploded. Did we stick with Fitz too long? Sure. But, going into the season, he was the right choice (once signed, at least). And, I'm not going to kill Bowles too much for sticking with him too long, only because I'm open to the possibility that both Hack and Petty suck out loud. I'm open to this possibility that they coaches saw this in practice and don't need to see it in the games because it was just that bad. There's a narrative that has nothing to do with them not being "not ready" and everything to do with them being "awful football players." I don't mean to compliment Bowles, or even defend him, but I kind of subscribe to this narrative where both QBs are terrible and that's why Fitz hung around. It is my hope that if McCown is a 7 and Petty/Hack is a 5, that Bowles will play the kids, because you can play a 5. It is my fear (and belief) that McCown is a 5 and Petty/Hack are 2s. At which point, I don't think you need to play 2s. The difference though, between this and Fitz, is that we aren't adding talent around McCown. He's going out there with what we've got (if he goes out there at all), and that's it.
  14. Maybe. We'll see. We'll get to read all the camp reports and watch the preseason games. If either of those young guys shows they can play, and aren't started, then you're right. But, if they both are awful, then, it's their own doing, not Bowles.