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  1. Does Max pay you by the word for this dribble?
  2. ... We'd be a much better football team. But I can't imagine you believe that that is the only difference between starting and 10-1, and fourth string and a 3-8 team.
  3. Mine was actually for a bus lane, and definitely wasn't that large. Regardless, just a thought. My only thought was that there had to be some video that allowed this guy to walk out of there without charges so quickly.
  4. I've gotten a ticket from one of those not all that long ago with a video included. So I'm not sure that's entirely true.
  5. In between the left and center traffic lights appears to be a camera. If it is, I imagine the truth will come out soon; whatever it may be.
  6. @joewilly12 vs. @UnitedWhofans is exactly the Bum Fight Jet Nation needs right now. Cheers, guys.
  7. It's not that I disagree with your post. Frankly, I didn't even read it that closely. The point is, for more than a decade you've been either here or JI telling us that the Raiders are legit, and this is the year. Year after year, you've been wrong. Now, you're saying exactly what you've said for the last decade, every season, except this time, it's actually correct. Hence, stopped clock.
  8. You are the living, breathing, embodiment of the broken clock theory.
  9. Part two is, if the Jets really wanted him, offer compensation to a 3rd team to trade for him, essentially making a 3-way-deal without Belichick's consent. You'd pay a bit of a broker's fee, but if this QB is what QB Guru Manish Mehta says he is, it wouldn't be that difficult to get it done.
  10. I think we can all just sit back and hope that chapter two of that book is titled, "How the 2nd round pick clawed his way to 3rd string in year 2." Sky's the limit from there!
  11. I wonder if there is some blow-back from this in future contracts related to effort clauses. I can't imagine how this would ever be enforced/judged, so it's probably just a cautionary tale, but it would be interesting if teams try to build this sort of thing in, the way they do for off-field stupidity and such.
  12. Because he's going to make 6M just to sit at home. At a certain point, money just becomes points on a scoreboard. We haven't seen a lot of Revis living foolishly, and so his great-grandchildren should be millionaires. At this point, I think Revis will value extending his life/health over a few million dollars more. It's not like he's ever shown a real passion for the game. Had he, this would be a different conversation.
  13. The sad thing is, I don't think you understand just how stupid this argument is.
  14. Saying this again doesn't make it true. Rex has a QB, and Bowles does not. Rex took over a 9-7 team and Bowles took over Rex's 4-12 team.