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  1. I don't watch like I used to either, but that's just a function of life. When I first started on these boards I was in college. I've got a wife and a daughter and a real adult job now, things change. But, I don't think there's something so ominous about the Jets that it can't be fixed. I think the last time we invested in a QB, we took a guy who's college coach (now a super bowl winning coach) was jumping up and down, yelling and screaming that he wasn't ready. We've taken a terrible prospect in Hack, a complete project in Petty, second rounders in Geno Smith and Kellen Clemens. The last time we invested in a QB prior to Sanchez was Pennington, and that was a late first rounder with an inadequate arm, which, interestingly enough, was a huge part of the reason Jets fans were afraid of Ryan. There's no reason to think that if we actually draft a legitimate prospect at the position, we won't have success with him.
  2. So, as was pointed out before, why turn the game on? There's one, and only one thing, that keeps most of us coming back season after season. The hope that it can be better. You obviously think there's some kind of voodoo curse on this franchise, and good players are not possible, so, why bother?
  3. Or, maybe it's just that the things that have come here, have sucked to begin with. Revis, Mangold, D'Brick, and Harris all didn't get ruined by being Jets.
  4. While true, even pre-Jones, he was better than anyone we've trotted out there at the position in recent history, and maybe ever. I mean, didn't we Julio Jones trade our way up to your favorite bowling ball with butcher knives?
  5. And that Quarterback was the league leader in turnovers per game, and in the bottom of the league in just about every measurable both advanced and standard. If you want to make a pro-Sanchez argument, fine. But, you should also acknowledge that the majority of the data suggests he was a very bad QB, despite having a positive post season record. His NFL career post-Jets has done very little to demonstrate that the Jets (or the fans) were wrong. Now, as for my opinion, I think, alternatively, Jets fans would kill literally everyone else, from coaches to towel boys, and continue to suggest that Ryan needed more help. We've seen it with much worse QBs than him.
  6. In fairness, that was one guy... He just did it a lot. Despite it not catching on. @Jetsfan80
  7. Do you have any evidence we've run people out of town who put up near the top of the league passing numbers in the regular season and have not won in playoffs? One example?
  8. You are literally the walking embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  9. Beyond the circular logic, there's a mehta circle that involves using a logical fallacy --> patting self on back --> using another logical fallacy.
  11. Yup. I can admit when I'm wrong or make a mistake. You always tell others to learn something. Well, here... Learn from that. Teachable moment.
  12. The evidence pretty strongly suggests you don't know this fanbase at all. This fanbase made heroes at of Brett Ratliff and Matt Simms and didn't run out anyone who, by objective measures, wasn't terrible. The people who you're defending, you're doing so by interjecting your opinion (right or wrong), but the #proveablefacts describe them poorly.
  13. That victory really helped Kellen Clemens and Mike Nugent build their Jets careers.