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  1. Love it or hate it or living in denial of it, there's a strong chance the Jets are in contention for the #1 overall pick come seasons end. Week 1 thus far: Jets lose. Bills win. Jags win. Browns lose, but play Steelers tight. Bears lose, but play ATL tight.
  2. SHAME on Jet fans

    "Where were the fans" "from tv" Presented without a tinge of irony or self-awareness.
  3. Yup. Can't really complain if they look good. I think they can beat the Browns and still be okay, but it'll be a tougher road. If they beat Jax, it's over IMO
  4. As someone pretty firmly invested in getting the #1 or #2 overall pick, this is not a Jets win I think any Jets fan should be terribly upset by. If the Jets play well, and win, it's a good thing. The wins I don't want to see are along the lines of a week 1 type performance but ultimately steals a win. But, it's hard to feel upset, even if it hurts our draft position, but the team playing competent football. On the other hand, 5-6 wins and I think Josh McCown is your 2018 opening day starter. That said, the Jets got a lot of breaks this week, so this win won't "hurt" too bad in the hunt for a top pick: Rams (2-1) over 49ers (0-3) - 49ers are in this for the long haul, but the Rams are probably out of the conversation, at least for now. Jaguars (2-1) over Ravens - Jaguars may be out of the conversation at this point as well, though next week vs. Jets is huge. Bills (2-1) over Broncos - Bills get their second win early, and a surprising one at that. They probably aren't a concern. Bears (1-2) over Steelers - Good to get the Bears on the board. They also played the Falcons tight in week 1. Colts (1-2) over Browns (0-3) - Browns will also be in this for the long haul, but good to see the Colts get a win. Hopefully Luck returns and they take themselves out of the conversation. Saints (1-2) over Panthers - I doubt a Drew Brees led team will stick around, but good to get them away from 0-3. Current 0-3 Teams: Giants, Browns, Bengals, Chargers, Giants, 49ers Week 4 Matchups to Watch: Bengals at Browns - Someone gets win #1 Jacksonville at Jets - Jets going to 2-2 would make a top pick a longshot, Jacksonville winning would put and end to the talk about them 49ers at Cardinals - 49ers could pull off a win here, I think. Giants at Bucs - Giants could get their 1st win here, I think.
  5. Josh McCown is starting in 2018
  6. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Not true. May be ruined by Todd Bowles.
  7. Is there anyone on this website that doesn't think Josh McCown is the 2018 opening day starter?
  8. Agree with this, and also, this will sound ridiculous, but... Global Warming. Football has always been a brisk fall day sport for me. Tomorrow's going to be almost 90 degrees. I'm not gonna sit on the couch pumping AC when I can go to Central Park with my daughter. When most Sundays are nice until at least November, there's just other things to do besides sit in front of a television for 4 hours in the middle of the day.
  9. @Matt39 @southparkcpa @whodeawhodat @JiF Flights booked. Coming in Friday AM and leaving Sunday PM. Gonna stay at that Marriot on the water in Channelside. Got a pretty reasonable rate. I'm thinking Bern's for dinner Saturday and maybe bartaco (which I looked up - I've been to one of the CT ones and it's great) Friday night? Or, is there something else that's more of a low-key but interesting spot for Friday night and maybe bartaco lunch on Saturday? Datz brunch pregame? Won't get tickets till probably 24hours before the game - done that every year and it's always successful.
  10. 3 and 2

    I'm sure some said that about the 2014 Jets before Todd Bowles took them to 10-6 too... Ignoring the offensive linemen, your list of players who would start on at least half the teams in the league includes one OLB who doesn't actually sack the QB and who's combine athletic measurables were very low for the position, a rookie safety who hasn't shown anything at this point, a TE who has 10 catches as a Jet and going into his 4th season has 55 total catches and who recently was discarded by a non-playoff team, a CB who has had significant injuries and after literally his best season the team that drafted him decided they didn't want him anymore, a running back who's a local favorite but isn't actually even a starter on the Jets, a CB who isn't even a starter on his own team and hasn't shown signs that he's any good at all, a WR just dumped by another team where he couldn't make the starting line-up as part of a throw-in to a trade for one of our only NFL caliber players, a patriots cap casualty who's now on his 3rd team in 4 years, another OLB who's on his 3rd team in his young career and has only been a starter this season. Your list is about as homerific as it gets, you might as well have just listed every Jets player. But hey, it's all Bowles fault.
  11. People like simple explanations because 1) makes it easy to understand and 2) provides the illusion of control. You want the most simple one? The greatest predictor of violent behavior is prior violent behavior. Interestingly, the greatest predictor of a parolee re-offending is giving them a maze and telling them to complete it without picking up a pencil. Those that do, are significantly less likely to re-offend than those who pick of their pencil. But, we certainly aren't going to legislate based on that. Ultimately, these things are multiply determined. Even if studies show conclusive evidence linking football, cte, and violence, you'll never be able to look at an isolated incident and blame football or cte for an individuals violent behaviors. Hernandez is no different. Lots of factors. But, try getting people to accept that things are complex... Much easier to say that he's just pure evil, or, if you need a little more modern thought in your singular attributions, that football/cte made him do it.
  12. Wonder how much of his CTE was attributable to football vs. his history of violence. It's probably safe to assume that Hernandez had been hit in the head a few times outside of game of football in the course of his lifetime.
  13. Meh - My neighborhood is plenty safe and the air is plenty clean. We're a short walk from a great local park and a medium walk to Central Park. Plenty of friendly faces in our building, even met another couple who's daughter is 3 weeks older than ours who we'd consider friends now. My wife sees a lot of the same mom's at different things too. So, I don't know that I agree with that. The problem with Manhattan is what it's always been. Your 5500sq ft costs what my 1400sq ft costs. As for buildings, they start at 10M and only go up from there. That's why we'll leave eventually. For now, we're renting at well below market (thanks to a condo owner who's either unaware of market prices or is just happy to have a young family that reminds her of her own kids in her unit) and it's fine for the two of us with a 20 month old.
  14. Maybe it wasn't clear. Stating that New Yorkers who don't live in Manhattan who complain about Jersey don't have their "cool card," to use your term.
  15. Non-Manhattan New Yorkers:New Jersey::Baby Boomers:Millenials Lots of whining, minimal substance.
  16. Other than the coaches willingness to play them, there's really no difference between Goff and Petty and/or Hackenberg, right?
  17. jester needs to create at least 3-4 self-important threads per week... Try to keep up.
  18. You'll have a good time. People just whine because they got stars in their eyes about a NYC stadium that was never going to happen and had it, they'd be even more upset when they saw those ticket/psl/parking/concession prices, not to mention no tailgating. Trust me, a group of men who wear ill-fitting, 15-year-old, mustard stained, faded green sweatshirts in public are not the people you need to listen to about aesthetic. It'd be nice if it had a roof though, but cold-weather home field advantage is nicer. In the end, it'll be the product on the field that ruins your afternoon, not the walls surrounding it.
  19. 3 and 2

    I don't even know if your joking with this list but I don't think you are and that's scary.
  20. 3 and 2

    Now can we tell your son who his real father is?
  21. This article makes me just as happy as when I read about how all the Charlie's Angels were friends IRL.
  22. 3 and 2

    Why do you assume the Dolphins will have to pass at all?
  23. Numbers are surprisingly high for the Jets today. But, if we end up 0-5, I imagine they'll skyrocket to 70% or so.
  24. Big night -- Rams at 49ers. At stake is 2 wins for the Rams or 49ers getting out of the basement.
  25. 3 and 2

    Names, please.