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  1. While I wouldn't go as far as definitely saying they aren't top 10 next year, I certainly agree those who are convinced Jets are destined for #1 are simply believing what they want to be, whether that's for good reasons or bad. The Jets are far from being a "good" team, but I'm not sure what in particular is set to make them any worse than last year when they won 5 games. While there are plenty of near-guaranteed losses for the Jets, are we really supposed to believe they are in serious trouble against the likes of Browns, Bills, Jags, and Chargers, just to name a few? I wouldn't be overly shocked by losses to any of those teams mind you, but they are hardly in any position to be counting on wins against the Jets either.
  2. Starting the old man over the kids and ultimately still knowing nothing about them when all is said and done, making the season rather useless.
  3. If things go the way some fear come next season, I'll definitely be right there on being extremely unhappy about it. But in the meantime, I'm not really sure what people expect to hear from a GM in the middle of an offseason when a topic comes up about FA signings or players on the current roster. Any GM who is not a complete idiot will do nothing more than toe the company, in this case it would of course be how great absolutely everyone is. Amazingly enough, it would not be considered a particularly worthy topic of conversation to discuss how useless McCown is or how he can't wait to finally be rid of Pryor and Richardson.
  4. Agree with this completely. Wilk had a down year, but considering it's coming off an injury and he had 5 good years before that, he's a rare exception of a Jet I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Richardson is a douche, a suspension waiting to happen and has had down years of his own. He's the bigger risk of the two, with it being very questionable whether he provides any additional benefit, and is the one without a contract. With the only exception of them both playing this year and Sheldon significantly outperforming Mo, there's little incentive to make this an even bigger mess. Besides, the bottom line is that Williams is already the best of the 3, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon, so might as well get something back for one of the other two in the meantime.
  5. Seems mostly accurate, other than this Tim Shame guy trying to write himself into the story. Who is he anyway? Friggin' newbs.
  6. Yeah... just not statistically nor personally.
  7. I am mostly indifferent to the Jets clear desire to have one veteran at the position, as it's hardly uncommon around the NFL. I think the extreme reactions on both sides are rather absurd. We're a long way away from having any reason to believe he'll be the starter and if that does happen, then there will certainly be a number of different reasons to be displeased at that time, most notably how bad those other 2 must have shown themselves to be. That said, the move doesn't deserve any great praise either. The mentor is definitely a common thing that is talked about for older vets in the NFL, but I doubt that's the sole reason for spending $6M, or as big of a deal as some try to sell it as. However, I don't dispute that there is some benefit of that which comes along with a signing like this, because anyone who thinks there's no difference between the direction you get from your boss and the help from an experienced person in your same role, must have never had a job before.
  8. So Hack will be wiping his boogers off on McCown?
  9. There's never anything quite so special as someone who thinks their incessant whining is so special that it deserves it's very own special thread to whine about the same exact things being discussed ad nauseam throughout the entire board.
  10. You're still alive?
  11. McCown leaves without a contract: "This just proves that the Jets are the absolute WORST." Turns out, McCown signed: "This just proves that the Jets are the absolute WORST." Is there any option to be completely indifferent to the Jets preference to have one veteran at QB?
  12. Patton is nothing impressive so far in his career, but is one of the type of guys the Jets should be going after. Cheap, young, with some potential upside. His numbers don't jump out at you the past 2 years (both around 30/400), but this is a guy who is likely to be battling it out for the #3 spot or lower. He was also apparently a contributor on special teams as well, which is not exactly something the Jets have an abundance of. Depending on what the contract #s come out to be, who knows if he's even a lock to make the team. Hardly something to get worked up about.
  13. While Belichick clearly has a great despise for the Jets, and there have been numerous pieces of evidence of that, I don't really think the lack of a trade is any part of that. Intra-divisional trades almost never happen in the NFL, and frankly it's extremely doubtful we'd be happy of any results if the Jets had one in the past with the Pats. Consider that in the ones with Dolphins and Bills, neither really worked out for the other team. The Dolphins trade was really just a matter of the Pats swiping Welker from them as an RFA. It only went through as a trade because the Pats offered to give the Dolphins another pick to keep them from having to give the bloated contract to Welker that the Dolphins couldn't match. In the case of the Bills, they got a 1st back for Bledsoe which did not work out so well for the Bills, although he's still probably the best they've had at the position since Kelly. As far as Belichick's hatred of the Jets, he probably could not care less about Woody. He had years with this team before that, and Woody wasn't even the owner yet when Belichick left. Quite frankly, despite Belichick's ongoing bitterness, there's probably not a single thing remaining with the Jets that has anything to do with him when he was here. Of course, some things that went on with Mangini and Rex certainly helped to keep him hating this team. It's probably not such a surprise that it doesn't seem to be nearly as constant hate these days, now that the likes of Bowles and Macc are hardly stirring things up either.
  14. Revis is in no way the kind of guy who will put in a single ounce of effort without getting paid plenty more for it. So in all likelihood the options are he either sits the year out, with only perhaps a late arrival on the season in attempt to earn himself a 2018 contract as Sperm suggested, or goes for an oddly structured contract that will be designed to screw over the Jets and get Revis more money, while costing the new team less (thus, their incentive to agree to it). Something along the lines of a 2-year contract with the first year at vet minimum, then the second year having another $2-3M guaranteed with no offset language, and the total salary being some crazy high number. The ultimate result is then that either the team keeps Revis on that high-priced second year (doubtful), and he's thrilled, or more likely, he gets cut and gets $5M from the Jets and $3-4M from the new team for his 2017 season, then goes on to see who else will throw money at him. The only way this wouldn't work is if the offset language in the contract covers all guarantees, but I'd imagine it only accounts for money paid this year. Otherwise, there are other ways this could possibly be worked out (e.g., performance bonuses Revis could easily lock down), depending on how all the offset language is setup. I just can't see any scenario where Revis does anything that he isn't convinced will get him more money very soon.
  15. "These guys aren't quite the gritty, lunch-pail receivers we're used to seeing on the Patriots."