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  1. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    There you go Maye!
  2. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    This is ******* ridiculous.
  3. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    The volume of penalties in this game is ridiculous.
  4. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    That was a hell of a play. Wilk is definitely having one of his best games in quite a while.
  5. jets viewership down the most

    Is that the rumor you've heard?
  6. It's so cute that you think the Jets may have high-end talent in the future.
  7. Considering your argument is that you didn't hear about something that happened, which you have been told numerous times in this thread did, clearly you are lacking in knowledge. Apologies if you are offended that I gave you the benefit of the doubt that the issue may be your location, as opposed to the problem just being you. I won't let it happen again, good sir.
  8. jets viewership down the most

    Lots of people cannot be bothered to watch, for understandable reasons. People who decide to do it, feel a stronger need to do it at a drinking establishment.
  9. Yes, I understand how difficult it must be to understand why you do not regularly hear the local opinions of people about a team that is nowhere near you.
  10. Just as you wouldn't hear people, other than yourself, bitching about every random press conference of Bowles if you didn't go looking for it. Please feel free to keep us in the loop about the exciting local opinions of the Jags though.
  11. Other than the fact that people bitch about him for it. So your attempt at disagreement is actually proving my point.
  12. McAdoo is criticized for every single he does. He may very well be even more despised than Bowles. That's pretty much the worst comparison you could have provided.
  13. While there's no reason to be happy with their play, anyone who says Bowles should be trashing players to the press are either completely full of crap or totally clueless. Sure money bet if Bowles was talking about how awful they were to the media, the same critics would be throwing a fit about that. You don't have to like Bowles, there's plenty of reasons not to, but the arguments against him end up looking idiotic when every single word is played out as a such a great tragedy.