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  1. Sign Fitz or Just Start Geno? (Merged)

    So Fitz is willing to play for as much as Geno is currently signed for? Great to hear, sounds like a plan.
  2. That's alright I guess... but what about Milliner's option?!? Come on!
  3. Yeah, fair or not I would bet that, despite the success, there are no NFL teams particularly thrilled with the idea of his non-traditional punting method. If they find reason to believe that this makes him more susceptible to getting blocked, and he is unable to change his method to make up for that, he likely won't make it in the NFL. It's not a particular coincidence that no NFL teams, including the Jets, thought he was worth a pick.
  4. Rex needed a job to give to his brother.
  5. Delusions about the OL

    Clady can be great, but health is a pretty major concern. Winters is rather mediocre, but could be dealt with if he was the weak link on the OL. When it turns out the guy playing next to him also sucks, that makes it an even greater problem, as neither one can be assumed to be of any help to the other. And of course, the issue that adds onto the potential issue with each of these guys? A complete lack of (at least proven) depth. Meaning a single injury could make an already concerning 1/2 of the line an even bigger issue, while eliminating the possibility of benching a guy no matter how bad they are. Now if it turns out that one of the random picks over the past few years has a chance to be a real contributor than that could change a lot, but there's no evidence to really suggest that at this point.
  6. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    My ultra-valuable insight on this pick: as it was noted that the pick was in, all I could say is "It better not be the friggin' noodle announcing this pick......... ****!" Clearly, that means we're doomed. Of course, having such feelings may actually be a good thing. But perhaps thinking that makes it bad. Damn it.
  7. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    Mediocre?!? Pennington, Sanchez, Ratliff, Simms... these were all GODS amongst men when it comes to quarterbacking (and life in general)!!
  8. Yeah, the Elliot pick I definitely did not get at all. While widely regarded as a top level talent, the pick seems to go completely against what the Cowboys have been doing for years now, building a dominant OL and you can plug just about any RB behind them to find great success. Very strange.
  9. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    While I'm certainly very unsure about this pick and more in wait and see mode, considering this obviously wasn't a particularly exciting pick to most, it certainly didn't fall on the "DO NOT WANT list" either. It certainly fills a position of need without doubt, but of course the question of many is if there could have been other needs (as there are many) addressed with greater talent. I will say though, the one thing I didn't get is the uproar of a bunch when Bowles dared to describe Lee as a backup at this point. It was minutes after the pick and quite frankly, is exactly what should have been done. Do we all forget what a giant dipsh*t we thought Rex was for crowning a guy as a starter (if not a HOF) before he even played a snap? No matter what the team thinks of Lee, he should absolutely have to go out there and earn his spot. While it'll obviously take a couple of years to really know how good this pick turned out overall, even the backup concept is one we'll have no real idea about until at least August.
  10. Under Woody's Ownership

    I'm not the biggest of Woody fan, but regardless of anyone's opinions on the volume of defensive player picks, I don't see any way you can directly associate this with Woody. For the guy who is allegedly such a clueless owner looking for nothing but big splashes, defenders is absolutely not the way you go, especially at some of the less "exciting" positions like DT. If it was all Woody, you know they would have been all over the likes of Manziel, Lynch, and every other known QB that would have grabbed headlines.
  11. You know, I was just thinking we needed more threads complaining about this pick.
  12. Why do we have to wait so long to boo the pick damnit?!? I don't know... just seems like a boo year. Haven't had one of those too recently.
  13. Has anyone heard who Rex made a promise to this year that they would take him in the first?
  14. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    Yeah, pretty much, but when people either have the choice of repeating the same arguments or actually, you know, doing work... which do you think is really going to win out?