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  1. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Chrebet's career was all but finished by the time Chad was playing, he never got to play with the "good" Chrebet.  Coles was a good #1 target for Chad at the start, but that lasted less than one full season before the Jets let him go and left Chad with next to nothing at WR.  It took them years for them to get Coles back and by then he was a shell of his former self.  And in the process of getting a guy back who was now on the decline, they got rid of their one WR that was on the rise.  Maybe if he got to play with any of these guys while in their prime for more than a partial season that might have helped just a little.
  2. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Chad made everyone around him better players for his entire career, but let's pretend like somehow if he ever had a single player to throw to worth a damn they'd somehow be worse.  Totally makes sense. I don't even know what you're talking about with that coaching stuff.  Do you even watch all the awesome videos he does for the Jets breaking down plays and stuff?  At this point he's basically already doing the job for free.  But yeah, don't let that little reality get in the way of the hate.  It's like there's some sort of ridiculous anti-Chad militia with some folks around here.  
  3. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Give Chad a guy like Rice and have Montana throwing to Becht, and instead we'd be talking about how Montana was just a poor man's Pennington. Every time I see Chad doing any interviews or things for the Jets, I still can't believe he's not on the coaching staff.  At bare minimum, give him the QB coach job, and he can craft Petty into something the Jets haven't had since they idiotically tossed him aside.
  4. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    I can't believe I missed this, thanks for tagging me man.  I can't believe some of the complete bullsh*t being said in this thread! Chad was totally great, but unfortunately the dumbasses running this team at the time made it literally impossible for him to be as great as he could be.  The moment anyone he had to work with seemed to be getting any good, they'd just get rid of them.  Oh, Coles just had a breakout season?  Yeah, let's get rid of him!  Oh, now it's Moss' turn, too.  Yeah, let's fill them in with crap like Curtis Conway and Just McCareins.  Can't believe that didn't work out, huh? People want to talk crap about him getting hurt, like that's somehow in any way his fault, but all that did is prove his greatness.  What did the Jets ever do without Chad in those years?  Um... NOTHING!  They kept trying to bring other guys in, but they all showed how much the rest of that Jets team sucked ass without Pennington.  He carried all of their asses all of the time.  Maybe if he was given the tiniest bit of help out there, it could have been a little bit different.  There's all the talk about how Brady and the Pats always win the AFCE, but I have a question for you... who else has done it during that time?  Oh wait, that's right... PENNINGTON!  It was even on two different teams in the division, which proves it was ALL HIM.  It didn't matter that he never had any help, he was the only guy in the league who could step up against a cheater that had way more on his side.  It's pretty much impossible for one guy to do it all by himself, but Pennington got closer than anyone else ever could.  Hell, even with crap receivers he had the highest completion percentage of everyone, that just proves how ridiculously great he was at his job.  Just imagine if it wasn't a bunch of crap who wasn't constantly dropping balls?  It's just such a damn shame that talent that amazing was just pissed away for his entire career.  That's why we have no idea how long it will take for the Jets to ever be legit again, because with how rare top level QB talent is in the NFL, who knows when, or if, they'll ever get anywhere close to that again.  
  5. Does instant replay review even work?

    This is true, but given that it was the next play, not that play itself, it really doesn't give Carolina any excuses.  For all we know, it could have ended up being the same outcome on the next play even if they did get the completion, with just a longer fumble return TD.  Perhaps not as likely, but who knows?  I don't in any way expect Carolina fans to be happy about the call, but there's also plenty more things for them to be unhappy about than just that.
  6. Does instant replay review even work?

    I wasn't surprised by this at all.  The refs have been pretty adamant this year that plays are hardly ever going to be overturned anymore, unless it is proven with 100% certainty.  Even something as simple as the camera view not being perfect keeps them from overturning calls these days.  As soon as it looked like there was a chance that the ball might have skimmed against the ground, it wasn't getting overturned.  While Panthers fans certainly had no reason to like the decision, in the end when it is one play in the first quarter, it can hardly be cried about as a game-deciding call.
  7. Manning's family celebrates win NOT Eli

    Saw it at the time and definitely got a laugh out of it, but that's all there is to it.  Funny crap, but certainly nothing to take some sort of deeper meaning out of.  Eli always looks like that when he's out on the field, whether throwing TDs or picks, so what do you expect?  
  8. Oh yeah, it's completely absurd bullsh*t, but that's how they justify it to themselves in the end.  It's nothing more than the personal feelings of the voters, which I'm sure went this way mostly because Harrison's stuff wasn't nearly as headline grabbing as TO's tears.  Ray Lewis is a murderer and we all know he's definitely getting in first ballot too.  None of it makes a damn bit of sense.
  9. TO will get into the HOF soon enough, but in the end it was basically a matter of him being a dick, so they decided they wouldn't give me that extra honor of first ballot.  Hardly a first time thing from the HOF voters.
  10. He knows that in 2016, the Jets will play to win the game.  
  11. Suh has absolutely no incentive to take a single cent of a paycut.  The Dolphins sure as hell can't cut him at this point.  That basically means the only option they will have if they want to free up cap space this year would be to convert some of this year's salary into another signing bonus.  Of course, that would be screwing their future cap even worse... so yeah, that sounds about right for Tanny.  Sucks for them!  
  12. cotchery is going to get a ring in 2 weeks

    Mason was signed after Cotchery was cut, so that really has no validity to it.  And I have no interest in even slightly defending Rex or Tanny at all, as good riddance to them both, but to trying to play that "nightmare" card along with the timing that this all happened couldn't be more ridiculous.  Those were the days when the most was thought of them both. In the end, all excuses aside, he simply didn't want to be on this team anymore, and so be it.  But it gives no reason for Jets fans to be rooting for him 5 years later.
  13. cotchery is going to get a ring in 2 weeks

    Meh, he's the one who demanded to be released because of not being handed a starting gig after a down year.  Don't get me wrong, I was definitely happy with him while he was here and have nothing against the guy, but see no particular reason to be rooting extra hard for a guy who wanted to leave.  Especially when you consider the rest of the league has since seemed to agree with the Jets that he was no longer a starter.
  14. Ed Reed hired by Rex as assist. DB coach.

    Yeah, definitely one of the few moves you can't give Rex any flack for.  Reed was known as one of the "coach on the field" types in the later years of his career, so it's certainly worth a shot.  Who knows how it will work out, but hardly a major gamble as an assistant.  
  15. Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    So the question is now, which team did less to earn their playoff victory, the Steelers or Seahawks?  Holy crap this has been some awful football so far.