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  1. So after finally reading through all of this sh*t, I'm still convinced Smash/Ape is some inner-town slapfest going on, and I have no interest in voting either of them to be honest. If you forget how pissed off they've gotten at each other, the actual events that have occurred does little to suggest either of them are particularly good candidates at this point in time. Essentially sitting on a mod confirmation of a day action being attempted and stopped involving these two gives us more information on them than anyone else. Short of these two being scummates who came up with this elaborate plot and then got Pac to agree for the day action to be an intentional blind shot into the air as some sort of big setup, this sh*t doesn't give us a whole reason to have either of them as our top suspects. While it would be great to get them both to just move the hell on, the lack of participation by many of us (myself most obviously included) sure as hell is not helping. As far as role names go, it seems mostly useless to try to chase that too much. Other than Lizzie, none of the names have really told us a damn thing at this point. Given that, any named reveals alone given me little reason to suspect or trust anyone. The AVM run-up had seemed rather sudden when I was catching up, but also died off very quickly with one of those meaning-little reveals and it has seemed to fall off into the back-burner since then, with less else from him as well. I'm wondering what everyone's main reason for going that direction was (I know, I suck... sorry). I agree that DPR has been acting spastic, but at first it mostly seemed like a combination of a PR and well... him being him. But some of the recent points have certainly been interesting and brings up some questions. I need to look into this stuff further. I was in the middle of trying to do one of my old TL;DRs, but the new guy starting today just showed up, so this kind of came to a screeching halt and according to the fun little "sh*t load of new replies" thing at the bottom, I'm clearly behind again. I'll probably be catching up tonight after I get the hell out of here.
  2. Those MKs sound way more fun than Crusher... even if mine didn't outweigh yours.
  3. I modkilled Crusher once... so that's more than half of the game, right?
  4. Still like 10 pages behind, but to start, after going through some of this pile of mess, it looks like what took up most of the past few days with Ape/Smash was most likely town on town, and scum was happy to let that ride. Smash's case on Ape was pretty flimsy, as it seemed mostly based on vote-timing which is pretty lame for a number of reasons. Even if you ignore Ape's points about when he voted vs when it counted, we're well past the first few games of mafia where it's all about the late-vote bussing for teammates. It's always a constant mix for the exact purpose of not giving an easy read while also looking to earn one of the scum members a positive look in the game if/when a teammate goes down. The missed shot from Smash also seems to suggest his reveal was legit, and seems to suggest a day-vig, considering I can't imagine either scum or SK getting a day shot in addition to NK action, unless it was a one-time shot, which would seem pretty stupid time to waste it like that, so I'm not buying that for now (and if they are that stupid, all the better). I know we can't get into details of actions, but would we be allowed to ask Smash whether his own role was one-time or not, or is that against the stupid rule of sh*t you can't talk about? Oh, and town or scum, Lizzie is a douche-nozzle for seriously trying to setup a possible mod-kill. Besides, I thought no one around here modkills but me. And now back to reading the rest of this crap... ugh.
  5. So at any point will I be reading anything from anyone other than Ape or Smash? Not that I'm one to judge the lack of participation of others, but... damn.
  6. Well ok, I guess that makes me feel a little better.
  7. Well, I usually have to put down the drink when it's time to type. Plus, when combining that with gambling, it's apparently "frowned upon" to be focused on mafia play while at the table. Some people are so uptight. Just to be clear, does this mean I'm still alive? Damn it, reading is hard.
  8. Sorry for the weekend disappearance... gambling + alcohol apparently does not assist in mafia play. Catching up now, unless I'm dead, otherwise just tell me so I can go back to being lazy with the whole reading thing.
  9. Maybe they should... or maybe they shouldn't.
  10. The answer to all of the questions: Maybe
  11. Seriously, and kill me while you're at it. Wait, that's prolly some sorta scum tell or something, right? Whatever.
  12. I'm pretty sure she was done bleeding long before that.
  13. On 1/2 owner Woody Johnson says, we are beginning our search for a new head coach.
  14. Don't be silly... there's no way the Jets will get in 45 offensive plays. That would take 15 drives and no turnovers.
  15. To be clear, you're not the only I was referring to, but quite frankly that is neither remembering nor grieving, you and others on both sides of this "discussion" are using it to fuel their own personal agendas. I don't even necessarily disagree with your points, but it says a lot about the kind of people whose top priority is to make horrible situations all about themselves.