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  1. The Ryans Never Stop

    Wow, that was pretty awful to try to read. I guess the only slightest bit of credit that can be given, is to Rex for owning up to the fact that the Bills' defensive nose-dive was all on him. Beyond that though, everything said by both of them is such a steaming pile of crap. It sounds like they're trying to convince themselves of this nonsense as much as anyone else. And regardless of how much justification they both want to give for a hire, it still doesn't change the fact that based on nothing but its pure definition, Rob's hire was in fact nepotism. It's only that much worse when you consider that they even created a brand new position on the team just to hire him.
  2. NY Jets Injury Updates (Offseason Edition)

    The difference maker will be if he has shown some commitment to improving his blocking. He's not a traditional TE, but last year Bowles had said that Amaro was intended to be used as the HBack. For all the love Enunwa got last season, the truth is he was even worse with drops in his second year than Amaro was his rookie year, so if Amaro can get his sh*t together with effort on the blocking, he has the advantage in size and skills to take that spot for himself. Now don't get me wrong, I can also see him not taking that spot for the reasons you said, but I think that's far from him not making the team at all, considering last year no one outside of Marshall and Decker could catch a freakin' cold. He could be further down the depth chart if he doesn't step up, but I'm not sure there's enough other talent amongst the WRs/TEs for any of them to deserve any real roster spot over him either.
  3. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    There's really nothing to be worried about here, it's a relatively low risk, considering that from Bowles' standpoint it's like Milliner wasn't even on the team last season. The Jets could get away pretty easily with having Milliner as #4 on the depth chart, but the potential is there that they might as well give him a shot to see if he can earn himself a higher spot. If the top 3 ends up being Revis/Skrine/Williams, the Jets are hardly doomed. If Milliner ends up showing himself to be better than any of them for this season, that's only something to be happy about.
  4. Have fans forgotten how FA works?

    Hold on one damn second! Are we talking our own boogers... or anyone's? Makes a big difference.
  5. It becomes more clear with each step of this process that Brady is simply looking to keep getting this suspension pushed back over and over again until he's ready to retire. Not only would it save him money, but I have no doubt that, in Brady's mind, if he were never to actually serve the suspension he would think that proves him innocent. At this point Goodell should just tell the refs to come up with any excuse possible to repeatedly eject Brady from games. Now that would be hilarious.
  6. Oh yeah?!? Well next time you should, um.... STFU! YEAH!
  7. Damn you for beating me to the punch on this one... but yeah, that.
  8. This thread is so getting locked.
  9. Claim Zach Mettenberger

    I couldn't help but laugh at this glowing evaluation of Mettenberger:
  10. Having Wilk's name surrounded by "signed" in a thread title is just a cruel, cruel joke.
  11. 2016 Roster - Locks, Bubbles, and Longshots

    If the Jets sign another QB, my guess is they'll see if any team is willing to toss them a late-rounder for Geno. If not, don't be at all surprised if there ends up being some random mysterious "injury" that lands one of the young guys on IR. That said, it seems increasingly more likely that their QBs won't be changing again this offseason.
  12. When the oncologist - EDITED

    So sorry to hear that, but as you said, it's at least better to know as early as possible, even when it is absolutely not what you want to hear. Thoughts and prayers with your whole family.
  13. Jets Sign 2 More Draft Picks; Hackenberg, Peake

    So you mean, by like... the first preseason game?
  14. Not all of their games were bad, but there's no validity to casually dismiss every failure while trying to pour on great praise for even the most mediocre of performances. This supposed "outstanding" day from Sanchez and the rest of the Schitty offense resulted in a total of 13 offensive points. The Jets defense and ST needed to score another 9 while the offense was on the sideline in order to pick up that win. Is that really your standard for a great offense? If so, it would certainly explain a lot. The entire basis of the arguments attempting to be in favor of both of them is focusing on momentary flashes of quality, while ignoring any and all failures that may have surrounded it, including in the very same game.
  15. This clip sums Schotty up rather fantastically (and Sanchez too for that matter). It's one call that definitely worked out very well and had great results... and then we see the little fact popping up that it was the Jets' first offensive TD in 12 quarters. A little good surrounded by lots of bad.