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  1. A problem? Sure. THE problem? If only it were that easy, but it never is. Richardson gets the hate because he is the very last person left on this team with any room to talk. He was also one of the biggest problems on this team, and the only reason he's still on it now is because no one has been willing to give a damn thing for him this offseason.
  2. I missed you too.
  3. Ah, the good ole days.
  4. How did it take me this long to even notice this thread? I'm disappointed in myself. Nothing quite makes me laugh like the constant repetitiveness of "before his injuries..." Ultimately, that means all "proof" is dependent on believing that Chad's supposed value should be based on less than one full season of NFL play, with the rest of his extremely mediocre career not counting against him, just because he could never stay on the field. When you need extra credit for even the smallest of accomplishments, and excuse from the blame of all failures, it kind of wipes out the validity of an argument. More specifically, if you're citing the Jets/Steelers game as something positive for Chad, the argument has already disproved itself.
  5. Given that his contract is fully guaranteed, the Jets have no incentive to cut him unless it reaches the point that they are actually better off without him than with him, given the cost of a replacement would ultimately mean them spending more money for him to not be there. If he starts trying to actively convince them of that, he'll probably convince the rest of the NFL the same thing in the process.
  6. You'd have to think this was sorted out with the team, because there would have to be a special level of stupid for an underachiever to think he can get away with this kind of crap. Voluntary or not, he obviously has a lot to prove this year, if not to the Jets, to other teams in the NFL, if he wants to continue his career.
  7. I guess that all depends on whether or not you consider repeated things like holdouts and faked injuries to be "off the field". While obviously very different than the charges here (assuming, of course, his buddy taking the rap was true), the guy was still pretty much always a douche.
  8. That's only for restricted free agents. For the franchise tag, the only options are exclusive, non-exclusive, or transition tag. However, a franchise tag can be used and then the team agree to trade the player away at a lower cost.
  9. The only way Richardson has any shot at all in sticking with the Jets is if he both steps his play up and has absolutely no off-the-field problems (either locker room or drug tests), AND Wilk doesn't rebound enough to make it convincing that, true or not, his year last season was injury-related. Even if Richardson does right, but so does Wilk, all you'll really see is a tag and trade attempt of Rich from the Jets. While obviously they essentially tried to do that this offseason, a big year would certainly help increase interest of other teams. But I would say the odds are strongly in the favor of him simply walking next year. Maybe the Giants will show some interest next year and keep their streak alive.
  10. While I have no interest in defending anything about Bowles, I still cannot comprehend what kind of logic leads someone to believe that something done one time is a proof of a supposed trend. He deserves no benefit-of-the-doubt after last year, but anyone going on about what he "always" does is fabricating this little story.
  11. Of course absolutely no one wants to have McCown starting for the Jets, for a variety of different reasons, but this still is the exact mindset he should have. The Jets want him to be both pushing the young guys via competition, while still helping them out. Now if he ends up significantly outperforming them both through camp and preseason, there are much bigger problems out there than him. If it's anywhere remotely close, hopefully they are smart enough to go with one of the kids.
  12. That non-F was more out of respect to Enunwa than either the Jets or Idzik. Just look at the likes of the Jets' 2010 and 2012 drafts to look at an Enunwa-less version of the draft. The point being, while it can't be that much worse, it's still possible to be worse.
  13. Johnson's contract is an RFA deal, which makes the amount mean a bit less considering neither side had much say it in, with the only possible difference being if the Jets decided to tender him at the lower undrafted amount, presenting the possibility of losing him for absolutely nothing. None of this was even negotiated, and all Johnson really agreed to is that he wanted to play in the NFL this year. Regardless of what may have made sense for the Jets to do, it is entirely dependent on Johnson believing he can't do any better. Whether or not you think he can is completely irrelevant. The only thing that would ever get Johnson to agree with that deal is being very fearful of injury and/or an ability to earn more. Those fears would also only be calmed dependent on the Jets putting guarantees into that second year. Basically, he would be agreeing to let the Jets use the RFA tag on him multiple times. Don't get me wrong, I think it would be if the Jets could get him signed now for more years at the same rate, but there's just no motivation on Johnson's part for him to agree to it.
  14. Johnson will never be what Mangold used to be in his early days, but last season there was no real difference between Johnson and what Mangold has been in recent years, with the sole exception of the one well-known early snap. This was the right move, and he should be solid enough based on what we saw last year. In regards to his current contract situation, no player worth a damn will ever agree to a long term deal for cheap, no matter how much we want them to. There's no incentive for any player to do so, unless it's heavy on future guarantees, to cover the possibility of a major injury. Even then, their fright of injury would have to outweigh their confidence in their own ability to make more money. Unless he ends up completely out-of-the-league type awful this year, which of course he would not expect of himself, it would be easy enough for him to get at least a similar deal from the Jets or plenty of other teams, while very likely getting quite a bit more if he's even remotely respectable this year. If the Jets think he's a long-term starter, they need to pony up and pay him like one. If they're not convinced, then these two sides will never come to an agreement beyond this year.
  15. That all depends. How are her feet?