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  1. If this offseason is any indication, Williams sure does seem to excel at big gains.
  2. It depends on when it goes through. If it's early in camp/preseason, then a player is put in as injured/waived and in that case, you are right that they can be snatched off of waivers. Only if the player clears can the team put him on IR. However, after a few weeks (I believe it's based on when the first cutdowns happen), that no longer applies and a player can be put straight to IR without going through waivers. Last year they held onto Amaro for a few weeks after he had gotten hurt, which would suggest they intentionally avoided putting him on waivers. That said, yeah he still sucks, but unfortunately so do all Jets TEs.
  3. He has a job because, unfortunately, the rest of the Jets' TEs are just as laughably bad, if not worse. As far as the waivers thing, that's completely untrue, Amaro was never once on waivers. That no longer applied by the time he was put on IR last year.
  4. You can't be serious with this, right? Idzik's drafts certainly greatly deserved to be trashed, but this kind of logic is a complete failure on so many levels. You can't judge single (successful) selections based on hindsight related to players in the draft who were drafted later. That kind of logic would make the vast majority of the picks made by every team in every draft qualify as "dumb". The Jets were more likely to draft Manziel there than Carr, so talk about a reach.
  5. Reilly is very likely safe. Between being a special teamer and, frighteningly enough, the most experienced player they have at OLB, I can't imagine the Jets are in any rush to send him packing. McDougle is probably gone. At this point he's basically competing with Milliner for the bottom-of-the-depth-chart injury-prone CB spot, but the difference is that the Jets save nothing by cutting Milliner, and he is considered to have the higher upside, so that's probably the end of McDougle. Revis, Skrine, Williams, and Burris are all locked in ahead of either of them. Dozier is just a flip of the coin at this point. They have a long list of interior linemen on the roster, with the only ones who have shown they are worth a damn being Mangold and Carpenter. Winters is the only other one locked in ahead of him, but it wouldn't be surprising if Macc and Bowles rate the guys they've brought in over Dozier.
  6. I agree that Marshall is the most likely cut to get quite the commotion. These next two games will be a difference-maker for him, and while the original TC reports were positive, he has had a lot of struggles on offense in the two preseason games so far. With the level of competition at the WR position, I don't think return ability on its own would be enough to make the cut. To me he seems like to be a heavy favorite for the practice squad. That said, Smith staying on the PUP can allow for them to get away with carrying an extra WR the first 6 weeks. Anderson could fall in that category as well, particularly if the team wants to see him bulk up before getting real regular season play. I would think his on-field performance has had him move past Marshall at this point, but you never know.
  7. While the Jets have certainly gone a while without getting any talent out of the second, the reality outside of some sort of "curse" nonsense is that none of that means a damn thing related to the current Jets' staff, nor their recent or future picks. I assure you that citing the failures of Terry Bradway won't really influence any potential future success of Maccagnan's picks.
  8. The percentages are based on the total # of votes, not the # of voters. Barring injury, Marshall, Decker, and Forte are all locks. I think Enunwa has a good chance and the only thing that might hurt Powell's chances is Forte being around, otherwise he would be an easy pick as well, considering the guy was third in receptions on the team last year. Amaro is the only other that I have any hope it could happen, simply because you know no other TE will catch a damn thing, but I'm not going to hold my breath for that one.
  9. Is Mac gonna be confused when some random fat guy shows up to this meeting?
  10. I hate to rain on the parades of those patting themselves on the back about such a brilliant insight that a player who got cut earlier this offseason wasn't some sort of savior. But no one, now or then, was particularly praising Mettenberger. While it unfortunately does not fit the story-telling some wish to go with, the real reason people were talking about him is because at that time, Geno f'n Smith was the only QB on the Jets' roster who had seen a single snap in the NFL, months had gone by without Fitzpatrick, and the FA market was bare. Yeah, he sucks, but at that time there was no reason to think any differently of every QB the Jets had.
  11. At this point, at least based on what we have seen in games, I would think Anderson has passed Marshall. So far he looks to be making the best showing for the fifth WR spot, and that's assuming Peake is already locked in. Although of course it's tough to say what the coaches are thinking based on practices and all the other info they have. Anderson is definitely going to make it until at least the final cutdowns, with how things go the next two weeks likely being a big factor in the ultimate decision. If he can keep this up in those games, he should be in great shape to make the roster. Barring things taking a major turn for the worse, I think he's at least locked in for a PS spot at this point.
  12. Agree with some of the comments about Marshall. Guy has a ton of potential, but there's also still clearly work to be done. At this point, I'd have to think Anderson very well may have passed by him. I think there's a decent chance of them both making the roster, but if it's only one, Marshall could be seen as the one who needs more time for grooming, and look to be moved to the PS.
  13. Yeah, definitely been very happy with what he's shown so far. He's definitely had some down moments, but he's always in position.
  14. Looks like Hack won't even be getting his hand-off/kneel-down drive.
  15. What makes Anderson's game so impressive is this isn't simply one of those preseason games where you see a guy running free and completely uncovered, making it tough to judge how much it is the WR and how much just awful coverage that a player would never see in a real game. While a number of them have still been deep plays, he's been making some great catches in tight coverage on plenty of those plays.