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  1. Oh, and who in their right mind would qualify his 2003 season as good? You know, outside of you pretending only 3 of the games count, and not the rest of them that he was awful in.
  2. The offense scored three points in that game. Yes, that's right... three points. The offense, including the QB, had literally nothing to do with the Jets being competitive in that game. It was quite literally in spite of his performance. Even if that weren't the case, do you realize how absurd it is to attempt to give praise for something that didn't happen?
  3. ny junc says "led us to the doorstep of the title game" everyone else who has ever watched football ever says "lost in the divisional round" But then again, we've just seen the amazing level of QB talent it takes to accomplish that, right?
  4. The point is that they are not very good QBs and having played, and lost, in the divisional round does not make one a QB good. You seem to agree, which is nice to see.
  5. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at the QBs who have shown the greatness of making it to the divisional round of the playoffs, and while of course there is talent, I also got some pretty good laughs out of it, too. Here's a list of those who made it during Pennington's career. In red are the only ones who never made it further than the divisional round at any point in their careers. That's some great company, huh? Even more interesting when you see some of the folks on this list who actually did make it further than that. Daunte Culpepper Aaron Brooks Jay Fielder Rich Gannon Trent Dilfer Steve McNair Kerry Collins Donovan McNabb Jim Miller Tom Brady Elvis Grbac Kordell Stewart Brett Favre Kurt Warner Tommy Maddox Mike Vick Brad Johnson Jeff Garcia Peyton Manning Chad Pennington Marc Bulger Jake Delhomme Trent Green Ben Roethlisberger Matt Hasselbeck Mark Brunell Jake Plummer Rex Grossman Drew Brees Philip Rivers David Garrard Tony Romo Eli Manning Joe Flacco Mark Sanchez Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan Jay Cutler
  6. If your point is that Sanchez was a better playoff QB than Pennington, I would not disagree. That's about it though.
  7. Yet Grossman still has the better playoff record of the two. Weird, huh?
  8. He brought them all the way to the Super Bowl, so he has to be a first ballot HOF lock, right? That damn Bears defense ruined it all by not holding onto that lead he gave them. I mean, he should be pretty much credited as having a ring and being Super Bowl MVP, right? After all, I think it's been pretty well established the credit deserved by QBs when a team they are on nearly does something, regardless of their own performances.
  9. JPP

    Wait... do you mean more than one edge rusher, or Jets second round pick?
  10. JPP

    Would he be capable of signing a contract?
  11. In the older days moves like this were a bit of a bigger deal, but ever since they've implemented the whole concept of the rolling cap, you're right that it really does not make any difference. In the past, instead the GMs had to keep moving around money in order not to "waste" space, but wisely they've done away with that. What really becomes the key factor more than anything is the total amount of fully guaranteed money in the contract. That money can be moved around however the team likes, but as you said, in the end it will all be coming from the same place. That said, there is some purely psychological benefit that can come with that, as right or wrong, there tends to be a much greater hesitancy for players to be cut when there would be any significant cap hit that would come along with it from past bonuses, even if it all nets out the same.
  12. He was completely useless that game, and yet you still tried to use it as some sort of praise for him. I don't really care what nonsensical excuses you want to spew about why it's not his fault, he was still useless.
  13. I probably should have just stuck to the bullet points, huh?
  14. It's kind of weird how you keep using the prime examples of Chad's ineptitude as some sort of support for him. They lost in the divisional round that year because the offense contributed a grand total of 3 points to the game. Yes... 3. The defense and special teams each contributed more than double that. That game is not a sign of anything positive of him, it's a clear example of how mediocre he truly was.
  15. For a brief moment I was looking to dig back up some of the old ACM logos, as it just seemed appropriate, but after about 30 seconds of that I gave up.