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  1. On offense, I would say WR is the one place of legitimate concern for the Jets regarding age, and that is only really Marshall right now (Decker turned 29 this offseason). On the OL, the one real upcoming age concern could be Mangold and while he's not as good as he once was, that will still likely have more to do with how much longer he wants to play than anything else. Any other potential needs for replacement have more to do with talent than age.
  2. Exactly. There's no better proof of someone being so completely full of sh*t and desperately trying to push an agenda than that person completely contradicting himself in two consecutive posts. In one moment the 10 wins doesn't really count, but a second later you are only what your record says you are. So either no one has a right to ramble on with nonsensical bullsh*t if the Jets look to be an improved team this year despite their record, OR it should be conceded they just came off of a quality season in which they were tied as the league's 8th best team with the Packers, Steelers, and Seahawks. But unfortunately, neither of those would fit his agenda.
  3. As much as folks like to talk about Forte's age, when it comes to RBs the only really factor in it is the player's health, especially when it's not the type of RB who is overly reliant on his speed. And when it comes to health, Forte is far less of a concern than Ivory in that area. Of course that doesn't make Forte a long term answer, but for at least this season, the Jets have little room for concern.
  4. Damn you people who were actually paying any real attention so quickly. It would have been far more amusing to see some of the opposite extremists in such a great rush to chime in, from those who would need to be put on suicide watch, to those who would be identifying others need to kneel before their brilliance. A missed great opportunity for stupidity all around.
  5. Hey, did you all hear about that guy with an unpaid parking ticket that dared to criticize a serial killer? I mean what a hypocrite, right? They're both criminals!
  6. As far as Richardson goes, he's obviously not going anywhere this year, and I think how Williams looks this season could end up playing a big role in what the Jets are thinking next offseason. If they end up thinking he's anywhere close to the level of Richardson, you have to imagine the Jets will at least be willing to listen to trade offers, and with him still being on his rookie deal, there's a good chance they'd get better offers than anything they did for Mo this offseason.
  7. Great news to hear, but you know truly the best part of it all? I finally have a Jets jersey that I don't have a great desire to burn after a couple of years. A true victory.
  8. While Goodell does technically have the ability to make such a change, I can't imagine any way he would even consider it at this point. Making any changes at this point would essentially be a manner of validating the sh*t Brady pulled, and all but encouraging others to pull this same crap in the future, which is the very last thing the NFL wants to deal with. That alone is going to keep Goodell from doing anything, even if he wanted to.
  9. At this point there's no way that Goodell can change anything at all. If Brady wasn't such a whiny little bitch and trying so hard to get away with it, he could have played along with the league investigation and likely gotten a reduced punishment in that case, as we've seen happen many times before when players cooperate. It's all of the crap he's pulled that basically forces the NFL's hand to not give up a single inch at this point. Of course, there's no complaints that this is the case, but it's really Brady's own damn fault.
  10. I'm a big Wilk fan, but there's no question that Miller is the far superior player of the two. As others have said, Denver would never consider such a deal, but if they would, the Jets should and would absolutely go with it. It would only be that much more justified for the Jets considering how much significantly stronger they are at DL than OLB, even without Wilk. If the respective contract rumors are true, Miller is asking for more, but not that much more, especially when you consider the difference of them as players. A better player at a greater position of need makes a big contract a lot easier to justify.
  11. I think this sounds about right for both sides. Can't blame the NFL for doing something here, but in the end it had nothing to do with the league and was simply some of the "personal conduct" crap. And in that category, Richardson's was actually pretty mild compared to some of the other craziness the league has dealt with lately. To go along with past punishments, if anything was done at all, it would have been tough to justify more than one or two games.
  12. Yeah, I agree with most of this, and while Bowels still has plenty to do to prove himself anything close to a top guy as a head coach, the thing I did find a bit amusing is that he's behind 4 straight guys who are all on round 2 after their past miserable failures with other teams. But it also makes the point of citing a random successful season those guys had with their past team over a decade ago, so I guess there's that. The truth though is when in the middle of the list, it's not that much of a difference between guys.
  13. At first it was a little depressing to think about Winters' mediocrity making a "top" list for the Jets, but it did make me feel a little better when realizing that ranking #24 means there are backups listed ahead of him, and that's before counting any rookies who will turn out to be better than him this year. Of course, the fact that he's likely going to be a starter makes it suck again. Barring a breakout season from Winters, or one of the countless young OL the Jets have brought in the past few years finally stepping up, the Jets will be looking for someone new soon enough.
  14. I really don't think Hackenberg needs Chad teaching him to always check down on third and longs in order to keep that completion percentage up. Gailey has a damn good history with getting the most out of his QBs, so that's not going to be the problem. Whether Hackenberg turns out to have what it takes is a different question.
  15. Yeah, I kept thinking, considering that it was just one friggin' arrow coming at a time, it really should not be at all difficult to dodge with the slightest bit of effort. Kind of a different situation then when there's a whole sh*tload of them going into a massive group. But hell, it was only friggin' Rickon anyway. Pretty sure his entire existence was solely for the purpose of that death. Well maybe that and attempting to make Bran seem like less of a puss by comparison.