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  1. This really tells you the great level of disdain this team had for Amaro.
  2. How is Maccagnan blameless when the players you cited as the team's problems were all signed to those big contracts by him?
  3. Your biased opinion is irrelevant, objective analysis concludes they both suck.
  4. I find it rather comical that you consider it some sort of victory that both of the Jets top 2 QBs appear to suck, not just one of them. That said, regardless of this little grading system, I still say that Sanchez's infamous game against Buffalo trumps either of those 2 in terms of all-time awfulness, considering the Jets ran for over 300 yards in that one. Ah... the wonderful world of Jets' QBs.
  5. I'm not going to call this a lost season just yet, but if we defer to Jets history and this turns into one of "those seasons", the most likely sequence of events would be the following: Jets go on major loosing streak, look to be in position for a top pick. Late in the year, Jets give Petty his shot, and pick up some late season wins. Their draft pick of course drops, which will make some unhappy, but it also seems worth it because Petty looks at least solid, so fans are of course excited, but pissed the switch wasn't made much earlier. Next year Petty goes in as the starter and, as it turns out, is awful. Hackenberg gets his shot late in the year and does not look good either, but gets excused for not being expected to play in year 3, so will get another shot... which will go about as you'd expect. Somewhere in there you can mix in a new random mediocre old veteran, and probably another bust pick, as the cycle continues. Or maybe the Jets can just go ahead and pull their collective heads out of their asses. That'd be a nice change of pace.
  6. While it's a tad ovedramatic to think the Jets should be outright cutting him at this point, there's definitely a need to give the kid some time to learn. Honestly, I have been completely shocked that he's been getting reps over not only Anderson, but Peake as well, both of whom looked to be much more polished and consistent than Marshall throughout the preseason. I understand the upside with Marshall, as he has a whole other level of athletic ability, but he's been very shaky in pretty much every area he's played since day one, so while he might be worth the effort if they think he's got real upside in the future, it doesn't seem like now is his time. Anderson unfortunately doesn't match up to Fitz's strengths, and I'm still a bit unsure about how polished his route running is, which can always be a big difference maker if he's running nothing but go routes, but Peake would seem to be a much better fit for both Fitz and the type of receivers Gailey seems to like most. No reason to give up on a young kid this early, but that also doesn't mean he has to be getting all of these reps before he's ready for them.
  7. Well at least TY Hilton just got me a sh*tload of fantasy points. That's nice.
  8. Just out of pure kindness they won't put Petty in until the season is completely lost, that way it takes away any pressure during that learning experience. If there's any time that exists between them being ready to start Petty's suffering and them being sick and tired of Fitz, that's when we'll see Geno. That's about it.
  9. So that's why Fitz never got benched.
  10. What's the NFL record for INTs thrown by a single player in a game?
  11. If nothing else, the Jets should be getting some sort of "Thank You" gift basket from the Giants. Nobody is going to remember a damn thing about their own mess of a game, which looked like a masterpiece in comparison to this sh*t show.
  12. There you go! About damn time you losers make a catch!
  13. How is Fitz supposed to do well when so many of his throws are getting dropped?!? Jeez, can't the Chiefs do their part at all?
  14. Fitz is upset... he thought he almost had another reception there. He's not worried about who catches it, just that someone does!