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  1. Don't disagree, thus specifying "a little credit". While some obviously knew better, there's no doubt that the loudest around here were the ones claiming how the pick was already long gone. Yeah, the Jenkins signing obviously was a failure, but paying enough attention to know to do something about it, rather than wasting even more of their time/resources is, very sad to say, better than what we'd all normally expect of the Jets. Certainly not a move of brilliance, but also not as bad as it could have been, and what was expected by many. I'll take it for now, but yes, you're absolutely right that locking up Harrison would have been the better move. Here's hoping the Jets have learned a lesson and we start seeing some new contracts coming up a bit earlier for guys with long-term potential (Enunwa being the one that jumps to mind first).
  2. The volume of higher comp picks caught my eye as well. While I know there are some various random items in the calculation, salary always seems to be the top criteria. NFL contracts get bigger by the year, so I'm rather curious if the comp pick calculation hasn't been adjusted to offset for that. With today's "average" deals easily eclipsing the biggest ones in years past, it could explain why those picks keep moving further up. It's also possible teams have started to put a more deliberate effort into planning signings around their comp picks, something that was pretty rare from most teams in the past.
  3. Ok, that's what I kind of figured, but wasn't entirely sure about it, as I can freely admit I don't know all the rules. I just remember the general consensus, by both fans and writers, when this all began being that Maccagnan had blown the pick. It was even more interesting, since at that time, it was his justification for his willingness to trade back into last year's draft for Shell. I had known about the timeline of the date before/after if a signing gets counted at all, but wasn't sure about a cut deadline. Thanks for the info.
  4. Solid so far, but not much more than that. It's at least a step up from the heaping pile of crap that was the second half of last season / first half of this season. You know nothing much is going to happen though, outside of the same things going around in circles, eventually becoming tiresome and uninteresting by season's end, as they'll drag this out so they can keep their streak alive of the worst cliffhangers imaginable. It's definitely better now, but it's tough to really give much of a crap anymore. It's already setup to record on the DVR, so when looking something to throw on at some point I'll still watch it, but that's about it. The reality of television today: shows last much longer than they ever would have before, simply because people can continue to watch them without actually putting any effort into it. If it was a matter of setting aside a particular day and time each week like the old days, there's a whole lot of people who couldn't be bothered. You have to grow to absolutely hate a show to bother to stop recording it, and that's about the best thing many of these shows have going for them. Maybe they'll get their sh*t together and take a step up this time around, but recent seasons give little reason for such optimism. Better to keep expectations low and perhaps be pleasantly surprised. Quite frankly, all they'd need to do is kill off Carl and it would suddenly be my favorite show ever.
  5. Well I guess that's one thing to give Maccagnan a little credit for. He said last year they were set to get a 3rd rounder for Harrison, but got roundly blasted by many who had (what seemed to be legitimate) reason to believe that he had blown it with the Jenkins signing. Apparently he turned out to be right. I'm curious if this falls into one of the categories of the great unknown of NFL's comp pick system that they always keep a secret, or if perhaps the midseason cut of Jenkins was planned all along and ultimately saved them the pick. If there's any additional clarification on that, I would certainly be interested to hear that.
  6. Theoretically, yes. But the good money bet is these historically sh*tty teams will continue to be sh*tty. Of course, that doesn't mean anything good for the Jets, but none of us would be nearly as positive about those situations if the Jets were in it. While the younger situation is a fair point, I always find it a tad difficult to believe in the supposed talent level of those young players when a team performs awfully. Ultimately, the most likely scenario is the Jets will continue to have very familiar company in the NFL's basement.
  7. Your criteria keeps changing, which does not help your argument. If the entire basis is All Pro appearances, then Revis is not the best. Sanders, who you earlier were also talking about his supposed inferiority to Revis, has made it a number of more times than Revis. So if such a selection is truly the proving of greatness, then that means that more than half of Revis' career has not been great, and there have been a number of players better than him in their careers. Of course, if you think All Pro selections are in any way skewed and not fully reflective of a player's greatness, that kind of discredits other arguments that are dependent upon that, such as this one about Woodson. It seems like the rules keep on changing, with the not-so-coincidental criteria shifting to whichever one makes Revis look better in that specific comparison. Clearly this is an opinion you already had, and you're simply looking to justify it after the fact, as opposed to having used any of this information to reach your conclusion in the first place. And you know what, that's totally fine, but let's just call it what it is, as opposed to this repeated insistence about your faux lone objectivity.
  8. Agree with you both that the Jets are in a very unenviable position, and may be in worse long term shape than some of the teams that are currently at a lower-level right now. With that said, higher draft picks are never a realistic measure of future success, especially when its those teams who constantly have high picks. It's one thing when it's an occasional occurrence that gives a team the opportunity to take a top player after one outlier of a down year (or a trade up). However, it starts to mean very little, in terms of being a positive, when it's a team who constantly has high picks and yet still keeps sucking. That of course applies to the Jets as well, but the point is if the Jets had done even worse, to ultimately end up with a higher pick, we wouldn't be using that around here to suggest that the Jets were actually better than the other bad teams who had done (relatively) better the prior year.
  9. Glenn being overrated by some fans may be true, but is no different than your overrating of Revis as well, which seems to be the concept you cannot grasp. Just because your purely subjective opinion says others are overrating one player, and you're not at all overrating Revis (because no one ever thinks that of themselves), that does not make it a reality. Revis absolutely had one truly great year in 2009, but showed himself incapable of maintaining that level of play. Totally understandable mind you, but that also doesn't do much to support his supposedly all-time great career. In 2010 he had half a season of being completely out-of-shape which led to him alternating between poor play and non-contact injuries that were his own fault. He got it together in the second half of that season, but considering he only his himself to blame that it was even necessary, that only counts for so much. He took a step back up in 2011, but still did not reach the level of his 2009 season. It's been nothing but a downward trend ever since then. He may have still been good for a few more years after that, but he was in no way standing out above the others at his position. Last year, he flat out sucked. When being as generous as possible, the best you could say for Revis is that he has about 2 1/2 seasons that could be qualified as great, which is hardly enough to consider any all-time discussion, especially when the guys you keep trying to compare him as better than weren't completely washed up liabilities by 31, which is not that old even by NFL standards.
  10. Let's be fair, some of the trash is thrown away by other, worse teams.
  11. I can understand them not wanting to pay a relatively high amount for a kicker, but I'd throw a vet min offer back at Folk to come back. Despite his supposedly good camp, Martin was awful in preseason last year, so he'll certainly at least need competition. Good riddance to Breno.
  12. If you're right and his price tag does end up being much lower than currently expected, in that case I think he would be worth bringing in, but even then with the understanding that he would be competing for the starting job, not being handed it. However, I'm still not so sure that will happen, as the QB position is always the one that tends to get most out of hand when it comes to money, because there are enough teams desperate enough for one and so few of them out there. Even if the negotiations start out lower than expected, bidding can get out of control very quickly when it comes to QBs. If that doesn't happen this time, then no reason for the Jets not to show some interest, but we'll see about that.
  13. Fair enough, but considering we've seen the likes of 10 wins from Chad, 11 from Sanchez, and 8 from Geno, there's a good chance that such a result could lead to an ongoing commitment to a player that ends up sucking. I would likely take the optimistic view at that point if it were to happen, but it still wouldn't be giving us the definitive answer we'd ideally want this year.
  14. Ok, new plan: bring Pennington out of retirement, sign Sanchez, watch JN hit record-breaking post counts, profit (at least for Max)
  15. Glennon will probably be carrying too big of a price tag, and #6 and the old guys who don't suck quite as much as Jets QBs don't seem like particularly reliable solutions either. I agree regarding Hack in theory, but the Jets are never that lucky for it to turn out the way you suggest. The more likely scenario would be that Hackenberg looks wildly inconsistent, but has a few shining moments to give some a little hope and push the Jets to around 6 wins, ultimately putting them out of contention for a top pick/QB. The supporters cite the surrounding talent as the reason for his failures (e.g., if Marshall is sent packing, Hack didn't have enough weapons, if Marshall is kept, he was a quitter/problem/washed up), while others think he is already proven as an entirely lost cause. This carries on for at least another year or two until the process is repeated yet again, likely with a combination of a new draft pick and JAG veteran... and so the cycle continues.