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  1. Young has an interview that's filled with whining, criticizing other players, and blaming coaches. Yeah, real tough to put together why he's out of the league.
  2. Good thing he's not going anywhere anytime soon, amirite?
  3. We call those particular fans "outliers".
  4. As long as they stay healthy, Enunwa and Powell are the two locks for that. The rest is kind of up in the air, mostly because they're all question marks who could easily end up getting beaten out by other guys on the roster. TE could go either way, and probably will see time split throughout the season unless one of them really steps up. While Anderson seems like the most likely #2 at WR based on last season, Stewart, Hansen, and to a lesser extent Peake will all have plenty of chances to move past him. The lineup could also easily enough change throughout the season, potentially resulting in a variety of players who land in the 20s-30s, with no one else hitting 40.
  5. Every argument that's based on how the Jets should have supposedly drafted Carr in the first immediately invalidates everything else trying to be said. An argument can be easily enough made that the Jets shouldn't have let Geno stop them from going QB again, but the idea that the QB would have been Carr is fabricated nonsense based on absolutely nothing but pure hindsight. Another two QBs came off the board after the Jets and before Carr, both of whom would have been far more likely to be the choice if the Jets were willing to go QB. If they had gone Manziel, that would have been mind-numbingly stupid even at the time, but Bridgewater would have been a very realistic option, and who knows how that would of worked out for the Jets. There's no reason to believe the Jets would have taken Carr there under any circumstances, and the evidence suggests no team would have. As if this pile of crap team doesn't give us enough to hate them for, do we actually need to fabricate more?
  6. That sounds about right. The only person involved with an NFL team who could ever possibly make a play for a tank year would be a GM, and that's only if they are certain to be safe even after an awful year. Neither players nor coaches will ever get on board with that, if only just for their own sake, with perhaps the exception of a week 17 game, and even that doesn't always happen. In the NFL, just one season of being the worst is going to lead to the ends of many careers. For as much as people like to use the Colts supposedly "intentionally" tanking for Luck as an example, the fact that the Polians and Caldwell were all fired after the season that got them the #1 pick tells you that there was either nothing intentional about it, or they were idiots for agreeing to play along with that.
  7. I generally agree that Sheldon says some mind-numbingly stupid things, but there's nothing wrong with this at all. This is the least idiotic thing that he's said to the media in years.
  8. This should put much of the whining among fans to a rest. Harris agreed to a 2-year contract that is worth less than he was due to be paid for just this year with the Jets, even if he plays out the entire deal and hits all of the incentives (two things that are far from guaranteed for any contracts the Pats give out). That's an admission from Harris himself that he wasn't worth the money he was due on his Jets contract.
  9. Agree completely, with the item I think that might sometimes get stuck in heads of both teams and fans alike is that to sign him now, the team would essentially need to "overpay" for what his value would be considered right now. The reason being because he has a very short resume, and so he wouldn't be considered worth of a big contract if sitting out there as a street free agent today, but of course Enunwa would have no reason to agree to a vet minimum contract extension. All it means is the Jets end up playing slightly more than he is completely proven today, but that still ends up being significantly less than what he would get if this coming season is anything but him being a complete disaster or having a career-ending injury. It is one of those situations where the low risk is very much worth the reward. Now if Enunwa was a guy late in his career who had his first big season and little future upside, that would be a different story, but for someone still so young and with what he showed last year, it's a pretty safe to say that he's worth a long-term investment. However, I thought the Jets' future situation might be even worse than you suggest. Let's not forget that Enunwa actually came out in 2014. This is actually going to be his 4th year in the league, so wouldn't he not be an RFA next offseason? Or does the fact that he spent his rookie year on IR not qualify that as an accrued year for him? My understanding was the options the Jets would be looking at if they don't sign him this summer is (1) negotiating a contract next January/February, (2) tagging him with a cost so high that would make not giving him a contract now beyond idiotic, or (3) letting him walk in FA. Basically, unless the Jets have no problem with letting him walk next year, or have little-to-no faith in him as a player, I don't see the benefit in them waiting. Even if he will be an RFA next year, while it's not quite as bad, the only real difference is they would just have another year to drag this out.
  10. Anderson has some work to do, but was definitely a huge ROI for an undrafted rookie. The question is can step up from being an overachiever given his cost to the Jets, to simply being a good WR all on his own? He definitely showed flashes, but I think it's fair to say that all of us viewed him in a much better light given how little expectations there were coming in, and that of course won't last. Enunwa on the other hand I think showed a lot more to be comfortable with, given such a wide range of what he did on the field, playing inside and outside, and running every route imaginable. The one thing I am really curious to see is how he performs this year, because while I don't expect him to be the kind of guy to come crashing down, there is absolutely no question he is going to get challenged more than ever this year. Obviously more will be put on his shoulder by the Jets themselves, but not only that, every defense the Jets play is going to make Enunwa their #1 focus in coverage until they are given more than enough reasons to feel otherwise. He's going to see far more of the oppositions top corners, and he will be the first direction teams will be their rolling coverage. It will certainly be quite the challenge for him, and it will be interesting to see how he steps up to it. I think he's shown enough to prove that he's a starting-caliber player, but we'll see how much more than that he can be. Of course, that's all the more reason for the Jets to sign him now, because if he has a big season as the #1 guy, on the Jets of all teams, his price tag will go through the roof.
  11. This all the way. While age has of course been a factor in many of this offseason's moves, money has definitely been a major motivator for everyone who has been shown the door so far, and that simply does not exist for Forte at all, and is minimal for McLendon. Of the DL's "starters", McLendon is by far the cheapest and the only one who plays NT. I'm sure they have far more motivation to move Sheldon before him, with of course the major catch there being that they want something back in return. Skrine is definitely the next man up on the list who gives plenty of room for savings, with not a ton of motivation to keep him. Basically, his main benefit at this point is teams always need lots of CBs, and most of their other guys are complete unknowns, besides the injury-prone Claiborne. That said, if Burris and/or the rookies impress the team throughout camp and the preseason, Skrine would definitely be a candidate for the next veteran to go.
  12. If there was no salary cap or roster limitations, the teams would have much more motivation to keep their older and/or underachieving players around out of "class", but the NFL simply does not work that way. While I really do have nothing against Harris at all, I also don't think he deserves any particular praise for staying around, as he was paid more than enough by the team to convince him to stay, with $9M / year on his second contract and $7.5M / year on his third. If anything, the general consensus around the time of his last contract was that the Jets significantly overpaid for an aging vet who was already on the decline at that point. The current outcry for Harris is essentially based on the Jets ultimately opting for only 2 of those 3 years of over-payment. If they were in a realistic state of contention, it might have been well worth it, but in the Jets current situation it would be like shooting a squirt gun at an inferno.
  13. I think Harris is/was awesome, and wish him all the best, but there's absolutely no reason for the Jets to have kept him other than sentimental reasons. A team that is half falling apart and the other half being torn apart doesn't have a need for an old, expensive, declining player. I have nothing against him and appreciate all he did, but he brings nothing to the future of the Jets. Hell, he'll probably be better off finding somewhere else to go. It can only get better from here.
  14. This sounds like homework. Fine, in that case I call dibs on Ross Martin. BREAKING NEWS: Martin made some kicks. He missed some too. Ok, I'm done.
  15. Let's try to ease back on the optimism, that's far too positive for anyone to ever write about the Jets.