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  1. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    This concept of Mangini is one invented by Jets fans many years after he was gone, when we all got sick of Tanny and some decided that meant he no longer was allowed to be given any of the credit for any degree of success the team had. I'm also not sure how exactly Mangini is supposedly due to be credited for that "talent influx" period which includes two years that he was in Cleveland. When you think about it, the theory is that a guy who's resume featured a grand total of one season as a DC immediately became the GM-in-hiding, making all of the decisions above two long-time Jets FO members (Tanny and Bradway) the team went out of it's way to retain both of. If you want to credit Mangini for doing that, then he also gets the blame for an all-time level bust with Gholston. The guy is completely out of the NFL, unable to even get position coach jobs anymore, but some Jets fans are so infatuated with a supposed front office prowess that apparently no NFL teams see? It's so strange.
  2. Catanzaro misses from 30 and 45, off the upright from 55, 3 of 6 #JetsCamp #Jets Martin 5 of 6, ends on a 55 yarder with plenty of leg, missed from 45 #JetsCamp So... Martin wins.
  3. Jets wanted Kamara, but Mac said no

    I have no interest in defending Macc, but this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Is this supposed gripe that the Jets didn't trade up before the Saints traded up a few pick ahead of them? He was off the board before the Jets original 3rd rounder (which they then traded down from), and the Jets had last picked a full round earlier when they took Maye (which is an entirely different debate of course). In truth, WR was a much bigger need than RB, which is the direction they ended up going with Stewart. That of course doesn't mean much if Kamara ends up being the much better of the two, but I find it hard to believe there's some massive grudge held over this two weeks into the preseason of their respective rookie years. I would think there's plenty more things for people to be rightly pissed off at Macc for, than one particular guy he didn't bother to trade up for who plays the least disastrous position on the Jets' offense. In a year the Jets had every reason to accumulate more picks, I think people's heads would have exploded if they traded up for a RB (or, of course, any defensive player).
  4. This is just some straight up conspiracy theory crap. Is it really not a bad enough indictment of Macc that he made the pick on his own, based on his opinion of the supposed talent of Hack? Instead there is some need to invent a baseless storyline about the mystical forces of media being involved in a stupid pick? It's really quite the special skill to be able to invalidate your own argument, even despite the general basis for it being one that many would agree with if kept within even the slightest degree of reality.

    Yeah, the Benjen thing really was awesome for something they spent just a few moments on. For as critical as I was of the early episodes this season, there are also those moments where the little things can be very well done, especially considering no one would have really thought twice if Jon had went running and jumping onto the dragon as it took off, and that was it. Fair point about Jon, and like I had said, you knew it was happening eventually, but it just kind of seemed like "oh yeah, we're cool now" to me, but it's not that big of a deal to me. But you're right, what had just happened did obviously play into that. Probably different to see it from the view of Jon, when we all knew the second Gendry went sprinting that we'd be seeing Dany riding in to save the day. Agree about the Hound, the only thing I could possibly think at the time about the the zombie bear is maybe it was his fear of fire getting to him? That was my only guess, as Beric and Thoros were using flaming swords, and seemed at least a bit more in line with his past stuff. The rocks thing was pretty lame, but it seems they were just going for a quick laugh there before battle started back up. Yeah, Tormund was definitely the first one that came to mind when I said about the expected deaths. They had a few "close calls" last night, but he was the one that they successfully convinced me he was a goner and got a much stronger reaction from me with his survival than any of the various deaths have for a while now. I almost had to laugh that there were at least two different instances of people randomly shown being killed that you found yourself asking "who the hell was that?" Gotta have someone die, I guess.
  6. A brief show of promise and being terrible are not mutually exclusive.
  7. So your argument is essentially that any NFL player who doesn't look absolutely useless for every single play of their entire NFL career was a successful pick. Wow. A player who turns out to be completely useless and is quickly jettisoned is a good pick in your mind, just as long as they flashed something for even a very short time? If that were the measure of drafting, then Idzik was still one of the league's worst, because you would need to give every other GM such a laughably ridiculous basis for evaluation. Milliner sucked. Geno sucked. Amaro sucked. High picks who are all off the team and either out of the league or fighting for backup/third string jobs. Yet somehow you are attempting to use them as evidence of the supposed success of Idzik? Then you seriously tried to cite Pryor as having a supposed Pro Bowl season? You can't possibly be serious with that. By your measure, the only time a player is a bust is if they simply never even play, unless that can be blamed on injuries, in which case it was still a "good" pick, even when it correlated to a long injury history the player already had and the team was well aware of. By this kind of evaluation, there would simply never be such a thing as a bad GM.
  8. There are definitely some major question marks over what the Jets have drafted the past few years, but the only real goal of this season will be seeing what any of these young guys really have. Depending on how that all goes, from the standpoint of individual performances as opposed to team success, that will definitely have a major impact on the overall thoughts of Maccagnan. The Jets are definitely not going to be good, but come season's end, it will likely be a question of how much or little that has to do with "his guys".
  9. For Milliner, a grand total of 3 good games for a top 10 pick who is already out of the league deserves absolutely no praise. An injury prone college player continuing to be injury prone in the NFL is not an acceptable excuse. Richardson is good, but has also had more than his fair share of problems with the team. I have nothing against the Smith pick even in hindsight, given how far he fell to them, but it is not deserving of any praise either. The kid is/was terrible. Winters is solid, but a 4 year development timeline for a guard taken in the third is not overly impressive. Aboushi was a backup OL, who got a few starts out of desperation. Nothing more. Pryor was a bust. Once again, a handful of flashes from a first round pick is not deserving of praise when the bad far outweighs the good. Amaro was a 2nd round pick who had one year of dropsies and has done absolutely nothing since then, being a third stringer elsewhere. McDougle continued his already long known history of injuries, and was even knocked down to the practice squad for most of last year with no interest from other teams. Him currently having a solid camp/preseason is pretty much the only positive he's had to his career, assuming he survives it all. Ijalana wasn't drafted by the Jets. Enunwa was definitely Idzik's best pick. Yet all of this is the best you can come up with out a total of 19 picks. You only mentioned 9 of them, and only 3 of those are actually any good (Richardson, Winters, Enunwa). The other 6 mentioned are excusing Idzik for any blame of their failures. And the other 10 are so bad they couldn't even make a list that attempts to praise the likes of Amaro? Campbell, Evans, and Boyd never even played a single NFL snap. Saunders lasted about 15 minutes with the Jets and 20 total in the entire league. George and Dixon got a little play elsewhere in the NFL, but were not even good enough to make those terrible Jets teams. It's not good... at all. In the end, Idzik mostly just blends in with the rest of the Jets' sh*tty GMs, so is hardly some unseen level of awful for us, but any attempts to credit him for a supposed rebuild that was a colossal failure are misguided. The only thing he accomplished was clearing out cap space, which pretty much any idiot could do, proven by the Jets just doing it again now. Idzik had the space for a year before he was fired and had no idea what to do with it, other than last minute investments in Harvin and Kerley, once he already had one foot out the door.
  10. I would ask if you were actually Idzik, but I seriously doubt even he thinks as highly of those drafts as you apparently do.
  11. I get the concept of giving Petty a chance, but my point is more related to the sudden surge of talking about his supposed talent. Trying to cite Petty's performance in that game as a good one is grasping at straws, and not based in reality. When it involves talking about the supposed credit he should be given for throwing into triple coverage at the end of the game, it's hard to take serious. Considering the game was already over, I don't blame Petty at all for making that throw, but it's by no means deserving of any praise. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no interest in watching McCown this year, but if the Jets are convinced that both of the young QBs are absolute garbage, they'll be using McCown, not for him being any sort of solution at the QB position, but for the sole reason of him being considered the "best" means to evaluate the young offensive players at other positions. None of us have to like that, but it's still a very real possibility. Ideally, either one of Hack or Petty can do enough to provide that, while also giving us a look at one or both of them, but that's far from a certainty.
  12. While Petty most definitely looked better than Hack, it's really just the desperation of being Jets fans that causes the sudden surge of praise going his way after almost everyone was done with him after last year. When you need to make a list of excuses for why if all these other things were different he would have had a good game, then he didn't have a good game. Hack was awful, Petty was nothing more than mediocre. Don't get me wrong, it sucks and not what I want it to be at all, but the sudden love for Petty is nothing more than a matter of what we want, as opposed to what is really happening.

    Yeah, that is a fair point and the only thing I thought of as a reasoning, the general idea that Sansa was deliberately doing it to not listen to Littlefinger, but that doesn't really go along with the rest of she was doing throughout the episode, which is why it felt like more a matter of giving the benefit of the doubt than that really being a reason. Whatever, wasn't a big deal, but was the only moment I just didn't really get. I'm pretty sure they just want Brienne in King's Landing next week and that's all there is to it. Other possibility is if that invite was just a load of BS.

    Yeah, so that was freakin' awesome all around. Every step of what happened with the dragons was nuts, right up until the very end. You knew it was coming, but that still didn't stop it from being a bad ass moment. Sometimes it's also just the small things that can be the best. Jon was obviously getting saved somehow, and I had every possible idea running through my head of how, but I can freely admit I lost my sh*t when Benjen came riding in. One of those moments where it wasn't even necessary to have it at all, but a great choice to add in there. Sansa is a bit irritating but that's the point, although I don't get any logic behind the sending Brienne thing, other than an excuse for her to be there for something later. Arya is nuts... and it's great. Jon's proverbial bending of the knee was the only thing I didn't love, but that was obviously coming at some point, so what are you going to do? In the end, I was probably most shocked to see the non-dragon survival rate in this episode. Definitely more than a few instances of being certain someone was gone, only for them to survive. That's also the positive spin on how they can use their past killing folks off to play everyone a bit, as it was getting to the point that it starts to lose something. For example, absolutely no one gave the tiniest flake of sh*t when the Dorne folks got killed off, as hard as they tried to make it seem like a big deal. Instead, you now get the more shocking moment when someone looks sure to die and actually doesn't.
  15. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    Yeah, pretty much a "I'm sorry that you don't like that I'm right". What a jackass.