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  1. As soon as I saw that was mentioned in this thread, I knew it had taken a turn for the noodle. Bottom line, ole Pennyboy had one "good" season to his name for the Jets, his first one as a starter. From there it was mostly a matter of pure mediocrity. The repeated injuries actually provided heaps of evidence of the kind of difference he made on the team, and it is still that 2002 year that is the only time the team actually saw greater success with him than the variety of sh*tty backups the Jets had over those years like Old Vinny, Quincy friggin' Carter, Bollywood, and Clemens. In 2003 it was 2-4 without Penny, 4-6 with him. 2004 was 9-6 with him, 2-1 without. 2005 was 1-2 with, 3-10 without. And to cap it all off, in 2007 it was 1-8 with him, and 3-4 without. So basically, with the exception of that 2002 year, he never actually showed any greater value than any other has-been or never-was that they had. At least this time it seems like the team will be smart enough to give up on their one-hit wonder after only one crappy season from the modern-day noodle, rather than still thinking 6th time would be the charm.
  2. With Geno heading to IR and there being other positions that have easily cuttable players (e.g., TE), I don't think a return of Devin Smith needs to have any impact on those other 3. Once he's healthy, let him come back and see if he can earn himself some playing time. If he ends up stuck behind all of those other guys, then so be it.
  3. Like it or not, Jets will be hesitant to give Petty the job too soon, for a variety of different reasons, which could of course all be debated. While fans of course won't necessarily care, the simple depth chart alignment will compel them to start Fitz. Plus it will register as a less of a "give up" to others in the league rather than moving onto your third stringer. But I think more so than any of that, the real thing to consider is that in all likelihood, the moment they go to Petty, the entire season will be his no matter how badly he plays, so they need to be really sure when they make the switch. They have made it abundantly clear that they have no interest in playing Hackenberg this year, and once Fitz get benched for a second time, they definitely won't go back to him barring injury. So while many fans may feel it's time, the team is not going to be in a rush to make this move just yet, whether we like it or not. Once Fitz has logged a few bad games, then the change will happen. That could take a little while though, given the upcoming schedule.
  4. He's been practicing again for a couple of weeks, so you have to imagine they think he's ready. Geno's injury also pretty much guarantees that his practice reps will see a significant increase. So while Fitz will be the guy for now, Petty will certainly be the next man up if/when it comes to that.
  5. I'm no particular Geno fan, but I feel bad for the guy. That sucks for him. He'll be going on IR and that very well may be opening up a spot for Devin Smith. They obviously don't need to bring in another QB. Petty is officially going to get the backup role now, and it's now just a matter of how many more games Fitz gets before Petty has his chance. The upcoming weaker schedule might make that a little longer than many I'm sure would hope.
  6. Smash clearly cares........... a lot.
  7. That's how you poison your poor innocent dog? Deep down inside, you're just a cruel, sick man, aren't you?
  8. Are we talking about in some alternate universe, or does such a thing truly exist? It sounds miraculous.
  9. Wilk is a she/he? The Jets are so progressive!
  10. Rex Ryan had already coached more playoff wins by the end of his 17th career head coaching game than Lewis has through his 14 years.
  11. This is how every single player who is benched and gives even the slightest bit of sh*t about football feels. Hardly surprising "news".
  12. While there's plenty you can try to read into this if you really want to, the only things that were rather definitively said is that Geno is the starter for now, Petty might get to play at some point, but that's not happening particularly soon, and we are definitely not seeing Hackenberg this year. Not particularly shocking, but he certainly made a point of making that clear regarding the latter two, with the distinction between needing more practice time, versus not being ready/considered at all.
  13. Good to hear, but it makes sense that any other changes don't need to be made as big of a deal as QB, simply because every position in football outside of QB (and I suppose OL) are rotational positions. So while the depth chart could very well be reordered, it's unlikely that even those being demoted will fall all the way from starter to the point of not even playing at all. Still worth making changes, but a much different situation.
  14. Here's the real question... who gives a sh*t? If he plays great (ha!): awesome If he plays like sh*t: **** him