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  1. That is a bit unusual. You really want to be that close to your family?
  2. Wow, that is brutal.
  3. Sheldon Richardson Trade after 3 games

    I was very strongly in favor of this trade all along, but as others have noted, it's nearly impossible to try to make any real comparison here. The bottom line is that the Jets (and their fans) have very real reasons to be happy with this move, and that alone should be enough. He became a reliable option at a position that drastically changed in almost every way (not named Robby Anderson) from last season, and thanks to his age could still have a real future with the team, along with another potential building block with that second rounder. Even if Sheldon was having a great year, that would be no reason to feel any differently about those circumstances still all being true.
  4. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    It's always beyond ridiculous to start thinking about draft slotting at this point in the year, or before even training camp kicked off as it had been for many this year. When it gets late into the season and it's already a lost year, then it's certainly far more understandable to not want the team to drop spots in the draft without any real benefit coming from it. Until that point in the year, it's never going to work out as even a consideration, and if it does, that brings serious questions up about the entirety of the current roster, which can't be cured by a single draft pick, no matter how big of a difference-maker he can be. With all of this said, who knows how it is all going to even go from here. If they lost these next two games, they're suddenly back into serious contention for the #1 pick with the 49ers being the one team who might still be ahead of them in that race by then.
  5. Trends To Watch

    It's also a 4th rounder who go a chance last year and looked pretty bad in the process, plus has 3+ injuries on his record in very minimal amounts of playing time. Don't get me wrong, I would be in favor of Petty getting another shot, and I still believe it will happen at some point in this season, barring some completely shocking run of wins that has the Jets in playoff contention (which I can't imagine happening). That said, it's still not as simple and straight forward as we all like to pretend that it is. They were clearly much more willing to do that for Hackenberg, mostly thanks to a combination of a higher pick and not yet having had a shot, but that obviously did not come close to working out. In all likelihood, once either the Jets are out of contention, or McCown gets hurts, Petty will get his second chance. That might take longer than many fans are hoping, but the unfortunate reality is the Jets are likely already convinced their QB of the future isn't on this roster, so aren't in such a rush.
  6. I actually have nothing really against the Giants, but Beckham has to be one of the most unlikable players in the NFL. Despite how talented he may be, there's even a good number of Giants' fans who don't like the guy.
  7. OLine > Franchise QB

    Definitely agree that the OL is more attainable, which is why the Jets have had multiple great ones since the last time they had any (consistently) good QB play. But I guess it's for that reason that the franchise QB has that much greater value, in my opinion. Those who have top QBs with garbage on their OL are just mind-numbingly stupid. For all the criticism the Jets' current OL got over the course of the offseason, they are nowhere near the bottom of the league and I'm sure there are many elite QBs who would be more than happy with it. Meanwhile, Hackenberg was too stupid to even call the protections right and they were the ones taking the blame for that in the preseason. Sure, it would have gone better if they had Dallas' OL, but there's only so much a line can do.
  8. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    The media is always over-dramatic, that's not unexpected. The issue is the conclusions being drawn by many on this topic are based on incorrect information being taken from "reports". There has been a lot of varying results to this point, and plenty more still needs to be figured out. There have been some attempts to blame CTE for athletes behavior when the results later found the person didn't have it. Other instances of it appearing for people with no history of serious physical activities. The whole basis of this still has a lot of unanswered questions. Once again, the issue that still stands is for anyone paying attention, every study done has been conceded by those running it to have a statistical bias. None of this means it needs to be ignored, and plenty more needs to be researched, but a great deal of the conclusions being drawn by the masses lack the scientific support it is claimed exists. I'm not even trying to defend the NFL here, because screw them, but this is one of the most recent topics that have been grasped onto by many without even understanding it.
  9. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    The studies themselves have value to them, and it's always worthwhile to make any determinations that there are. However, what has actually been determined to this point does not align with the claims repeatedly made. The string of lawsuits and dramatic media coverage is in absolutely no way objective.
  10. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    CTE doesn't become even the slightest bit of an excuse for being a multiple murderer. As far as the linkage between football and CTE, literally every study on the topic has been cited as having statistical bias. The only people ever tested have always been those already believed to have some sort of neurological disorders. Not to say there is absolutely no linkage at all, but many of the recent claims lack any real evidence to support them, and attempts to put a game at fault for the actions of human piles of trash is a sad state of affairs.
  11. OLine > Franchise QB

    I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with, as I specifically noted the Jets had more success when their OLs were at their best. Yes, the OL can help the team have a bit of success, but in that case, there are still limitations on how far that can go. There were multiple Jets' teams that ultimately failed with top defenses and running games, under both Sanchez and Pennington, primarily because they were mediocre QBs. In any years where the OL was still good, but not great, it all went to hell. You can have some success with a great OL and mediocre QB, but you can have far more success with a mediocre OL and great QB. If it's an all-time awful OL allowing constant jailbreaks, that's a different story, but as long as they can hold their own, a top level QB will always be the difference-maker.
  12. The one area the Jets have probably had their greatest success with that is OL. Carpenter was widely considered a disappointment in Seattle, but Jets felt a scheme change would help, and he's been the Jets best OL and FA acquisition in recent years. Another that the Jets got pretty heavily laughed at was Damien Woody, who was seen as washed up after having gotten benched in Detroit. The Jets were also signing him to be a starter at a position he had like 3 total games of experience at, and the guy was an absolute monster for them. Granted, more often than not these gambles don't pay off, but there's some occasional successes. They also tend to be a lot less risky than some of the excessively larger contracts that will get handed out to supposed "sure things" in FA. I'm not so sure this ASJ thing is as bad as they're trying to make it sound, but quite frankly there's little risk involved, so worth a shot anyway.
  13. While at first this seem like a really bad sign, and that despite fixing some of his issues, ASJ's might still have some things that plagued him earlier in his career, but when you actually look at what was said, there's a whole lot being drawn from one of Bowles' standard less-than-informative comments. A random, non-committal "we'll see" is pretty different than ASJ not being able to play.
  14. When that happens, I'll be excited to hear about how it proves that Bowles insists on going to the old guys, and never giving the young kids a chance.
  15. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    Yep, and if the Pats are already locked into their playoff seed going into week 17 and a win would screw the Jets, Belichick will gladly tank for them.
  16. OLine > Franchise QB

    This. There have been multiple instances of great o-lines from the Jets, but they could only do so much to compensate for the QBs standing behind them. They certainly did tend to have more relative success in those years, but the mediocre talent at the NFL's most premium position could not be overcome in the end (see: Sanchez, Pennington).
  17. Marshall's drop

    He was actually cut because he asked to be, when he was being offered an extension. Maccagnan should send Marshall a basket of muffins with a thank you card for that one. Ending up with Kearse looks brilliant by comparison.
  18. Points from Yesterday

    So essentially, your complaints are right, and everyone else's are wrong, even when they're the same as yours. Seems pretty air-tight to me.
  19. Points from Yesterday

    This entire thread is you complaining. So... yeah.
  20. Points from Yesterday

    Because... credentials! Unless of course he happens to disagree, then... idiot!
  21. I'm sure he'd be even more satisfied with starting a good QB, but unfortunately that's not an option. The tricky situation with a bridge is that, in order for it to work, you need something at the other end of that bridge. In the case of the Jets, it would probably be more appropriate to refer to them as a "cliff QB".
  22. Deep Thoughts

    These "deep thoughts" sure do seem suspiciously like the repetition of the same things that have been said for weeks (if not months) in every other thread around here. Of course, even those have really just been variations of many years worth of claims that the Jets' endless list of failures at any given time need to be blamed on only one person, something that has never been anywhere close to correct. It's just really cute that anyone thinks the owner's brother is actually going to do a single damn thing regarding any of the Jets' higher level staff, be it head coach, GM, or any other decision-makers. The fury that comes when no one is fired should be fun to watch.
  23. Sounds like someone got stiffed on a delivery tip from Mangold.
  24. I'm ready to see the Jets secure a win... in Madden... on rookie mode.
  25. One of the high points of the Jets' season. So far second only to the Pats losing the opener.