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  1. I didn't realize Corzine got into broadcasting. Ugh.
  2. Sports Illustrated is still around??
  3. Another one of our illustrious 2nd Round picks.
  4. Sorry about the Mangold slip up on the Ohio State hot garbage comment I made earlier but I stand by OSU producing substandard NY Jets prospects notwithstanding Mangold. Jury's still out on Lee but not an impressive 1st year to say the least.
  5. Absolutely no on Lattimore. Have the Jets ever drafted someone out of OSU who was not hot garbage (Ghoulston, Devon Smith, Boarhunter, etc. etc.) ?
  6. You mean to tell me the "Happy Birthday Donte" TV screens didn't work?
  7. That clown should be paying users for selling our email addresses like rugs at a Bangladeshi flea market.
  8. The NYDN should just fold already.
  9. Have we not learned from our horrid Ohio State history?
  10. Nice to play with house money. Groundhog Day
  11. Underperforming Jaguar players always pay dividends. Mac-Attack
  12. Perhaps a Simian would be a better option here?
  13. Maybe their lawyers to see if they can get any money back from Charlie Casserly?