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  1. A good watch fellas

    Ewwww, that's ironically what Geno's score was...
  2. Probably a good thing since all those same people probably covered up for Sandusky.
  3. Supporting the molesting of children is a positive? I understand he was a young man at the time but it shows lack of judgment and horrible ethics.
  4. I question the fact that this guy wanted to go to Penn State after it was exposed as one big Pedophile outfit. WTF?
  5. Doug Whaley is Rex's bitch.
  6. I think it's safe to say we've all seen enough of this tedious limey tonight.
  7. A quick chipmunk off the edge. A lil fella.
  8. This guy playing safety? 232 lbs???
  9. Michelle's got the Clemson foot rag ready
  10. Reuters mock, I'll take it.

    Cool but what does a Limey rag like Reuters know about American football?
  11. Heart felt goodbye from Ridley

    Thanks Steve. We hardly knew ya.