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  1. Best Jets kicker since Leahy. Will be missed.
  2. Does this shock anyone?
  3. Dolan is what Jeff Wilpon would be if he had balls.
  4. I am just catching up with this week's news... so let me get this straight, the new QB Coach hasn't worked in 4 years?
  5. At some point you have to take a step back, realize we are witnessing history, and appreciate that history.
  6. Maybe putin can shove this one up krafts a$$
  7. Headset problems... hmmmm
  8. Freeman looks like a poor mans Bilal Powell
  9. What's offensive, snowflake? Me tying his comment that he wouldn't mind playing for the Jets to a low wonderlic score? Based on our track record of developing QB's wouldn't my comment make sense?
  10. Based on this quote, I am assuming he has a low Wonderlic score.
  11. I'd bring him on as DB's coach in 10 years.
  12. Yes, and that is good. Bowles and Co. will lead us to the massive change we need in 2018.
  13. At least a screaming psycho on the sidelines will make for some interesting sidebars in an otherwise horrible 2017 season.