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  1. No but he had something to do with the struggle
  2. I feel like tearing down a weeb ewbank statue
  3. Can we get a Kacey Rogers statue so we can tear it down in late September?
  4. 8/16 camp tweets

    Or another nominee for the 2017 Michelle Ryan Golden Foot Award
  5. Caption this photo

    "Charlie, any other NFL teams owe you a favor?"
  6. This should replace "Jet Up" as the rallying cry this year.
  7. Matty Moore- Jet killer
  8. Bowles: We Just Need To Hit

    A young Belichek in the making
  9. How's Darron Flea look?
  10. Haha, Charley Casserly still gets quoted in football articles?
  11. It's a shame he has to play out the string in Florida, the land of hucksters, grifters and old NYers.
  12. When you realize the coach you hired has the IQ of a turnip but you still have to pay him, this is the kind of activity you get in the twilight years of the contract.