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  1. I truly wish that were the case. I've wasted too many hours this fall watching gutless efforts and coaching.
  2. Last best return guy we've had.
  3. Yes, the team had a very terrible game (not a bad one) and as a result they quit the rest of the season. All on the coach.
  4. Completely agree. The team quit week 3. Bowles needs to go.
  5. Senseless and outrageous. RIP
  6. The good thing is I don't think we'll have the 'win one for Todd' problem at the end of the season like we had with Rex but then again Todd will be coaching again next year so no silver linings just yet.
  7. They should bring back the Gate D Spirals for this one!
  8. How embarrassing. A cuckolded fan base in a cuckolded stadium.
  9. Can we switch to the raider game?
  10. He gives us the best chance to win
  11. A pathetic effort