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  1. Eli Apple came up small today. Not sure that guy should be considered "good drafting" yet.
  2. I don't really read the NYDN anymore especially when they have fakers like Shaun King on the payroll but occasionally I will get a link to a beat writer etc. Anyway, what do we think of this tweet? An observation of reality? Or the last death throws of a discredited muckraker?
  3. The media will rightfully obliterate this jackass
  4. Rodgers eviserated the Giants D in the second half. They had no answer for Adams.
  5. The real Eel Eye showed up today
  6. We are going to be hearing about that boat trip all week on WFAN!
  7. Giants down, Pats to go
  8. Ridiculous that the jets let Harrison go. What a joke
  9. What a blow to the gut
  10. At least the teal pants look fabulous.
  11. Of course I agree but he's the type of retread who would come on board on a show me deal. Let's face it, no hot assistant is going to want to come here when everyone is on thin ice.
  12. Buffalo had the 30th ranked passing offense this season. Needless to say, he would fit right in here.