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  1. I feel bad for the employees but I haven't watched ESPN save for a Monday Night Game or Sunday Night Baseball in years. Disney only seems to do amusement parks right.
  2. Not that it means anything but I enjoyed his interview on WFAN this morning. Sense of humor, humble and beyond his years.
  3. Other than screwing the Jets 2 years ago, Charley Casserly hasn't been relevant since Dexter Manley and the 'Hogs.
  4. Post your predictions here. I am not buying the Mike and Todd have a long leash business. This has the makings of an epic New Year's. The GM hitched his future to a 2nd Round QB who better pay dividends this year. If he flops, we are back on the Korn/Ferry Charley Casserly train. My prediction: New Year's Eve- Pats while resting all of their starters beat the 3-12 Jets like a drum 44-3. Mac is fired on Black Monday. Interim coach John Morton (Todd and Kacey Rodgers were canned at the week 11 bye) is told he is welcome to stick around but the Jets will defer to the new GM on his retention (finally). Woody flies back from merry old England and hires another retread, Ernie Accorsi to find the next GM.
  5. Good. 1pm all the way
  6. This sounds like a carefully choreographed event... unless the fans didn't want to get a Jim Dolan-like ban if they mouthed off.
  7. I thought this was referring to Giselle. Figured it was another story about the Pats circumventing the salary cap.
  8. As a Jets fan, I really don't need mementos to remind me of train wreck games and seasons. Booze helps wipe away some of the memories, why would I buy keepsakes to re-live them?
  9. The father is a craven man.
  10. Let's hit on a 2nd round guy before anyone starts talking GM job stability.
  11. Can't manage the clock. How can he manage men? Unlike Herm, Mangini and Rex, this slaw jacked idiot won't even get the dopey second team to take him on for the inevitable 2 year swan song.
  12. I didn't realize Corzine got into broadcasting. Ugh.