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  1. How about answering my question about the parking pass.
  2. Preseason games

    I know a lot of you guys don't even bother to go to the preseason games. I would love to take my nephew or my dad to a game, so if you have a pair that will go unused, I would put them to great use, just throwing it out there!
  3. Will you throw in a parking pass at this price?
  4. Official Training Camp Thread 7/28

    From what I read, Petty looked "meh", and hack looked "OK".
  5. JetNation Camp Coverage

    Can we make sure to get some pics of Alex Giaimo in that little white dress. That'd be great, thanks
  6. I hate you for using "n" instead of and ampersand.
  7. RIP Buddy Ryan

    RIP Buddy, what a great football mind
  8. Brant Boyer named ST coach

    You're adorable. Did you mean nepotism?
  9. Chan Gailey and Resigning Fitz

    hopefully for short money!
  10. "Let's hear it for the play-offs!"
  11. IK believed Smith owed him money for the no-show. Smith believed that he owed nothing. Neither are lying. This is stupid. Move on.
  12. Would love 'em! What are you asking and where are the seats? Edit: I just noticed you joined less than a day ago. You're a scalper, huh?