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  1. How about answering my question about the parking pass.
  2. I know a lot of you guys don't even bother to go to the preseason games. I would love to take my nephew or my dad to a game, so if you have a pair that will go unused, I would put them to great use, just throwing it out there!
  3. Will you throw in a parking pass at this price?
  4. From what I read, Petty looked "meh", and hack looked "OK".
  5. Can we make sure to get some pics of Alex Giaimo in that little white dress. That'd be great, thanks
  6. I hate you for using "n" instead of and ampersand.
  7. RIP Buddy, what a great football mind
  8. You're adorable. Did you mean nepotism?
  9. hopefully for short money!
  10. "Let's hear it for the play-offs!"
  11. IK believed Smith owed him money for the no-show. Smith believed that he owed nothing. Neither are lying. This is stupid. Move on.
  12. Would love 'em! What are you asking and where are the seats? Edit: I just noticed you joined less than a day ago. You're a scalper, huh?