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  1. Anderson and Jalin need to be on the roster 100%. I can't help but be excited about their future.
  2. His first child is due around week 3 and said he will skip a game and not miss the birth of his child. This will be a huge advantage for the Jets if he can miss Week 1. If someone can copy/paste, it would be appreciated. I'm on my phone.
  3. The talent this guy has is ridiculous. Please sign him.
  4. Geno isn't getting traded. Maybe cut, though.
  5. I hate Dee Milliner more than anyone. I think he's one of the most injury prone players ever, but I don't think he played horrible. Allen Robinson is probably a Top 5 receiver and Dee had good position almost every single time. He has a roster spot on this team whether you like it or not.
  6. A new head coach will come in after this upcoming season and get rid of him.
  7. Don't let Max fool you. He wants to cook Meth with Sperm just like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.
  8. Weren't we undefeated with the Titans uniforms? I couldn't careless what jerseys we have on game day, as long as we win!
  9. I never understood the Berman hate. I think the guy is great!
  10. Embarrassing. I would be furious.
  11. NFL Draft Countdown is awful without the original crew. I'm almost cringing at how bad and awkward it is.
  12. Kellen Davis is absolutely terrible. He doesn't even deserve to have a roster spot.
  13. I would give up any two players for him plus a 1st round pick, MetLife Stadium, an arm, a ballsack. You guys are crazy!
  14. If they release Karlos Williams, I would jump all over that.