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  1. My prediction: "Pain" in my Mr. T voice.
  2. Right here. I'm one of the bigger supports but after this showcase, I cannot favor him like I did before. This guy was an absolute joke today. Thank God we only signed him to a one-year deal.
  3. I'm a big Bowles fan and supportee but today was simply a horrible gameplan. A game plan not worthy of someone being the head coach of the team. Today was awful. I need a Xanax.
  4. Someone needs to throw Fitz in the Hudson. This is an absolute joke. This has to be a joke.
  5. Am I the only one that actually wants him to throw another INT? At this point, it's just comical. Let this piece of sh*t walk home.
  6. Alright. Let's behead this clown. **** him. **** him. **** him!!!
  7. This is painful. I feel like I'm being tied and some fat chick named Ginger is flicking my balls as I'm screaming on top of my lungs.
  8. As far as I can remember, I cannot ever recall being this bored watching a football game. Like KC is putting me to sleep, literally.
  9. Does it matter? If the Bills miss the playoffs, Rex and his terrible coaching staff with be left without a job.
  10. I know it's still early but Wentz looks extremely poised. I wonder how the fans of the Rams feel.
  11. Hoping for a sinkhole to be in the middle of the field.
  12. What a ******* circus. Rex needs to quit his job and work at a circus.