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  1. "My guys fitz"

    I agree with everything you said but what do you expect him to say? 
  2. Look, I'm not the biggest Kap fan, but we all know how talented the kid is. His lack of talent last year contributed to a horrible season, but he was a very good player when he had talent around him.    If if you look at the past couple of Super Bowls, each had a mobile type QB. All I'm saying is I'd definitely consider it. 
  3. Heath Evans is also terrible. Every time he's on NFL Network, I just refuse to watch. 
  4. Do People Realize ...

    Cam Newton is the best player in the NFL right now. 
  5. I disagree. The salary has been increasing for years and will once again. Cutting certain players like Cro, Kerley, and Cumberland will save us some money to sign some of our players.    Although Wilk will never be the reason we win the super bowl, he will definitely have a pivotal role. Getting 12 sacks as a 3-4 DE is amazing. He really reminds me of a more athletic Richard Seymour and he played an essential role for the Pats*

    Rodgers is amazing. 
  7. **** that. Mo is one of the best defensive lineman in the entire league. He didn't even hit his prime yet. You do NOT trade him for a 1st rounder. Unless we're getting a proven commodity + a couple of picks, I want no part of trading Mo.    25 years old, extremely good, doesn't cause a single ******* headache and yeah, let's trade him for a draft pick and potentially draft our next Kyle Wilson or Dee Milliner or Vernon. Makes 0 sense. 
  8. At this point, Cro should go for the record. 
  9. Draft him! Draft a ******* quarterback EVERY year until we have one. It's seriously that simple. 
  10. Go fishing in Florida somewhere, Westy. Getting tired of his opinions. 
  11. It's hard watching the 1st game so far just because I know we're better than both teams. I'll be rooting very hard for the Bengals. **** Pittsburgh. 
  12. How are you feeling?

    How is everyone okay? It's extremely depressing. I want to smoke a fat joint. 
  13. Jets to Select 20th Overall

    Best available defensive lineman.