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  1. How do we pass on Cook? This is ridiculous.
  2. I'm speechless. I just don't know anymore. **** Mac and **** Bowles.
  3. I just switched and saw 😂
  4. ESPN has been commercials 75% of the time. WTF
  5. Please do not trade up and ruin my weeekend. Please.
  6. I pray Cook falls to us!!! Him or King
  7. Here's my take: Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but after watching so many drafts of the Jets' head scratching picks, I'm now interested in the safest picks. Similar to Leo, Adams was regarded as the best player in the entire draft. I'm gonna get laughed at for this, but I don't care if we take a LB or CB or whatever with our 2nd pick as long as they truly feel he's a safer pick than others. I'm tired of projects that may or may not turn out or players that are extremely raw and need coaching. Just draft players that can play!
  8. I hate this team more than anyone but you gotta be kidding me here. Adams is arguably the BEST player in this entire ******* draft. Pay attention to the teams with and without a safety. Focus on the Seahawks when they're missing one of their safeties, pay close attention to KC's defense how dominant they got with Berry.
  9. **** CALVIN PRYOR. THAT IS ALL! I love this damn pick.
  10. That's awesome man. I'll message ya in a bit.
  11. ******* Titans. About time they actually make a pick. Always trying to trade out. I'm jealous
  12. I don't think Watson will get picked, but if I win, I will like to donate it to the Children's Hospital.
  13. I'm about to sh*t myself!!!! WHAT THE ****!!