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  1. Exactly why I want him on the team. Suck for Sam!!!
  2. I don't think Schefter said anything out of line. My personal opinion is this: I like what we did this off-season. We were going to originally win 4-6 games had we not cut all those vets. Now we are going in full tank mode and doing this the right way. I think Bowles and Mac are gone after this upcoming season. Woody might assure them their job in the off-season but this won't last long. It's going to be an atrocious season and someone has to get blamed. No way we win 2 games and Bowles does not get fired. I do believe this will be an attractable destination in 2018. Having a Top 2 pick, 70+ million in cap space, + New York is going to catch the eye of an upcoming coach. Or maybe I'm crazy.
  3. I ******* love this guy.
  4. The Browns, outta all teams, probably would have offered a late round pick. I didn't say a 4th or 5th. Calvin Pryor sucks so do other players like Mingo, who the Browns traded themselves. Relax.
  5. He's worth a 6th or 7th round pick. I'd rather have that than a LB who cant cover toast.
  6. i would rather have a 6th or 7th round pick than Davis. The guy can't cover toast.
  7. Did we really just trade for DeMario Davis?
  8. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet·5m There it is. Former 1st rounder on the move. Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafoloJets are trading former first-round pick Calvin Pryor to the Browns, sources say. Shot for the safety to restart his career. Greatest birthday ever!
  9. So it took this coaching staff 2 years to finally realize playing Rich at OLB is a mistake?
  10. This guy has super sperm.
  11. This brings up memories..
  12. Please do NOT defend this clown. He's a bust. He's not a good football player. It's pretty damn simple.