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  1. I've never been a season ticket holder. However, I do attend 4-6 games per year. One day, I definitely plan on being one but not at MetLife Stadium. It honestly saddens me and pains me to see us share a stadium in New Jersey with the Giants. First and foremost, the Jets need to be in NYC. It's that simple. Furthermore, our stadium is absolutely TERRIBLE. For the amount of money the Jets/Giants put into it, one would think it would actually look like a real stadium. On top of that, the product the management puts on the field sometimes makes it hard to watch on tv. We need to find a way to get a stadium in NYC. Is that possible or is it to late? SAR sighting in 3..2..1
  2. This is so frustrating. This team is ******* backwards. We win the games we should lose and we lose the games we should win. I know this team. We're going to win just enough games to miss the playoffs yet we're gonna win enough to keep the entire coaching staff, retain the worst QB in the league, get a worse draft pick. ******* lose, PLEASE.
  3. MNF

    This Brock kid is seriously terrible. I challenge anyone to name me 3 starting QBs in this league today that you would rather have than him. Hes a bottom 3 QB getting paid a sh*t load of money. Straight robbery!
  4. They should just come out the closet at this point. I understand it's important to stand up for your teammates but enough is enough Marshall.
  5. Petty needs to start!!!!
  6. **** it. Let this guy do what he wants at this point. I'm praying he gets fired at seasons end.
  7. Fitz and Smith are useless. They're not in our future. The season is over. I hate to be negative but this team is a bottom 5 team in the entire league as we speak. We need to get something out of this season and that's finding out whether Petty is the man for the job or not.
  8. Our owner is wearing ear plugs in a private room. Man the **** up, pussy.
  9. Pom Poms require positive plays, which we've lacked for the past 6 weeks. I want him to scream and hold people accountable. So, no. We cannot stop.
  10. Can we all chip in for a billboard again? "Fire Todd Bowles" in NYC.
  11. It's time to be realistic but Nick Mangold is done. He needs to be released. Buster Skrine - CUT Marcus Gilchrist - CUT Darrelle Revis - CUT
  12. I just want us to get the ball back and have Fitz throw another pic. It's inevitable
  13. I'm so disinterested in this team. I'd usually be mad and depressed but it's getting to the point where it's actually funny. This is such a joke.