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  1. All I know is Devin Smith sucks cock!!
  2. Is this scenario any different than Revis' when he was with the Pats? Just wondering whether or not we will be compensated a draft pick if Clady is not on the team next year due to the inflation of his salary.
  3. Yeah I love the Mo deal, too! Been wanting it a couple years ago. The issue with Sheldon is he's one joint away from a season ban. I can't envision the Jets throwing 20 million at him with ease while playing hardball with Mo for about 2 years.
  4. Difference is Vernon hit free agency. I like this deal for Mo. Home-grown talent, motivated, never heard a spec about his character.
  5. Thank you!!! Jet for life!!!
  6. I think Wilk will show up first simply for the fact that his contract is 15 Million + and it's all guaranteed. Mac played his cards perfectly with the Fitz situation. Honestly couldn't play them any better. However, one thing I dislike this far is how they did not set a deadline yet. The team cannot have this question mark throughout the entire off-season and have it linger into pre-season. It's not fair for the players or the coaches. Set a deadline and if they don't meet that deadline, then it's time to acquire another veteran or play ball with Geno 🙄
  7. I completely lost respect for Curry. It's like he didn't even show up!
  8. Did the Pats ever get a comp pick for Revis? He was technically released.
  9. If you do not think he's worth this money, rematch the Pats game and the Super Bowl. Pay very close attention to him and you'll see why they're offering him this much.
  10. LOL @ everyone not in favor of this deal. 1. Fitz, without a doubt, gives us the best chance to win football games. 2. It's a 1-year deal. Will not hurt us in the future financially. 3. Geno sucks dick.
  11. Your IQ is low when it comes to football.
  12. Lmao I'm done with this conversation. Have a good night.