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  1. Jets enter top 10

    Seriously, look at our schedule. There's a chance we do not win another game.
  2. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    How can anyone be surprised? The guy can't catch a cold if he tried. More playing time for Stewart.
  3. 13 more games Mo. Just STFU and play out the season without any excuses. It's the least you can do.
  4. The tandem of him and Calvin Pryor is insane!!!
  5. This Rams team added a couple good players in the off-season. However, they're not THAT different than last year. One thing that is different is the play from Goff and he instantly changed how good of a team they are. Kind of gives us hope.
  6. Darron Lee

    Add him to the list with Pryor, Milliner, Wilson, Coples, Gholston. Hes going to be out the league in 4 years.
  7. I was all about this guy. I defended him! He fooled the sh*t outta me. Definitely release his sorry ass. He can go hang out with Coples.
  8. 6 Jets ruled out vs Oakland

    Mo Wilk should be on that list. He's just as useful as a guy that is not playing.
  9. You mean what is even right with him? He's a below average QB. That is all. But seriusly, has week 1 and this game been boring to everyone or just me?
  10. Can we cut this clown after the season?
  11. Today felt weird for me. I have never been less excited on opening day in the past 20 years. Usually I cannot sleep outta excitement and today I almost forgot we had a game.