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  1. As a Mac supporter, I have to agree with the OP. His drafts have been well below average. He took some players that shouldn't have picked for another 2-3 rounds. Everyone thinks Bowles and Mac will stick around after this season. I simply cannot come up with one good reason why they do NOT get canned. 3 years and we have nothing to build around besides the DLINE. The BOOOOOO birds will come out when we only have 2 touchdowns in the first 5 weeks and someone needs to get blamed.
  2. I'm actually extremely positive. If you have expectations for this upcoming season, you are going to be severely disappointed. My focus is on 2018. I actually believe we will be in good position to upgrade the team. I just do not trust our coaching staff and management to do so.
  3. Expectations are slightly high, but I think we can accomplish it at some point during the season. LOL
  4. To who? You expect these so called wideouts to get separation? Half the people on our team should not be on an NFL roster.
  5. This thread is absolutely hilarious. What the **** were you guys expecting? Hackenberg to throw 3 TDs? Our offensive line to dominate and create running room? Unknown receivers to create separation? Everyone on here is acting like we had any form of expectations. We stink. The whole damn world knows it, so lets not act like this is new to us. I said this about a month ago, Bowles will get fired because this will be one of the worst seasons not only in Jets history but of all-time. I seriously cannot picture us scoring.
  6. Happy birthday! Any idea on on how to watch this game tonight for out of state fans? NFL game pass maybe?
  7. Who will be a "surprise" cut?

    Our team is not good enough to have "surprise" cuts. Have the people on that list shouldn't be on an NFL roster.
  8. 8/16 camp tweets

    He sucks too! ******* cut everyone!!!
  9. 8/16 camp tweets

    PLEASE ******* CUT THIS GUY!!
  10. 8/15 practice tweets

    Things I'd like to see: Lee and Mauldin have been quiet this camp. It would be extremely encouraging if one of them can simply step up. With Leo as a lineman, Adams in the secondary, we must find another upcoming player that's going to be part of the LB core. I understand Hack might not be ready to play, but it is so meaningless for McCown to start any of our games. Let Hack play and gradually expand the playbook. He needs to learn from his mistakes. Marshall drops way too many passes. He's extremely lucky that we are so thin at receiver. Plus he has a 4-game suspension. I keep hearing good things about Maye. I never questioned the player, I simply questioned the position that we decided to go with in the 2nd round. I personally wanted Dalvon Cook, but I would gladly eat my words if Maye turns out to be a perennial pro bowler. I like the the majority of our assistant coaches. However, I still don't like the head coach.
  11. Although it was a Paul Hackett-esqu offensive while Hack was on with the dink and dunks, he did exactly what he was told to do. He didn't make any bone headed mistakes. He has a really good zip on his throws honestly. One thing is for sure: He is NOT as bad as people make it out to be. In my opinion, he has shown major improvement and he's still only 22 years old.
  12. Robbie Anderson

    Or beating up his girlfriend.
  13. Come to think about it, I recall multiple threads in the past about something that's similar to a "Pre-season pass" for about $20. I think it was on NFL.com, but I am not 100% sure.
  14. I order the NFL Ticket every year, and I find it so stupid how they simply do not include the preseason games.
  15. I highly doubt NFL Network is going to pick the Jets out of all teams to be aired.