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  1. I hate to say this, and I've never been like this my entire time being a Jets fan, but I really don't care. In fact, I wouldn't care if we hire Paul Hackett again. My point is this upcoming season has to be a tank season. We fire Bowles, Mac will have the ability to bring in his own guy who will then bring in his own OC. So does it really matter? Whoever it is, will most likely be here for one-year.
  2. Sounds like a good deal. I mean the product on the field is absolutely horrible and the stadium looks awful and the stadium lacks major life and it looks like a big air conditioner but sounds like a good deal other than that..
  3. Even with Q, this draft is an F. It's absolutely ******* horrible. 12 picks and we only get one player that's playing good. **** John Idzik and his mother.
  4. Hindsight is 20/20. Mo has been a productive player both on and off the field. In my opinion, it's hard to blame Mac for thinking Mo will not play as hard after the new contract. Yes, a lot of players across the league do that but Mo has been a good citizen. We're gonna have a problem if he turns around and gives a new contract to Sheldon.
  5. I hate this guy was a passion. He's an immature, arrogant, selfish bitch. On the other hand, he does have talent. I think the best case scenario is to simply let him play out his contract year and hope a team goes crazy for him and we get compensated. At this point, I'll be ecstatic to get a 3rd rounder for him.
  6. Are people really expecting Mac to draft a stud in EVERY round? Most of the players he drafted, at the very least, look serviceable. At least we're adding depth. Are we forgetting the roster Mac took over? I'll give him a C+/B-. I do not like some of the contracts he handed out, but at least we can get out of them without major penalty.
  7. Exactly how I was going to respond to him. I love the chant and he's the only one that I actually know that hates it.
  8. The Jets will lose enough games to miss the playoffs and win enough to not have the ability to draft any of these QBs. Seriously, I hope we lose every game next year besides the one in New England.
  9. Hopefully Bowles and the entire staff comes back, which will give us the best chance possible at landing a top-tier QB in the 2018 draft. This will give a highly coveted coach an incentive to come here, for once.
  10. I'm speechless at some of these comments. Am I a season ticket holder? No, but I attend 5-7 games a year. I simply will not invest in season tickets for many reasons 1. The product on the field. We are a boring ******* team. I have two large screen TVs in my basement; one for the Jets game and the other for RedZone. That's usually more entertaining than actually going to the stadium. I'll usually order some food for about $20 and have a couple beers. 2. Our stadium SUCKS. This simply aggravates me. It honestly boils my blood. Almost everything about the stadium sucks. I'll start off by saying we share a stadium with our older brother in New Jersey. I feel like the entire team and fans are miserable during these games. We are so lifeless and do not provide a home-field advantage whatsoever and the reasoning behind that may be because of the product on the field. On top of that, our stadium is ugly and we don't even use the JETS chant anymore. I remember Aaron Rodgers coming to MetLife the one year and he emphasized how quiet our stadium was. 3. No sign of hope. I'm a very positive person, but please, answer me this. Do we have ANYTHING positive to look forward to? Leonard Williams looks like a stud. We invested in our secondary and it's one of many weaknesses on our team. We constantly draft players that do not produce and haven't had a QB in almost 5-decades. Enough is enough. Hate to sound so negative but this is the truth.
  11. So it's not worth the money but it's as good as we're going to get? Kinda doesn't make sense to me. Please look at the other modern stadiums in the league right now. Our stadium is absolutely pathetic compared to everyone else. Absolutely no incentive to go to games.
  12. Yeah, he definitely deserves Suh money. Please, release the entire roster of this pathetic team and start over.. again. For the 60,767th time. **** THIS TEAM
  13. Pryor is not a good football player. Hate to say it, but it's true. The angles this guy takes are horrible.
  14. Order yourself a cheese pizza from the comfort of your home and simply save your money. Our stadium sucks, the weather sucks, the product on the field sucks, players/coaches are an absolute embarrassment, lack of hope. Why even go? Seriously, why? On top of that, we're a very boring team.
  15. Jets will have a Top 8 pick. The most important thing, in my opinion, is simply to trade down and acquire as many draft picks as possible. This team has many holes.