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  1. wow the pats almost ran out of
  2. When do you think our next deal is going to come up...if there is one?
  3. KC would proly take him...
  4. Wow I am kinda feeling bad for Quinn maybe now is the time for Cleveland or Detroit to trade up....
  5. I love the Revis trade...but do you think he's going to be a bust..and would Hall of been the better pick?
  6. I hope Quinn doesnt fall to Miami!!
  7. JaMarcus is the pick.......
  8. It was just announed on
  9. I hate people who make an account on a website just to trash them....grow up and get a life!!
  10. Who is it going to be? Ive heard so many rumors about people like Duckett, Dillon, Betts, Brown, and even Peterson.... Who is going to start? I think Leon is with a vet as Backup...idk
  11. Finally he's cut, he has done really nothing for the team this year, i mean stat wise. How much cap space are we getting from him being cut?