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  1. It's both, Stub Hub and the PSLs. PSLs were sold to the fans - at least in part - as an investment. In many cases they are a significant sunk cost (relative to the cost of an idividual ticket). Some season ticketholders 'offer' the seats on Stub Hub in the hopes of defraying the cost of the PSLs. If they get the price they want then they sell the seats, usually to the opponents fans; if not then they go to the game. The Jets set up this adversarial relationship with its most loyal fans and I don't blame anyone for availing themselves of the opportunity to cut into the cost of the PSLs. After all, it's an 'investment,' not just a ticket to the game. I'm a long time season ticket holder. I try to go to every game.This is just my observation based on being at the stadium and sometimes talking to 'road' fans in nearby seats.
  2. ***Jets sign Cromartie***

    If I understand the big picture strategy employed by the new regime, it is: Spend the available cap money now on short term deals for older players in order to field a competitive team while not burdening the franchise with potentially crippling contracts. In that light I am in favor of all these deals, the bulk of which carry commitments of three years or less.My hope (and prayer) is that while these contracts age out the Jets will replace these guys with young talented players who will fill in and continue what promises to be a golden age of winning seasons for the Jets. The notable exceptions are: Skrine and Carpenter, both whom are young and in possession of physical gifts that this regime has identifies as being worth longer term commitments. Good stuff, I think. In retrospect it makes Idzik's strategy appear to be that much morefoolish.
  3. Whoops. What's wrong with our money?
  4. What's wrong without money?
  5. The Jets absolutely have to bring in a true competitor for the starting QB job. That's why I like Mallett as a FA signing. I view him as the least accomplished QB they can add that will still provide competition for Geno.
  6. S. McCourty G. Franklin CB Skrine QB Mallett LB. Acho
  7. It would be nice if the Jets could pull off another deal in which we trade a draft pick in order to add a good established player from a team that could use a bit of salary relief.
  8. What will Jets do w/pick at 18?

    I think the only player they'd trade up for is Evans, but only if he slips a bit. Otherwise I guess they pick Odell Beckham.
  9. CB or WR in round 1?

    I think they'd try to trade the pick.
  10. This is why I don't see the Jets' signing CJ. It doesn't seem to me to be a judicious use of funds. They can get a pass catching 3d down back in the middle rounds of this upcoming draft. And I don't think they need much more than that behind Powell and Ivory.
  11. Kyle Wilson

    Wilson is tough and can tackle.
  12. I hope if it works out this way that the Jets will trade down. It seems like there will be a fewpremium WRs available a bitlater in the first round.
  13. I'm hoping to get to every game this season.