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  1. Another reason Gailey is gone.
  2. Jets practice 08/17

    They weren't going at full speed today. Beat writers said that from the start.
  3. IMO Forte will practice and play next week. They're just resting him.
  4. Updted Roster as of Aug 16

    Great job. One nitpick. CB Clark, not Jones, is Injured (recovering from ACL)
  5. 8/15 practice tweets

    In other words stop asking everyday you idiots.
  6. Learn From History

    And Hack also got the sh*t kicked out of him his soph/jr seasons in a non-pro style O which caused a lot into him establishing bad habits, footwork etc...They'll never say it but IMO that was one, if not the biggest reason for his red shirt season.
  7. Learn From History

    Huh? I'll take Marino as my QB. Who wouldn't? Matt Barkley, Leinart, Lockert were all considered top QBs the yr before they came out.
  8. Learn From History

    Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) 8/15/17, 12:34 PM #Jets OC John Morton on Hackenberg: "Basically, he's a rookie." Likes how he's protecting the ball. Says he's got lots to work on.
  9. Learn From History

    Hack did what was asked of him Saturday by those in charge. It may not fit the fans or medias agenda (who I am convinced want to see him suck) but I'll put faith in the coaches, especially Bates, who has helped develop other QBs, before those that only see snipets of what Hack has done. This is like criticizing a 22 yr old who has played a few MLB exhibition games and only hit singles and doubles. "But he hasn't hit a HR yet".
  10. Learn From History

    Most likely Hackenberg will be further along, and at worst, starter ready for '18 than any '18 drafted QB. The Jets will also know what they have in Hack as a person, student, teammate, his work ethic, if he's coachable etc... im not sure your statement is accurate. Most college QBs aren't NFL ready because most are playing in spread Os which doesn't translate to the NFL Let's see where things are after this college and NFL season. Who knows how these college QBs will turnout this yr. Maybe they take it to the next level, plateau or regress. And the same can be said for Hack in regards to a NFL QB. Everybody wants answers now and that's just not how it works. Just enjoy the season and watching all the young players play/develop.
  11. Camp Updates - 08/14/17

    Death, taxes & Jets unable to cover the wheel route
  12. NYJFTV (@NYJFTV) 8/14/17, 2:23 PM New WR Dan Williams is a big dude...listed on depth chart as 6'2 234...#Jets looking to mold Quincy 2.0?
  13. NYJFTV (@NYJFTV) 8/14/17, 2:37 PM QBs and WRs working deep balls #JetsCamp #Jets Should get some here off the ledge
  14. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    New York Jets (@nyjets) 8/14/17, 1:47 PM We have signed WR Daniel Williams and waived WR Deshon Foxx. nyj.social/2vxLC9a Williams recorded 47 receptions for 599 yards and three touchdowns for Jackson State in 2016. The 6'3", 200-pounder totaled 2,497 yards and 19 touchdowns on 184 receptions in four seasons for the Tigers. Foxx originally signed a reserve/future contract with the Jets in January, but was waived May 9. He was re-signed later that month when the team placed WR Devin Smith on injured reserve after he tore his ACL in Phase One of the offseason workout program. Williams 6'3". Seems more of a WCO WR.
  15. Complaining he threw to open WRs for completions. It's mind boggling. But not surprising.