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    I like them all
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  1. I think if you look at what the Raiders have done since Reggie McKenzie took over looks very similar to what Macc has been doing with the Jets. McKenzie came in and spent money on older player to try and make a competitive team. That strategy did not work and fans, media and everyone were calling for McKenzie to be fired. He broke it down in year 3 and got lucky in the draft Mack, Amari Cooper, and Derek Carr. He built a young foundation and sprinkled in role players. I say lucky because Derek Carr could have easily been the guy that went to the Browns when they traded back into the first and made the poor choice of Johnny Manzel. Here is the reality, what the Jets are doing right now we have not seen them do before. 10+ years ago the Jets kept fan favorites Marvin Jones and Mo Lewis with their high salary who were on the decline. That decision to keep those guys for what they did in past years, saw a promising young LB leave via Free Agency in James Farrior who went on to have a solid career. This brings to David Harris, Nick Mangold, and Revis: These guys were great for us and will someday go into our Ring of Honor buy it is time to say thank you and allow these young guys to take over in Demario Davis/Darron Lee, Wesely Johnson, Justin Burris, and throw in our young WR crew as well. Our record may not be great next year, but I am actually excited to see these young guy's play, take their bumps and bruises, and grow to build the new foundation for the Jets.
  2. I like when he joins Pat Kirwin for Jim Miller on Sirius SAT radio. They put together a pretty good show.
  3. I think it is pretty funny that there is a picture of John Idzek on his computer. Only 2 players remain from him in Richardson and Enuwa. I do like the fact that Mac brings in guys who played and won National Championships. Stewart (Alabama), Leggett (Clemson), Lee won with (Ohio State 2014).
  4. I walked away about 4 years ago and it was the best decision. I had 2 good seats in section 109 on the 15 yard line. Like others have mentioned the people around me were always changing, never the same fans and they were buying tickets for $40-$60 while I was paying full price $140 per ticket and the cost of the PSL $10,000 ($5000 per seat). When you look at what people were paying last year in a bad season $10-$15 with a parking pass on stub hub it really was a no brainer. I also now use that money take a family weekend to visit a different city and watch our Jets at an away game. I believe the vision Woody Johnson had with his own stadium in Manhattan would have been top notch and had Jets Home field advantage, but Silver and Crooked politics got in the way. Having to jump back in with the Giants at Met Life was a knee jerk reaction and unfortunately the stadium is really not fun or nice to watch a game with home field advantage. Now I pick up a game ticket once in a while to take my kids to the game but prefer watching at home now.
  5. Kimberley A. Martin ✔@KMart_LI Source: #Jets have hired former #Rams scout Evan Ardoin ... He was let go before the draft 5:09 PM - 12 May 2017 http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/09/rams-part-with-4-scouts-3-weeks-before-draft/
  6. I just read the attached article over at PFT (Pro Football Talk) Marcus Smith the DE/Edge rusher drafted the same year as Pryor, they are not picking up the 5th year option and may not make the team after picking up Chris Long. If the Jets are looking to part ways with Pryor what about a straight up trade. Both are underwhelming first round picks for their respective teams that might just need a fresh start and fills a need for both teams: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/05/01/report-eagles-wont-exercise-marcus-smiths-2018-option/
  7. OT/Guard Lamp would be my choice. He is destined for 10 years of consistent Football. Zay Jones is another guy I would consider.
  8. When I did a mock draft Peppers was still on the board in the second round. I thought about taking him but went with cb Tradavious white out of LSU Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. I think it was Gil Brandt who made the following comment regarding Founette: When a safety see's Fournette coming his way, he is more than likely going to make a business decision and get out of the way. I'm all about drafting Howard, Adams, Foster if Fournette is not on the board but if he is, that is my pick.
  10. Love this guys energy and leadership skills on the field. Would be a great 3rd round pick.
  11. Fournette, Howard, Thomas, Adams, Foster, Williams: This is my order and the players I would choose from. With the Jets spending a lot of time in Alabama and the push to almost sign Hightower from the Pats really has me thinking they may go with Foster.
  12. He is my sleeper running back for this draft. Players are actually quoted saying connor is one of the harder guys to to bring down. If we do not get Fournette, I would wait to take this guy in the 5th round. Go to 2:09 for Boulware talking about Conner. I would also select Boulware the round after Conner.
  13. Pick 1 (1 point) Position: ______TE______ Pick 2 (2 points) Position: ______DB______ Pick 3 (3 points) Position: _____OL/Center_______ Pick 4 (3 points) Position: ______HB______ Pick 5 (3 points) Position: _______EDGE_____ Bonus (2 points) - Name 1 College the Jets will draft a player from with any of the 1st 5 picks: _____________Alabama______________
  14. Quincy Wilson CB Florida visiting the Jets: