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    I like them all
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  1. I also have to get used to Lee's new number 58. It was throwing me off during last weeks game.
  2. Game Observations (TEN)

    I was listening to Hackenberg's post game conference: He talked about the team laughing in the huddle because the new t.v. time outs took longer than usual. In fact that is part of the NFL's new plan to have a longer break but have less of them (Breaks that is). I admit I watch WWE smackdown on USA network. Recently that network has tried something new, going to a split screen for commercial break keeping the match going for observation. I wonder if the NFL is considering going to that scenario.
  3. Robbie Anderson

    I agree with you here and I believe Cherron Peake is going to be another player we talk about as a late round draft steal.
  4. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Sorry it was desktop. Everything including the Mobile app seems to be working better.
  5. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Still having delayed response time when typing a comment. and takes longer to load page.
  6. The one pass that really stands out for me in a positive way is the medium throw to Marquis. It had zip and was placed only where the receiver could catch it.
  7. I'm looking forward to this game because we have JETS Football back! I'm excited to see what this young team can do. Super Bowl victories don't have an age attached to them, no reason this team can't come in with us against the world mentality. Mistakes will be made, but the lights will shine on our Green and White!
  8. Now clearly we have not seen Hackenberg perform in a game situation for an extended period of time. Petty just looked like he was having fun on the field and if not for the injury would have gotten more experience and continued to grow. Everyone in the league knows what we have in McCown and I appreciate him for mentoring the young QB's. I just believe with this young team that the opening day starter from week 1 needs to be either Hackenberg or Petty.
  9. Well let's see if the Jets line Richardson up at the CB position opposite Brandon Marshall during the Preseason game to bump him off the line. After all , they lined him up out of position all last year.
  10. To be honest with you I was hoping the Jets would have drafted either Ethan Pociac out of LSU or Elfien out of Ohio State this year. Both of these guys were instrumental in the run game for their respective squads. Last year I was hoping for Nick Martin out of Notre Dame in the 2nd round who the Texans jumped up and grabbed right before us. With none of those guy's coming in I am fine with starting Wesley Johnson, let's see if this young team can grow together. A few months ago, Willie Colon mentioned him as a capable leader on that line. Let's see what we have.
  11. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    I have to say that Cherron Peake looks like he is going to be a real standout for us. The Jets really did a nice job last night for their fans. As we transition with our offensive line, I would like to see a mean streak for the running game. Both Marcus Mae and Jamal Adams made sure that they signed and met every kid last night who wanted an autograph. These kids get it and it was great to see.
  12. Hey, I just received an email from the Jets inviting me into the Commissioners club to meet and listen to Mike Macagnan, Neal Glatt, and a host of others with free food. That starts at 5:00 before scrimmage begins. I have to RSVP to be added to the Jericho List, Anybody else get that invite?
  13. Will try to swing in for a visit. Promised my kids I would take them early into the bounce house the Jets set up for the kids.
  14. 2017 Position Outlook: Offensive Line

    I am really looking forward to watching this offensive line come together. Willie Colon back in January mentioned Wesley Johnson as a capable leader on that offensive line. Our guards are set. Shell is a guy that intrigues me as our starting right tackle. The health of Betchum is the concern and of course protecting the QB's blind side.
  15. a Lucky Jet

    It's a low risk high reward pickup. At a league minimum, and all charges dropped he is a young exciting player who let's face it fills a need at kick returner. Worst case scenario is he does not workout and he is cut by the end of camp.