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  1. Darron Lee

    Fair Point, I can agree with this. We will be saying the same thing about Sheldon Richardson who was defensive rookie of the year a few years ago and became a square peg in round hole with Bowles.
  2. Darron Lee

    The Jets never learned how to use undersized Jonathan Vilma either when he was here. As Ray Lucas said on SNY, "Lee should be the one covering the running back out of the backfield on passing, not Demario Davis." That's coaching.
  3. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    It really should be of no surprise, any team that adds Brandon Marshall to it's roster does not make the playoffs.
  4. Like a good horror movie that you watch with one hand over your face peeking through your ring finger and pinkie, articles like the ones that will follow just want to leave you with the middle finger as the sole survivor of the horror of Draft Day: We heard the story of Terry Bradway standing on the table telling the Gm to select Russel Wilson: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000092313/article/russell-wilson-coveted-by-one-new-york-jets-executive Now we hear that David Lee told Idzik to draft Derek Carr: http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/new-york-jets-derek-carr-oakland-raiders-2014-draft-gm-john-idzik/10ten4loc7qfj1lo0vlk7awygb We heard the story that MacCagnen got nervous when Houston jumped up to select the Martin the center from ND causing him to select Hackenberg. Old school, we heard about our team wanting Farve but waited to long and O'Brien over Marino While I was researching these Articles, Gary Myers wrote about it as well: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/myers-jets-infamous-near-misses-qbs-article-1.2570416 So I'll continue to watch our Jets with one hand over my face as our General Managers play the role of the Evil Villain that keeps coming back no matter how many times you take him out, the mask is always the same.
  5. It gives us someone to root for as well in a Chrebet mold.
  6. Four QB Scenarios

    While I find Option 4 very exciting for the future, when has our team shown that they can develop young QB talent? As pumped as I would be during draft time to select one of those QB talents I need to see the commitment to building the offense around whoever it is.
  7. Sorry for the title and now have show tunes running through my head: Saw this article on PFT about the possibility that Andrew Luck wants out of Indy. Thought this was interesting and made me think as a Jets fan would I want to see our team make a play for Andrew Luck or take a chance on a possible future franchise rookie? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/09/13/agent-calls-rumors-that-andrew-luck-wants-out-of-indy-simply-false/ Agent calls rumors that Andrew Luck wants out of Indy “simply false” Posted by Mike Florio on September 13, 2017, 8:22 PM EDT Getty Images I’ve recently been trying to figure out the craziness in Indianapolis involving the status of quarterback Andrew Luck. Along the way, I’ve developed four different theories for the lingering absence of Luck from practices and games, along with the apparent absence of a plan to replace him while he heals from January surgery. They are: (1) good, old-fashioned incompetence; (2) a conscious willingness to give Luck a redshirt year if necessary; (3) an effort by new G.M. Chris Ballard to tie one hand behind coach Chuck Pagano’s back in order to make it easier to fire him; and (4) a possible desire by Luck to run out of Indy while he can still walk. While sounding this out on various platforms (including PFT Live and Wednesday’s PFT Liveafternoon podcast), I made it clear that it’s just speculation, arising primarily from what I’d want if me or my kid were employed by the Colts. Look at what they’ve given him or, more accurately, what they haven’t given him. As Luck enters the front end of the prime years, his career is currently being wasted, putting him far closer to Archie than Peyton on the Manning scale. Speaking of Archie, the notion that Luck possibly wants out can be traced to the Manning family patriarch, sort of. Luck’s father, Oliver, was a teammate of Archie’s. Oliver knows how the business works, and he’d surely prefer his son to emerge from the NFL in one piece. More than 13 years ago, Archie engineered a San Diego stiff arm for Eli; why shouldn’t Oliver at least consider an Andrew extrication from Indy? Apparently, others have been taking it beyond speculation, actually couching it as rumor. Which has prompted Luck’s camp to try to shoot down any talk of discontent. Wednesday night, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media said on the air that Luck’s agent/uncle (or uncle/agent) called the non-rumor rumor “simply false.” It’s odd that Luck’s camp would even address the situation at this juncture. The fact that it was shot down on the record will serve only to get more people thinking and talking about it. Which could be part of the master plan. If so, at least someone would have a plan of some sort when it comes to the current state of Andrew Luck’s career. And before pooh-poohing a possible trade because of the cap hit, consider this: The net charge for trading him in 2018 would be lower than the net charge for keeping him. Besides, if he decides that he truly wants out (which frankly he should), why would the Colts want to keep him around? If the quarterback isn’t all in, things will only get worse. If, based on Sunday’s outcome in L.A., that’s even possible.
  8. I wonder if Bowles wanted McCown to start both away games Bills and Raiders and then make the change to Hackenberg for the Home game.
  9. Pryor Released

    On the selection of Calvin Pryor I did not realize Rex also benched him for being late to meetings as well:
  10. Ross Martin Gone Catanzaro wins PK job

    Even the players seemed to be getting behind him. This is a curious cut.
  11. Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    I think one team that would make the most sense to trade with is the Green Bay Packers. Forte played in that division for many years and is the type of back that would fit perfect with Aaron Rogers. Rarely though does the Packers trade their draft picks.
  12. I have to be honest, it just does not make sense to me. We have seen this story before with Fitzpatrick. A guy that may not be on the roster next year. We have a young team, let Petty or Hackenberg start. Our Offensive line is rough, if you put Sam Darnold behind this line the media would be calling him first round bust.
  13. Dakota Dozier

    It would be great if we could give him the nickname Bull Dozier and that he could actually clear a path for our running backs.
  14. I also have to get used to Lee's new number 58. It was throwing me off during last weeks game.
  15. Game Observations (TEN)

    I was listening to Hackenberg's post game conference: He talked about the team laughing in the huddle because the new t.v. time outs took longer than usual. In fact that is part of the NFL's new plan to have a longer break but have less of them (Breaks that is). I admit I watch WWE smackdown on USA network. Recently that network has tried something new, going to a split screen for commercial break keeping the match going for observation. I wonder if the NFL is considering going to that scenario.
  16. Robbie Anderson

    I agree with you here and I believe Cherron Peake is going to be another player we talk about as a late round draft steal.
  17. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Sorry it was desktop. Everything including the Mobile app seems to be working better.
  18. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Still having delayed response time when typing a comment. and takes longer to load page.
  19. The one pass that really stands out for me in a positive way is the medium throw to Marquis. It had zip and was placed only where the receiver could catch it.
  20. I'm looking forward to this game because we have JETS Football back! I'm excited to see what this young team can do. Super Bowl victories don't have an age attached to them, no reason this team can't come in with us against the world mentality. Mistakes will be made, but the lights will shine on our Green and White!
  21. Now clearly we have not seen Hackenberg perform in a game situation for an extended period of time. Petty just looked like he was having fun on the field and if not for the injury would have gotten more experience and continued to grow. Everyone in the league knows what we have in McCown and I appreciate him for mentoring the young QB's. I just believe with this young team that the opening day starter from week 1 needs to be either Hackenberg or Petty.
  22. Well let's see if the Jets line Richardson up at the CB position opposite Brandon Marshall during the Preseason game to bump him off the line. After all , they lined him up out of position all last year.
  23. To be honest with you I was hoping the Jets would have drafted either Ethan Pociac out of LSU or Elfien out of Ohio State this year. Both of these guys were instrumental in the run game for their respective squads. Last year I was hoping for Nick Martin out of Notre Dame in the 2nd round who the Texans jumped up and grabbed right before us. With none of those guy's coming in I am fine with starting Wesley Johnson, let's see if this young team can grow together. A few months ago, Willie Colon mentioned him as a capable leader on that line. Let's see what we have.
  24. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    I have to say that Cherron Peake looks like he is going to be a real standout for us. The Jets really did a nice job last night for their fans. As we transition with our offensive line, I would like to see a mean streak for the running game. Both Marcus Mae and Jamal Adams made sure that they signed and met every kid last night who wanted an autograph. These kids get it and it was great to see.