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    The Day Bill Parcells was introduced as Head Coach
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    the loss to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship game thanks to Doug Brien's FG miss.
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  1. If this is in fact true, I am ok with it. I just hope he can re-gain the trust of the team and be effective. as was said previously he has to get rid of the locker room cancers and get a decent OC to replace Gailey who is leaving
  2. The we have the tie breaker over the rams I believe , we were tied before this week, so if they win we "should" still hold the tie breaker.
  3. I'm rooting for the rams to beat the niners now. If they win we draft at 5, if they lose we draft at 6.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. Depressing isn't it.
  5. He better win this challenge otherwise that's it for time outs Can woody fire woody??
  6. More like stupid. And u waste a timeout to go along with it. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  7. More like stupid. And u waste a timeout to go along with it. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  8. And u don't take the points there?? Why?? Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  9. Watching the team sleepwalk through the last 5 weeks is enough for me. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  10. Honestly I can't see how you can keep a head coach whose team quit playing in week 11 on Monday night in front of everyone. It sucks that it's his 2nd year but he lost the team. That's grounds for dismissal. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  11. I won't mind trestman or gase, trestman did well as a of while he was in sf
  12. I for one have never liked geno, but I will give the new staff some time to make a decision by the time preseason rolls around and they get a good look at him it will be apparent that they can't start him, hopefully we bring in another qb to push him , I won't mind us signing a jake locker or a Fitzpatrick
  13. Every game is important, you have 16 games a year every single one has a level of importance. Though I would like you to answer this question honestly. When you have the game on the line and the ball is in Geno's hands do you cringe when he steps back to throw? I know I do
  14. it may be but it fits the situation , Geno has enough on tape to know he crumbles under pressure
  15. even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, Geno has showed enough over the past 2 seasons for us to close the book on him. If he is still the "starter" or even on the team next year under a new regime I would be shocked