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  1. I am the worst at picking f*cking teams. I would slap my 15 year old self in the face for this sh*t.
  2. Because that always works.
  3. I'd say he's been about average in this game and the Bengals game. He was lights out against the Bills and all kinds of awful last week. Not sure we'd have won this game either. Seattle almost look like they're playing within themselves. They've pretty much had their way.
  4. if Calvin Pryor sobers up at half time we might just stand a chance.
  5. THAT IS IT. Marshall got very lucky on that drive but came up good. Needed that. COME ON.
  6. We absolutely MUST take advantage of that.
  7. Our play calling on second down has been absurdly predictable.
  8. Still can't believe you guys nuked Berlin.
  9. As much as we're getting outplayed, we're getting f*cking nothing from these refs. That's a blatant PI. Better drive though at least. We need to keep this competitive.