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  1. Rex is such a lad.
  2. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    1. Sign Kaepernick 2. SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION! 3. Superbowl
  3. Sam Monson was Monie on the NFLUK forum. An insufferable, pretentious c*nt.
  4. Delete

  5. That Hansen is so hot right now. I'd keep Decker if we're actually serious about this being an audition for the young QB's and there's genuine belief they can come good. If it's simply the tank job I suspect it will be then we might as well get rid.
  6. This is the Leadership Draft

    Yeah. There's such thing as a middle ground.
  7. Oh he was talking about a tight end for sure.
  8. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Dude. If this Jets team were playing in my back garden I'd close the curtains.
  9. Unprecedented DB depth

    And in typical Jets fashion we'll get them all!
  10. This Is the draft that...

    Because his head was already firmly on the platter.
  11. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  12. Grade the 2nd Round Pick:

    Bad month to stop drinking. The sharp pain to the temple after reading who the Jets drafted was worse than any hangover. F*ck this franchise. Relocate them to the f*cking sea.
  13. What's that smell you ask?

    You act like the two ideas are mutually exclusive.
  14. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    To be honest, for all the complaining - Nothing but a QB is turning this franchise around overnight in it's current state and we obviously didn't fancy Watson. Don't like the pick mainly because I'm just sick to death of defensive players but if he's what he's hyped to be then he could become a serious difference maker if or when this team becomes competitive.