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  1. No. Hackenberg being terrible in almost every aspect means that he sucks.
  2. Once he made the catch we should have let him run in. Such a team of losers.
  3. I remember a time where I would take prime Andre Johnson out of my team going up against Revis. And it working.
  4. Anderson has been the best thing about this season.
  5. He should get another season but he needs to turn it around. It's getting pretty bad.
  6. The Jets and United are seemingly taking turns in giving me drinking problems. Seriously though Marshall and Anderson look like they could be players. Everything else is f*ckery.
  7. What in the name of Schotty was that playcalling?
  8. ******* knew that was coming. Our coverage units have been disgraceful.
  9. I get that he needs some level of protecting but we are down by 7 ffs.
  10. Good anticipation but you got to get that.
  11. I am the worst at picking f*cking teams. I would slap my 15 year old self in the face for this sh*t.
  12. Because that always works.