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  1. Names or GTFO. Shame these bastards. Unless it's me, in which case GTFO.
  2. Needless to say, I had the last laugh.
  3. It's going to happen.
  4. Athletically we'd be pretty dominant, especially as they cycle off the stuff.
  5. Always felt the opposite.
  6. The NFL testing is meant to be something of a joke. You have yo be really sloppy to fail that sh*t. I'd love to see USADA brought in like they have in the UFC. Over half the league would be wiped out.
  7. Finding it incredibly amusing how everyone likes him again.
  8. Superbowl. We'll be competing for the Superbowl.
  9. Love Diaz. Conor's obviously my guy but wasn't even mad when he lost. Diaz bros were two of my favourite fighters before Conor even emerged.
  10. It's happening. It's all happening.
  11. I'M NOT SURPRISED MOTHERF*CKERS So happy. Good teams keep their best players - Mo is our best player. Fantastic news. Hope he retires a Jet. Our defence is going to be nasty.
  12. I've long thought Jaime would kill Cersei that way. I actually thought Cersei was going to inadvertently burn down the city in the last episode as there's supposed to be Wildfire everywhere according to Jaime. Not sure Jaime will save the city this time though - Bran and Dany have both seen visions of a desolated, destroyed throne room. If Jaime were to end up with anyone it would be Brienne IMO. He's never been motivated by power either so I just don't think it would fit. Would like to see him meet Tyrion again though. I have a feeling Sansa might betray Jon, based on nothing but that ominous look from LF and the music that played during it. He's basically taken a title that she should inherit by law and they've went out of their way to show that she doesn't fully trust him. The Hound hates fire, so don't think he'd want that sword. LOL. Hoping he meets up with Arya again.
  13. That was absolutely awesome. They paid the book readers back by putting a lot of the omitted stuff in with a different context ("Fire and Blood", Little birds with knives, Frey Pies, Wyman Manderly). Lyanna Morment and the atcress who plays her has been outstanding. Cersei as queen was epic. She's got nothing to lose and all the power. Even Jaime looked terrified of the prospect. They've setup Dany vs Cersei and Jon vs Littlefinger brilliantly - The resentful look in LF's eyes as Jon was declared KITN was epic. Dany better run into some serious setbacks soon though because as it is she looks unstoppable.
  14. If not for the atrocious accuracy, then probably yeah...