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  1. Maye is all kinds of special.
  2. Flags have genuinely made the sport unbearable.
  3. Good play by Mo. Adams and Maye will be an incredible tandem.
  4. So awful and so unnecessary from Skrine.
  5. The transformation of Wilkerson is simply staggering. I was one of the biggest advocates of getting him a contract. Had he sustained his level I still think he’d have been worth it but he’s just blatantly quit. The man is a total disgrace and not even bothering to look like he’s trying – You’d have thought with the team being competitive after 5 weeks he may step up but it’s more of the same. He should be benched and isolated from the rest of the team. He’s turned out to be exactly the sort of character you want your players avoiding. He got his and he got out. That’s all that’s happened. He’s not providing anything in the short term so why you’d allow him to hurt in the long term is beyond me. Bowles needs to be held accountable if and when this goes t!ts up.
  6. jets viewership down the most

    SAR I has pretty much nailed it - It comes down to the product on the field. The NFL I got into was all about the variety of styles and match-ups - Getting to see the balls to the wall Rams/Colts going up against physically dominant sides like the Steelers/Ravens. Now it's simply about getting a QB, keeping him healthy and you're pretty much assured to be a contender for a decade. The rule changes have been necessary but horrible. I'm not even guilty about how much pleasure I took in the massive hits that were dished out in every game, they were awesome to watch. They took one of the highlights of the sport, removed it and it will only get worse. The high scoring shootouts that followed kept casuals going for a while but it was never sustainable. It's a watered down product and everyone knows it.
  7. Amari Cooper

    Literally Braylon Edwards.
  8. If that was a "great game" the NFL is in trouble. The last 3 games I've watched have been defined by terrible officiating, who seem dead set on deciding the game. That was unwatchable garbage at the end, pure guesswork. The TNF concept is terrible but isn't going anywhere. You'll sooner see them move to having a game every night of the week. The NFL geared it's product towards fantasy football users long ago - It was literally the first tab on NFL.com a few years back, haven't checked but it probably still is. The actual sport itself is secondary until the playoffs start.
  9. Game off, done

    Never said I believed the theory.
  10. Game off, done

    The Patriots are by far and away the most popular team internationally so this theory does not stand up. Agreed with your post on the NFL and QB's though. The intrigue with the league used to be about the multiple way to get a winning team. Now it's just about getting a QB.
  11. Game off, done

    It's so bad. Was watching the Thursday night game and they were scandalously bad in favour of the panthers. Have the Packers game on in the background and they're been hilariously bad against the Vikings. Bring back the strike. F*ck these guys.
  12. This is genuinely a f*cking disgrace. F*ck this league.
  13. hahahaha, I almost forgot what it's like to play the Patriots. **** right off.