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  1. He makes it look so easy. You'd swear he was playing against backups or some sh*t.
  2. Teams have had like 10 years to study Fitzpatrick, lol.
  3. I literally remember people on this forum telling me Mo never has great games. Classic JN. Great half from the defence. Offence has a ways to go but it's never going to be exactly on point without our best weapon. Like I said about Fitz, he's a gameday guy, not a practice/pre-season guy. He'll be running around more and will have more to his game when it matters. Very encouraging half.
  5. Fitz will be fine. He's the modern day Jake Delhomme. Garbage in practice and pre-season, shows up on gameday.
  6. He's making Pennington look durable. Mike Tyson would have fought on though for sure.
  7. He's a hack. get it?
  8. lol
  9. Geno is basically exactly what you want realistically for a backup QB. He's fine where he is.
  10. Agreed. Supress all of the opinions. Will make for a great forum.
  11. I will be absolutely stunned if Hackenberg is anything but a terrible QB in the NFL.