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  1. We absolutely MUST take advantage of that.
  2. Our play calling on second down has been absurdly predictable.
  3. Still can't believe you guys nuked Berlin.
  4. As much as we're getting outplayed, we're getting f*cking nothing from these refs. That's a blatant PI. Better drive though at least. We need to keep this competitive.
  5. I knew that horse sh*t call was coming.
  6. Looking that way. Fitz needs to get his head out of his ass. A couple of plays could give us some momentum - would like to see some timing routes to Marshall/Decker. Defence is getting dominated though. Concering. Put Revis on Kelce.
  7. Terrible decision. We should be trying to get Enunwa involved.
  8. Lee is a stud. He had two sacks negated against the Bills with penalties and another huge one today. Already looks the business. We did well to get away unscathed on that drive. They had about 9 positive plays in a row. Need to be seriously careful with this field position, wouldn't be against a QB sneak just to get any kind of space.