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  1. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Doesn't matter. I was screaming at the TV for him to pick up the ball. Game changer, Pats were looking awful too.
  2. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Running back just went full retard. Have to pick that up and make sure.
  3. Making a Murderer

  4. Let's go Chiefs!

    So typical. 
  5. You don't let a player of that talent in that position go. He's far more reliable than Richardson too and less likely to be missing games.
  6. I am pissed myself. I'm absolutely devastated. But some of the emo sh*t being spouted in here is just absurd. Throwing guys who performed under the bus because it "means nothing" isn't fair. 
  7. Glennon

  8. lol, so god damn miserable. If you make the post season and don't make the Superbowl then so what?
  9. This. A million times this. Jesus what is watching the sport even about if you're not going to enjoy the f*cking wins.  It was a roller coaster of a season. We came up just short but did far more than anyone expected. The highs of last week were great, among the best I've felt as a fan and the lows of today were incredibly painful.  Jesus Christ JiF we're all going to f*cking die anyways -  I guess everything's ultimately for nothing. There are guys throwing around a piece of leather and trying to kill each other for our amusement. For the most part I was amused. More so than I been in quite some time with this sport.
  10. ITS OVER

    Fitzpatrick's detractors telling us they knew all along he'd break the Jets passing records and that he'd win 10 games. They knew it all along because all that matters are playoffs and the clutch moments that are convenient to focus on, rather than those that aren't - Dallas, New England, Giants etc.
  11. Don't watch then. Certainly don't post.
  12. Geno was injured. Are you seriously suggesting Fitz should have been benched for Geno? I'm pretty sure most fans had given up on him anyways. He'd been a bottom 5 QB two years in a row.  Everything is for nothing ever by that logic unless you win a Superbowl. You must be a pretty miserable bastard. It was a good season and I enjoyed most of it. We're not in a terrible position going forward and there's no reason we can't be competitive again next season.
  13. Rex just owns Fitz. Always has and that's coming from his biggest fan. It's a horrible matchup and Fitz himself pretty much admitted it.  We'd be cruising into the playoffs in another division. The team did deserve better than it got.  
  14. How are you feeling?

    I do feel a bit better knowing that they pissed off the terrible portion of our fanbase though. 
  15. That's just absurd. The only reason there was anything on the line was because of him. Would it have been so much meaningful had we kicked that FG and then get beaten next week? GTFO. He had a great season. Put the team on his shoulders at times and got us 10 wins, more than any of his detractors ever gave him a shot at and now they're back desperately trying to give the "I told you so's" - Laughable. That win over the Pats will always be awesome.  He didn't choke anymore than most. The entire team has to be held accountable for today.  No one things he's the long term QB. He's just the current starter. It shouldn't stop us going aggressively after QB prospects. He's proven to be a capable pair of hands in the mean time.