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  1. Everything about this guy was a tragedy. A fitting end. Had everything going for him and threw it away to live that thug life.
  2. Any Jets fan with a bad word to say about Nick Mangold can seriously go and **** themselves.
  3. Completely disagree. Completely agree.
  4. Christian Hackenberg John Oliver Daenerys Targaryen The concept of forgiveness Pep Guardiola
  5. We're officially in the darkest timeline.
  6. There has never been a luckier team in any sport ever.
  7. GET THE **** IN!!!
  8. This is a ******* disgrace.
  9. New England via flags. Classic them.
  10. That TD throw was incredible.
  11. Yeah boyeeeeeeeeee
  12. He wont play a single game for the Jets.
  13. Always liked Ryan from his college days. Think he's been unfairly criticised at times when the team hasn't shown up in big games.