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  1. We're officially in the darkest timeline.
  2. There has never been a luckier team in any sport ever.
  3. GET THE **** IN!!!
  4. This is a ******* disgrace.
  5. New England via flags. Classic them.
  6. That TD throw was incredible.
  7. Yeah boyeeeeeeeeee
  8. He wont play a single game for the Jets.
  9. Always liked Ryan from his college days. Think he's been unfairly criticised at times when the team hasn't shown up in big games.
  10. They went 11-5 with Matt Cassell so it's ridiculous to suggest he hasn't played on legitimately great teams. Of course he's been the main reason they've won - He's GREAT. I'm not disputing how good Tom Brady actually is - I just think Rodgers is better. He was great in 2006 but his stats weren't fantastic (I blame the team for that, rather than him and obviously not judging him by todays inflated numbers) but I don't see how that takes away from what Rodgers just done, who just scored 34 points on the road to the #1 seed without his best WR. They're both fantastic, I just put Rodgers at another level - Just from watching both of them play.
  11. Obviously I'm only going to judge the players I've seen. I personally don't think Brady's at his level. He's obviously great and would be my second choice - But the only time he's ever really had to put a team entirely on his shoulders was 2005, where he did well but eventually fell apart at the stage Rodgers just conquered. Brady is far more often throwing to open WR's, getting YAC while Rodgers is just pure precision. He makes plays he has no right to make. Also think both Brady and Manning could get rattled when their protection wouldn't stand up where Rodgers can improvise at another level. This isn't to knock Brady - I just don't think I've ever seen anyone like Rodgers.
  12. Rodgers is the best QB I have ever seen by a considerable margin.
  13. Aaron Rodgers hits hail mary's like other QB's hit screens.