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  1. Rookie Minicamp & Rookie Numbers

    LMAO at giving him Gholston's no. although he worse 56 early on IIRC. Can Hackenberg live up to the standards set by Brooks Bollinger? Time will tell.
  2. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    Jets are the play.
  3. Site issues?

    Haven't been able to access the site from my WiFi, only able to connect from my phone network.
  4. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    The Weaponz, the schedule and now the sunshine. Jesus Christ.
  5. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    You let your boys make plays. That's the point of having big WR's. It would have been worse. I went into another dimension and checked.
  6. The Current QB Depth Chart

    Met him over the off-season. Needed a piss and we had a sword fight. It's fixed.
  7. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    I'm not trying to turn it into something good. I'm saying that had he thrown it away two plays in a row he'd be getting stick for the missed FG or not getting the TD if Buffalo came back. It's easy with hindsight to say it's not the time to be aggressive - His aggressive passing got us back into the game after our cowardly gameplan went to sh*t. We played completely afraid and it showed. Plenty of accuracy on those 31 TD's. I'm sure you would have preferred to see Geno lead us into that Bills game with a 6-9 record, playing for nothing, with his renowned ability to protect the ball.
  8. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    That the entire team played like a bunch of f*cking droolers with the lone exception of Marshall. Fitz was the reason we were even in the game and the reason that the playoffs were on the line to begin with. He was too aggressive. We killed Chad for the opposite against Pittsburgh. Jets QB's cannot win. Bowles deserves the blame for that game. If a Rex led Jets team had performed like that he'd have been torn to pieces for it.
  9. Scouting Report: Christian Hackenberg

    Great breakdown. He really can't play in Gailey's offence (Or the NFL) until he gets those screens and short passes sorted out. I think a big part of it is mechanics which seem all over the place but the glimpses are enough to at least offer some hope that it can be fixed. The notion that he can play this season is utterly laughable though. If he's to stand a chance he needs at least a year of great coaching. I think Fitz would be a great influence too tbh.
  10. A million times this. Mac will get this done and the players will do what needs to be done. Fitz will be a Jet in 2016.
  11. It's his last year here for sure. Still hoping he can give us one good year but I doubt it. He's the one guy who really could improve our secondary if he could get his sh*t together. If he doesn't play much this season then his NFL Career is over.
  12. QB's can maintain their level of play until they're 40. We'd have made the playoffs had our current starting QB won the one game he played. Some chance... It took an absurd run from Pittsburgh and Kansas City to keep us out. 10 wins gets you there 90% of the time. To do that in your first season with a good team is impressive and "good" team is a stretch. A team with good WR's and a half decent running game. The offensive line was dreadful. The team will be better next year with Fitz.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Blaming Fitz for the Bills game is laughable. Yes he deserves sh*t for that first INT, but the whole team completely sh*t the bed. There was only a game losing INT to throw because he had dragged us back into it. Bowles deserves more flak than anyone else for that sh*tshow. Protecting Chris Ivory when the guy's out the door anyways.
  14. The more I read JoeWilly's posts, the more I wouldn't mind tbh.
  15. The Current QB Depth Chart

    I don't even think you think that. Fitzpatrick is a great leader, a great professional and obviously very intelligent. He's also 34 so shouldn't have a problem with helping the young guys who he's not really directly competing with (unlike Geno). His physical limitations don't change the fact that's a fantastic example to young QB's. As a guy who was a 7th round pick he also knows how to overcome some heavy odds to make it as a starter and overcome issues with accuracy. Sounds familiar. Geno is absolutely poisonous as anything other than a backup right now. I don't dislike the guy personally like many here do but he's basically got every bad habit in the book. Considering some of those are also exactly the habits we're trying to fix in Hackenberg, I wouldn't call him the ideal example. I'd prefer the QB among the best in the league at getting rid of the ball to be there. If Hackenberg developed his pocket awareness to Fitz's level then he really would stand a chance of being the guy.