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  1. Doesn't Decker realize that all those TD's he caught from Fitz were bad throws that he amazingly managed to haul in? Someone link him to those gifs.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Of course we wont cave to his demands. I don't think anyone thinks we will or that we should. He will be back, and it be on our terms (or very close). People need to stop inventing news that isn't there for the time being. It's not Training Camp yet, he knows the team/system - There's no major rush on either side. It will be done.
  3. Gailey: Giant Steps for Geno

    Would love nothing more than to see Geno put it all together and tear it up this season. Never doubted his physical talent but I just think the damage has been done with him. We've heard of him progressing and having outstanding practice reps, but it's never consistently translated to the NFL games. Unfortunately it's a case of not being able to believe it until you see it. He's in such a strange position. Right now it looks as though he'll either start or be cut. Bit of a shame because I DO think he's a good backup to have.
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Thankfully Mike Glennon will never stain the Jets with his presence. Fitz will return and see that we forever dodge that bullet.
  5. No. He didn't go to Penn St.
  6. Rookie Minicamp & Rookie Numbers

    So his accuracy is still atrocious. Maybe he can terrify us into resigning Fitz if nothing else.
  7. He managed to keep his jaw intact. #intangibles
  8. jets 2017.. free agents ~ ~ ~

    Wilkerson will be signed, thanks the gods. The rest can walk unless they show something in 2016. Pretty good situation we're in with the cap room and retention of key players. Gotta hope some of the older guys don't drop off too much.
  9. This is absolutely ridiculous. New England spent a second round pick on a QB last year. I doubt the same was written about them.
  10. I'm just explaining why they're superior beings.
  11. Sanchez is the starting QB of the Superbowl Champions. Fact.
  12. They didn't go to high school because a lot of them aren't even American. I doubt most of them have ever played American Football.
  13. What bothers me are a lot of the people claiming Hackenberg has some exceptional football IQ - Peyton Manning/Andre Luck-esque and that this was why he was the projected #1. I don't see anything resembling that in the highlights. Yes he can basically run a pro-style offence but I'm not seeing the blitz recognition, the audibles to exploit matchups, the situational awareness (archer ftw) that those guys have been doing since College. I don't want to sound like I'm always criticizing because he definitely seems pretty capable of getting the mental side of the game down. It's mainly just another reason to let him learn for a year. This is one area where I would have faith in him improving though.
  14. On offence I'd go with Enunwa - With Smith likely missing more time he'll get his chance to step up. He was causing match-up problems for teams last season but struggled with his catching, especially early on. It did improve though and I think he'll be far more of a factor in 2016. He has serious YAC potential. On defence I'd hope it's Milliner or any of the young CB's really but with more time I think Mauldin can make a serious impact. Was very impressed with what he did last season with limited opportunities. Think he has the right mentality to put it all together this year.