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  1. did you ever hear of depth? you can't have a probowl player at ever position.
  2. i'm sure if you had a prescription for it you wouldn't get suspended.
  3. if that were the case he would have given them a 2-3 year extension already.
  4. why would bowles and mccagnan purposely try and fail? they are fighting for their jobs.
  5. i'm sorry. i'll try and do better. fitz came here is a vet back up to geno.
  6. i'm streaming wfan now. sounds like they might have some of it but i'm not sure.
  7. belichick has terrible body language
  8. maccagnan and bowles are both on the hot seat. unless they are given multiyear extensions now and told their futures are safe why would they tank? they are going to do everything they can to win as many games as possible next season
  9. there was no lip syncing going on in 'emotion' which was why it was so noticable. artists lip sync a lot of live TV performances.
  10. no, you cannot sing properly if you cannot hear yourself. you need to be able to hear your own voice to sing in tune. dancers can still dance, musicians can still play their instruments, but a singer must be able to hear their voice otherwise they have no idea of what pitch they are singing at.
  11. did people expect bowles to fire himself?