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  1. Sorry, I couldn't hear you over your liberal, PC scumminess.
  2. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    You sir, are an artist. 
  3. If they were protesting because Beyonce were terrible it would be one thing. This is just ridiculous. 
  4. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Outstanding. He won the big rig and the love of his son and the grudging respect of Robert Loggia. 
  5. So you think field goals are better than touchdowns? Have you recently attended a seminar at the Herman Edwards Academy for Advanced Football Strategy?
  6. Wait... so the Giant D's performance counts but Brady's doesn't? You trying to have your cake and eat it to, my friend. 
  7. On the biggest stage, in the biggest game of his life with the biggest stakes he'll ever face - undefeated season, 4-0 in Super Bowls - all the marbles, what did he do? 14 points.  Less than half his season average.  Against a mediocre defense.  Montana would have won that game. Bradshaw would have won that game. Starr would have won that game. Graham would have won that game.  Tom Brady shrunk in the face of history. 
  8. Touchdowns >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Field Goals.  Your argument is invalid. 
  9. Are you kidding me? He had led a record setting offense all year. One that was averaging north of 30 points per game and he could only muster 14 against a mediocre defense that finished in the middle of the pack in everything.  THAT IS A sh*tTY PERFORMANCE THAT COST HIS TEAM A CHAMPIONSHIP.  This wasn't like Peyton's Broncos getting steam rolled by an exceptional defense like the Seahawks two years ago. This was an alleged all-timer sh*tting the bed against a below average defense on the biggest stage.  All-timers don't get shut down by mediocre defenses in championship games. 
  10. 48 yards is no gimme. Great ones leave no doubt. Great ones score touchdowns.  Since you clearly don't get it, this is what a great one looks like:
  11. Dude. He "led" them on about a 40-yard drive to get into position for a very missable 48-yard field goal. A great QB scores a TD or gets his team into position for a gimme.  Brady was average at best that day. His work on that final "drive" was at Geno Smith level. 
  12. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Ooooooh.... if wishing made it so.....
  13. You mean the 2006 Colts who were 21st in total defense, 23rd in scoring defense and 25th in DVOA? The defense that shat the bed in the first half of the AFC Championship Game, causing Peyton Manning to lead a still record comeback in the 2nd half? So I guess Peyton wasn't brilliant in the second half of that game AND Brady didn't choke according to you? What other mystical force won that game for the Colts?