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    I know... its a regular ****in Algonquin round table around here.
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    Ahhh.... gotta love the high brow discourse of a JN mafia game.
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    Pac and CTM don't have either and '8' or an '0' in their names..... unless.....
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    The game is afoot!!! Where are my manners? Pac sucks at this game!!!! carry on.
  6. Can Brady's legacy be any more damaged? I think this whole thing now is about nothing but Brady's ego. He is so ******* stupid he thinks being exonerated by appeal will somehow cement his "legacy." What he doesn't understand, because he is a vapid, narcissistic moron, is that in the minds of 95% of football fans who live outside New England he is nothing more than a cheating prick 6th rounder who owes his entire career to Mo Lewis and a video camera.
  7. Oh just shut up and take your punishment like a man you ******* pansy.
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    Good man. How's the family Those kids have got to be teenagers by now.
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    What the ****? I know for a fact that dude took at least one vacation.
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    Holy crap! Where the hell have you been?
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    Is that physically possible?