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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. That distinction belongs to this:
  2. Just give it up already. No one wants your suck ruining another game.
  3. Ahhh.... the A.C.M. a proud offshoot of S.C.R.A.M.
  4. Did he go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, too?
  5. I know... he's adorable.
  6. **** Rich Cimini and **** Mike Glennon. DO NOT WANT!
  7. What do you know, nyjunc says you are one of the most clueless posters on the board!
  8. Your points are not valid just because you say they are valid.
  9. What does any of that have to do with the fact that Pennington wasn't any good? Not that it matters but in '08 we had a one-armed Brett Farve down the stretch. I really don't think Pennington would have won more than 5 games with that roster. In 15 we had that worthless piece of garbage Fitz. Would you like to at least attempt to make a valid point?
  10. Didn't we also have an historically easy early schedule that year?
  11. Don't forget the cWo!!!
  12. Still? I'll give you one thing, you're tenacious.
  13. It also didn't hurt that no one had a scouting report on him yet in '02. Once they did, boy did things change.