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  1. Under Woody's Ownership

  2. Under Woody's Ownership

    Actually, we ranked in the top 5 in both '10 and '11....
  3. Under Woody's Ownership

    Yeah... you're right.... it was all Mark Sanchez....
  4. Under Woody's Ownership

    Really? We had a defense that carried Mark friggin Sanchez to the doorstep of the Super Bowl twice. That's pretty friggin' dominant. Not to mention that we've only been outside the top 10 in DVOA twice in the last 7 years.
  5. Under Woody's Ownership

    Amazing that 7of the 10 defensive players we'vre drafted are still on the roster. That's actually a really good thing.
  6. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    I get what you are saying from a value perspective but isn't it possible that based on Bowles schemes the Jets had Lee as the best completelyhealthy player on their board there?
  7. " A reactionary pick from a Front Office that thinks there " This where I stopped reading..... it's "they're."
  8. I don't know... what do you call spending 14 hours a day on a rival team's fansite in a desperate attempt for personal validation because your real life is devoid of any real joy?
  9. Tom Brady is the 2nd best QB in the division? Who the hell do you think is the best?
  10. Meh... it's not much different than jerking off over the prospect of Jimmy Garropolo actually being worth a sh*t.
  11. Was that ever really in question though?
  12. What's more amazing is how little they actually require.
  13. I guess the truth hurts.