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  1. Nope. I'm not the type to coming back.
  2. I'm retired. I will no longer share my mafia greatness with the world. Smart not inviting Pac though. He sucks at this game.
  3. -7 -7 rep? There are quite a few humorless people on this beard these days. I mean Pac doesn't surprise me. He's never said anything remotely funny and sucks at mafia, but the rest of you guys.
  4. That's not fair. Cutler's failures in Denver led directly to them eventually getting Peyton Manning and winning a Super Bowl. He is a kingmaker.
  5. Pac sucks at running this game.
  6. And he's gonna start. There won't be a competition. You sign him to a 2-year cap friendly deal that allows you to cut him after year one if the rookie works out.
  7. Anytime a guy plays remotely competently for another team, there are a group of poster here who fall in love with the guy. It's a grass is always greener thing.
  8. Read my whole post, this is what is called a "stopgap."
  9. If you read my OP I am not talking about building around Cutler. No one who would advocate for Cutler would dream of that. I am talking about him starting maybe 8 games while we ready a first rounder, who you would obviously be looking to build around. Glennon sucks.
  10. What kind of psycho thinks Glennon is a franchise QB? GTFO
  11. Yeah.... who would want to coach a franchise in the greatest city on the planet where even minor success buys you free meals and drinks for the rest of your life? This is a dumb premise. There are a grand total of 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL. It is incredibly rare for anyone to turn one down. Even the Browns are able to find people to coach them and they are maybe the worst run franchise in all of sports and you have to live in the utter sh*thole that is Cleveland. The Jets will have no problem finding willing candidates.
  12. Embrace it. You'll be happier.