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  1. We could be the Jaguars and have a coach who is still employed despite having the 2nd worst win percentage of any coach with more than 50 games since World War II. Bert Bell was the worst and he only kept his job as HC for so long because he also owned the damn team. He eventually came to his senses and replaced himself. This loser is 14-41. And yet some down here still defend this idiot. It's like they have Stockholm Syndrome. Blake Bortles has only thrown 147 passes in his career with a lead. He's thrown 1015 while trailing. Ouch. Plus, they have the worst looking uniforms in history.
  2. This is a rhetorical question, right? Everybody knows its just a matter of time until Gholston finally has his breakout game.
  3. Cleveland has grit...... does that mean they have a lot of white players?
  4. Everyone on this board is a........ really good guy who is a little too obsessed with football.
  5. I'm not Jetsfan80. All of my posts have been different. Go back and read 80's post and then my response. This is a test to see if arguing with you is worth my time.
  6. Last year was 2015, can you read?
  7. As of this moment it doesn't. I couldn't care less about the relative merits of the 2013 and 2015 Jets. I only care about what it's going to take to turn this team around and if I have to see Ryan ******* Fitzpatrick start much longer I'm going postal.
  8. I think we just made a love connection!
  9. So what the hell are we arguing about? This is how you are Pac-like.
  10. That's what teammates do. They get each other's backs. They don't whine like little bitches about how unappreciated they are.
  11. 80 is ghey for Fitz?
  12. Its like the old saying - when you have four quarterbacks you end up getting stuck starting a delusional interception machine who can't master the use of a beard trimmer.
  13. Stop spamming the board with the same nonsense post. I bested you and you know it. You are almost as bad at football talk as Pac is at mafia.
  14. And as a result of last year's non-playoff performance we got a crappy draft slot and brought back a piece of sh*t quarterback who plays like Ryan Leaf and thinks he's Joe Montana. I can do this all day.
  15. Ummm... in the 8-win season we outscored our opponents 8 times. In the 10-win season we did it 10 times. You can spin this bullsh*t anyway you want but at the end of the day it's all bullsh*t. Fitzpatrick is playing like dogsh*t NOW. That's all that matters.