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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. Man, I friggin' hate Thomas Jones.
  2. He knows why.
  3. He gets put out to stud?
  4. Did Ray Ray not sit his son down and whisper dramatically to him to teach him life lessons?
  5. I still hate you Thomas Jones! I will not wish you a Happy Birthday.
  6. What? I didn't say YOU would do such a thing.
  7. Meh... could be worse. There could be someone on here night and day extolling the virtues of Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez.
  9. Sorry Sally, been shirking my JN responsibilities. The anchor business is a cruel and hideous bitch goddess. Pac sucks at mafia. Everybody knows it except him. He is deluded. You're not only great at mafia, you're a damn fine-looking man.
  10. Man I miss this man's posting style.
  11. HAHA. The Thor movies have been the worst of all the MCU movies. The Dark World was a special kind of bad. That movie is essentially pointless.
  12. Agree on the Netflix stuff. I am stoked for Luke Cage. Also very interested in seeing how they work the Planet Hulk angle in the next Thor movie. That has the potential to be awesome.
  13. What did you think of Civil War? I thought they did a good job of shoehorning that story into the MCU and they finally seem to be getting Spiderman right (which, as a Spidey guy is very important to me.)
  14. I heard bad things about Leto.
  15. Well this doesn't bode well. How bad was Leto?