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  1. who wrote this? garbage. "Pick TE reasonably high" great idea!!! Maybe we can also avoid the line and RB again!
  2. YUP
  3. That is a cool name
  4. My bitching is simple, i am looking at the mock drafts and they having us doing stupid sh*t like getting O J Howard or something else retarded. For far too long we have been run by some unseen methodology to spend big money on the wrong positions and focus on Defense religiously in the first round even when we shouldn't. I admit I was on-board and pleasantly surprised for Richardson and L Williams, and I too thought Pryor might be this mythical Ed Reed type of player that would really lift us up and win us games. Darron Lee I don't know who the hell that was. Anyway my point is enough is enough. Defense can win games no doubt but you need an office and play-makers there to win in this league consistently, Damn Sanchez forever for not taking advantage of that small window of great defense, but in reality, the "D" that got us to the big game, didn't show up in winnable AFC championship games when it mattered most. My point my plea, my begging is for one simple thing, Can we PLEASE switch from the our offense is going to suck so we need to focus on great def to make the opponent offense suck, to let build an good offense with playmakers to our def doesn't have to work so hard and average to above aver play is all we need to keep the win. The best defense is a great offense. I am sick and ******* tired of the "lets pay huge money to Revis and other Defensive players, using all of our 1st rounders on Defense. Jesus Christ I am a casual fan and even I can tell you that you should get play makers on offense. Look at ATL, they put together good offense and their D plays better because of it. Wouldnt it be great to know we are going to be able to win 8 games consistently and if we can play about ave def we have a legit shot? Instead every year is well we have no offense so we need a big, perfect legendary season from our D to even have a chance?. SIGN A GOD DAMN RB, WR, Stud QB if we can. We need a damn offense. Great D is fine but we have FA for that. If we go in a pick a TE or Defensive player at number 6 I am going to lose my sh*t. LOSE MY sh*t!!!!! In closing, I would just like to say At 6 we have a shot for stud RB, great lineman and that is where I want us to go. We dont need to find out QB of the future. Playmakers make mediocre/bad QB win games see Redskins or other crap QB to Rookie QB who have put W's in this league.
  5. THat is Awesome, You going to any preseason? I always am curious if any of that or the OTA stuff is worth going to
  6. First Jet game was last year against Oakland. Stadium Sucked, food was crap, even the tailgate was pretty sad, but honest even losing it was alot of fun to go and see it live. I was sitting like 20 feet from the bench. This year bringing the BBQ! Good lord let us a get the W!!
  7. I think McCown had one on too, Anyone see them for sale anywhere? Damn I wish I had bought it in 15
  8. I was just wondering if anyone knew why the jerseys don't look like the one that Namath wore in sb3? The stripes and colors don't look the same as the one he wore is that for some reason? Can you buy one that looks like that?
  9. why is couples still on the team this year?
  10. No doub t best one is the jets eagles game, I got 1k on jets
  11. I am really rooting for walls to make the team...and kerley to be replaced.
  12. Because he was garbage when he was here
  13. someone posted a chart that showed He had same numbers as dalton and 2 other so called good QB's...he dont suck...he is better than the last 4 starters we have had and thier back up
  14. just read the topic title...crazy. he is better than our last two starters combined and every back up we had in those years too... lol remember the Clemmons camp? anyway yeah GO Fits, mr average is all we need.