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  1. I think McCown had one on too, Anyone see them for sale anywhere? Damn I wish I had bought it in 15
  2. I was just wondering if anyone knew why the jerseys don't look like the one that Namath wore in sb3? The stripes and colors don't look the same as the one he wore is that for some reason? Can you buy one that looks like that?
  3. why is couples still on the team this year?
  4. No doub t best one is the jets eagles game, I got 1k on jets
  5. I am really rooting for walls to make the team...and kerley to be replaced.
  6. Because he was garbage when he was here
  7. someone posted a chart that showed He had same numbers as dalton and 2 other so called good QB's...he dont suck...he is better than the last 4 starters we have had and thier back up
  8. just read the topic title...crazy. he is better than our last two starters combined and every back up we had in those years too... lol remember the Clemmons camp? anyway yeah GO Fits, mr average is all we need.
  9. Yeah....I Fantasy Football you run into all sorts of stats.. This is good news right? 2. Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are the only two quarterbacks who averaged more yards per pass attempt and had a higher touchdown percentage than ... wait for it ... Ryan Fitzpatrick. Check out the article
  10. it is so nice to see us move on from bad and mediocre talent. Kerley has always been decent as others have said but we know his limit and what he is capable of, he is average WR3/4/5 guy and thats it, Now we get a kid in there who is the same but possible could become more or be more dynamic. I am 100 percent ok with us cutting kerley with a guy with more upside. Like Williams replacing Wilson or whoever took his spot. We knew was wilson was and replaced him with another guys similar talent but possible higher ceiling. Man its like the GM knows what the f they are doing. I am very happy as a Jets fan in general, like what the new regime is doing and how there actually seems to be competition. Hell I apprecaite that Idzik got us all that money too but loving the new guy. Hopefully we are going to get a a good season our of Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  11. Fitz doesn't seem so bad to me, he doesn't turn it over like crazy and we have some decent weapons, Offense will be middle of the pack which is A ok with me. I mean we have to start somewhere... we might make playoffs with this kid.
  12. All his numbers also say his head and shoulders above Geno in every category too I think...I hope we can get decent play out of him because this D will win games for us,
  13. Can we call Bret Favre? We have to have a few new masseuses by ow right?
  14. I need you help, can we get some Fantasy Football names going? I used to use "TD's and Beet" all the time but was never able win my league. Last year I changed and made it Jets themed with "Rexy and I know it", sure enough the Jet gods let me win convincingly. I was hoping to get some help with a new name for this year. So far all I have is "Great Bowles of Fire", Feel free to submit your names below. Here is my championship message to the league last year. enjoy! (please excuse bad grammar and miss-spelling as I was somewhat drunk and can't type/read that well in the first place.) Congratulations I am your Champion Posted: Dec 23, 12:18 AM Dear League, It's a pleasure to be your Champion, your guiding light, your inspiration. To all of you that succeed in your own lives due to my great example, you are welcome. I said at the beginning of the year I would win and I did. Promise Kept. "Teeman" first and foremost great game. Either one of us at the end of the day would have to admit the other put together one hell of a team. You are all class man. Hill was a tremendous pick up. I'd also like to thank the Jeremiah Thompson for giving me that first round bye in the playoffs. thanks to that horrible team my guys were fresh for the important games. Dre, Dawg Pound thank you sir for having scrubs like Jed in the league. I mean this is the guy I thought I shut up in week one, then he ducks and backs out of his bet the second time I beat him. Then as two teams ready themselves for the championship game, he went ahead and doomed Teemans chances by jinksing him before it even started by opening his big mouth. No class. Jed you and your your scrub a dub loser team. You can talk to me and Teeman at the pro bowl while we are talking about what it takes to be a champion. Listen up and learn something. Just stay on the other side of the room where losers belong. i don't want any of your loser tarnish to get on our winners glory. As a matter of fact, maybe you should just stay home. Again everyone thanks for a great year. I will hoist the trophy of my dominance proudly. Your Champion -Rexy and I know it