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    The Monday Night Miracle
    great game, made me proud to be a Jets fan
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    The Mud Bowl of course, then the loss to the Broncos in AFC championship, finally the Playoff game against the Steelers, when we missed the two field goals.
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    Don't really have one. I only see the games on TV
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    Yes, but I was only three year old

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  1. Sorry I am a little dense this morning, I am not sure what you are saying. I think he is not over drafted at the 6th pick...
  2. Why is there no love for Howard from Alabama at 6?
  3. The problem with all of the venom concerning the statement is that it is true..... His statement by no means accepts this a chronic problem. He says it happens sometimes and it does... Relax people.....
  4. Bowles should not be a dead man walking if the GM is intentionally picking personnel that will keep the Jets from playing competitive football.
  5. I agree with you about MO and hopefully he is healthy this season. But I still believe that last year he under performed.
  6. When Revis held out at least he was playing well. Richardson and Wilkerson both under performed last year. If Richardson plays the same way he did last year and holds out he is nuts....
  7. So you are thinking that the coke would be warm.....
  8. I would not be either. The way things shake out on draft night, a very good one may fall to us, and they would be the BPA.
  9. No, and I mean no!!! Sent from my STV100-2 using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. I remember the game. I also remember being happy when. He was happy the draft pick (out of Louisville if I remember correctly) because I liked him in college. I guess I am not a good evaluator of QB talent. I also liked Jim Drunken Miller out of VA Tech. Sent from my STV100-2 using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. Personally I was never interested in Mallet or Hoyer. If the bears want to pay Glennon 14+ mill a year for three years based on his body of work let them. I think that is absolutely crazy. I hope the Jets get some o-line in the draft and let the Kids (Petty and Hack) fight it out for the starting position. Time to see what we have at QB. Bring a vet to back up only....
  12. Then we better draft o-line with the first two picks.... Still think he wants more money than he has earned by his play or lack of play on the field....
  13. What makes people believe that Hoyer would be a good mentor. What has he done to demonstrate his ability to mentor young QBs?