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  1. I think both can make contribuition for the Jets. Why? Differents positions. Our corp of Wide outs isn`t a great one, but can make something on the field. Jace Amaro is the biggest TE we have right now. Smith its young yet, Amaro same, so both can make some differencies on the roster. Thats what i though!
  2. Ok, ok!!! i1m sorry! I'm not a analyst to talk about it, i just a fan who watch games! Just that!
  3. I think if we trade Revis, we're dumb!!! For real, we have a couple of the best DB's in the league, and we will trade the #1??? Its nuts!!! No man in conscience will do that! That's is my opinion! Losing Revis, we're saying good bye to our secondary!! One of the things we have best is the depth of DB's!!! I just saying!!!
  4. I'll see if i can help with some money, if i don't, i will try to do my best, pray for her. Like a christian is my job, pleasure and necessity to do it. Keep believe in God to help her. Jesus Christ is on your side Tim Brady. I believe God have some work to you daughter and to you too. Believe me, God know what is happend to Alissa and you. HE have control of all out this. Alissa, i think is a beautifull girl and will be a good woman on day. And the history of her life will change many peoples when she talk about this. Alissa is a gift to you, your family and the wolrd. God bless you Tim, and God bless Alissa and her recovery. Has soon as possible she will talk, walk, eat and dressing clothings has fast you believe it. Bye.
  5. Same thought!!! Tannenbaum and HC Rex Ryan says the Jets never had the better team we have in this season!!! They are wrong?? I guess not!!!
  6. Come on dude!!! Are you seriously? I'm not a druken hoodlum!!! I put that word in my past!!! Lets see the game against Broncos!!! Jets have a great chance to win this game. And... GO JETS GO!!!
  7. Come on guys!!! Agreed the last game vs. Pats wasn't the good one and we HAD MUST win game...but now, we can do good games!!! We have chance to go the PO's?? Who knows?? We can win a SB? No damn way man!!! But play on playoffs...we can, win a conference and division....though thing to happend. What we are? Jets fan or just cheer to the Jets when they win a game? A real fan will cheer for the team in the WIN AND LOST GAMES!!!! I watch the game on tv and been desappointed with the performance of the jets...but what i can do?? i will cheer for this team in everyday in my life untill i go to the grave!!! The death will stop me to cheers for this great and awsome team. If no one agreed with me....cheers for the another team!
  8. Brady can be one of mighties in the NFL, but he isn't GOD!!! he be hurt and with that, they put us with advantage over games vs. Pats!!! Am I wrong?? donno!!! Lets see on the game.
  9. same 2x
  10. Don't know man!!! And i dont know what pass trought the Sanchez mind in this play!!! Damn...he can fight against DE's, LB's and he froose against a CB?? LoL!!!!
  11. Sanchez reach a higher level in his career, between his 2 last season he played! I believe he can make a good plays and in the future he will be a HoF class member!!!
  12. He can be a good CB...But we are not looking for a "superstar", we are looking for a real football player on the Defense. Asante Samuel?? Bye bye man!!! To join in anywhere, you need to change you character first, and then you can join in the real football game. Peace man!!!
  13. This seems an temptation for all Jets fan!!! Revis e Samuel?? Maybe this can be a dream for our secondary?? This really can be happen to our great and beautifull D#?? Asante Samuel: Green & White??
  14. Ok, Wilson can be fresh with running games, but he isn't stupid to not learn about those plays! When he learn, he will be great DB for our D#, just to put him to learn how to read a running game!
  15. That means the all QBs will soffer with Darrelle "Island" Revis playing against them!!! So..every QB will put some strategies over him...this is something i thought!