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  1. Of course the NFL hung itself. Nobody wants to watch QBs getting away with murder, let alone the defense hog tied as to what they can "legaly do". Football is more than that.
  2. Ive been a Jets fan since 79, when I was 9. Ive never been to a game, but some day the stars will align and I will get to go. Hard to make it a one day trip from Maine and get to work in the morning, so I would have to hit a cheap hotel and call out of work if I couldnt get the time off. (no Im not going to a Jets game in Foxboro) I envy you guys that live closer to the stadium and get to go, but I consider myself just as big of a fan as those that do.
  3. My condolences JE
  4. Dude should get an endorsement gig with Trojan.
  5. WTF was that???
  6. Then you are blind
  7. Notice how the game really turned when the refs started throwing laundry every other play?
  8. Thats what Im thinking
  9. Come on man.........
  10. Get on your horse Ryan, need points now!