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  1. What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin' on here?! I hired you people to try to get a little track laid, not discuss the QBs' looks like a bunch of Kansas City Royals!
  2. Because it's very simple. Geno Smith is going to improve and become a franchise guy the same way Browning Nagle was going to, the way Glenn Foley was going to, the way Kellen Clemens was going to, the way Mark Sanchez was going to. At least if you listen to the woefully delusional that is. And where did I ever say anything about sticking with Fitz? It's painfully obvious his days as a marginally effective NFL QB are all but over, but that doesn't mean I want to be stuck with watching 10 weeks of failure I'm already familiar with repeat itself over and over again with #7. I couldn't care less if Hack is ready or not, but I'd rather watch his baby legs get chopped out from under him than watch this dope do anything in a Jet uniform ever again. Nope, sorry, I love the game and love rooting for the Jets but there's only so many times you can blow smoke up another's backside with promises of Christmas presents only to wake up to nothing under the tree every December 25. After 2014 I saw all I had to see of this guy, and if there is a silver lining, it's that my Sundays are now freed up to do anything but watch this team commit the inevitable with another proven-crap QB this organization is so fond of collecting. I understand some of you need something, anything to grasp on to keep your wits about this season, but praying for miracles when the evidence is so blaring is something I left behind in elementary school when i tried to convince classmates the Walton Jets were just as good as Parcells' Giants and that Kenny O was a top tier QB, to much derison. I'd hope my assessment of these guys has improved since I was 10. And if anyone is trying to convince themselves that a repeat of 2002 is a possibility, just remember a healthy Pennington more than belonged on an NFL field. A healthy Geno belongs in the concessions stands.
  3. To me the Rex era coming to an end was more akin to the end of the Walton era. Both had very fast starts, showed some promise, but ultimately both proved to be lackluster HCs. Another striking similarity is that after both were fired, new GMs & HCs were hired but you didn't / don't get a sense of a true culture change, just plug new pieces in but conduct business as usual. Mediocrity was / is allowed to fester long after it took hold. But neither's end was rock-bottom for the program. It wasn't until that 4-28 stretch under Kotite that the Jets organization seemed to finally take a long look at themselves in the mirror and came to the realization that their entire operation was bush league at best. The events leading to that moment of clarity was rock-bottom to me (remember Kotite's sad-sack resignation press conference?). They finally did something significant to fix that by hiring a real football man, and we saw a true culture change for once with this damn team. Not saying Bowles is Kotite, coincidentally his tenure is reminding me a lot like Walton's replacement, Bruce Coslet. Let's just hope the organization wakes up before we have to go through Kotite 2.0
  4. I'm assuming you must be 20 years old if you read my original post and thought I was referring to Bowles. And I don't mean that as an insult. Anyone alive during 95-96 would know the real meaning of this franchise bottoming out.
  5. Why are there so many guys on this site who can't simply accept this fact when the evidence is OVERWHELMING that the kid will never be an NFL starter? WTF has Geno Smith EVER done, at any level of football, to gain a cult following?
  6. Yeah I'd say the bolded is pretty darn accurate. Thanks for encapsulating my thoughts oh so succinctly.
  7. Are those emanations I'm sensing the wafting stench of passive aggression? Care to explain how my metaphor is inaccurate about the absolutely horrible QBs the Jets have a history of taking in the 2nd round? A round that historically produces nothing at QB yet we keep dipping our hands into while praying for a miracle to occur?
  8. More or less this. Plus I'm saying let's lay off these 2nd round QB reaches for a while. A long while. I'll do the research later, but has a franchise QB been picked in the 2nd round in the past 25-30 years? Seems like the most successful one in that span has been Andy Dalton, and it's debatable whether he's a true franchise QB or not. You probably have to go back to 1984 with Boomer Esiason for the best answer, 32 freakin' drafts ago. Edit: Forgot about Favre in 1991
  9. Kellen Clemens was 2nd round mildew that you sprayed a little Fantastik on, let it settle for 10 seconds and you quickly wiped the surface clean. Physically & bilogically similar to the Browning Nagle strain. Geno is the same 2nd round mildew but a stronger strain, and the Fantastik used to clean it up is too watered down (Fitz), thus why it keeps re-appearing to wreak havoc on your grout. Hackenberg is 2nd round mildew that grows in that insignifcant, unseen corner of the bathroom you weren't too keen on cleaning, anyway.
  10. If we're looking at the same games, I'd say that era is in full bloom. Also, considering last time this program absolutely crashed and burned it served as a major wake-up call and netted us our first (and probably only) real Head Coach since Walt Michaels, that's probably exactly what we need.
  11. The fact is every athlete who's ever played at least 1 series / drive/ at-bat, you name it, at the pro level are all selfish, entitled, me-first, and psychopathically competitive human beings. The film may say otherwise, but every last one of them believes they can play through a "slump" & get themselves in the right direction. It may seem delusional in some, if not most, cases, but if they didn't have that bat-sh!t crazy drive and belief in themselves they'd have never got to the pro level in the first place. Any athlete who's happy with a benching is either A) lying through his teeth, B ) is about a week away from retiring, anyway, or C) (and most likely) non-existent. You better believe each and every last man on the bench couldn't care less if a teammate lands on IR with a gruesome injury if that means he's now the horse who gets to run in the derby. Montana got the starting job at ND when the starting QB literally almost died from a hit that left him with a broken neck & back, and 20+ years later, Mo Lewis nearly killed Bledsoe when he blew up his insides, giving Brady his chance. I'm pretty sure neither Montana nor Brady have 2 f**ks to give at the gruesome fates of their predecessors to this very day.
  12. My God I just read the news 5 minutes ago and my heart immediately sank. I was 13 when the incident happened and the name Dennis Byrd would forever be in my memory from that day forward. I'm not one for blind athlete worship but this one is really hard to take. RIP Warrior.