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  1. So there was a conspiracy to keep Browning Nagle down?
  2. I've never been happier to use this gif like I will right now in regards to the sentiments laid out in the threads you have presented before me
  3. Are posters in this thread really laying the blame of Nagle's failure at the feet of others? Yes, having Bruce Coslet as his HC wasn't the same as having a Walsh or Holmgren, but if Browning Nagle had anything to offer the NFL aside from a bazooka that had no semblance of touch or accuracy, his talent would have shined through elsewhere... he had a shot with the Colts backing up two NFL Norris castoffs in Harbaugh & Majkowski in '94, and was good enough to wrestle away 1 start from those 2 immortals. He's out of football in 1995 and is on the 1996 Falcons where he amasses a whopping 13 attempts behind Bobby Hebert & Jeff George. If there was magic in that kid it would have showed up elsewhere, but when the mind is lacking, no amount of physical talent can make up for it. The fact that he either couldn't or stubbornly wouldn't adjust his velocity on short, intermediate, & deep passes was ALL you needed to know regarding his football IQ, and his mentality was obviously: "Brain, what brain, I've got an arm that can thread any needle's eye, and it'll bail me out of this stupid decisi - D'OH! Another interception! Sorry Jets fans, but I do have a shoulder rocket I MUST show off every chance I get." He was Kellen Clemens about 15 years before Kellen Clemens' acorn shaped head ever showed up around these parts. A 2nd round QB with a scattershot rocket launcher, just like Clemens, and just as awful. Only difference is that Clemens at least seemed like a humble, "aw shucks" kinda guy whereas Nagle was undeservedly cocky and as each performance got worse, became just unlikable (which probably explains why Clemens has lasted MUCH longer than Nagle in the league). Revisionist history be damned.
  4. We also once had a head coach who could fart farther than his punter could punt. These are the days of our Jets lives...
  5. I got a package for Woody if he'd just peep inside that hole in that wall over there for a second... Wait, wut???
  6. Well then good thing I am
  7. Lots of Jets fans like to say "Favre had us at 8-3." Replace Favre with "Leon Washington" & now you have the truth.
  8. George Seifert was a damn good football coach who remains criminally underrated and should have already had his bust in Canton. The fact that Tony Dungy got inducted before him, Jimmy Johnson, and Tom Flores is absolutely mind-boggling and just plain stupid IMHO. and stupid IMHO. As for the idiots that like to argue that he simply rode Walsh's coat-tails and thus his success is tainted, go ask Islanders fans just how difficult it is to find someone even halfway competent as the late great Al Arbour since he retired... both times.
  9. If he had anything to offer he would have at least been given the opportunity to alter the rhetoric about him. It's not like we're only now seeing eyebrows being raised regarding his inability to get off the bench. It was being discussed as far back as the preseason. How can people continue to make excuses for this horrendous situation. A 2nd round QB pick sits behind 3 utter stiffs (and not 1 of them were drafted in a higher round than Hack) during a season that was deep-sixed by Halloween and the team has no intention on giving him at least a little look-see with live action? Even rookie year Chad got some playing time in a Sunday night blowout in Oakland in a year where 2 much more capable QBs (Vinny & Lucas) than what we have now were ahead of him on the depth chart. I'm sure Penny wasn't supposed to see the field at all in 2000 either, yet when the opportunity arose, he did. Simply put, this Hack situation is utter garbage because 1: the player is crap & 2: the idiot GM decided to use a 2 on a round 5-7 talent. NO ONE was picking Hack before then and even if they had, better them than us.
  10. You musta played one heck of a game of telephone this morning for a tweet that states "I can see O'Brien/team agreeing to part ways " to be morphed into "O'Brien to be fired" by the time you decided to post that silly misleading title.
  11. Autographed replicas of the pic sent to Jenn Sterger's phone?
  12. From one older fan to another, I'd have to say your 2nd paragraph is pretty spot on.