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  1. A fun debate was (circa 2002) whether or not that young unknown QB on the bench with the last name of Pennington (who's only knock at that point was that he wouldn't let 'er rip in practice and was over-thinking according to Herm) was ready to unseat the grizzled veteran Testaverde. We're debating whether or not Tory Woodbury can throw a football without falling over himself.
  2. He wasn't Mark Bavaro but he wasn't Kyle Brady 2.0 either. His problem was never with catching balls or even getting open, it's that when he had the ball in his hand, NOTHING happened except for a rumble of 5 yards or so and then he gets cut down by a DB he outweighed by 50-60 lbs. I'll never forget when Phil Simms once commented on Becht (and I paraphrase): "Whether you run like a rhino or a gazelle should be determined by your physical attributes. Becht is a rhino who wants to run like a gazelle." Considering Simms threw to one of the greatest rhinos in NFL history, I'd venture to guess he was deadly accurate on that assessment. And TEs drafted in the 1st round are guys who can catch and make at least the first tackler miss according to their film & workout numbers (Johnny Mitchell might have been crazy and stupid but on this front he absolutely showed he was drafted in the correct round). Becht must have shown he had some sort of "wiggle" to him to have been taken in the 1st. But he just didn't translate. Chris Baker had much more "wiggle" than he did.
  3. It's almost like that quote: "If a debate is needed whether or not a guy is a HOFer, chances are he ain't." This can absolutely be applied to franchise QBs and to a lesser extent even starting QBs, but we're having a friggin debate over whether this kid can gain or (regain) his proper fundamental mechanics JUST to compete for a future on this QB starved team. Am I the only one who finds this utterly insane??? Call me negative, call me SOJF, I don't care, but if this is what we're debating about a 2nd round pick heading into year two, no way in hell am I betting that we get to the next level of debates about this kid.
  4. Ahh the very late 90s - early 2000s NY Rangers. The days of being lead by coaching immortals such as Trots, John Muckler, & Ron Low. When the soft as banana purée Czechmates line was supposed to be the cornerstone of the franchise and the cornerstone of that cornerstone was none other than Petr "Messier 2.0" Nedved. It's too bad that doughy, pasty, slow footed sack of sh!t Derek Stepan wasn't born a decade earlier. Dude would have found a very, very fitting home in MSG during that era.
  5. And getting chopped down by CBs oh-so-easily because he was so stiff hipped he couldn't get his pad level low enough to simply barrel through would be tacklers.
  6. And this is why the media is the absolute cesspool crapfest it is. He says " Completely different take after reading entire thing." So why is a "professional" journalist tweeting out anything from any source without properly reading said source at least once? And these are the people we're supposed to depend on to deliver us fair and accurate reporting? And you gotta love the "My mistake" at the end, like he forgot the proper punctuation on a vocabulary exam. No you pencil necked doosh-bag, you took another man's words and publicly butchered his statement to paint the picture that would give you as many clicks as possible. These people are true, true scummy a$$hole$.
  7. He had already won 2 SB MVPs and there was already an early debate brewing over whether this skinny kid is the GOAT before Rozelle ever dreamed of receiving a card from the SF War Room with the name "Jerry Rice" on it. And throwing to the all world duo of Dwight Clarke (who was damn good but not Rice / Taylor) and Freddie Solomon. If you're gonna give credit to anyone but Montana for what is still to me the greatest QB career of all time, then echo the name "Bill Walsh."
  8. Pre injury Penny throwing to the man in your avatar could have legit rewritten the record books.
  9. Nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving... NOTHING
  10. Please don't ever stop with these responses whenever Fitz comes up. Holy sheet it's like instead of giving you a season of bad QBing, Fitz bent your wife over backwards and smashed, raided your fridge to make a honey ham and provolone sandwich, went back and treated your wife like a bowling ball, and just to rub it all in, took his .44 and shot your daughter in the calf muscle. All while you watched...
  11. Thank you. The truth ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.
  12. The ironic thing is if us Jet fans were to somehow find enough collective intelligence and discipline to be united, we'd figure out quickly that the common enemy between us is... The New York Jets. The NYJ have not a thing to worry about though. Not because we can't unite, but because of a lack of that "intelligence and discipline" thingy aforementioned (and no hypocrisy here, I'm firmly in that camp lol)
  13. This should replace "Play Like a Jet" (whatever the F that means) as the team's post-SB III mantra.
  14. The 91 49ers & 99 Jets are my two biggest examples of teams that had the other playoff teams wiping sweat from their brow & saying: "Phew, thank God they're not here!" I can't guarantee they make it to the Big Dance, but in every sport it's about who's hot as they enter the playoffs, and that Jet team was legit top 4 in the league heading into week 17. *And for the record, I would guarantee 100% the 91 49ers win the SB had they got in.