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  1. I absolutely LOVE how these quotes that are just as damaging (if not worse) to the Mannings' legacy aren't being touched by anyone here with a 10 foot pole Because nothing says a woman deserves sexual degradation & proof of her whoring ways more than when it's exposed that she's a white woman who dared to sleep with black men... EGADS! Oh, and she cusses too, that tramp! Nothing says "team leader" more than conspiring with your Svengali-like father and athletic department in an attempt to get one of your black teammates to take the fall for you when you realize the lady you sexually assaulted isn't playing the "Aw shucks. boys will be boys" game with your @ss. And when your potential fall guy tells you to stick that pile of BS back up your own @ss, the athletic department revokes his scholarship! That Peyton Manning & his shenanigans... gosh-dangit what a scamp! But it's ok, I guess,,, carry on with lionizing & defending these racist fukk-wads.
  2. Jets players hug Rex after the game

    I may not post often in my decade-long tenure here, but I try to make my words count. Kinda like a Teddy Roosevelt philosopy.
  3. Jets players hug Rex after the game

    This post right here is why it's highly stupid for fans to project their own voluntary allegiance to a team onto the players who are, to put it bluntly, independant contractors who are simply employees of these teams. At best you come off as some unhinged moron who places sports WAY too high on your list of priorities. When the game is over, over 100 emotionally charged men who have been beating on each other for the past 3 hours have to immediately "come down" & move on from being a barbarian. When the gun sounds it's simply the end of their workday and they can go on being themselves, not who YOU want them to be. It's their job & that's all it is to the majority of them. Perhaps you should take a cue from them.
  4. Geno possibly back week 1?

    Dude might have the worse struggle-pecs I've ever seen on a QB lol
  5. I don't have time for the whole song, but I can give you this verse: We're talking Jets-ball! From Hempstead down to Florham We're talking Jets-ball! Richard Todd to Jerome Barkum Geno's grotesquely swollen jaw IK & his run-in with the law We're talking Todd Bowles! And JPP's brand new claw!
  6. Breno Giacomini A Jet

    Dude has that whole Anthony Becht, "is he Greek /Italian /Armenian" type thing going on.
  7. Dude still does. You know which other HOF RB he's hated on? Walter Payton. Dude's as clueless as they come.
  8. Belichick Takes Shot at Jets

    And that kind, dying old man robbed all Jet fans of 2 seasons of watchable football in January 1995 when he exclaimed at his press conference: "I'm an old man who's not getting younger, I want a Super Bowl now!" then proceeded to introduce to all us gullible oafs the new HC of the NYJ. A man who admitted at that very same press conference that he's "not a very smart man, but more of a dese and dose kinda guy." So Belichick stealing from a guy who stole from his fans? Oh well... You don't get into business with theives expecting honor.
  9. Absolutely this. So sickening that this buffoon still has supporters.
  10. As it also was for RJ Soward. Just hope Hill isn't in that boat when it's all said and done.
  11. Oh Rex, you offensive mastermind. Guess we're back to our "secret O package that'll force DCs to spend time on in practice" days.