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  1. No, I'm not arguing that at all. The hilarious part to me was @T0mshane making like a WWF wrestler who's in the center of the ring when all hell breaks loose and he's taking on all comers sliding under the ropes into the ring from every angle. But that also goes to show you how thin the line is between "talented" & "untalented." The main difference is that many of those same guys were out of shape and too fat to play under Kotite. The poster boy for how out of shape the '95-'96 Jets were was none other than Jet great Mo Lewis himself, if I recall correctly. But 1-15, the perception is "wow what a sorry untalented bunch." Then at 9-7, they became perceived as a team with "talent." They did play like untalented bums under Kotite, though.
  2. Come one now... Ya'll play nice.
  3. Obviously some teams have better players than others, but is the talent gap between teams as large as college? There will never be an NFL matchup with a talent gap as large as Alabama vs Kentucky (or 90% of thier opponents if we're being real). As evidenced by how fast a team can go from the cellar in a division to a playoff spot in the parity-driven free agent era [see our very own 1997 Jets... didn't (but should have) make the playoffs but the immediate turnaround was apparent with a roster similar to the 1996 Jets), I don't see how you think talent levels across teams is all that different?
  4. Then please refute my main idea, which is: "Prodigious talent (which true franchise QBs possess) transcends and trumps situations." And I gave 2 crystal clear examples within the QB position to back up my claim. And I'm assuming from your avatar that you may just be a PSU guy, but please, let's leave biases out of this. We're not talking about the NFL where talent is virtually the same across the board. This is college: If Hack was this special talent that I keep reading about from this site's resident delusionals, why couldn't he go off and let his natural talent dominate against LBs & DBs during those last 2 seasons? At least 80% of his competition he faced at PSU aren't ever going to sniff an NFL training camp, yet he couldn't even find success just based off of the fact that he's this ultra talented QB. Win or loss, a dominant college player who you know has a chance to make some noise at the pro level at the very least looks good in games, a la Cutler at Vandy in the mid 2000s. Hack has been out of high school now for 5 years, is going into his 2nd NFL season, and yet we're supposed to be "encouraged" that he's finally planting his lead foot towards his target??? And btw, I see now the excuse is that the winning season post-Hack is due to yet another change in offense. When is anything, ANYTHING that contributed to him being a collegiate 1 hit wonder ever his fault?
  5. This. The usual counter to your post will be the mentioning of James Franklin pulling the pro style for a college spread system and thus the reason why Hack's college career flamed out as it did. However, at the end of the day, superior talent is something that is transcendant and trumps situations. If a young Neil Peart or John Bonham sits down at a piano instead of a drum kit, either would have become one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. Their respective musical genius would have flowed through those ivories much like they do / did through their drumsticks. Marino & Elway both came from college programs where they were running (I'd assume) pro style offenses (at the very least they weren't asked to run often), but the 80s QB who's viewed as superior to both of those guys (and every other QB who ever played, IMHO) ran a triple option / veer system and won himself a few big games at Notre Dame. People tend to forget Joe Cool was a mad scrambler early in his career, and as age and injuries began to take their toll, no worries, he becomes more of a pocket passer and doesn't miss a beat. Again, prodigious talent (which true franchise QBs possess) transcends and trumps situations. Also many people would argue an old Naval Lieutenant by the name of Staubach was the best QB of his decade. The offense he ran in college? The Houston veer. But yeah, let's blame the change in offense for why Hack's QB talents disappeared after his frosh year where no one had film on the kid. By the way, didn't that same offense win PSU a few games in their first post-Hack season? But yeah, let's blame the change in offense.
  6. Only way Petty becomes "The Guy" is if he successfully completes "I Wanna Be The Guy" ( As far as being the "Jets Guy," that's kind of impossible for a guy who's ceiling is Pat Ryan (being generous) / Jeff Hostetler (being very generous).
  7. Yet there's Jet fans here and all over the internet who'll claim he was the bee's knees because he threw a beautiful streak [btw, A LOT of 80s QBs threw the streak (or go route) absolutely amazingly. Go watch some games from that era compared to the streak route thrown today]. So even though OB had that in his arsenal, so did about 90% of every other NFL QB in that era. Heck, our initial TD in the '87 Browns playoff game was a cross-field throwback/ flea flicker where the streak to Walker was thrown absolutely beautifully by... Pat Ryan.
  8. Of all of the hilariously cringe-worthy things that go hand in hand with message boards dedicated to the NYJ (and Jet fandom in general), nothing is as funny, depressing, and all around bizarre as the annual thread where people who I assume were kids or very young adults during the 80s grew up to become older adults who can actually pull an argument out of their sphincter in favor of that strong armed, stone footed, Bugs Bunny teeth having a$$ loser by the name of Ken O'Brien.
  9. Fitz may make a boneheaded decision and throw a bad pick, but he'll at least get you into the right play to give you a chance at success before he screws up. Vince will keep you in / audible to the wrong play, then double down and make a boneheaded decision, thus giving you no chance at all. That's the difference.
  10. You could say that about any D Line we've had post-Sack Exchange. No Jet line since has had 2 guys better than Kleck on it, and the only 2 DL here since he retired that came close are Jason Ferguson (his effect on the run game was nothing short of amazing but offered little to nothing as a pass rusher) and Kris Jenkins (unfortunately couldn't stay healthy).
  11. I just read about Jeremy Kerley criticizing Chan Gailey... I just read about Jeremy Kerley criticizing Chan Gailey. I can't tell whether this task completes my morning or exposes the fact that I have no life.
  12. If this movie has to be made, unless he adamantly turned down the role, why not cast Joe Pesci as Paterno? Since the late 80s it always seemed like Paterno was the role Pesci was born to play. I was also on board for Dustin Hoffman to play Bernie Madoff over De Niro (strictly based on the looks department)
  13. That's another thing, from description to picture, the dude who got dat work from 'Enzo just gives off that, um, funny vibe.
  14. I stay in this abusive marriage because I'm old & wrinkled, hit menopause, the kids are grown up, it's just too much to start over, and I'm old fashioned enough to believe in standing by your man. But for as much crap & punishment as this man has doled out to me over the years, especially between the months of September to December (and January if I'm "lucky") there is no PDA, we sleep in separate rooms, he's totally cut off from the nookie, and every morning that I prepare his tea, it's topped off with a nice glob of saliva nicely mixed in.
  15. Yup, had a feeling my pseudo-conclusion wasn't veering too off course. Single men just do not go out to Chelsea on some "I'm just here to see the NY nightlife and maybe bag a broad or two's number" tip.