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  1. If he had anything to offer he would have at least been given the opportunity to alter the rhetoric about him. It's not like we're only now seeing eyebrows being raised regarding his inability to get off the bench. It was being discussed as far back as the preseason. How can people continue to make excuses for this horrendous situation. A 2nd round QB pick sits behind 3 utter stiffs (and not 1 of them were drafted in a higher round than Hack) during a season that was deep-sixed by Halloween and the team has no intention on giving him at least a little look-see with live action? Even rookie year Chad got some playing time in a Sunday night blowout in Oakland in a year where 2 much more capable QBs (Vinny & Lucas) than what we have now were ahead of him on the depth chart. I'm sure Penny wasn't supposed to see the field at all in 2000 either, yet when the opportunity arose, he did. Simply put, this Hack situation is utter garbage because 1: the player is crap & 2: the idiot GM decided to use a 2 on a round 5-7 talent. NO ONE was picking Hack before then and even if they had, better them than us.
  2. You musta played one heck of a game of telephone this morning for a tweet that states "I can see O'Brien/team agreeing to part ways " to be morphed into "O'Brien to be fired" by the time you decided to post that silly misleading title.
  3. Autographed replicas of the pic sent to Jenn Sterger's phone?
  4. From one older fan to another, I'd have to say your 2nd paragraph is pretty spot on.
  5. Egads man!
  6. Sounds like a prehistoric supercontinent.
  7. Haven't you heard? It's Todd Bowles' coverage scheme that puts him in a position to give zero effort at tackling a ball carrier. Or something like that. So leave Mevi$ ALONE!
  8. Honestly I have no idea where it's from. i just know it as a gif that's used in reply when someone posts something so funny you die of laughter... A more graphical lmao, if you will
  9. My bad, I gave your post a down-vote by accident. My phone is ridiculously sensitive sometimes.
  10. Same here. I figured they were thinking outside the box and sending him there to see if he could have an Asian Revival a la Stephon Marbury. And Asian Revival sounds like it could be the title of a Steely Dan song. Or would that be Ajan Revival?
  11. What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin' on here?! I hired you people to try to get a little track laid, not discuss the QBs' looks like a bunch of Kansas City Royals!