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  1. glenn31 added a post in a topic Geno possibly back week 1?   

    Dude might have the worse struggle-pecs I've ever seen on a QB lol
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  2. glenn31 added a post in a topic Geno's Broken Jaw; Joe, Vinny & the NY Jets   

    I don't have time for the whole song, but I can give you this verse:

    We're talking Jets-ball!
    From Hempstead down to Florham
    We're talking Jets-ball!
    Richard Todd to Jerome Barkum
    Geno's grotesquely swollen jaw
    IK & his run-in with the law
    We're talking Todd Bowles!
    And JPP's brand new claw!
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  3. glenn31 added a post in a topic Breno Giacomini A Jet   

    Dude has that whole Anthony Becht, "is he Greek /Italian /Armenian" type thing going on. 
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  4. glenn31 added a post in a topic I take back some of the mean stuff I said about Curtis Martin   

    Dude still does. You know which other HOF RB he's hated on? Walter Payton. Dude's as clueless as they come.
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  5. glenn31 added a post in a topic Belichick Takes Shot at Jets   

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  6. glenn31 added a post in a topic Belichick Takes Shot at Jets   

    And that kind, dying old man robbed all Jet fans of 2 seasons of watchable football in January 1995 when he exclaimed at his press conference: "I'm an old man who's not getting younger, I want a Super Bowl now!" then proceeded to introduce to all us gullible oafs the new HC of the NYJ. A man who admitted at that very same press conference that he's "not a very smart man, but more of a dese and dose kinda guy."
    So Belichick stealing from a guy who stole from his fans? Oh well... You don't get into business with theives expecting honor.
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  7. glenn31 added a post in a topic Do you ever wish our coach wasn't a f'ing clown?   

    Absolutely this. So sickening that this buffoon still has supporters.
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  8. glenn31 added a post in a topic The Mad Backer retires.   

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  9. glenn31 added a post in a topic Smith Healthy, But Struggles at Practice   

    As it also was for RJ Soward. Just hope Hill isn't in that boat when it's all said and done.
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  10. glenn31 added a post in a topic Santonio Holmes Foot Injury (MERGED)   

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  11. glenn31 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Report: Jets “toying” with using Geno Smith to change pace
    Oh Rex, you offensive mastermind. Guess we're back to our "secret O package that'll force DCs to spend time on in practice" days.
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  12. glenn31 added a post in a topic George Sauer's Love-Hate Connection With Football   

    Great read. Thanks!
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  13. glenn31 added a post in a topic Mark Sanchez...what might have been   

    To be fair that version of Carrol definitely needed more seasoning. I can vividly recall him in '91, '92, or '93 during a Sunday night game, the D making a big play vs. Marino and he proceeded to flash the choke signal to Marino. I believe the Dolphins came back to win that game, but that gesture really showed what he was at the time - a defensive wunderkind who was lacking woefully in maturity. I'm sure that image wasn't lost on Marino on that fateful day in the Meadowlands in 1994 in the game that effectively ended Carrol's tenure here. Then he proceeded to take over a Parcells built team just to be fired after 3 mediocre seasons up north. He's a different coach now and his maturity compared to those days is like night and day.

    His corruption @ USC notwithstanding, of course
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