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  1. Your effort-to-LOL ratio is horrible.
  2. You're not qualified for this. GFY
  3. Good one.
  4. Hi, I'm America land of the white people that have no race issues. Even though the first chapter in my history was technically casting another race out of the country they inhabited before I got here. At first, I thought you just misunderstood my first remark and then were reiterating point I made, in a different way. Now, I think you're plain ignorant. LOL, white people don't have race issues. My first remark was about how the corporation should be blamed for the layoff, but instead you've got insecure white dudes blaming affirmative action. Which is exactly what happened in the first couple of responses to the thread. You are effectively saying the problem is ESPN, (aka "the corporation"). So, you're reiterating what I said. The part where you go off the reservation is when you say white folks don't have race issues. That's plain stupid. We done here now? Holy jeebus.
  5. No. That's not the issue. You are just doubling-down on being wrong.
  6. Damn, you're dumb.
  7. joewilly21, obviously.
  8. Yea, you did. Oh well.
  9. lol jeeebus chrizzzzmazzzzz
  10. This literally has nothing to do with what I said.
  11. What's the point of even watching if you're going to get the scoops from twitter and post them here?
  12. You are supposed to hate him. That's his character. People tune in to all sorts of radio/tv personalities SPECIFICALLY because they disagree with them. Francessa. Bill Oreilly. The list goes on. This is a common format. People love to be angry. Corporations understand this and exploit it. Our society is mentally ill.
  13. 3rd comment of the thread. I don't think you understand what you supposedly chuckled at. The transformation into a TMZ network, to many of the groaners is "the urbanization"... which is code for: black people taking our sh*t away from us. You call it a ridiculous argument, then you reinforce what I said - which is that this is a corporate thing. Perhaps you didn't understand my initial post?
  14. You don't need to update us on the firings. Nobody really cares.
  15. Make Athletics Great Again Sure you did. Don't tack onto my remarks - you add zero value.