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  1. Groundbreaking article. 
  2. Ocean Mafia

    No problem bud, I'm sorry if I totally blanked on you announcing it elsewhere. Let me know if you have questions or want feedback on anything. I planned ours, right down to the tiniest of details, and also custom designed all the invitations and stuff, so that my wife could focus on spending time with her father (if you recall, he got his cancer diagnosis right after we got engaged). Here's a good piece of advice: everyone I spoke to told me that as soon as the reception starts, my wife and I would be pulled in different directions and wouldn't see each other much. I worked with the DJ on a strategy to have 1 "first dance", but really about 5 "first dances". I gave her each of the songs we'd use, and instructions to call my wife and I to the floor, so that we could reconnect throughout the night, and then 15-30 seconds into each song call everyone onto the floor. We only had the floor to ourselves on the official "first dance", but the rest of the dances were used to reconnect and have "little moments" together, and then transition from one agenda item in the reception, to dancing, to another... it was great, it made a big difference for her.   
  3. Ocean Mafia

    I have full confidence he'll be back. All in good time. He's got far too much DCL wisdom yet to share with us all to just abandon us... 
  4. Ocean Mafia

    So what? That's how I play. I need high-engagement, I can spend 99% of my time saying one thing, while actually looking at and forming conclusions about totally unrelated stuff. Just because I'm presenting the "golly, I'm so perplexed" rhetoric, doesn't mean I'm not figuring the game out. I convince townies that I'm interrogating when I'm scum, and I convince scum that I'm chasing my tail when I'm town.  There used to be a time where I thought you "got" this.  
  5. Ocean Mafia

    Anyway, I think it's time for us all to take a collective deep breath. @Smashmouth needs to figure out whatever he's got going on, and come back and play. He's a good dude, he's good at the game... and he's a good member of our little community here. @Bleedin Green, where have you gone old friend? @The Crusher is, and this is no bullsh*t, one of my favorite 3 people (not including wife and kid) to talk to every day. Real life and here. To me, he is the heart of this little community. I'm sorry that I tried to pull of a dramatic last second hammer and it led to all this, I should have just left my vote on Pac... but I did vote Leelou, and she was scum... so I was doing the right thing. @Nolder, some of us older guys have watched you come of age it seems. You're a good kid. I think what matters is you TRIED to do what you thought would be best for the game. It may not have been best for all parties involved, but we've had mod decisions that are poorly received before, and we get over it. Don't beat yourself up. @CTM, you ruin everything. Group hug.                                                 eew @JiF, what the **** is poking my leg?
  6. Ocean Mafia

    They were comically bad, but useful to me in figuring out Leelou. I'll take it.
  7. Ocean Mafia

    Enjoy! I haven't been skiing in a few years.... Miss it.
  8. Ocean Mafia

    To be clear, I didn't say "lynching from the neighbor pool is not the right play", I said "it's not the defacto ONLY play". I think I've been clear on this. Pac and I are not saying the exact same thing here. I am willing to, just don't view it as the only thing to do... and I made this point in the context of 80 pushing for it to be the ONLY play we can make today. Now 80 is voting AVM or someone... 
  9. Ocean Mafia

    Also, I mentioned him one time. The magnification of that is also a function of whatever goes on between his ears.
  10. Kraft takes lame jab at Mannings

    Insecurity is endemic to the Patriot cult. 4 SB wins, and they still can't act like they've been there before. Any other franchise, or family apparently, that has a modicum of success is going to be a trigger for any and all insecurity with these people. They always, ALWAYS need to reinforce with themselves that their success is "more special" or "more significant" than anyone else's.  These people are a shrink's dream come true.
  11. Ocean Mafia

    Calling names again. Perfect.  Keep deluding yourself into thinking I'm the problem. You lost your sh*t last game, and now you're lashing out as though it's everyone else's fault but your own. You're a grown man that can't keep his sh*t together, at some point, you have to take ownership of it - and not blame others for your problems. If I truly had ill-feelings towards you, I'd troll you here and going forward, but contrary to whatever you think - I don't. I actually want to see you calm down, and genuinely hope you do. If lashing out at me makes you feel like you weren't the a$$hole, that's fine. Find some peace.
  12. Ocean Mafia

    This is what I've been saying. 80 has tried to use false logic, and narrative, to get me dead. You all seem content to say 80 being 80, even though that apathetic mindset is what helped him almost win last game. Brett has been cheerleader him. Crusher, for reasons I've stated. Leelou, for reasons I've stated. AVM, for reasons  you've stated, and I've agreed with. Any of them make more sense to me now, than Pac. Regardless of whehter they are neighbors or not.
  13. Ocean Mafia

  14. Ocean Mafia

    80's point about Pac not revealing his fish is the stupidest thing in the game so far - which is saying a lot, because you guys seem to just be glazing over the other illogical crap he's been pushing, with Brett cheerleading him. Regardless of how Pac's alignment shakes out, the idea that "not sharing his character" makes him scum is the type of conclusion you'd expect from someone who has never played. 
  15. Ocean Mafia

    1. Me in trouble. This is a benign statement, the way I play as town, will always allow scum to easily point other townies towards lynching me as the game goes on. I deliberately allow for a certain amount of "looseness" in my play, because over time I've found using myself as bait works. 2. I was only willing to lynch you to avoid random. I made this clear when I initially unvoted you and said your defense felt townie to me. 3. I feel the same about Crusher, but for different reasons. He didn't so much as ponder if 1/3 of us was scum, when asked about it well before your train. He planted his vote on Brett. He expressed a town feel for me, I think at some point, but didn't used me to get reads on others the way I've come to expect from him. I don't expect others to really "get" that last part, but it's something Crush does when he scum hunts, he reads people reacting to me. Anyway, the reason I think he didn't want to endorse your lynch is because if you flip town it'll expose him. Even at the end, he was reluctant to consolidate to your train to help us avoid random. The minute I flubbed the post with the hammer vote, he tried to use it to make me look bad. For these reasons, he has been chopped. (In my top 3) 4. I saw what you said about Jet Engine in the QT. I still don't really understand how him repping you makes him scum, but I do encourage him getting pressure. This is, we aren't going to lynch a noob on D1.