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  1. Gross. Hedging. Also, me being over-defensive is like saying water is wet. Gimme a ******* break.
  2. Verbal, is it not apparent to you that 80 is piggy-backing your assertiveness towards me? But everything he's adding to it is false-meta. Me saying the game isn't interesting isn't a scum tell. I say it all the time when I think the gameplay is dumb. So, once again, this is something 80 knows damn well, since he's the one I think makes the games the most dumb, the most often.
  3. What are you talking about "giving up"? I apologized to Nyn for saying the game isn't interesting. Has nothing to do with giving up, just making sure she doesn't take offense at the criticism. It was meant for the players, you and 80 specifically. When was the last time I didn't accuse 80 of ruining mafia? Nothing about that post is an exaggeration. It's exactly what happened, except I left out the part where you got more butt hurt than anyone Ive ever seen not named Brett, because I was being nice, and hoping that by not bringing up that part you'd maybe have an epiphany that your "tell" is about as reliable as guessing "heads" on every coin flip. You didn't get under my skin. I'm just speaking candidly. I think you may be projecting your own twatty personality into my words. Nothing about what I'm saying here comes from a a place of aggravation. It's more like befuddlement at the idea that your play has regressed this much.
  4. Tethering. Plants the seed that if lynch Ape, and he's scum, we catch another scum in process. Scum tell.
  5. Probably the only honest vote on me. I can accept the non-explanation vote by decckerfan. However, 80 is grossly over-selling the additional vote and using false meta as part of that explanation. 80's vote is dirtiest. Verbal is clueless, as you can see in my recent post, he's convinced himself of a "tell" born out of his own failure. The good news is he's looking for tells, and not sitting back waiting for opportunities to sick townies on each other, which reads like town play from Verbal. So that's nice. Too bad he's useless and stupid.
  6. lol, okay This statement doesn't even make sense. I've always shared with you guys what I have going on in my life, and how I think it may effect both my availability to play and, at times, my temperament during the game. I do it out of respect for the game and the players. Here's what actually happened, to lead Verbal to his newest, favorite strawman. He made a very good gut read on me in a game a couple months before we took the big break. I was scum. Nobody would listen to him. He built weak arguments for why I was scum, because it was just a gut read, and I just as quickly extinguished their validity. At some point, in the course of the game, I told people I had sh*t going on, like I always do. He chose to lay off me, which I specifically told him not to do. In doing so, I basically admitted to being scum, but the self-revealing statement was lost on everyone. After the game, he saw that he was right about me, and decided that the only reason he couldn't get me lynched was because I posted something about RL. Ignoring the effort I'd put into ruining his case within my gameplay. Ever since then, he calls me scum in every game the minute I give an update about my schedule. Nevermind that I've always done so. He's convinced himself that he's right about this "tell" in recent games simply because I rolled scum a lot. Not because it's valid, but because of chance. I'm going to mention RL in ever game, so that is a constant, so the reality is that if he guessed I'm scum every game, he's going to get it right occasionally. This all seems lost on him. So yea, with that, I've got almost no interest in this game. Sorry @Nynaeve. I expect bullsh*tty rhetoric and bickering in mafia, but not to have to defend myself for something I've been doing for 5 or so years as a courtesy. This is plain stupid.
  7. Exactly. Jax's whole relationship with his children is handing them to his wife, junkie ex-girlfriend, mother or a sickly old man to keep and eye on them. So, honestly, it's an unrealistic proposition to the viewer to suggest that the main character—who is so self-serving that he prioritizes his middling, unsuccessful dealings in drugs, guns and prostitution/porn, regularly killing people, and running to the rescue when the families of his "loved ones" get shot to pieces—cares so much about his kids that he would opt for death over raising them right and working a mundane job. Honestly, when it's all said and done, he probably could have made more as a mechanic than he ever did in crime—given that none of is exploits were ever successful, and they all caused so much collateral damage that he'd be in debt up to his eyeballs. So, the ending, to me, is about is foolish a punctuation mark as the rest of the stupid show. If you like to watch bad acting, and ridiculous drama, then it's a fun show to watch... but it's not good, not from any standpoint of creativity.
  8. Oh, I understood the ending. Nobody was talking about the ending though. I was talking about the framework for story-telling being modeled by Donovan, but not by TWD. As for the SOA ending, as well as the whole show, it was stupid. I understood every aspect of it, but the message being sent to me... was stupid. It was exactly the low-brow pseudo-philosophical nonsense that makes people get tattoos of the Tazmanian Devil and then talk about how meaningful it is to them. Like I said, I liked watching it, but more in the way I like watching WWF as a kid. It's not in the same stratosphere as the shows I consider "good" from a creative standpoint.
  9. Not to mention the absurdity of making up punishment as he goes. For cheaters, for spousal abuse, for drugs, for crime, for wearing the wrong shoes, for dancing in the end zone the wrong way... you name it, he's ruined it.
  10. Jif is more an expert on dick-to-mouth diseases.
  11. Good idea. However, Goodell is not in the business of making the game better.
  12. The worst trolls here are the ones that are so stupid and redundant they don't realize they are trolling. TX is actually the most light-hearted and easily fooled Pats troll. I don't get the point of allowing most of what goes on here, but banning TX. But then, I don't care either.
  13. Pushing false meta, again. Everyone knows I say mafia is dumb, regardless of role. Hell, you of all people should know. You're the one I attribute it to, and you know it. Pinging hard. My vote stays.
  14. lol, 80 just said I 'went after' Verb, did a couple replies really strike you as what it looks like when I 'go after' someone? forgot how dumb the play here has gotten... ffs