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  1. I thought they’d be the 3rd worst team in football, which seems about right.
  2. Jets enter top 10

    Imagine Andrew Luck and Saquon Barkley next year though...
  3. Jets enter top 10

    If there are 5 blue chip prospects, then we’ll have the 6th pick. This is how it always is.
  4. Great news, and as I sit here watching Julio Jones get mugged by nobody Patriot CBs, I wonder if I can schedule a joint vasectomy / colonoscopy for that day.
  5. 12-124

    He basically is.
  6. Some thoughts

    1. This is a make believe thing. Like "rebuilding seasons" and "learning how to win". These guys have played football since pee-wees. They have been on enough teams that have won and lost to understand you don't self destruct and give teams away. The reality here is that losers lose. These guys are losers. 2. Doubt it. 1 pick that would qualify as "not totally awful" doesn't offset over a decade of wasting 2nd round picks. 3. Ehhh. He's a role player on a team where a role player can standout due to lack of options. He's a nice player. I'm glad we have him here. I don't think anyone robbed anyone in that trade. Sheldon is also a very good football player. 4. Skrine has been bad. His contract was bad. As were the other contracts handed out by Mac to other CBs at the same time. Revis and Cro. Mac 1st year of free agency investing was about as cataclysmic as the Idzik 12 in terms of how much value is still with the team 3 years later. 5. Should have never been in position where desperation plays FTW were necessary. In 3 years of Bowles we've seen him consistently lose games by letting these situations develop where teams climb back into it, take the lead back late, and we piss ourselves in desperation trying to win it back. We've also seen him lose the team. Have players act out to the detriment of the team. Have entire phases of the game self-destruct when the other phases are doing their jobs. The man is not a good head football coach. At all.
  7. Petty / Hack Timing

    I want to see the young QBs play, but more than anything else, I want to see this defense that has been seen the lion's share of investment for a decade be something other than awful. Kacey & Bo-Bo have to go-go!!!
  8. On to Atlanta

    Even if our players are up to the task of winning, our coach will find s way to **** it up.
  9. Some Points To Consider About The Rebuild

    The bickering about tanking and whether or not a QB needs to be found at #1 overall is so unimaginative. The reality is the Hets are poised to keep a nucleus of leadership in place that has taken 3 years to make the team worse than Idzik, Rex and Tammy left it. That selected Hacjenburg 10 rounds too early. That has used 3 high picks on what amounts to three safeties (Kee, Adams, Maye). That has managed to screw up the only depth we had on DL, despite being handed Williams in the draft, and the trio of Mo, Shel, and Snacks. That lost the team last year, made scapegoats out of assistants and veterans, and is on the verge of losing the team again. Before mid season. So, the next time you contemplate your tank rhetoric, just remember, the leadership isn’t changing... so, neither are the outcomes. Regardless of when we pick in the draft or if we “learn to win” (another farce) this year.
  10. Some Points To Consider About The Rebuild

    Rebuilds don’t take 3-5 year. It’s a farce perpetuated by suckers. There is no plan for how to improve the team, only a plan for how Mac and Bowles keep their jobs just long enough to be way too long.
  11. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Anyone do the comp to Mike Glennon yet? How about Geno? No?
  12. They are exactly the same as HC. I said so after Bowles year 1. The only difference is Bowles mumbles, while Rex bumbles.
  13. Unintelligent masses rely on polarity for feelings of belonging, comfort and the ease of knowing all the rhetoric. Look at politics. Or religion. Or Apple vs PC. Or Coke vs Pepsi. In the wise words of Mrs. Potts, it’s a tale as old as time...