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  1. 3 years? We played the Colts in the AFCC game in year 2 of Rex, and lost, because Peyton Manning pulled Rex's pants down, showed everyone in the world that the big mouthed dummy was really just a pear-shaped boob with cottage cheese thighs like Rosie Odonnell. Peyton exposed Rex. The Patriots just poured a HUGE amount of salt in the wound by repeatedly making an example out of him. LOL
  2. Confusing looks, that every QB in the league eventually figured out how to beat... going right back to my point about TE, RB and slot WR. You are arguing over which is a better D coordinator, when neither held that role here. These are HEAD COACHES. Be relevant, or be quiet... bitch!
  3. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    I don't care what others teams have done. I care that Woody keeps over-promoting coordinators and having it fail.
  4. Eh, I wouldn't get carried away there ... just because you and Rex have the same neck fat, doesn't mean you need to heap undeserved praise upon him. Rex's reputation for "exotic blitzes" was maybe the most over-rated part of what he brought to the table. When there was an "exotic blitz" it pretty much meant that the TE, RB or slot WR was going to kill us for a 15+ yard gain on 3rd and long. That happening for 6 years, regularly, is not "adapting". Rex and Bowles are equally ignorant in repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different result.
  5. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    That's good. I'm glad Woody keeps hiring head coaches that haven't really been HC before. It means that they need a curve, and the firing rate for Jets HC's just happens to be shorter than the necessary curve. And it also ensures that the team will never get over the plateau of breaking in new hires and become systematically competent or competitive... because these things are the byproduct of stability.
  6. I said this yesterday somewhere amongst the masses of "Hack" and "Macc" rantings by others... Bowles is Rex, without the big mouth.
  7. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I dozed off o. Couch. What happens now?
  8. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I'm here for deadline, but it appears that if I'm not around to put the workbook into D1, you puss wads get nothing out of it... vote dpr
  9. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Fake penis. Sad!

    Bold = Benjen. Same. I literally got up off the couch and was like "uncle benjen! uncle benjen!!" and my wife was so confused, but then it happened... they wrote it, how I would have. Jon has been the only one that worried about what happened to him. It just made sense that if they were going to get Jon out of an impossible situation, it be Benjen cameo that does it. I liked Jon's show of gratitude and humility. His conversation with the ginger wildling about how many died because of Mance Raider's pride was important. So was seeing Dany on the back of the dragon coming to save them HERSELF. I think it changed how Jon sees here, obviously. I think the most shocking moment of the show last night was when the Hound froze in shock at the zombie bear. 2nd most shocking was how stupid the Hound was for provoking the zombies across the ice. Both moments were out-of character for him. One because he's always been "nothing surprises me" and the other because he's always be very matter-of-fact and pragmatic, sort of battle-worn to the point where being an emo bitch is beneath him... but throwing rocks out of frustration was an emo bitch thing to do. The point you're making about how the audience is so used to characters dying it can be used against them: the ginger wildling is a personal favorite of mine, and I thought he was done. Then he wasn't.
  11. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Are you new here? lol
  12. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    pics or gtfo
  13. The roster being full of Mac picks only serves to punctuate that Idzik failed so hard. It doesn't mean Mac's picks are any better though.
  14. This. I usually give a guy 2 years to prove there's going to be change. This guy drafted two ******* safeties. I have watched the entire NFL draft every year for maybe 15 years. I enjoy it. After our second round pick, I turned off the television, gathered up my wife and kid, took them out for ice cream. Never thought about it again - sort of how I reacted to last season about about week 4 or so. I refuse to let myself be affected negatively by a football team.
  15. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I thought CTM was not playing. Instead, he's voting me twice. Vote CTM lolololol