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  1. Big box home improvements stores, if you're not going back 3 extra trips, then their strategy is failing.
  2. Shur-line paint edgers. Google it.
  3. Sounds like Trump should have gone with fish tanks instead of a wall. They sell a square-ish pad you can attach to a roller stick that does a fairly good job of cutting in. Not as good as brush, imo, but it may help given circumstances. Home Depot.
  4. Thanks for the invite. I sincerely have no interest in playing, it's got nothing to do with anyone, or anything. I didn't want to play last game. I don't want to play now. I've got too much on my plate. When the game sucks, you can still blame me though. Enjoy!
  5. No, but it doesn't matter.
  6. It's not an ignore or not ignore thing. I'm not upset. I'm not getting trolled. I'm just talking about it matter-of-factly, like I do most things. Don't read into it for emotions, there aren't any. It's just conversation.
  7. We'll still end up bidding against ourselves for the 2nd or 3rd best candidate.
  8. If Bowles fires Gailey to buy himself time, I wouldn't mind bringing in McCoy as OC. Especially if he brings Phillip Rivers with him... lol, sigh. I think Fox is a pretty decent coach, conservative, but at least he's a head coach and not an over-promoted coordinator. Bradley sucks, total product of teh Seahawks defensive talent. Like all those Ravens D-coordinators that got HC jobs.
  9. One final thought here... Anyone who has played a long time here, knows fully well that Pac loves to give me the PR to earn a vest thing. He still chuckles to himself over how I ****ed up the 1x BPV play when I first started playing the game. He always goes back to the well. When my PR became obvious, so should have my role. I was easily the most simple person in this game to vet as town by gaming the mod. Nobody caring isn't my fault.
  10. And Smash had Hess as SK, but then he didn't, but he did and everyone should have known it, but then he shot me even though people had me as town, then he came to a conclusion in the post that I circled as a lie that I was the SK. Because that's what his deduction implied. But then I wasn't. And Hess was SK 100%, but he never shot Hess. Like I said, I caught him lying - I thought. Instead I caught him stupiding. Either way, that's routine mafia dude. When do you come off a read you've made, if it aligns with everything you accept as scum tells, because 1-2 other folks don't see it? I did what I always do. I jumped on lies and narratives as scum tells. You want to persecute someone? Start with the guy that shot me, flipped out on me for FOSing him, lied, cased with narrative instead of logic, then died and took the argument into the dead thread and kept projecting his faults onto me. Start there... or better yet, laugh at the mistakes and move on to the next game and don't persecute anyone as the ruiner of mafia forever (I know you aren't exclusively doing this, but you get my point I think). Better yet, go back to a little ball busting and then brainstorming the next cool idea for a game... because this sh*t is the pits.
  11. For certain people, I don't think it ever will... it'll just play in their minds over, and over, and over again...
  12. Oh, are we doing this again? Unreal.
  13. Agreed. What do you even have to google to find that...? Anyway. Later.
  14. Bold: I bet you would, creeper. This isn't about humility, or some "aspect of me", whatever else you're trying to imply. Smash lied, and did things I generally catch scum doing. Nothing wrong with my process. There are no 100% processes. I kicked the tires. He went nuts lying and spinning (nobody is chastising him over this sh*t, which is mind-boggling). I went after him. I was wrong. It happens. I did what I always do. I got some right, got some wrong. I'm always hard on myself when I fail, and let folks down, and was prepared to come into endgame and constructively talk about what I did well and awful. Like I always do... But, then I read Smash continuing to argue with me, and blame me, in the deadthread and the initial banter in post-game... and it changed my tenor a bit. On the social end of things, mafia used to be about ball-busting in games. Not about tearing down a person's character afterwords. Smash, the uber hypocrite, is a big one for whining about in-game insults versus personal, but always, ALWAYS the first person here to violate the ground rules he wants us all to abide by. There's a whole about this post-game that is wrong in principle. This isn't the same community it used to be. Take care of yourself.