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  1. Back pedaling coward.
  2. It was literally a photo of a nuke blast. Literally.
  3. They'd be better off without you.
  4. I wax seconding your remark.
  5. Nobody here speaks your brand of stupid. You said Florham Park and showed a nuke a couple posts after the other guy said nuke Houston. It was a moron post by the biggest moron here.
  6. Calling for nukes on American soil. sh*tbag thing to do.
  7. I noticed that they all use a QB, which we also don't use.
  8. Time to put Brady in the protocol
  9. The NFL has sucked for a couple years now.
  10. Oh yea, Steelers getting jobbed here
  11. The bigger issue is the Steelers offense looking like the Jets.
  12. Not the right call at all lolololol
  13. No idea what you're talking about, honestly.
  14. No they don't, and who cares... **** the Pats.
  15. So, will Steelers spot Oats another 10 points before Steelers realize 2nd half started?