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  1. This is an old mentality that fans glom onto. The notion that you can't invest in the QB position beyond one guy at a time, for fear of things being too in flux, is absurd. I am increasingly convinced that the only people that struggle with this are fans that can't focus on more than one thing at a time.
  2. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    I make it a point to never, ever picture CTM doing anything. Ever.
  3. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    I'm willing to wait more than 1 year to weigh just how much potential is going to be realized. The rest of this response is a wet fart.
  4. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    Considering most QBs hit their peak at 25-26 years old, this makes perfect sense.
  5. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Just so you know, only the neurotic fansconcluded that in the first place. Just so you know.
  6. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    @AVMcan you shows us some wedding photos so that we can make fun of your ugly body?
  7. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Best post of the game so far... because Spidey meme + 10000000% accurate. WTF is wrong with all of you pussies? All this tangent has done is provide that vile piece of sh*t CTM with the opportunity to beg us to believe he's a pocket protector, dirty cargo short wearing womanizer.
  8. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    lol, very well then
  9. Hackington

    For that, he needs 5 OL who can get away with holding all day and WRs that are allowed to run pick plays...
  10. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

  11. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    vote ctm let's just get this over with, eh?
  12. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    How much starting experience did Wentz have in college? I kind of tuned it out since he was never going to be a Jets, but wasn't it limited in some way.... and at the small school level?
  13. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Every draft pick = a big risk. We're not going to know for a while if the risk was worth it... here is the reality: From this article: Hack and Petty might both be studs, but we might not know it for a few years. Hopefully not the case, but if we're to set reasonable expectations... this is how it is.