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  1. I think it's a trip that everyone, from posters to beat writers, always has to say 'I like Rex Ryan, but...' before shredding the fat moron. i think this is my favorite little detail of the whole bizarrity that is Rex.
  2. Unlike some, I don't look to others for approval. I'm laughing, and that's all that matters. Not the topic.
  3. I'm not arguing, boobie. I'm just telling you what you're doing is funny... In a laugh at you sort of way.
  4. Semantics. Again, take it to mean argued or criticized. I'm obviously not accusing you of a personal attack, but perhaps this... Like most everything else, is lost on you.
  5. lol, now you're getting into semantics tgats twice you've attacked me for doing something I'm not, then turned around and did it yourself... You're a one-man band!
  6. This would be cute, if it were accurate. All I've done, relative to the #2 job, is say we won't find out if Geno won or lost the job, until the Jets make it clear. The rest of the convo is just mocking dummy remarks. Sort of like how I handle you, toots. You should have stayed under your rock.
  7. You have no idea what you're looking at, so that's cool. Kaep.
  8. Semantics? You said something, which I didn't, then argued against the logic of what you said. That's not semantics my friend, that's a clueless Kevin arguing with himself because of a gross lack of self-awareness. Semantics. LOL, yeah okay.
  9. So, you rub off on me? Well I never!
  10. I'm sure you rub off on yourself routinely.
  11. I didn't say that. In fact, you're the one that suggested lots of people saying it carried relevancy. You're now shooting down your own bad logic... I guess I just need a lounge chair and s beer. So I can take it all in. smh
  12. Oops, don't flip out Villain, I'm on my phone and thought I was responding to another joewilly quote. Spare us the episode.
  13. Being mediocre, and still the best option by far, in the context of this roster, is not mutually exclusive.
  14. Wtf are you talking about? Why must you take dumb things and force them to be dumber?
  15. That's nice. It carries zero relevancy, but it's nice. You should say it 25 more times.