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  1. Funny the letters next to his name are not 'QB'. Does not compute. Seriously, we've hit our quota on sh*tty ex-Bills with a Gailey connection.
  2. No. Because our legacy is collapse and humiliation. Theirs is winning. Benefit of the doubt is earned.
  3. Apparently, we've classed back down. Can now check the "makes stupid moves to satiate moron fan base" box for Mac. Total Tanny move after humiliating loss.
  4. "It's game 3." Yeah, and you've allowed the Pats to pace the division title and 1-seed, while losing two wildcard tie-breakers. Game. Set. Match. Count me in assuming the seasons over. I want to say fifth bottomed out last year before going on a nice streak, but am not putting stock in anything now. I have a hard time believing that there is no 'what if Fitz goes full Fitz' plan amongst coaches. Seeing how he played Buffalo, you get a sense of the ceiling, but this week the floor. Floor is lower this year, than last. Apparently. So, how does this coach not be accountable to the rest of team by not having a plan for when Fitz needs to sit down? Coach knows what he has in the player, yet doesn't have a plan to protect him from himself. The constant disappointment of rooting for the team is thoroughly exhausting. Coming to this website and seeing people revel in failure so that they can point back to the bad arguments they made during the summer is pathetic. Illogical nonsense is still illogical nonsense. Fitz was on Sunday exactly who his supporters said he had the capacity to be not just his detractors. Regardless, we are on the fast track to a one in five or one and six start. The minute Bryce petty is ready to take snaps he should be on the field if he sucks then get Hackenberg out there.
  5. Kacy Todhers and Zbowles won't adjust. How did they not game plan for 5 yard passes can Alex Smith?
  6. Every mistake we make gives the opponent 7. Unreal.
  7. lol, Pslmer
  8. Arizona gonna be down by 1 score soon. If Palmer doesn't eat sh*t here.
  9. Said it week 1 when they played Pats. Carson Palmer sucks.
  10. Take it up with Foxworthy, not us.
  11. Alex Smith is a poor mans Ryan Futzpatrick.
  12. Marshsll playing hurt last year extended the injury, his ankle. If he can go, without making himself less effective for weeks, then go. Otherwise, get those sexy young WRs out there.
  13. Irrelevant. I was referencing the players he assembled, not his coaching prowess. I believe those same veterans made Mangini look better than he was, same as they did for Rex.
  14. The Pats aren't this good. They've played the sh*tty Dolphins, and two coaches that decided not to prepare, one of which has a good team, and the other leading a bad team. They beat one relevant team. The Cardinals, and the it took a missed field goal to get it done. Despite the fact that the Cards played awful football, because it was week 1. Line them up against teh Cardinals right now. See what happens.