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  1. Lolla, as in lollapalooza? That thing still happens?
  2. I watched 4 episodes last night while doing some freelance work. The attention to detail really just nails the 80's aesthetic they are going for. Even the typeface in the credits/graphics harkens to all the Stephen King creepy stuff of that era. As for the show itself, I really had no idea where it was going with anything. The character development is reminiscent of what JJ Abrams did in Super 8, where he didn't fall over himself trying to backfill every person's story, but gives you enough about what what happened in their lives prior, to understand the point you are meeting them at. I think that's a Spielberg thing, that Abrams also does quite well. I just like how familiar it feels, from almost a textural standpoint, but how interesting it is from a story standpoint... I've tried to deduce which of the typical sci-fi themes it is riffing on, but haven't quite figured it all out yet. Really good show so far.
  3. Honestly, I shot you because I view you as an impossible townie to lynch. If I hadn't shot you, it probably changes the whole game. You can RB JIF, get him killed, you can RB me and Smash... I bet you would have won.
  4. Hopefully after the Jets pay Fitzpatrick $24mil on a 1 year contract this year, he can stop buying all his clothes in the Target boys section.
  5. So. Easy.
  6. Pretty awesome so far.
  7. You make being wrong an art form. Any game can start balanced and lose it due to dumb luck. It can also start imbalanced, and gain it due to the same... Town had no business winning last game, for instance.
  8. There's a chance of that in all games, really.
  9. I would love this.
  10. Yes.
  11. This is the same type of response you got the first strike for. Better to have walked away quietly... I'm trying to teach you here.
  12. The rally beard thread is almost a year old, and you're still hung up on it... but I'm the touchy one for jabbing at your lame insults? Awful... strike 3. And note, this has nothing to do with the Fitz/Geno thing. It's more about the fact that you are terrible at sh*t talk, and as sensitive as a hug from @Jetsfan80
  13. Oof... strike 2. Just awful. And by awful, I mean pathetic, get a life.
  14. Under the radar, maybe, if you only follow the league in the vacuum of one team's news clippings, and he's not on that team... otherwise, he was in weekly highlight reels.
  15. Better to say nothing, than go with this hallmark of insecurity as a comeback. Try again.