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  1. I'll tell you who... the ex-Patriots goon squad working for NFL Network, and the dumb brains fraternity working for ESPN. These guys don't care about reality. They just say a whole bunch of stupid sh*t.
  2. Kirwan on Fitz

    lol, in this league there are maybe 2-3 QBs that "make" their receivers, the rest of the QBs are as reliant upon the WRs as the WRs are reliant upon the QB as long as the passes are complete... who gives a **** which end of the pass has more talent? we went through a stretch last year where fitz put the ball where he needed to, and Marshall tried to do too much and it cost us games... nobody wants to get rid of Marshall. we also went through a stretch where special teams literally lost us games... nobody wants to get rid of Devin Smith. we also went through a stretch where the defense sucked, the running game sucked and there were literally 4 players on the team doing their jobs... Marshall, Decker, Mangold and Fitz. sh*t happens.
  3. Kirwan on Fitz

    What's so wrong with a fatty piece of dry aged spiced meat?
  4. haha, free agents routinely get over paid, it's how the league has always been... i really don't know why people are uppity. ideally, with 3 developmental QBs on the roster already, we hit on one of them in the next 2 years, and then we don't have to overpay for QBs nobody else wants... but until we have 'our guy', this is the reality we are going to be living lmfao off at the notion want to guard Woody's purse the only way this outrage makes sense is if people are pissed at the pure principle of a mediocre athlete getting paid a ton, agendas from previously made arguments, and/or broke-ass dimwits that like to yell about the thing they know the least about = cashola
  5. Did you enjoy it when Vinny T was our QB?
  6. Absolutely. It's a one-year deal, for all intents and purposes.
  7. He didn't miss the playoffs alone. I don't care about those people. They are always going to find a wrinkle to be unhappy with, because feeling as though their expectations are higher, or their insights are greater, makes them feel better about themselves. Even if what they are saying is pure bunk.
  8. Kirwan on Fitz

    Yet you do keep reading them, and you do keep trying to saying something smart back... and then I feed you more salami.
  9. $12m for year one = we know you are our starter. I have no doubt Fitz is fine with that payday, as he should be. It is better than competitive for what he brings to the table. It's the 2nd and 3rd year that are no meeting his expectations. So, as I've been saying all along. It doesn't matter what you pay Fitz this year, our spending is done. Just don't **** up spending in the next 2 years. Contract sounds like what it should be, to me.
  10. Kirwan on Fitz

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I am just pointing at how bad your arguments are and ridiculing them. I'm not actually countering them, they aren't substantiative enough to merit the effort. You've put yourself on par with a lot of the other jabronies that can't help but log on to wet their pants for us daily. It's a sad decline.
  11. The Ryans Never Stop

    lol, true enough... sheesh...
  12. Kirwan on Fitz

    You are as bad at convincing yourself of this nonsense, than you are at convincing anyone else. "the fact" lmfao
  13. The Ryans Never Stop

    hilarious, lol the man is so ******* insecure it's astounding... the NFL universe is the one place where he could exist solely behind the facade of blabber mouthing his psyche into submission and not be laughed out of the room... though he's getting close to that now