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  1. You don't decide when your dream QB arrives. It happens, or doesn't. So, all this rebuild for X years then win talk is formed around a false premise.
  2. This pretty much sums up how it's going for me - I found a local place I'll be going as soon as my schedule frees up, for some coaching. In the meantime, I'm pretty much doing what you said.
  3. Last year was one of the ugliest Jets seasons I've witnessed. All we're doing is cutting guys that contributed to that. No biggie really.
  4. Erin Henderson officially released.
  5. I see you're back to ignoring me. Derp.
  6. Usual suspects gobbled up the flashing neon troll bait. Like clockwork. Heh.
  7. What are you talking about? Pissbaby. Copyright @dbatesman
  8. So, is Revis still a Jet? So we clearly aren't a meritocracy or a values driven organization.
  9. The last possible 3rd round comp pick is like an early 4th. But better than the last pick in the 4th. Because, obvious.
  10. deeeeeeeeeeeeee-butt.
  11. Never assume he knows what you mean.
  12. It takes an unabashed level of ignorance to double- and triple- down on hypothetical arguments the way you do. I wish I could give you credit as a troll, but it's quite clear you don't understand the difference between facts and hypothetical rebuttals. So, there's that. Now, reply again... everyone loves it when you keep walking into jabs.