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  1. He's also not getting any help from the turds on the line next to him, or the OLB position. Offenses begin their game planning with "how do we keep Leonard Williams from getting penetration" and after that don't need to do much, because Kacey and Bo-Bo suck at their jobs.
  2. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    Jets fans during off-season: We need to find and develop our own QB! Jets fans during the season: This is awful, we need to find a franchise QB! Also Jets fans: How is it a bad thing that we're not giving playing time to the young QBs we drafted?
  3. Right? I have so much disappoint...
  4. *looks up at the last several responses* Oh, okay then.
  5. When the comments reflect redundancy about the draft and Jets, and effectively reduce themselves to lacking substance beyond being an extension of a given posters insecurity, salty disposition, or general butthurt, then commenting on the comments is talk about the Jets/draft with someone that just isn't talking about those subjects effectively, so to speak. Pissy butt.
  6. Pissy pisser who pisses about every pissy thing.
  7. Oh, that's an ironic thing for you to say there. Considering, you know, you're pissy at every turn about this. Like, so pissy.
  8. Team played great last week. You can see where the chemistry is augmenting the talent level of the roster that MAAAACCCCCCCC has built. It's unfortunate that the integrity of the league is compromised.
  9. You sir, have a more puckered butthole over this topic, than Villain did over Geno.
  10. Refs & running game killed us Sunday

    Morton has NO players of note. He’s done s great job. The offense is better than the D, which carries all the draft capital investment.
  11. Refs & running game killed us Sunday

    I was starting to worry, there were fewer self-important threads where one poster gives his redundant take on just what we saw Sunday... they’re emerging now though. Thankfully.
  12. It was meant as a comparison to last season, when Fitz ate penis and Bowles refused to see what he had in Hack or Petty.
  13. Meanwhile, 49ers just benched Hoyer and made Beathard (a guy taken in R3 that “experts thought would be undrafted) the starter to see what they have and get him reps. Ho hum.
  14. Same. And I’ve seen some gratuitous examples of refs changing games, but to take a TD away... **** even the announcers are calling bullsh*t, and they’ve been rooting for the pats openly.
  15. lol, whatevs... jag player with jag stats, can’t get the ball to him because jag QB too throwing to kerley isn’t changing the refs robbing us
  16. 18 catches 6 weeks into the season is 3/week. Hence my response. Duh.
  17. Broken collarbone for Aaron Rodgers. Even hurt he’s still a better QB than any 2 we’ve had combined in decades!
  18. Guys, a Josh McCown led Jets offense and Kacy Rodgers were never really going to trample Tom Brady and the coach that rides his coattails. If we win it’ll be pure scrap.