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    Having glass bottles thrown at me as a kid during a Dolphins game...
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    I don't know what you're talking about
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    Gina from Y1
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    Everyone was alive.
  1. i dont even want to check my fanduel.
  2. I forgot to put my hat on my magic skull the night before. Sorry i've been distracted lately.
  3. I was asking a question.
  4. That's what it's gonna take.
  5. $70m for Brock. How much does Brissett get?
  6. WEEK 3!!!
  7. Marshall needs to start getting in the end zone. I gotta feeling Brown is gonna light up CIN this week. Is this thing even still on?
  8. OMG it's week 2 and Forte is killing it whats wrong with people?? media just trying to start crap
  9. like a light. Sorry about Coke boy. I just embedded the vid cause it had the clip. but coke boy is right
  10. bullsh*t that he was let back into the game. He shouldve not been able to come back. He got Deebo'd.
  11. Yeah he had a big play but this was something I had my eye since last year when he served 4 games. It's one week 2 and his first week back but keep an eye on this.
  12. BAN one week