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  1. I have been trying to protect Bowles but if Petty isnt hurt switching back to Fitzpatrick is dumb, and makes no sense. I cant back him anymore. Do what you must.
  2. fixed it for you
  3. If you dont see them let Petty loose more and more with each game for this season then you know you need to get rid of Chan Gaily even though I say replace Chan Gaily after the season anyway with someone who installs no huddle and plenty of shotgun.
  4. LA has a really good defense. Think of it this way if Fitzpatrick was in there he wouldve had 4 picks and gotten one of our WRs knocked out.
  5. And that it what you want. Someone who listens at the start and has to potential to think on his own later. Fitzpatrick ignores everyone and only does what he wants both on the field and off. Geno just cant do anything right. Petty is a sponge right now.
  6. No no dont misunderstand. Hack is the backup. Plain and simple. Hes gotta know his place just like Petty, just like Geno, Just like Fitzpatrick etc. You keep Hack ready at all times If Petty faulters over the season you switch it up. You aint gonna throw Hack in there cause he knows less than Petty right now.
  7. also Jay Cutler aint coming anywhere near NY. Why would you want him? Dont you think you have enough proof with Denver and Chicago?
  8. That punt was the game. And then our punt ended it when we set them up midfield. From this day on you should always respect punting.
  9. If you didnt give a crap you wouldnt be here.
  10. Let it go. Let go of your hate for Bowles. Your hate for Gaily. Your hate for Fitzpatrick. Your hate for Geno. Your hate for Revis. Your hate for whoever else has pissed you off this year. Cause all it's gonna do is make you look ridiculous and really only going to ruin your day. Petty played good today. Nobody told you to not go into this game not only already knowing that LA has a really good defense but also with the expectation that Petty would lose his first start. He literally was thrown in the fire. On top of that it was painfully obvious that they beat into his head to not turn it over and if the first look wasnt open just check it down to the running back. The kid did a sold job and when they finally let him loose it was on the final drive to win the game so you cant totally blame him for getting picked. They didnt set him up for success but they didnt really set him up for failure. In the end they had a shot which is what you want with a 3 win team. Winning in this league means winning the division. Like come on, how long have we been here that you don't know this? And winning the division against the Pats is like 14+ games plus sweeping them. When was the last time that happened? EXACTLY! So why are you getting ridiculous when this dude is making his first NFL start?! You have see the silver lining in that we have FINALLY CAST FITZPATRICK AND GENO ASIDE. There is no reason to go back to them barring injury for the rest of the season. Petty showed he had composure, control of his troops and you could tell he wanted to gun but was holding back cause of the leash.You allowed yourself to believe this team could function with Fitzpatrick and Geno, why would you not give Petty the same courtesy and let him play out the season before calling for heads? Yes we are all disappointed but come on, did you honestly think we would win against Brady or whoever with Fitzpatrick or Geno? Thats on you so take responsibility for your own mistake. You have at least five seasons of proof with Fitzpatrick and 2 years with Geno. Be happy that Bowles finally made the switch (I expected it after the bye). I think a lot of people are still expecting Bowles to be like Rex and yell and act stupid but he's not. He's down to earth and even keel. He's gonna always play it by the book and once and awhile take the shot. That why Gaily needs to be aggressive and I fully expect them to the more Petty sees the field. The dude has size and an arm. He's best in shotgun and with no huddle but those are things this team doesnt do so we are just gonna have to ride it out until they shape the playbook around Petty's strengths. We finally have a young, good, real QB who will have weapons around him. And a defense thats highly ranked. We will finally go into next year not having to worry about QB.
  11. this thread is a waste. Max lock this down..
  12. Man at least get to 1000 posts before bringing this crap.
  13. Why is Marshall still back there? Put a trash can out there!! It's a safer bet!