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  1. Let the madness begin. He's better than Geno. And honestly not that far away from Fitz. If you want to get real he's better than Fitz. Id like to see him with the 1's.
  2. Starts Week 1! Vacations over. this year should be interesting. Hopefully maybe Ill probably actually finish the whole season...
  3. trading for Bradford is like trading for the black plague
  4. Denver is desperate. They will give him what he wants. The problem is in Denver he has got a better scenario than the Jets. So now he gets paid more and has a better offense and better Defense. Goodbye Fitz! Thanks for the year! =D
  5. He got his year on the bench and warmed his seat enough. Time to get in the fire and see what we got. Fitzpatrick was NEVER the guy. He had a great year and it was his team if he wanted it but he knows the Jets have him on a short leash and they (OMG I PRAY) will not pay him a huge contract. And that's what he wants. He is a Harvard graduate and those bills arent cheap. Guy got money from the Bills, from the Texans and since the Jets werent gonna give him anything he's gone. AND THAT IS OK. He is not the guy. He NEVER was. Petty has an arm, has size and has a year under his belt. Time to throw him in or else he will go wasted and unaccounted for like so many other back ups who seemingly had potential but never got a chance cause of management politics and media influence. Kapernick is sh*t and with the way the media is here he will be eaten alive at the first sign of stress and regurgitate back into his shell and fetal position in the corner. Let's not do another Matt Simms who is now over in Atlanta waiting for his chance. Let's get Petty in there WHO CAN THROW THE DEEP BALL AND NOT LEAVE PASSES SHORT, Bring in a vet to back him up and start getting him acclimated to being this teams leader. Let's stop babying him. Throw him in the blazing inferno.
  6. Look, at the beginning of the season EVERYONE, media, you , me the universe pegged jets for a 2 win team. We all were like praying for 4 wins. It was a great season but the way it ended was just a bomb that you can through it all out the window. that said we do have something here but it's really tough to build the kind of momentum we had. The patriots are still tops but i think this season will show that they are highly susceptible to injuries because they play so hard. We have to fix the gaping holes on both sides and not miss a beat. and unfortunately we have to go all in on Fitzpatrick and Gaily which will be another crap shoot. What disappoints me the most is that this season is turning out to be an up in the air as far as who is the favorite and it was a great chance if the jets got in to the post to run the table. I think the team with the most momentum is just gonna run through everyone and now that is Pittsburgh.
  7. Im at the point where they should just get rid of kickoffs entirely.
  8. #APPLAUSE I worry about NY eating him alive too specifically media but i wonder if Bowles can reign him in with his demeanor. If Rex was our coach I would say hell no. But I think Bowles can settle him into the back up role. Special Teams yes was atrocious.
  9. 2016 FREE AGENTS PLAYER (23)POS.AGEFROMTO2015 CAP HITSTATUSMuhammad WilkersonDE26NYJTBD$6,969,000UFARyan FitzpatrickQB33NYJTBD$3,250,000UFAChris IvoryRB27NYJTBD$2,750,000UFADamon HarrisonDT27NYJTBD$2,356,000UFACalvin PaceOLB35NYJTBD$2,250,000UFABilal PowellRB27NYJTBD$2,000,000UFADemario DavisILB26NYJTBD$1,686,490UFAAntonio AllenCB27NYJTBD$1,542,000UFAJaiquawn JarrettFS26NYJTBD$1,542,000UFALeger DouzableDT29NYJTBD$1,200,000UFADarrin WallsCB27NYJTBD$1,075,000UFAStevan RidleyRB26NYJTBD$1,031,250UFABenjamin IjalanaLT26NYJTBD$760,000UFAStephen BowenDE31NYJTBD$665,000UFAWillie ColonG32NYJTBD$665,000UFAJamari LattimoreILB27NYJTBD$665,000UFAChris OwusuWR25NYJTBD$660,000UFAKellen DavisTE30NYJTBD$625,000UFAZach SudfeldTE26NYJTBD$585,000RFAErin HendersonILB29NYJTBD$585,000UFARyan QuigleyP25NYJTBD$585,000RFAKenbrell ThompkinsWR27NYJTBD$378,529RFARandy BullockK26NYJTBD$310,588UFA
  10. Fitzpatrick played a career season and earned the starting job for next season. NO QUESTION. He had plenty of mistakes and miscues with Gaily but together they had the Jets best offense in franchise history (check the stats). You have to deal with it and suck it up and accept that they will both be back next season. What they need is to fix the running game. It's crazy that in todays passing league that was our downfall.
  11. THANK YOU. Finally, intelligence.
  12. Or is that you want to keep Geno? O_o
  13. Why can't you people properly read? it's not hard.
  14. Why? as a backup? again another person blinded by the media..
  15. Richardson is a great player but I think we can be ok without him and maybe get us a good player in return. Dont you? No. Oh well then why?