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  1. I have my issues with the front office and coaches, but "robbed" is too strong a word. That value chart is a subjective guide. It is not written in stone, nor the only factor that matters. The value of specific picks, IMO, is more about how the tiers of players with similar rankings sets up in each round of each individual draft. If there isn't much separation between the tiers according to their war room board, then screw the chart. Accumulating more picks is a sound strategy. Wow. It's weird defending the Jets organization. Usually I am blasting them. Seems Pryor is finally gone too.
  2. Have you considered the possibility Pryor is untradeable because he is awful? And a team that wants to give him a try, if there is one, believes he'll be cut in training camp?
  3. And RoadFan is right. Calvin Pryor probably doesn't even make the 2017 Jets roster.
  4. I haven't scouted any of these guys. But if that Forrest Lamp guy can play... take the O-Lineman.
  5. How can anyone think Pryor is a good player? Scary. I think there is a reasonable chance he doesn't even make the team. If he does, he won't start.
  6. One is a talented douchbag. The other is a nice guy that can't play at all. Tough sells.
  7. And Darron Lee's penchant for not turning his head around to locate the ball?!?! Kyle Wilson sure "learned" how to do that after the "confusion" of his first season. Oh wait...
  8. "tell David Harris he can no longer play and to gtfo." David Harris has been a class-act, quality player and person. You should gtfo.
  9. Based on the 3 games I just watched; vs. Bama, Wisconsin, and Auburn. Jamal Adams is no Ed Reed. Not even close. Ed Reed was a fabulous ball hawk that could play possum, bait NFL QBs to make a throw, then close in an instant, make the interception ... and score TDs. He did it over and over and over. How quick people forget. Or did you just read some dumbass' comparison and chalk it up as fact? Adams is mediocre, at best, in coverage. His best attributes are what that bum Pryor was drafted to be. Adams might prove to be a nice player... but he has significant limitations.
  10. This pick makes me nervous. Just watched him against Alabama, Auburn, and Wisconsin. Positives; takes good angles, pretty sure tackler, aggressive at the LOS, will blow some running and screen plays up in the backfield. Negatives: I don't see a ball hawk, not in the least. The Ed Reed comparisons are ridiculous IMO. Reed was so good, he could bait QBs into making throws.. then jump the route and take it to the house. Adams appears average in coverage, at best. I saw numerous plays where he played way off and either allows receptions underneath him, or doesn't close on the receiver fast enough. He plays more like a security blanket, making sure a tackle is made. I would expect the #6 overall pick to be on the spot knocking balls away more than what I saw. Bottom line: Hope I'm wrong... but I don't see a top 10 player.
  11. Pryor doesn't belong on an NFL roster. If he makes the the Jets team, he won't be playing much... even for one of the worst secondaries in the whole league.
  12. Idziot shouldn't have drafted Pryor... Cooks was a no-brainer.
  13. The scouting department's history in the 2nd defies the laws of mathematics. They should have accidentally drafted a quality player. It is unbelievable. Every year they make the same fn' mistake. They draft a player with a SUPPOSED "high ceiling" along with relatively high bust potential. They should be drafting players with a high floor. Forget the ceiling.
  14. Just trade the friggin' 2nd round pick. The Jets scouting department should only be allowed to pick their nose in the 2nd. Let Joe Klecko and Brandon Moore announce the 3rd round pick together. Couldn't be worse than the Oscar's screw up.