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  1. Apologize? Yeah, sometimes. Explain? Nah. It is pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Whoa, man... I believe Petty has an equal or better shot to become a serviceable backup QB than Hack. Have stated that a few times here. In fact, I am surprised so many are writing off Petty as an afterthought for 2017. He might turn out to be the best QB on the roster. Granted that isn't saying much, but Petty is going to earn a shot to play too. BTW, I was pounding the table for Brandin Cooks... so the fact that Pryor did suck was just the cherry on top of me already being right.
  3. I believe Robby Anderson has huge potential. He creates significant separation in such a natural fashion. If he refines his route running, he will be open all day long. That said, I was very disappointed to hear about the incident in Miami. Hope it was just overblown. Off the field crap is not acceptable.
  4. Good, logical points. If only the Jets demonstrated logic on a regular basis, I might be less inclined to think they'll eff it up.
  5. I am OK with hoping for the best. If it turns out I was wrong about Jameis and ASJ, I will admit it. Same goes for Hack. (However, I don't see any of the JNers that began defending Pryor early in '15 acknowledging how right I was about him. I also don't expect to see anything from the Mariota doubters when he starts balling like I know he will.) What I am most afraid of with Hack or Petty, is that one of them shows just enough to make Macc think he is a franchise QB... and then they pass on the blue-chip QB prospects in April.
  6. Not me. He has been practicing, and supposedly looks better than last year in drills. However he was so awful last year, what exactly is the standard from which he improved? Also, I believe when he starts getting smacked around behind the Jets OL while trying to throw from behind two or three scores.... he will revert to bad mechanics and decisions.
  7. They reward each successive generation of Jets fans more than the previous.
  8. +1 Y'all know I hate fraud agency. However, if the Jets must spend some $$, I wholeheartedly agree that the OL is the place. The Jets have had some FA success with OL in the past. Mawae, Faneca, Woody, etc. Protect the new QB, whomever it will be.
  9. Tennessee will win the AFCS with a 9-7 record.
  10. Everything is about Hack. I would really like somebody, anybody, to report something on Petty.
  11. I think there are lots of good fits; Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Redskins, Cowboys, Bengals, Chiefs, Titans, Ravens, Texans, Colts, Bills.... maybe even the Rams(doubt ED would go there but SoCal enticing to some). Seahawks seem like good fit until further review. ED is a timing guy, not a fly by seat of pants improviser with Russell Wilson. Funny; two places I doubt he goes are NE and GB.
  12. This is what you do when you're tanking. You dump overpaid veterans. I still cannot believe how many dimwitted fans are upset by these moves. They really would rather go 5-11 than 2-14 with a chance at the #1 overall pick in a top-heavy QB draft. There is a strong likelihood Decker wanted nothing to do with a lousy team with an awful QB situation anyway.
  13. There is no case for extending Sheldumb. Except maybe the bloody glove doesnt fit and/or the Chewbacca defense...
  14. "He can't hit the ocean." "He'll never make it." Nobody, "agenda" or not, makes those statements within the organization unless it is obvious. Sheldumb believes the job is a two horse race between McCown and Petty. According to reporters, he was missing receivers in ugly fashion, hitting defenders regularly... Remarkable how many will need to see it for themselves in August before believing it. As of his dreadful performance last August will do a complete 180.