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  1. Manish "tried to tell us without actually telling us" that what he saw from Mo behind the scenes last season was despicable. Apparently, it has carried over to 2017. They dumped all of the overpaid, underperforming vets from last year except Mo. Time to finish the job. Mo might even have affected Leo's drive by proxy. Cut Mo's fat ass today..
  2. Isn't it "funny" how quickly a team's prospects can change after drafting a 1st round blue-chip QB prospect? And isn't it even more "funny" that some of the board still won't let that sink in? Goff. Wentz. Watson. Maybe even Trubisky?
  3. This is how I feel too. Except it got under my skin alot, mostly because of the opponent and a desire for fairness. The wins the Jets are putting together are worthless, big picture. But that call got under virtually every Jet fan's skin, tank crowd or not. Stick to your "this guy flashed...and that guy flashed" reports, KRL. Questioning loyalty is not your forte.
  4. The refs gave the Cheats a TD from the phantom PI call on Gronk. Then they took one away from the Jets. Figures. First game I allow myself to get a little emotionally invested in this season... and all I am left with is rage.
  5. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    Both Blandino and Pereira are now on record that the call on the field should have stood.
  6. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    https://mobile.twitter.com/mikepereira?lang=en Mike Pereira thinks they should based on his evals of the ASJ play and Gronk phantom PI.
  7. 49ers shopping Carlos Hyde

    Shipping him to the Ravens makes the most sense to me? Maybe keep him in the Bay area by sending him to Oakland? Maybe the Cowboys want somebody better while Zeke is out? Redskins? Vikings?
  8. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Exactly what I was thinking. He showed up in poor fitness. Also possible he did something off the field we don't know about yet during the suspension.
  9. NaVorro Bowman

    GFY. Which is less patriotic? Kneeling for a 200 year old song that very few actually understand the words? Or the supposed POTUS thumbing his nose at American citizens devastated by a natural disaster in Puerto Rico? Oh wait... he did throw some paper towels. I don't care if this is political. I am sick and tired of this angry white guy "they took our jehbs BS."
  10. NaVorro Bowman

    Once again, the STB sheep demonstrate a total lack of ability to see something from any point of view but their own. Bowman wanted out of a bad team to sign with a contender. I am sure the Jets aren't anywhere near his radar. My fave was thinking Megatron would unretire to play for the Jets. Try thinking what the player wants before posting this sh*t.
  11. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    "Jet up" What does that even mean? Show up late? Leave early? Sell tickets to opposing fans? Being beaten down by a franchise that has let us down for decades? How about feeling conflicted over wanting to beat the loathed Cheats versus the opportunity to end 40 years of mostly sub-par QB play? Some fans actually hate the Giants more than the Cheats, which is unconscionable to me. There is no consensus among the fans about anything these days. "Jet up"... pfff...
  12. The Giants had Tom Coughlin, played in an NFCE division that they were able to win at 9-7 that year, a pass rush, and a streaky Eli Manning who is as good as almost anybody when he is hot. The Jets have Todd Bowles, play in the AFCE which will likely require 11-5 or better to win, no pass rush, and Josh McCown. Give the "rah rah" delusions a rest...
  13. USMNT not going to World Cup

    I always love when a fan of the American naptime, aka baseball, calls soccer boring. 162 three and a half hour games with constant delays between innings, pitches, pitches where nothing actually happens, commercials, pickoff throws, conferences on the mound, pitching changes, spitting, and scratching their fn' sweaty nuts under their cups... The game is twenty years from being totally irrelevant. Average age of baseball fan is 53 and rising. Average age of soccer fan is 37 and lowering. F*ck off baseball fan. Sweet dreams "naptime."
  14. Boston Sports Radio

    Try mentioning Steve Grogan and Tony Eason... I find that those Chowder eating bandwagon jumping Sawx fans don't have a clue who I'm talking about.