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  1. Salt in the wound is the Bucs took the wrong guy and Mariota would have fallen into the Jets lap.
  2. Yes and no.... I think the Bucs didn't pay enough attention to turnovers when selecting Jameis over Marcus.
  3. Gang Green SQUISHED. THE. FISH!

    smh... Enjoy it. Especially, if the cost is Darnold... because you will have paid a fortune for it.
  4. How can you look at McCown, not a bad player but totally pointless, along with the other two QBs and think the direction of the franchise is pointed up? How do you feel about those worthless wins that cost the Jets the slot to draft Mariota?
  5. Other Games Thread

    Me too. And I think the TD to Brandin Cooks should have been reversed... the ball was loose when he hit the ground. How do you have instant replay and still f*ck up the calls?
  6. Other Games Thread

    Iggles rookie kicks a 61 to beat NYG on final play.
  7. "Fraud agency" should be self e'splainatory. Grossly overpaying for mediocre players.
  8. Oh fabulous. They can spend $100 million on mediocre players in fraud agency... and without a franchise QB still. Your name is "long suffering." Don't you want that to end? Don't you understand what will make it end? Spending $100 million in fraud agency is not the solution.
  9. Oh yeah... clearly the team that was in Buffalo and Oakland is going places.
  10. Can't you understand that any hope for this franchise rests on the opportunity to draft a blue-chip QB prospect?
  11. This is where I'm at. If this team is better than advertised, and they win 5 or 6, I might give up. C'mon Dolphins... get back in the game and give the Jets an opportunity to f*ck it up.
  12. Surprised nothing about this yet... He was 23 when arrested and hadnt played organized football since. 23! His CTE was the equivalent to what is expected of a player in his mid 60s. How many others whose bizarre and violent behavior COULD, I stress could, be at least partially attributed to brain damage? Guys like Chris Henry, Jovan Belcher, etc.... I am not a parent, but anxious to hear from some of you in this thread and anyone else that wishes to offer an opinion. Except for Bruce Arians, that is..
  13. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Another narrow mind that is unable to understand my point in context, no matter how gently and eloquent I explain it. "Could... partially..."
  14. Roll call home opener.

    "They move the ball from goal to goal, they're always in control... and when you say Miami... you're talking Super Bowl! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins #1"
  15. All of the above are correct. Seems like there are only enough good players for about 20 teams. People are growing tired of 3 1/2 hour sporting events.
  16. This. The MOST important thing is to lose.
  17. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Interesting concept... and what about asthmatics? You do realize that inhalers are steroids too?
  18. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Thats a virtual certainty
  19. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Forget the media coverage. Ask a neurologist... I have talked to two of them.
  20. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Unfortunately, there isn't an appropriate rep for someone that doesn't understand what is meant by COULD. Or someone that fails to acknowledge that a correlation between brain damage and behavior is certainly possible. In your sad case, both...
  21. You mean Charley Cowardly? The guy who blocks people on twitter that criticize him for his choice of Todd Bowles...
  22. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    I would like it noted that I told the Goff bashers to be patient. I also said that Paxton Lynch was a pansy with zero NFL QB caliber charisma.
  23. 66 points in 2 weeks

    The irony is that the offense is just plain bad and the defense is the disgrace. Most thought it would be the other way around. Two in the "L" column, only 12 more to go to get a top two pick. 13 more and the #1 overall.