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  1. last year, they got away with it. I honestly don't know how this defense could work at all. they have 4 defensive tackles and no linebackers. I agree, they play a lot, if not mostly a 4 man front. I also agree that they need to go back to a standard 3 man front and rotate the defensive ends. the jets are much, much more suited to play a 3-4. going to a 4-3( or continuing to play in 4-3 alignments) is the definition of square peg-round hole. they should have traded Wilkerson and then after sheldons 5th year option, should be looking to trade him as well. if they did this, they would have 3 drafts too find both defensive ends replacement, saved a bunch of cash, wouldnt have the square peg-round hole problem, not to mention an early draft pick or 2.
  2. I take it that you didn't enjoy the game or the post game
  3. stop. fitz has been playing like sh*t. geno knew this time was coming. the game was already over. geno wasn't asked to win the game. he was asked to put a drive together, not be a hero
  4. you double marshal and the jets still have zero, reliable weapons. the answer to your question is plenty. only difference is when qb's play this bad, they usually get benched
  5. we havnt even seen what these guys can do against 2nd stringers. nevermind 1st stringers. geno is not the answer. let bowles, gailey, Fitzpatrick, and the rest of the bum under performers continue to earn us an early pick inn the draft
  6. this is good news. whatever you thought of fitzpatricks career before this season started( horrible, .bad, good, decent, below average,above average) he is now a shell of what you thought. we are 6 games into the season and have the benefit of knowing the playoffs are out of reach. season over. I have never rooted for a tank, but this is the year to reel off a 1-15, 2-14 season. just keep playing like the jets have to get that early pick. doesn't make sense, this year especially, to win 5 or 6 games. this team is so bad, it will not improve this year
  7. lol. game was over when geno came in. he had no chance to win the game. his job was to put 1 drive together. lol. he might start next week and do better, but stop with the "poor geno" routine
  8. I could be wrong, tho mmight be geno time after all
  9. as toast as Fitzpatrick obviously is at this point, there will be only a few clowns chanting the name geno
  10. I thought that the drink being a white Russian was the punch line
  11. he is either hiding an injury or is completely done. take your pick
  12. Amazing folks are still defending Fitz play out here. What a joke!! for the simple minded, it might appear that I am defending fitz. but the reality is that I am just poking fun at those that lay the blame entirely on the qb, even when the said qb throws a catchable pass that the bum ass receivers cant come up with, all the while the rest of the team, from coaching on down is performing like a giant, steaming pile of dog sh*t. epic levels of fail