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  1. I hold that belief. the jets were a few bad plays away from an 11 win, playoff bound season. nothing changes this year. so what, the schedule is tougher this year. the schedule has very little mathematical chance as being as hard as expected. I fully expect another 10 win season. I think fitz is the best option.. fitz will be back. I want mac to sign him as cheap as he can. I wont set a cap of an acceptable dollar amount. that's the gm's job at the end of the day. short year deals don't set franchises back. what sets franchises back is going with a cheaper alternative rather than the best option at important positions.. mac see's that. he aint worried about short term money. if you are wrapped up in your beliefs and would rather be right(not saying that's the deal) I think you are going to be disappointed this year. call me crazy, tell me to lay off the sauce or pass the blunt, but I have a strong feeling the jets are going to be better than you think this year. but to answer your question, since I think this jets team is playoff caliber,if it takes 12m guaranteed for the 1st year of the contract to get fitz thru the door, I wont be too crazy about the dollar amount, but you wont hear me bitchin too much either
  2. not that it matters, but where did you get the 12m "guaranteed" from. just curious because I havnt heard it.
  3. man, I thought I was getting old
  4. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    I think this saying involves a goose, not a chicken
  5. Re OTA "vacation" messages

    so when can we expect the decker billboards and fly overs?
  6. cb, the report says 12m for the first year. without the details of the proposed contract, we have no idea what the offer is. I will continue to mindlessly flap my gums without a shred of common sense until the details come out
  7. Where do you see 2 wins in the Jets first 8 games? damn, tex. you need some ice for that burn??
  8. last I heard from you is that gannon had a howitzer for an arm and he was a multi playoff qb before he went to the raiders. couldn't take you seriously after that
  9. seattle signed the kid from green bay to a decent salary and then proceeded to bench his ass for a 3rd round rookie. I think that's what good front offices do
  10. are you talking about the same tyler thigpen that was coached by chan gailey for 1 year when the chiefs went 2-14? wasn't gailey fired before the regular season started the next year? hell, I could be wrong
  11. why in the world would you need to consider 11 years of history? seriously, I don't get it. there are plenty of players whos early years were sh*t, and went on to have serviceable years later. even better than serviceable. even great. recent history is what counts. always has. always will. you want to include Tennessee and Houston as fitzpatricks history? that's fine. you want to include what a late 7th round pick did in st louis, Cincinnati, and buffalo? who gives a sh*t. just like if geno turns out to be a good qb at some point. nobody is going to care what he did his 1st 3 years. its what he is doing now
  12. ya, that's the hope. but that's not what you said
  13. you cant bring yourself into reality, nevermind someone else. I see you have gone full blown romper room
  14. mike, you are getting harder and harder to conversate with. the bolded is utter nonsense and you know it