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  1. so if your wife has a gun, and is cornered by some rapist, who states that "i wont kill you, I just want to rape you", she shouldn't shoot?
  2. phil, your lost. keep watching the main stream media. you are being lied to and don't even know it. its typical of black guys who believe the world is against them. even tho themselves have never experienced real racism. because someone called you a racial slur a few times in your life, doesn't prove sh*t. cop shooting civilian numbers havnt changed in decades. white or black. but lately its a hot topic. ask yourself why? you state you live in a very diversified white area. do you get along with your white neighbors? are they burning crosses? do they refuse to let their white kids play with your black kids? or do you acquire your racial resentment from the media?
  3. lol. I know YOU liked how the original story was playing out. hate crime. execution style. that was fitting your narrative. additional information is coming out and you don't like it and cant accept it. keep watching cnn and msnbc. they seem to be working wonders on you psyche
  4. I have no idea, but since this happened at a traffic light, the shooter could have very well been boxed in
  5. sure there is. its called justifiable homicide. not saying that is the case here because we don't know all the facts.
  6. I could think of 100 reasons. lets see how this shakes out before we make judgements
  7. honestly, I don't think there was a women. just like the cj mordock tweets. gotta keep that agenda alive. the liberal media has no qualms about juicing up a story, time and time again. r.i.p. joe mcknight
  8. you destroyed the thread now you want it closed?
  9. and that oline held up a lot better than most thought
  10. picking 5 or 6 in the 2nd round is as good as a late 1st
  11. he has got some moves, that's for sure. still young and has a lot to learn, but it looks good for him putting it all together
  12. on that play, it looked to me that Anderson slowed down to make it easy on petty, but petty lead him. more miscommunication than anything. hopefully, plays like that wont happen with more experience
  13. respectable in the 1st half. bad in the 2nd