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  1. Jets "Can't" draft QB

    somethin, somthin, qb, somethin, somethin, need one, somethin, somethin, franchise, somethin, somethin, cant find one, somethin,somethin, cant win without one, somethin, somethin, wtf, somethin, somethin, i hate the jets, somethin, somethin, just shoot me, somethin, soomethin
  2. Report: Rams Move to #1 Pick in Trade

    its always been a done deal
  3. Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

    ask yourself this. who was the last cant miss prospect? one could probably argue only andrew luck, even tho i know your not a huge fan. now what would it have took to get the colts #1 pick? i dont think they would have took 5 1st rounders. what the skins did with rg3 and what the rams did this year was pay $10 for a $2 lottery ticket. if the jets were sold on a guy, i could see trading 2 1st rounders to get him, but i cant see trading 2 whole drafts for the same chance, especially on a "can miss prospect" and not a "cant miss prospect"
  4. Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

    its kinda like poker. no matter how good you are, how well you play, bad luck will send you home. same as gm'ing. no matter how good a scout you are, to find that franchise guy, you need a little luck. put all you eggs in one basket, 9 out of 10 times, you lose your job.
  5. Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

    2-1st rounders 2-2nd rounders 2-3rd rounders about the equivalant of 4 1st rounders,no?
  6. Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

    ape, pick on someone your own size
  7. Connor Cook or a DL

    there's the problem. too early for #20. too late for #51
  8. just pointing out what you said verses what the report said
  9. i am not done speculating as we have little evidence. i am too busy arguing with you about my first speculation. would it make you feel any better if i said its possible that smith was just reaching over the seat to get his insurance card? its possible
  10. "hunched over the drivers seat" not "sitting in his car hunched over the steering wheel". pay attention
  11. you saying "merely mention that i have a gun in the glove" and me saying" guy says he IS GOING to get his gun and within reach when shot". well, thats kinda thin air. 100% of your speculations are that he is an executioner that deserves no trial. i am simply playing deveils advocate with the little evidence we have. part of that evidence is that he was shot in the back and hunched over the driver seat. i am speculating that smith was attemping to get his gun. in some states, thats enough for self defense. thats what i am saying
  12. i really dont know what your point is here. i am not arguing any of these points except for the "get the hell out of there if a guy has a gun" part. in a close proximity, it might not of been possible
  13. i didnt tell you anything of the sort. you pulled that out of thin air, as usual. i told you i was just speculating with the little bit of info we have available. where did you come up with i am trying so hard to show this as a clean shooting? you live in a fantasy world sometimes. you are acting as if smith told haynes "waite here. i am going to get my gun across town. i will be back". common sense will tell you he was close to the gun. within inches is my guess by the time he was shot. i really like the fact that you are declaring him guilty and he must prove his innocense. lol
  14. i think this story will unfold more. but your right about how the stories will go, i think. i think your right, also, on how the law reads. in connecticut-hayes gets life. in florida-haynes gets off. in texas-haynes doesnt even get arrested.
  15. i am not saying this is exactly what happened till we know more facts. i am just speculating. pride has nothing to do with annything. when a guy tells another guy he is going to get his gun which is mere feet away, i really dont think there is much you can say to de-escalate the situation. in fact, if indeed smith said or made it clear in any way that he was going to get his gun, that would be smith escalating the situation to a deadly scenario. not haynes. beleive it or not sperm, in some states you do not have to waite till the guy gets his gun, faces you, looks you in the eye,cocks his trigger back and tell you he is going to shoot you before you are legally allowed to defend yourself.