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  1. if the devil had a zodiac sign, it would be gemini. that's all I am saying
  2. neither is stealing a car.hmmm
  3. I would be more worried at a buffet that he paid good money for
  4. trade them all for next years picks
  5. sounds good but it might not be feasible to acquire a 3rd when the last few trades netted a 4th to get back into the 1st round
  6. much like every other day
  7. writings on the wall for pryor. pryor's natural position is bum safety
  8. smelling me a trade
  9. stealing our trade back
  10. could also mean that the 6th pick is irrelevant in a trade. with a few more teams added to the mix, they might be eye balling pick 4 or 5
  11. The government doesn't rob a dime from the people. that's the job for the people who own the government.
  12. sorry. thought you were going somewhere with this. observation noted
  13. I don't see a viable point
  14. who cares what defense the giants are playing