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  1. look slats, I still consider you one of the better, intelligent posters on this board. nothing has changed in that respect. but when you say that Fitzpatrick didn't have any leverage and that the jets were not uncomfortable starting geno, well you were wrong. don't say that mac caved. if fitz had caved to the offered contract, you would have said it was because mac had the leverage and wasn't afraid to start geno.. but that's not what happened. mac caved because of fitzpatricks leverage(fear of starting geno smith). you were wrong on both accounts. just admit this and lets move on. and lol at those applauding mac for setting a deadline. some deadline. after 6 months of negotiating, mac tells fitz he will offer the contract that fitz wants only if he signs it by 7pm
  2. and yet proved that he did, in fact, have leverage to the tune of 12m, while you and others said he had none. there was a lot of people wrong on this one. consider yourself one of them
  3. ok. fair enough. but come the end of the season, just be around to admit you were wrong and I will do the same
  4. it doesn't need to get better. his arm strength was adequate. do I wish it was stronger? sure. but its adequate. does he throw a good deep ball? no. does he throw a good intermediate ball? absolutely.
  5. 33 going on 34. not 35. while not possessing a rocket for an arm(well not even close) it was adequate enough. his arm will be the same as it was last year. his arm is not going to break inside a year
  6. I think your "bottom 5" prediction will be shattered to dust. time will tell. since his days in buffalo, I don't think Fitzpatrick hit the bottom 5
  7. you really like 27 qb's better than Fitzpatrick? not for years to come, but just in 2016?
  8. agreed. that why I don't know why posters make such a big deal about the strength of schedule, but it is what it is. just having fun and guessing
  9. I can live with 2-4
  10. both of these guys need to bring the jug machine home with them. there is some talent there if they can drop a lot less balls
  11. I might be a little generous with 3 wins and 3 loses in the 1st 6 games, but there is no way the jets go 0-6 to start the season. zero chance
  12. just my prediction, is all
  13. I can respect your opinion. what are the 11 losses?
  14. sesame street? lol put you on ignore? never. but maybe you should take your own advice ghandi act? whatever that is guys agenda is to walk into a thread and blow it up? kinda like what you are doing that's a legit assessment? no that's your assessment hes a waste of space on the board? get off your high horse that's it. that's all? you done crying & sniveling now? good