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  1. of course you are. just like you were hoping fitz would have a game like yesterday so you could lap this forum
  2. villain, I follow you like a stalker follows his victims
  3. flip flop
  4. true? fitz "dragged down" talented teams? lol. geno lost his job to a "serial assaulter"? double lol
  5. flip flop
  6. "gifted" 3 starting qb gigs. couldn't take the 4th. he has gotten his chances. open your eyes
  7. trying to make a point and using Edward gorelik as some kinda proof makes you look silly. his tweets are laughable
  8. what really needs to be said about fitzpatricks game yesterday? really. even Fitzpatrick supporters can see he had the worst game in jets history. nothing really needs to be said. at all. after yesterdays game, whats left to talk about Fitzpatrick? the Fitzpatrick haters want him benched now. at most, the Fitzpatrick supporters say give him another shot, but if he pulls another stunt like this again, bench him. there really isn't much difference. stick to the topic at hand. besides the horrific qb play yesterday, the rest of the team seems to be ******* up as well. repeating fitz sucks over and over again does little. after yesterdays game, I don't think there is a person alive who will disagree with you today
  9. its their day. make fun of them, but at the end of the day, let them have it
  10. I am sure you will cherish that name all season whether fitz plays good or bad
  11. calvin pryor shouldn't be in coverage ever again. he is definitely strong safety all the way. got smoked in coverage, started mother ******* him, then bam. he comes in like a human torpedo and stops kc's 4th down attempt. lets keep him making plays like that and not covering 265 pound te's that he cant keep up with
  12. he did have some drops and had an awkward clumsiness about him, but he did manage to get open frequently in his rookie year. it had to be personal
  13. joewilly12 for gm. only a man of his intelligence can run the jets