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    DIE HARD, Section 320. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets... ALLLLLLLL DAY
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    Staten Island/Section 320
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    Market Research/Data Analysis

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    Jets/Pats Thursday Night Football 2008. Oh how i loved that game.
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    Yes, Section 320
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    Not making the playoffs in 2000. Lions, Raiders, and Ravens. Beat 1 of those teams and we were in.. Effin Jets
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    I could care less, win a game, and then i will care,
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  1. Just throwing it out there that if anyone has extra's or tix they won't be using tomorrow, would love to take em off your hands to go to the game. Will be going regardless, but before I went the Stubhub route, I figured I would check here first.
  2. jets tickets have no value at all

    Tix will be 6 bucks on Stubhub at that time..
  3. Former PSL Holder Letter

    Might need to give me them for 2 seasons based on what is being said in the media with Sammy
  4. I got a letter in the mail yesterday inviting me to a dinner in the Commissioners Club in during the Green and White game in August. It was addressed to me as a former PSL holder. Don't think I am going to go, but I wonder what they would try and sell me on.
  5. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    When I called them to drop my seats, they were extremely rude. I wound up hanging up on the guy, and a few days later got a call back. They must get a ton of calls per day from people dropping their seats, or complaining about something that they don't know how to treat the loyal customers. The ticket people are seasonal workers for the most part. Dead end job with no real need 8 months of the year.
  6. Ticket Brokers ARE THE PROBLEM

    I don't think that is the case. I think the NFL teams have agreements with Stubhub and other secondary market sites that are readily used by fans. I think the Jets are putting up thousands of seats on Stubhub and dropping the market when they need to, and raising when it deems necessary as well. I think the days of the ticket brokers themselves are fading in regards to the Jets, and other mediocre teams.
  7. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    IF, that happens, you will still be able to get the tickets for cheaper than a season ticket holder for the most part. Not having to pay for worthless preseason tickets is a savings that can't be forgotten. If you have 2 mezzanine seats at 130 a pop, you are saving 520 bucks on the tickets alone. If Darnold is not the truth, or we do not land him, and are back to mediocrity, or even worse, cellar dwellers, your reasoning backfired. If you drop now, save all of the money you would have spent this season, next year, you will come out on top.
  8. Jets Season Tickets

    I get that statement, but to root for a team with no expectations, while paying top dollar to sit in the stadium does not correlate. It might be a fun season, but if it turns out not to be, you are still paying for a super bowl caliber team out there.
  9. Sorry for the email

    Received an email from the Jets today letting me know that if I renew my seats by a certain time, I was eligible for food credit on my jets reward card. I didn't think much of it, because I let go of my seats last year, and haven't looked back. I get a text from my friend who let go of his seats as well, and he got the same email. Seems that the Jets coincidentally sent everyone that has had seasons that email. Minutes later, I received an email letting me know the email was sent in mistake, and I am not eligible I guess. IMO a petty attempt to entice former ticket holders back. Going to have to do a lot more than food credit. Typical Jets though..
  10. Jets Season Tickets

    If you have/pay for your tickets, you can sell them to whomever you'd like. The Jets do not ask if you're a Jets fan before purchasing season tickets, they ask for the security code on the back of your CC. If the Jets do not ask if you're a fan, neither should loyal season ticket holders when they can't make a game.
  11. Jets Season Tickets

    Having a PSL does not mean you're rich. I had one for the first 5 years of the stadiums existence. I have seen many a person drive a beautiful car without having much money. A PSL doesn't define you, just like a car does not define you. I am glad you're happy with the PSL, for a few years I was as well.
  12. Jets Season Tickets

    No one pays face value that doesn't have season tickets though.. So that should even be an issue if you don't have seasons. If you bought a PSL and that was the case, I am sure it would infuriate people.
  13. Jets Season Tickets

    Yes you got them for 250 bucks each, but that is fair market value. The gripe I had with mine were the fact that I still had to pay for tickets. You're going to pay more next preseason than you did for the entire PSL allotment you have. That is where the Jets do not care who buys the PSL and at what cost, they are just happy its sold and have someone on the hook buying their over priced tickets, rather than going the secondary market route and getting the tickets for pennies on the dollar.
  14. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    I am actually extremely curious to see what the Jets do when they realize that thousands of people are not renewing. There is going to be a massive sales pitch, price reduction, etc.
  15. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    I had seats in 229, LOVED the section for a few years, but we all decided to drop the seats. It was 17 of us, and within 2 years, every one of the 17 of us had dropped the seats. I have been back via free seats and the stubhub route, and I always look over to my old section.. EMPTY... No one will buy those seats..