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  7. Personally, I'm more concerned about Macc. We need a heavy infusion of talent and a fukking QB would help as well. So if he's correct with this year's draft, the the Jets trend upward but if he's wrong I'm not sure the coach can make up the difference here. Once we improve the talent and diversity of talent on the roster then we can better evaluate the coaches. With that said, I'm not that impressed with Bowles and/or Rogers but I am willing to give him a pass from the first two years in the hopes he improves. I also like that he has shaken up his staff with an emphasis on bring in guys who can teach/lead. At least I like the Kevin Greene hire.
  8. Maybe this one is better....
  9. Nice work although I still prefer grey camo...needs to update the Jet as well...something stealthy...maybe like the new B-21.
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  13. How about them Predators?
  14. Don't forget that.