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  1. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    That's why they post here.
  2. I like that my team is learning how to win.
  3. Jets built to move the ball on Pats

    ...and this what I like best of this team.
  4. Hacken-buried?

    Hack's career arc compares to this former Packer and Bills QB.
  5. Hack looks better than Glennon tonight.
  6. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    I had more fun playing with you as scum as much anyone in a long time. I wish I played better partner. You were outstanding!
  7. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    I tried Dice...just missed my opportunity to hammer.
  8. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    If there was/is a Cop, they should step forward...too much info to glean...makes zero sense to wait until near deadline...just the way the folks beat up Nyn for a simple set up makes me think she did a big FU. With that said, other than his claim Smash makes the most sense as scum. 80 is next. I have you as town...cause, although you first suggested cult, you also put some perspective out there to explain the delayed NKs...IIRC...correct me if I'm wrong... The other outliers are the replacements...both brought more than their original slot holders but both tried to sit on the fence...I get that as I've subbed in before so I'm not trying to call them out but one of Ben or SK likely scum.
  9. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    FTR...I work...no time to post till after work...I'm VT. I seriously doubt we have a Cop or Doc in this game so I think Smash is scum. I could lynch 80 before Nolder. SK and Ben I have null...they have added value (personally) but their predecessors in the slot bailed...fire away if you have questions...
  10. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    FWIW...if it wasn't for the claim...I'd vote Smash...I'm seriously beginning to doubt Nyn even put a cop/doc in the lineup...probably a big fuk you to those who criticized the set up before hand. Please NK me.
  11. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    Come on. Learn, god damn it!.
  12. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    They know not what they do. Personally, I blame Smash.
  13. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    Unfortunately, it's encouraged.
  14. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    This guy ^^^^ is town. I'd like to hear the answer as well.