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  1. Alrighty then, i just couldn't take the suspense...I went here is without a doubt.
  2. As a side conversation...did you choose your moniker from the Destroyer series?
  3. The only thing that gives me hope for Mac are the picks for Petty and Hack. Draft your favorite each year until you find an answer.
  4. Very patient is an understatement...sometimes I think I've taught my now 20+ year old sons that brand loyalty is more important than quality product.
  5. Great preseason start. Love the let's string up Ape, Crusher, and Verbal D1 narratives...pretty sure Leelou (hi Elle), has had a subtle hand in making this happen so my vote stands.
  6. Opportunity cost at work...maybe we should have chosen another football team to follow...or is it the an example of sunk cost?
  7. Good work. I would have voted you if you didn't make that case.
  8. CFD on Leelou. Vote Leelou
  9. Still scum but I'm willing to see if he's exposing a teammate. Vote JiF
  10. Early scum reads: JiF, Leelou, and Dickher.
  11. oh yeah, Vote Zander
  12. I'll say this now. I'll post early morning till I leave for work then not until night or weekends...whichever comes first.
  13. Fitz is god awful...either way...time to let it go...both leave us all wanting more...I'd love to see Geno show something or Petty's preseason tease have legs...or hoping Hack has a future...good season to ride each horse and find a lead dog this team desperately needs.