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  1. Sign up for next mafia game

    Sorry folks.  I cannot support at this time.
  2. Thank God the Broncos won!

    Aren't you the guy who wanted Peyton wearing green and white?
  3. Rocky - Mafia game thread

  4. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    FTR...I would support LK's return to DM. Free Lizzie
  5. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Thanks for running this Elle. Wish I had read day 1 and voted JiF instead of 80.  Ugh.
  6. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Thank me later folks.
  7. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    No worries but you're commentary suggests you know I'm town.  Good luck.
  8. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    JiF pissed my off.  You willing to lynch her? Unvote, Vote Nyn. Jump aboard the Nyn Express but either works at this point.
  9. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I have cracked this game wide open.  This is a town move.  So Argo.
  10. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    your point?
  11. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    Looked liked the right thing to do at the time.  Wanted to see who would chase the soft claim and low and behold look at the swarm that moved in that direction.  Pretty sure at least two scum are on my train.  They had no idea I was not the cop and yet they anxiously poured fuel to the fire.  Basically, I split the field in two.  Also, found scum in Nyn who never voted me yet nudged my train like cat plays with a mouse.  You guys can thank me end of game.
  12. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    yes, why yes, i am a whore.  thanks for the observation.  may i get a lucky punch.
  13. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    I guess...I'd ask why you want to run me up...but I'm sure it will not matter...I'm VT.
  14. Rocky - Mafia game thread

    JC is town.