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  1. Wtf is with the format? It took 5 minutes to scroll through it.
  2. Maybe this is what it will take for the jets to win the super bowl.
  3. Wait nudity? I didn't see any tit posts.
  4. I wanted to add a Jets QB lol
  5. Different eras, I'd love to watch Farve, Marino, O'Brien, Moon etc play now.
  6. Better QB and a lot better coaching.
  7. Watching this season and how unprepared and undisciplined the team was is a nuclear disaster.
  8. Bowels had a meltdown? The season was a nuclear disaster.
  9. Should of been a penalty on the TD. Sherman wasn't even covering him on that play.
  10. Bowels and Quinn are equal.
  11. It must be nice to have a real QB and a good HC.
  12. I wouldn't touch a QB this year in the top 10.
  13. This is the dumbest ******* thing I've read today.
  14. ****sake he's back.
  15. It's pretty ******* sad that we have to go back almost 50 years to celebrate a good time with this team.