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  1. Biggest thing to look for is if anyone outside of the Dline can actually play.
  2. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    I feel bad for us. We have to watch them play.
  3. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Can we run the wishbone?
  4. Lmao. You know you're a douche when they take Cutler out of retirement over you.
  5. You post novel length stuff all the time then leave just a link when you could of posted the damn list.
  6. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Free education at elite schools is pretty good compensation and they don't have to play football. It's their choice.
  7. When Ryan and Edwards are in your top 5 you know your team history ******* sucks.
  8. Haha, you just scroll through this for no reason.
  9. Top 5, Top 5.

    Brown was great in his era and would be good in any era but he's not the god some people make him out to be. Watch the films half the people on the field are slow small flat footed white dudes trying to tackle him. Guys today are way bigger and fly around the field. There are plenty of players with his size and speed now.
  10. Top 5, Top 5.

    Simple. The players that would be trying to stop Brown wouldn't be his size or smaller until he got into the secondary today. 250lb DL, 220lbs LBs, 185lb DBs compared to players now.
  11. Top 5, Top 5.

    He'd be a normal player today. He was huge for the time playing against a slower, weaker defense. No one picked OJ?