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  1. I seriously just got a boner.
  2. Cause I said so
  3. He needs to retire already.
  4. Who the **** else are they going to start. If Petty was even remotely able they wouldn't of wasted a 2nd round pick on a long shot.
  5. Is it from carrying the team?
  6. No Geno??
  7. Pretty much what I was thinking. Half the board loved him and had him in the HOF.
  8. 5-7 wins? Who's forfeiting against us?
  9. This. I couldn't give a **** less about preseason.
  10. Is the plan to lose?
  11. UNFL United Nations Football League.
  12. If I wouldn't get banned I'd post a picture of beef curtains.
  13. You need to start smoking weed.