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  1. Gronk is funny as ****
  2. Self inflicted death penalty. Works for me.
  3. Revis had possibly the best season ever but career I'd give to Mangold.
  4. Easily Mangold at this point. Leo has potential and Richardson did but that's out the window. And Kelly congrats on finally having a post shorter then gone with the wind.
  5. No, they'd need to win the AFC championship first.
  6. Bust. Every early drafted QB and Ross
  7. 1) WR2) QB3) OL4) CB5) CB LSU
  8. Taking a TE at 6 when there's a bunch of TEs in the draft and the team has much greater needs would be ******* stupid.
  9. It's a great sport. I played till I was 40. I'm paying for it now though.
  10. Use Rugby pads.
  11. I lived in Seattle I'm well aware of him. He had one good year, moved positions, has been injured and is small. Before the combine he wasn't talked about as a top guy. If they take him at 6 they're ******* idiots.
  12. Are we starting a track team? Before the combine his name wouldn't even be in the 1st round much less top 10. I'd rather waste the pick on a TE.
  13. Adams. The QBs this year are sh*t and there's zero reason to draft another DL. Trade down if possible and draft OL and DB.
  14. There's greater needs on the team then TE. The Online and DBs are way more important and should be addressed first.