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  1. ******* people unreal
  2. He was one of the few highlights when he was here. ******* sad. RIP brother
  3. We still talk about Penny and Herm you think Fitz and Bowles are just going to disappear?
  4. **** off with this sh*t. Romo can keep his fragile ass in Texas. Stop looking for old big name players to bring. That sh*t obviously isn't working.
  5. There's been plenty of players from ND the last few years that are solid and a few to look at this year.
  6. Zero chance Kizer isn't taken in the top 10 unless he breaks his neck.
  7. The future sucks then.
  8. Positive. He won't be the HC much longer.
  9. Apparently 40 people so far.
  10. I ubered to my car from the stadium. He wasn't very happy.
  11. This is almost as bad as Trump Hillary No ******* Idea Who You Are. Christ how do we keep ******* up?
  12. I wish the Jets played like the Bills. The Jets looked like sh*t against the ******* Fins. The Bills could of beat the Seahawks if the refs didn't **** up. This Jets team has zero fire or organization. It's depressing.
  13. In the adult world that's acting like a ******* dumbass.
  14. ******* dumbass. This team shows great discipline and coaching.
  15. No Mangold no run up middle you ******* idiots.