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  1. True but it would be nice to have a vet better then Geno.
  2. If we go with the QBs currently on the roster we're going to have an 800 number.
  3. Without Fitz it's going to be like watching the special olympics.
  4. ..remaining needs ~ ~ ~

    Is it of naked chicks?
  5. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Up and under kicks probably won't work all the well in the NFL lol
  6. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    If Fitz comes back they still need to keep a vet. If he gets hurt you have two rookies for the rest of the season.
  7. Sanchez in his 'rari

    Ok it all makes sense now
  8. Sanchez in his 'rari

    Are you marks Ma?
  9. The New England Patriots select

    And the we'd be posting how stupid they are etc etc
  10. Sanchez in his 'rari

    Fitz is a way better QB then Sanchez.
  11. Bears part ways with Matt Slauson

    Definitely worth a look.
  12. Undrafted Free Agent Thread

    Get Joe Schmidt from ND. He'll be a great ST player.
  13. Charone Peake- Clemson.

    Too bad the highlights were against Appalachian State and Syracuse
  14. Crappy mobile ads breaking the site

    I'm having the same issue at the moment. Just email admin and they'll take care of it.
  15. "Official" 2016 Jetnation Mock Discussion Tread.

    I know Rex couldn't resist lol.