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  1. The RB for Seattle is hitting the hole like Ron Jeremy.
  2. Oh great idea. Another Fitz/Geno thread.
  3. Good coaching.
  4. Oh look. Another ******* Geno thread.
  5. Reading the Fitz/Geno sh*t is like reading Trump/Hillary sh*t. THEY ALL ******* SUCK.
  6. Not that it matters unless you're trading down but that's funny
  7. Not you too. I expected more from you.
  8. Restart? It's been ******* Groundhog Day for 40 years.
  9. The tackles must really suck then
  10. I was that person. I guess you don't get my sarcasm.
  11. Jesus Trump that was a little harsh . The poor lady was getting abused and you're going to blame it on her.
  12. Why didn't she leave? If his ass was broke she would of been down the street. He's obviously a ******* mental case.
  13. They win two more games, keep the coaching staff and front office, **** up the draft, pick a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round, don't address the Oline or DBs with any real talent then push for ticket sales like everything is great.
  14. Stop experimenting and use a ******* 4-3 base.