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  1. 9 since 1990. 6 ints or more
  2. I'm really glad we got rid of the FB.
  3. If the oline does its job, they use Forte a lot, the DBs do their job and Fitz doesn't try to force the ball. They can win. It would also help if Seattle plays like sh*t.
  4. There's hope! Lol Hardy threw eight interceptions in a 45-7 loss for his Chicago Cardinals against the defending NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles. The next week, Hardy threw six touchdown passes in a 55-13 win for the Cardinals over the Baltimore Colts. "Copy paste from google search"
  5. I blame the oline and play calling. Lol 😂
  6. Based on the coaching staff starting him. If any of the other QBs are a better option and they're not starting them Bowels needs to be fired.
  7. The fact they haven't start any of the other guys I'm assuming means they suck or aren't ready.
  8. I guess I'm just cynical.
  9. Really? The Dline and Marshall. Everyone else average or below and some straight out suck. Forte is probably above average but it's hard to tell when the oline is so bad.
  10. Anyone with realistic expectation already knew this team wasn't good. The oline sucks and wasn't addressed, Revis is surprisingly bad, Fitz is Fitz, the coaching staff is still young, outside of the Dline and WRs whole team is below average. The sky can't be falling the sh*t fell 40 years ago.
  11. If the oline does it job and Revis remembers how to play they'll come away with a win.
  12. Hell no