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  1. I already bet on the game from the stadium.
  2. Anyone that's been a Jets fan for any amount of time should know McCown is going to have the best season in his career. It will be good enough to keeps us out of a top pick and stop us from drafting a franchise QB but bad enough to keep us out of the playoffs.
  3. Green Bay or New England? What NFL team that loves white receivers does he end up on?
  4. It's easy to coach when you get the best players year after year. He's a college coach and there's zero chance of him leaving a potential legendary college career to get his ass handed to him in the pros.
  5. Can we get a new owner while we're all it?
  6. Saban sucks as a NFL coach
  7. I'm not spending a dime on this team. So no I am not goting to the games.
  8. Rebuilding has really worked out great for us so far.
  9. Still the dumbest ******* thing I've read.
  10. Why the **** would any WR come here? They could go to a team that could make the playoffs.
  11. Or fans
  12. I'd pay to see that. Or Kanye West.