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  1. Never and he'll never be a starter period. He wasn't that good in college and it doesn't make him a good NFL player just because the fans desperately want a franchise QB.
  2. This team is so ******* bad there's no way they're not top five.
  3. He's white so he's either Decker or Chrebet
  4. I thought they might of switched him to safety
  5. He's the Lee of special teams.
  6. He'd be the best QB on this team.
  7. Awesome. Sounds like he'll be a good rugby player once he gets cut.
  8. There's a good chance McClown is the best quarterback on the team.
  9. That should fix the Oline.
  10. If I was Decker I'd want to leave. sh*t QB, sh*t Oline, sh*t coaching, zero chance of a super bowl or playoffs. I'd want to go to a team with a #1 receiver and a shot at winning.
  11. Why didn't he go to a bigger school? Someone had to give him an offer.
  12. Can't wait for preseason.
  13. Lee was putting in work this offseason so he should be ready.