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  1. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    They wouldn't of done that with zero QBs on the roster. Fitz isn't worth near that and it would kill the cap.
  2. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    5 million, 10 million or 100 million. They're still offering Fitz a contract because they don't want Geno as the starter.
  3. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Lmfao. Kicking ass lolololol
  4. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    No, we have Geno's worthless ass. Geno is so bad they offered a career journeyman 11 mill a year just so they didn't have to start Geno.
  5. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    AWESOME!! We have the worst starting QB in the NFL.
  6. South Florida Dolphins?

    What he said. They're putting in a roof so they can get the super bowl.
  7. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    I've been a huge supporter of fits but if he turns that contract down he can go **** himself
  8. Leave it to you guys to make a thread about an ex coach and the pats all in one.
  9. Are we including to the other team?
  10. Anything that keeps the ball out of Geno's hands.
  11. Those posts are so long Kelly would be proud
  12. What do you think the Jets record could be if....

    As dumb as you apparently. The running game and D won 8 games. Geno sucks.
  13. Vegas ( Bovada ) season win totals

    Three team parlay Cowboys under Broncos under Jets under