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  1. Too much midget porn? I'll send it
  2. Glad I traded up all of the WRs I liked are gone now.
  3. It's a good pick for you I just wanted him lol
  4. Unless they draft a QB with their first what other choice is there? Let them earn it in preseason and hopefully one of them catches on.
  5. Lol. My plan was to get Ross with my second 1st but Dcat grab him two spots before so I changed it to getting the best CB and trading up into the second for Samuel without giving away my 4th. Worked out for all 3 of us.
  6. WOW

    ****ed it
  7. Titans select Curtis Samuel WR/RB/Offense weapon/returner ohio state
  8. looking for who's up next one sec Princess Pei Pei OTC
  9. Still looking to trade into the 2nd round. I have 2 3rd rounders.
  10. It never closes technically but the clock stops at 22:00