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  1. Highlight videos I know, but all these guys exhibit elite pass/play making ability against top competition.
  2. Obviously the jets know something the rest of us don't. Not sure how a guy goes from being maybe our best defender in 2015 (defense went to the sh*tter after he got hurt late in the year) to completely despensiable a year later. Same with Sheldon. Im highly worried that our coach is incapable of putting these guys in positions to succeed.
  3. Hack hasn't played a snap and just turned 22, he's not a "veteran"
  4. Hack just turner 22...22!!!! Younger than most rookies
  5. Dumbest thread I've ever read, your argument is to add "good looking prospect" before each of their picks? jets: - second best player in draft at 6, one of best safety prospects in last 10 years - another talented safety from an sec school that flashed first round talent. It missed a few games with injury - most underrated wr in draft, great burst, plays physical, best blocking wr, best YAC wr in draft and can still be a deep threat
  6. Marcus Maye

    Did you see how many DBs went in the 2nd/3rd? No way he lasted more than 5 picks
  7. Both of these guys are good players imo
  8. Draft Rumors

    Really don't get trading down in the second for garbage picks
  9. milliners only problem was that he was made from glass
  10. Adams ran track and clocked at 4.38 at pro day- timed by mayock and every other scout there confirmed the time.
  11. 2nd Round

    David Harris was a good pick
  12. Moneyball in the NFL - do we want this?

    Pats are the NFL money ball team- works for them. But... like the NBA you need stars at certain positions to succeed.
  13. That's a successful 2017 regardless of record. Put the pieces you need to really evaluate a QB and play the young guys. If they show nothing go all in on a QB in 2018 and they'll have a great offensive foundation to join. then go all defense in 2019
  14. https://theringer.com/nfl-mock-draft-2017-myles-garrett-deshaun-watson-debf9d62a79f
  15. He was our best defender in 2016...