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  1. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Disagree, I like that he showed some emotion at that point.
  2. Dolphins lose 3 yards on first down to push them back into 50+ range, instead of forcing Miami to burn a time out and essentially settle for the long one we call the time out allowing them to run for an extra 10 yards making it a makable FG. INSANE
  3. Not when they lose 3 yards on first down, you make them burn their time out and rush a long field goal..
  4. Moronic time out after that last play
  5. Did we seriously just call a time out?
  6. This is ******* bogus by refs
  7. Because the small chance of a score or huge gain is worth the 5-10 yards of lost field position if the return is horrible...
  8. #1 we were never bad enough for a top 2 pick #2 if we really like these QBs we can trade up #3 no proof that taking a top 3 QB is the instant solution to our problems
  9. Can anyone provide me with examples of where mega deals for premium non-qb positions actually worked out in the last few years?
  10. Adams got embarrassed on that drive
  11. Have you watched football this year?
  12. Is Macc setting up for FA QB?

    Cousins is easily a top 5 QB in the NFL. Hes worth every penny.
  13. Watson is so overrated right now. He had a good game last week, how many rookie QBs have we seen have monster games and then fizzle our in last 10 years?