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  1. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Not a fan of the pick, but I agree with this. Hope this works out.
  2. The Lee pick reminds me of

    From the videos posted, this guy looks far from a 'clean up tackler', but he is fast.
  3. Under Woody's Ownership

    Hey, defense wins championships, and he's fast.
  4. I agree with the phins got a steal.
  5. I guess so, how can you not see him getting pushed around and manhandled. They basically ran at him all game. I hope it works out, but not a fan. The season will tell.
  6. Seriously, he's built like a corner. The video up there is brutal
  7. He's going to have to take on linemen playing ILB. Also, he played with a bunch of other 1st rounders at OSU.
  8. My fault, i thought he played safety. A small OLB that gets swallowed up by bigger linemen is not what you wanna hear.
  9. You're right, this guy played safety in college, and will be converted to a ILB and by all reports he has trouble fighting off bigger guys. What could go wrong?
  10. The same weakness are mentioned in all the reports.
  11. CONCERNSAs a Linebacker, Darren lacks the stoutness against the run and the shed and tackle skills that you need to have to an impact in that position at the next level. He is what I would call a finesse linebacker who would need to run free to the play to impact. He also is a sloppy tackler although in the open field he does much better tackling because he knows he must make a sure tackle. Darren can make impact plays, but most of those plays are because of the play call or scheme that he is in at the time.
  12. Meh, that list is already long