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  1. My early 2011 MBP works like a champ under Sierra. However I need a new battery
  2. Gotcha
  3. You should check into upgrading your memory and/or your HD, makes a world of difference
  4. Sad to see him go. One of the good guys that worked out.
  5. What year is your Mac? Is it an iMac or a laptop? Cleanmymac works good, and you should be able to use it on a trial basis. Onyx is another good clean up tool and I believe it's free. Also try monolingual, its an app that will delete the hundreds of languages that you don't use, and I believe it'll also delete the manuals in different languages you don't use. It can save you a bunch of space. I believe it's free too.
  6. That list you posted is nothing bro. I'm not much of a fanatic anymore, and I've watched about 2 full games this year, but I'm down on the NFL overall. I rather enjoy my Sundays doing things I like, than being stuck to the TV for 4 hours watching an inept team try to win 4 games. Spending money on beer and food while being disappointed gets old after awhile. I'll still root, but it's not that serious anymore.
  7. Jesus, these choices. Let's leave 2016 behind us. Thanks
  8. No limbs, this what we (jets) do.
  9. He'll suck and we'll run him out of town. Book it.
  10. How do you know this is even possible? I'm not sure it is at this point.
  11. Good luck with that, I'm skeptable
  12. None of those are coming here, and I doubt they are looking to coach.