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  1. I hope the Jets win is my only thought.
  2. You're going to watch the BS unfold this Sunday, and like it.
  3. This.
  4. LOL @ practicing for jets week.
  5. I don't believe the "protest" has anything to do with the drop In ratings. I'm sure it's turned some people off, but the overall product is sh*t.
  6. Doubt it can be any worse. Hopefully Petty can get healthy then throw him in there. Let's see what he can do. **** it.
  7. Sure why not, "he knows the best people", "the brightest people"
  8. I thought Rex would be
  9. I wouldn't, besides the Bengals game, I haven't watched a game all year. I knew the fail was coming.
  10. I doubt they fire the guy in his second year, but I agree Rodgers needs to go, I didn't like the hire from the beginning. I believe he was the phins DC and they always underachieved. I'd be shocked if bowels is fired after this year.
  11. Sure why not, season is done.