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  1. LMAO you guys always do this to yourselves. I just hope he's better than Pryor.
  2. Tough times at ESTMZPN
  3. "The turnout was yuge, don't believe the dishonest lying liberal media. Everyone was there, the most people you've ever seen period"
  4. This is awesome news.
  5. Let's see how this plays out
  6. Some TE, watch!
  7. Nocturnal animals, Amy Adams is a cutie but the movie was very very meh. It's basically a story within a story, however cinematography was pretty good IMO.
  8. Total impluse buy for me a couple of weeks back, but I bought the switch with BOTW. It's a lot of fun with A LOT to do.
  9. Yeah, looking forward to this.
  10. Welcome to the family. Most of the games are FPS unfortunately, haven't found a Madden that's worth playing. I'm more I'm into NBA 2k and some action RPG, but honestly I haven't turned it on for a while. Recently bought a switch, it's cool, but I could've done something better with the money SMFH. Fallout 4 is awesome, so is Witcher 3, but be prepared to have no life.
  11. Jesus, what a terrible list.
  12. I think the goal is to get another failed USC QB high in the draft next year. I guess you have to keep doing this until you hit. 40+ year and counting.
  13. Agreed, at least I can be productive on football Sundays now.
  14. Cool, hopefully he stays healthy