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  1. Jesus, what a terrible list.
  2. I think the goal is to get another failed USC QB high in the draft next year. I guess you have to keep doing this until you hit. 40+ year and counting.
  3. Agreed, at least I can be productive on football Sundays now.
  4. Cool, hopefully he stays healthy
  5. I know the movie you're talking about and yes it's the same girl. It's funny because I've had the same reaction in other movies she's been in. It's weird.
  6. Lock this up.
  7. Yeah I thought the accountant was going to be a lot better. Didn't hate it and didn't like it either.
  8. Need to catch get out. Watched Logan over the weekend, I enjoyed it. The best out of the wolverine series, I hope they continue the rated R trend for comic movies.
  9. I believe you, I don't know why, but I do.
  10. Can't see this happening. Good business move by hightower
  11. Sad but true. Hopefully we draft better tho
  12. You act like that's new or something.
  13. I just rather not face him twice a year regardless if the Jets are contenders or not. Not really that hard to grasp.
  14. Good pick up for the Giants, and I'm glad he's out of the AFC East