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  1. I usually watch the games at home or sometimes hit up Duffy's. This year I barely watched any games.
  2. Ah nice, is that the new station that was built out there? I'm located in West Palm, by the flamingo park area. Not a firefighter though.
  3. West Palm Beach checking in. Cool stuff
  4. Meh, Rams corners were pretty solid. Jets just need corners now.
  5. The outcome was as expected.
  6. I thought shazier was a higher round pick.
  7. Agreed, but this one is a bit more freaky because we know how started it, and he was a freaking science fiction writer LMAO Leah remini can still get it too.
  8. Most likely for NE
  9. I'm sure he'll find the locker room he likes in NE next year. I see nothing wrong with this article.
  10. Just Jets things....
  11. Call 2 timeouts on one drive, go for it on 4th and 1 and get stopped, again. If they fire bowles I wouldn't be mad, and I was one of the guys saying he should get another year.