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  1. Damn, sad to hear.
  2. I enjoyed it, felt like the last episode was rushed but overall it was good .
  3. He's a bum, even at Georgia he was a bum.
  4. Apparently he's going to retire. I can't blame him, multiple concussions and he has a ring.
  5. Stay strong Bosa, from what I read he comes from money , so he can weather the storm better than most. The guy is a d-bag anyway, screw him.
  6. Agreed, I wouldn't be mad if the Jets picked him up. FSU baby!!
  7. I stand corrected on the source. However, Alex did admit to using to the DEA. I hope the players union have these guys back, but I doubt it, it's the weakest in sports. Peyton got out just in time, no doubt in my mind the HGH was for him.
  9. A quick Google search says A-rod tested positive for anabolic steroids. A- rod even admitted to using steroids also.
  10. Still silly, if I didn't test positive, who gives a flying **** what a report says.
  11. This is so strange to me, how do you suspend guys based off a report? When they didn't even test positive.
  12. He has a built in excuse this year
  13. Naz out here freebasing, wow.