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  1. There's video, but it's hard to make any sense of what's happening.
  2. Nice playoff run, no question, but not an all time great IMO
  3. Von Miller

    After this playoff run he had, why wouldn't the Broncos want him? 
  4. Von Miller

    His sack, strip fumble was godly. Made cam look small, wow.
  5. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Hate Brady as much as the next guy, but Brady falls on that ball. I'm talking more after the game, cam was a sore immature loser. 
  6. Yeah this is funny, he legit looks disgusted. 
  7. refs effed cotchery big time

    Think that  worked out for them, no?
  8. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Definitely a bitch move by Cam, and he deserves all the backlash he's getting today.     
  9. I thought it was a catch, but really it could've gone either way IMO.
  10. refs effed cotchery big time

      Idk panthers had morethan enough chances, cam played like the cam I remember. 
  11. Von Miller

    Beast. He's definitely going to get paid.
  12. Remember when folks on here said Winston was a problem and will be bagging groceries in a year or two? Remember when folks said manziel was just "young and having fun"? LMAOOOO