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  1. when Brady comes back it's going to be the **** Goodell tour, pats are gonna try and embarrass everyone. SMFH
  2. Should be a taunting penalty
  3. Definitely should retire.
  4. Bring in karlos Williams!!
  5. No, they really shouldn't.
  6. Who knows? But going into KC will be tough, having Seattle at home is good, but that defense and their special teams are scary.
  7. If you've been a fan of this team for more than a year, you would know nothing should be considered 'easy' with this team. One game at a time. I remember a few years back under Rex the Jets were going into their "easy" part of the their schedule and totally sh*t the bed. Don't do this guys, you're only going to set yourself up for disappointment and bitterness.
  8. KC is a different team at home, but they are beatable. 4o'clock game ugh.
  9. A ridiculous beast.
  10. This. I saw a least 3 that were straight BS and very weak. Not good at all.