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  1. I reeeeaaaallly like Hankins as a player and would break the no DL rule if he came so cheap.
  2. Is Carpenter still playing well or cuttable if not?
  3. Potential FA: Larry Warford TJ Lang Matt Kalil and his mom Kevin Zeitler Chance Warmack Andrew Whitworth
  4. Jets need to watch this scene:
  5. How is no the popular answer here?
  6. The gang teamed up, worked together, set a goal, and accomplished that goal.
  7. The big question is: does this guy believe in himself?
  8. See how Dakky P and Aar Aar play with confidence? How Jason Garrett and whoever the Packers coach is coach with confidence? It's the real difference maker.
  9. I've designed so many plays that are made to get guys open with room to run.
  10. At least a couple of you guys see the big picture
  11. The Jets need to believe in themselves more.
  12. Draft Watson and trade back in for one of Williams/Barnett or whoever stands out among the outside pass rushers The dream for me is Garrett and Watson fall. Jets take Garrett at 6, and trade back into the first for Watson. Almost an instant playoff contender