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  1. Fowler was barely a proven tablesetter until he was. I think they go after a good hitter, if he keeps sets tables or washes dishes on the side then more power to him. He might be a CF, say Cain from the Royals, but for now I'll leave open to just OF. Basically what I'm gettIng at is that the whole Almora/Jay situation will have a pretty short leash. Slappy won't be able to hang without a high and unsustainable BABIP.
  2. Come on guys, don't ban him from the hallowed Jets Ring of Honor!! That is just cruel.
  3. I just look forward to this overrated lug not being on the team.
  4. Fine, I'm down to keep this thread going. BOLD 2017 predictions: - Cubs go from arguably the best offense in baseball to outright the best offense in baseball. - Rizzo beats Bryant to .300+/.400+ but Bryant hits more HRs. - Heyward bounces back offensively and takes over starting CF in the second half. - Cubs trade for a starting OF at the deadline as their big move. They also pick up a SP, but a post-hype guy still struggling like Trevor Bauer rather than a Chris Archer. - Lackey misses 10+ starts - Lester/Arrieta/Hendricks combine for 75-80 starts rather than 93. - Arrieta is not extended. - Cubs lose the NLCS to the Nats.
  5. Yes, he is the only one in the NFL all about the money. The owners make money because the gods are rewarding their good natures.
  6. Nah, the Jets did the right thing to cut him. The only way it can actually be interesting is if the Jets find a QB.
  7. The Jets make tons of money and mail it in year after year. :shrugs:
  8. All the Jets have to do is build a better team.
  9. Trying to what? Fix this? Turn this long running sh*t show around? He was FO's 12th ranked corner in 2015 at 3whatever years old, no clue where this two year stuff came from.
  10. Win more games and your fans aren't sh*tting on their greats over ******* money.
  11. **** yes I have never seen a non-QB navigate the NFL's bullsh*t so successfully. That he's a villain for running his own career, hell that he had the talent to pull it off when the whole system (maaaan) is built to burn and turn, only makes the laundry list of successes more awesome. We're probably never going to see this again, we will be worse off for it. Dude's the GOAT DB and the GOAT at playing the business side of the game.
  12. That's hilarious. The Pats are loaded
  13. Does this actually make sense to you?
  14. I'm already forced to booooooooo this Jets draft.
  15. It really doesn't help that Howard didn't do much as a pass catcher in college. Take the value on an Engram or Hodges or someone else later than blow 6 on a TE. What just a mediocre, SOJ kind of move that would be. One of the many, many ways they can blow that first pick, and they will blow it.