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  1. I thought I would be interested in the return but am just not.
  2. Joe Rogan has my favorite line on Bigfoot. Something along the lines of: You know what you don't find when you're looking for Bigfoot? Black people
  3. **** YES!!!
  4. Kyle Schwarber went 1/3 with a double and walk in the AFL.
  5. I liked Shell. Hopefully he, and I still hold out hope for Project Dozier, develops as he might. There's plenty of physical tools to work with.
  6. Don't pay any heed to Scotty. He's been wrong all year insisting that math makes less than whatever it is he even believes.
  7. Catastrophe is pretty much the only way the Cubs are not built to last. Braves finished in less than first place once in 15 years without the kind of money or market the Cubs will have and have. The 2015 Mets were built around an older lineup and a rotation with one non-surgeried young arm (albeit arguably the best RH in the game for the foreseeable future, barring catastrophe). That roster and team just were not in the same shape as the Cubs, performance and injury histories both bear that out. On paper the 2015 Cubs were a better team than the 2015 Mets, their follow up seasons also bore that out. Just going with the numbers the 2016 Cubs actually underperformed expected W-L based on their periphs. This team, barring catastrophe, has as good shot at getting better next year with Bryant in the meat of his prime as well as a lineup of guys in their early-mid 20s. I've said it all year - 2016-2018 is well set up for some special sh*t to happen before their media rights are sold for top dollar.
  8. NJ and The Troll, please like me! You guys have hit my tried and true measures of #realfandom trademarked just today or yesterday. The formula is that you have to pick me over he. Please! Remember that a vote for me and my party is a vote for love and hope! vanDoug feel free to go screw. You also do not meet my very real cutoff date you bandwagoning bandwagoner! This is serious business! Do you even have Cubs fan neighbors? Just so you are aware, I do! Just so you are aware, I do! Just so you are aware, I do! They are happy and old. Are you even happy and old, bruh?
  9. Lol @ the local message board politcians. I guess that's what has to be done when content or substance are nowhere to be had.
  10. Sure buddy, whatever you need to believe. There there now, it will all be over soon. In the meantime just tell yourself all the stories you need. Interesting, sorry, "interesting" that this tale of yours only became a thing to mention this year. ---- I remain supremely confident this guy will be wearing a Cubs uniform by the end of the decade. The whole article itself is a pretty solid summary of his dominance on the mound and how that might translate.
  11. Something else I am enjoying is knowing this is just the beginning for the Cubs barring a catastrophic disaster. They'll basically be printing money moving forward. They're well on their way to being the premier player development franchise if they aren't already.
  12. It'd be scarier if Salazar was Carrasco. Salazar got pummelled as the summer went on and hasn't pitched in over a month. He's the kind of arm that can pile up 90-100 pitches by the 4th against the Cubs.
  13. On.y 4 more to go!
  14. You understand you're the guy who waxes poetic on the historical greatness of the Daredevil series, right?
  15. Kris Bryant is a franchise player.