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  1. A few things from the Cubs' draft: - Alex Lange might be a legit SP prospect. He checks many boxes for me - lots of innings, lots of Ks, very hard to hit, high pedigree, no major arm injuries or surgeries...Fingers cross, I guess, because the SP prospects on the farm blow. - Brendan Little could be the Paco Rodriguez/Brendan Finnegan of this draft, first guy in their drafts to make the majors. There's a need for a power LH reliever, and his fastball/curveball combo would fit the bill should he not sh*t the bed in the minors next year. - Jeremiah Estrada and Ricky Tyler Thomas were two sleepers I really liked before the draft, both picked by the Cubs. Thomas is LH and reminds me of Tony Sipp. Lots of Ks, pulled groundballs, and popups in college from him. Estrada fell all the way to the 6th for non-injury reasons. I'm a little down on him for that, but Lange being better than I thought as a prospect makes up for it. - They added yet another 17 YO switch hitter. They've drafted and/or signed a half dozen+ of these guys over the past 2-3 years, mostly IFAs.
  2. The Mets drafted LHP David Peterson out of Oregon with their first pick the other day. Pray to your Jah for his arm to be spared the Mets' general doofusness.
  3. All it cost was a DL trip for Harvey and Walker plus at least four more weeks of no Syndergaard. So is this the highlight of the decade for the Mets or is it still beating the Cubs on the way to losing the WS to the Royals at home?
  4. Maybe shutout for innings 2-9? The first inning was practice, probably.
  5. I kept this in mind during the festivities, really brought my mood down.
  6. Are any of our Jewish brethren in NFL FOs?
  7. Unfortunately, I have not even the slightest clue who that even might be in the NFL. Also, I would also suggest drinking Fight Milk.
  8. Mo Wilkerson He will be back to badass form.
  9. It took several attempts this year, but this is the one you should go with. Very biting, probably feels like losing the WS at home.
  10. BTW the whole "Mets should trade for Votto" thing does not work without also ponying up for Raisel Iglesias, a badass reliever.
  11. Yeah, Tanaka seems fine to me. The HRs are a little nuts but that seems to be a thing in the early going league wide. I love him among the upcoming FAs, really only prefer Otani (if he's available and there's some loophole for the Cubs to exploit somewhere) to him outright. Velocity's up across the board before typical season peaks for pitchers (mid-late summer), slider and splitter getting more whiffs than usual, all his individual pitches are getting more groundballs except the cutter...The big difference seems to be that his cutter is getting hit out out of the park rather than popped up, like in previous seasons, this year.
  12. The Cubs are a below .500 team right now and: a - I would not even notice without the internet freaking out about it. b - I'm not even a little bit worried about where they will be at the end of the season (the playoffs).
  13. Hey, out of curiosity - which seat was yours during the big glory run to a WS loss?