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  1. Lol Some jerkoff on the internet who has spent literally half of his year trolling a message board thread because he got his ass handed to him can't be taken seriously when calling anyone or thing a loser. Just the irony of a numbnutted troll like yourself rambling on about a loser mentality is good for a kneeslap.
  2. I can't be the only Reign of Fire fan here.
  3. Hoyer and McLeod extensions also done...Up next would be some postseason accolades, WS rings, end of decade media rights money, and then becoming the de facto on field and economic superpower within baseball.
  4. What's this thing where the Jets want a blocker at TE and not more pass catching options? That seems odd for 2016, and I have serious doubts it is true.
  5. It's easy really....It happens, you accept that you can't change what happened, and then life moves on. Right?
  6. - **** blocking - He was the premiere TE in college football and one of the better ones to come out this decade. That's all of why I'm into the pickup.
  7. Wow, this sucks. Guy was a HOFer by his mid-late 20s THO so if he wants to duck out sooner rather than later there should be no issue.
  8. The good thing is at least "there's always next year" is a legit thing now. Keep fielding far and away the best teams in baseball and the rings will come.
  9. You mean to say the 34 year old won't be the decade+ starter here? Naaaaw....Surely you guess too wildly.
  10. A waiver claim of a 24 YO NFL player with a DUI does not strike me as desperate.
  11. Fun facts: - Cubs non-pitcher hitters in the second half have a 19.4% K rate. - Kris Bryant in the second half has hit .308/.395/.546 with a 21.4% K rate. These two alone continue to build up my excitement for 2017 and 2018. This team's just on what the kids call "some other sh*t." On top of that: - GG caliber 22 YO SS Addison Russell put up a .205 IsoSLG and 19.4% K rate in the second half (247 PAs) and a .182 IsoSLG on the season.
  12. I'm into this too. Marshall's looked choppy, Spiller's had some really dynamic years and has had a relatively light workload for 29...I generally am in favor of usng small amounts of money on former stars to play bit roles.
  13. I'm down for anything that knocks Kellen Davis off this team. Throw in that he's on the high end of talented for the position and I'm into it. Edit: Note that I don't know anything about the off field stuff.
  14. Still wow at this. He was great, he made the people around him better, he was young, fun, high and positive energy....This just stinks.