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  1. As I comprehend it - everyone but RBs, safeties, tight ends, and QBs with limited experience and track records.
  2. I will definitely keep that in mind
  3. Yep. It can even be as simple as following the money - CBs get paid more. They cover the outside receivers directly, good ones do everything a safety does plus. Hell, safety is often the fallback for guys who can't cut it at corner - Dwight Lowery comes to mind - or older CBS that have lost a step. Showed him! I do want one of those freak athlete jumbo 6'3"-6'4"+ 220+ safeties THO, but CB should easily take priority between the two.
  4. Trusbiky or Hooker at 6 Not walking away with either a franchise pass rusher or franchise QB
  5. Pleeeeeaaaaase happen, still draft Watson
  6. Also 116 TD's and a 67.4% completion rate
  7. My first thought and question too.
  8. Being tedious on top of vague and arbitrary doesn't seem like the best way to make whatever your point is. Go back to naming random QB busts who most resemble Trubisky on paper but totally definitely are Warson's future because combine velocity or gut or something.
  9. What do any of these guys have to do with Watson? None of these guys come even a little bit kinda sorta close to what he did in college. They have nothing in common beyond a couple of them winning a NC. Do you not see how insane it reads on my end to knock a guy with this resume for his massive successes and using it as an argument for why he won't succeed? And it's not even like you're looking at the work in total - just the NC win, deciding that doesn't count because JaMarcus Russell won one and scientifically this means all NC winning QBs suck. Lol I should have just skipped to the last part...So the Elway/Marino in this draft is a guy with one season under his belt and small scale success during that one season? A guy who couldn't win a starting job for years? None of this makes sense to me, Trubisky has way more in common with those turds listed above than Watson in any objective measure.
  10. I also can't believe how weirdly confident in next year's QB class, for reasons totally, everyone seems to be. The real QB class is in 2021 with Jeff Fahey and Todd Glassman. If not then it's definitely for sure in 2022.
  11. Might as well be speaking another language. So at the core, none of this shows up in 1200+ passes over 3+ seasons sooooolely because it's college? That's how it works - all that is out the door because something about how the ball is supposed to look? How does this stuff not sound insane or at least way too vague to buy?