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  1. Jets practice 08/17

    Haaarrison, something seemed off. All I know about this team these days is that everyone sucks and is stupid also Wilkerson is Muslim.
  2. Jets practice 08/17

    Is Jonathan Harrison the South Carolina OL they stashed? Speaking of OL depth, what kind of reps is Dakota Dozier getting?
  3. Jets practice 08/17

    Also playing a high collision sport on a pro level after a much more severe neck/back injury
  4. Jets practice 08/17

    Maybe if he retires while he can still walk. He almost died from the neck/spine thing IIRC, and today hurt his back. This whole thing does not seem like it can/will end well.
  5. It worked reeeeeaaaaaallly well in the baseball forum, really well. ---- I'm on the Petty as the sleeper keeper bandwagon.
  6. Jets practice 08/17

    Mauldin should maybe mull retirement.
  7. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    OK, now try saying that to this chin and jaw:
  8. 2017 Mets thread!

    At first I was all like "oh that's nice, the Mets promoted Smith." Then I was like lol Mets pitching...DeGrom, who has missed what amounts to multiple seasons to elbow issues and surgery, was supposed to be the reliable, healthy, durable one right? I just hope Rosario and Smith aren't Corey Patterson and Hee Seop Choi, because wow do these Mets remind me of the 2000s Cubs.
  9. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    Petty too
  10. WHY NOT HIM? Every reason possible, but I am rooting for Hackenberg! The Jets can only Jets their way into a QB. They can't do it by the book - 3 years/30+ starts, 60% completion on ~1000 passes + bowl game success, maybe preferably not a junior - they have to bumble and fumble their way into one. In comes a QB that managed to somehow take the heat off Paterno and Sandusky at Penn State by pissing everyone off at the footaball while checking just one of those boxes. Maybe there's a silver lining somewhere? How many guys log 30+ college starts between the ages of 18-20? Maybe that can be a thing? I'm too lazy to attempt at making that a thing make it a thing. Go Hackenberg!
  11. Good Job Wilkerson

    -12 sacks amirite?
  12. https://twitter.com/JetsFanMedia/status/810392530256883712 Very tough choice
  13. 7 years ago? 8? When did the writers script Sanchez that playoff win?
  14. Cubs Thread

    3-4 years? This winter!