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  1. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    I'm optimistic about Smith as a long term NFL WR. 30 TDs in 121 receptions at the college level is understated dominance. The blown ACL sucks, as does not having Cam Newton to work with, but overall I think he will be a good player for the Jets. Pretty much feel the same way about Funchess, better than expected but still meh - especially for a 2nd.
  2. BTW...on this, worthy of a separate post: If the standards are that a 300+ pound DE/DT should post similar sack numbers to Von Miller on a year to year basis, sure you might be onto something. Fortunately/Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way and there are many ways to have a significant effect on the offense's ability to pass as well as the defense's ability to defend it. If Von Miller or Khali Mack or whoever the hot pass rusher is this hour were asked to do what the Jets' DL does - particularly Wilkerson - they wouldn't be posting double digit sacks on a regular basis either. This shouldnt even have to be stated and should be common sense. OTOH the difficulty in grasping this does explain the tedious sacks-only arguments against Wilkerson and now the whole group. I have to award these guys 6 sacks a piece just because now it's hit the point where all are being undersold just to avoid Master Woody paying the best one at the right time to do it. Its not even interesting to suddenly throw them all under the bus just to not pay one guy - just as lame and cheap as the Wilkerson-exclusive sack editing. 
  3. Re-Up... Fitz ? ? ?

    I think they'll eventually come to a 3/27 agreement with $12-14 garaunteed, cuttable by year 3.   
  4. Draft Coverage 2: Scouting Choices

    Whichever one of the first two blows up the combine, I guess. Outside pas rusher, QB, and a quality T prospect would be my goals for the draft.  Edit: I don't see a poll.
  5. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    He does seem to have that reputation after some blatant stuff against Garrett of A&M in 2014. OTOH the big one he's known for, the 2014 A&M game, was improved on immensely in the 2015 game. Not uncoachable....I think late 2nd would be a nice gift for Los Yets, they could definitely use some in the draft.
  6. LOLZ yipeeeee a top 30-40 pick that could be some unnamed guy! What a catch for the team's best, most productive, and most valuable player over the past 4 seasons.  Richardson through age 25: 16.5 sacks, 4 PDs, 4 FFs Wilkerson through age 25: 24.5 sacks, 14 PDs, 7 FFs, 1 INT Age difference between the two players: ~1.1 year Basically the same thing with a totally negligible advantage Wilkerson! Richardson's a chump off the field, only comparable on a per snap basis coming off a season he wasn't even on the field for 41+% of the snaps, and can get the Jets that magical top 30-40 pick as well, which beats getting nothing for him as he goes pursue Suh money in FA after 2017. What what were the rankings for Richardson's sacks? How come he only put up 5 sacks as a slightly lesser player who also was on the Jets team that played teams so bad that now Wilkerson has moved from 12 to 8 to now 1.5 sacks using bro science? What else....Not only does Richardson play fewer games, his doing and not something in his favor, but he plays fewer snaps when on the field - instead getting more favorable matchups than probably anyone on the roster (for instance, during his forgettable moments at LB he got to line up behind the 3-man DL that requires 4+ guys to block)...Really, it is interesting how the only player penalized for the Jets' schedule this year is Wilkerson, but that's what you get when you post with an agenda. Repeating this kind of "analysis" over and over doesn't make editing stats to your liking any more valid than it started off as. All choosing Richardson, based on smoke and mirrors, similar but lesser rates despite getting to take 20% of the snaps off at even his highest workload, does is set up a situation where the Jets lose both by 2017. His remaining rookie deal should allow the Jets to get a day one draft pick plus another pick or two, the rise in cap and dearth of young talent on the roster to go along with his long established elite level of performance make extending Wilkerson an easy choice. tl;dr: Wilkerson's worth the money, Richardson isn't really in his league. The Jets are best off extending their best and most valuable player over the past half decade and using Richardson's remaining rookie deal to get some picks. No amount of editing stats to your liking can change that.
  7. I think I'm going to award Wilkerson 5 more sacks for being humble and not making a fuss about the prestigious Jets MVP award.
  8. Can we get to why a LB/DE who blew out his knee at 25 is the same thing as Wilkerson, some time maybe?
  9. Yeah totally, I'd probably be arguing for weeks with Jets players about how good Wilkerson is....LOLZ
  10. Mayock's Initial Top 5 List

    I like the aggressive Prescott ranking, would still put him at 4. Cook - I don't know what to think of Cook. Aww sh*t, Willie Beavers...He was a name I threw onto a pile for a thread I never made about mid-late round targets. Developmental OT prospect, but I guess that's over with. Alooooot of talented Cs this year, none going too high. I might have Vadal Alexander as the top OG, and my opinion is very important because, but Whitehair is pretty safe. I wouldn't be surprised if #4 had the best career out of all the LBers in this draft, and if #5 had the second best career out of that bunch. #2 ranked TE out of Stanford, Austin Hooper, is the older brother of a prospect I wanted the Cubs to draft in the first round last year, Justin Hooper.
  11. I'd just like to add 8 sacks to Wilkerson for sticktuitiveness and gumption. Throw on 10 more for age relative to league the first three years.  This is the NFL, backloading is just another way of saying "he'll never actually get this, but it looks good to say he might." Maybe there's another word for it....Anyway, they can probably put the meat of it between 2017-2019 without much of an issue, then it's time for the usual NFL mid-contract breakup. -  I think Fitzgerald gets $7-9million a year over a two or three year deal. 
  12. It won't be a discount per se, folks will ooh and ahh at the announced deal, but it will be pretty backloaded - essentially a hometown discount with how NFL deals work. The Jets can make plenty of cap space - can even get to 35+ - and have plenty for next year and the year after that too. Certainly the Jets won't be ridiculous enough, I guess I can't really hold it past then THO, to let Wilkerson leave for the Giants or Raiders of all franchises. 
  13.   Again, until you run through every player's sacks and run them through your little editing process, it's not the thing you hope it is. What is even the premise here? All leads are insurmountable  Again - until you do these matchups for everyone - especially considering Wilkerson plays every spot on the DL - this is just as hard to buy as the Wilkerson exclusive stat editing process. Again, I don't see you quick to dismiss Von Miller dominating the likes of Oher and Remmers, neither anyone's idea of the ideal starting OT, so what exactly is the process here? He most definitely is worth that money, especially over the likes of Richardson. All your situation sets up is a scenario where the Jets are set to go from three to one by within two years anyway. Richardson's gone after the 2017 season. He's already looking forward to demanding Suh money. Wilkerson's consistency - both game to game and year to year, his durability, his character, his long track record off performance, his long standing as the best player on the team - 4 years now, and his versatility all make him a more worthwhile investment for the Jets over Richardson, and worth paying over anyone currently on the roster. He is, indeed, special enough as a player to be that guy - selective stat counting and demerits for matchup advantages you don't give others just isn't the factor you think it is. 
  14. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    Surely there's more criteria for being a good prospect than playing well for or against Alabama. I'd imagine a guy like Coleman might actually struggle a little against Alabama's larger DL, as most OT and OL in college do, but don't see why that would eliminate. I didn't see the game and it's not available in any easy way so that kinda sucks.
  15. Shon Coleman OT Auburn

    What about Texas A&M or Ole Miss?