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  1. To clarify again: - This thread was closed because of a few Mets fans trolling for multiple pages. Scotty D saying otherwise is just another example of the level of scumbag he is. He also said he was done a couple times early on, yet 10+ pages later the Mets trolls including himself were still going strong without impediment. He is not what he deludes himself into believing he is - a civil poster. He is a dishonest, slimey, weasely little troll who gets away with it because he stays inside arbitrary lines while trolling and roots for the local franchises. - On the cunts thing....It is a casual insult among bros in some circles, bros. If you were women I would understand the phony sanctimony, but all in all - especially in the case of Scotty D, I am fine with my use of the word. - As far as 80....You went from a decent enough seeming guy over the years to someone who talks about how into black girls you are like some meathead knockoff of an Always a Sunny character and desperately, desperately wants to be RJF's RH. Max wasn't pissed, your dramatic narrative aside, and most definitely the Mets trolls were and are the problem here - none of this is possible if these slimey scumbags were civil, decent people who had any clue of what they were talking about. - I will frequent much less - obviously - just becasue sh*thead trolls like Scotty D have any sway here. This is a guy who has almost literally never been right about anything on this site, is always uncivil about it, and is consistently incapable of even making decent cases for his poorly thought out opinions. If I am not banned, yay - see you in the Fall/Winter. If I am, so be it and I will just talk baseball on some other site where casuals like a Scotty D or GimmeShelter aren't around to pretend baseball stats and prospects are magic and witchcraft. Scotty D should be a little happy about this since that's one less poster who consistently, for years, schools him on sports, football and baseball, on this football/sports forum. - Apologies to the Cubs fans here for biting the troll bait during the season, but these were just such sh*tty, sh*tty people allowed to be sh*tty, sh*tty people. <3 XOXO
  2. Oh, this season is so fun that I will only be a little tiny bit annoyed that Bryant won't win the NL MVP since Murphy has a high batting average and people with say still think that way. --- Down on the farm - 19 YO Eloy Jimenez is at .336/.375/.534 in full season ball, he'd be young for short season, with a K rate ever so slightly over 20%. He's on a path to be everything Jorge Soler (showing a pulse lately btw) was hyped to be early on.
  3. What are they at? 11 in a row? 100% shot at the playoffs? Highest WS odds in the sport? Clear best team in baseball still? I know you don't care about that stuff, even I think the WS odds from Fanzgraphs, BP, and 538 are fodder, but I resent that even the more active Cubs fan here besides myself does not appreciate how good this team is. An offense where the non-pitchers have kept the difference between the best AL offense all BABIP and DH based with one of the younger lineups in the sport? TWO top ten hitters in Rizzo and Bryant? Best defense and baserunning in the sport? This team's ******* amazing, and they've only just started on a multi-year, possibly multi-decade, run of awesome. The pot calls the kettle black! Tell us more about how the Daredevil TV show is a masterpiece, numb nuts! Ah, the delusional bullsh*t from Scotty D had one more. Your efforts got the thread closed, you slimey, weasely know nothing twat of a troll, and I got it reopened. I hilariously reported, you trolls have a troll pass ala Tx in the foozeball forum, and that's really that. Not surprised to see the dipsh*t Mets trolls have cleared out as this team does what they were always going to do this year. Dumb **** cunts like Scotty D can't even talk football in a football forum, let alone baseball in a football forum Just wanted to drop by and say all that. I suspect the cunty Mets trolls will enjoy it, **** those white bitches. Scotty D is never not wrong in the football part of the football board, I have no idea why that dipsh*t thinks he could hang talking baseball. GimmyShelter's marginally more competent relative to Scotty D's near nothingness, and RJF's a comics, TV, and movie fan who wandered onto a pro football fan forum for a local team where he figured he had a shot at being the smartest guy around. He's built a small following out of it, I can respect that. Anyway, I'll try to come back for the playoffs - stay wet ya cunts.
  4. No, it will be locked because roughly 1/3 of it is full of butthurt, slimey trolls like yourself trolling the thread and continuing to do so after multiple posts in which you said you would do otherwise. It is what it is, that you continue to find support says everything about the quality these days. If it happens, it happens, you'll meet your troll goal of making this a more dumb place where trolls get to thrive and I'll be done. This has nothing to do with me not being able to disagreed with, we don't disagree on arbitrary end points you slimebucket troll, and everything to do with a useless, uninsightful troll like yourself being allowed to be such a slimey, weasely little troll. You'll consider it a victory, a scumbag troll and just sh*tty, petty human like yourself no doubt will, and that will be the end of that.
  5. It's a useless request. These trolls will say they are done trolling while hanging around looking to gather more trolls, welcome aboard, and come back with more weak points than ever.
  6. While I'm annoyed you keep trolling this thread despite your words - not out of character from a slimeball troll - I pointed out that the end points were arbitrary and it was just fun. You are not fun, you are a troll, and as trolls do you decided to make it an opportunity to troll yet again. I wouldn't complain if Russell's just a .755 OPS GG caliber SS, but likely we're looking at more than that offensively in the coming years from the still just 22 YO former top 5 overall prospect.
  7. No sh*t Scotty, that's why it got a whole "fun with arbitrary endpoints" intro. You trolls just are not fun people, and you offer literally nothing insightful on a consistent basis. Stick to trying to break the news that scouting and player development matter. Now, that said, the key here is that K rate as they tend to stabilize much more quickly than other stats and he's been making more contact as the year moves on. Either way, dude's getting better as a 22 YO with his high pedigree and level of performance as a prospect might.
  8. Fun with arbitrary endpoints: Addison Russell since June 12 (41 games, 160 PAs .275/.369/.522/ .377 wOBA/ 137 wRC+ 11.3% BBs / 19.4% Ks 8 HRs, 8 2Bs, 1 3B, 17 RS All without BABIP luck...He has a .300 BABIP in that span. ------- High praise for Eloy:^tfw
  9. I very, very rarely see the team landing prospects as the winner of a trade but the Padres straight up robbed the Marlins. Naylor's a future stud at 1B, Capps is a stud reliever when healthy, Cosart is a solid buy low guy....Naylor's such a get given the Padres are rebuilding.
  10. Taijuan Walker is throwing in front of scouts at Wrigley tomorrow.
  11. Not that I buy into this completely as there is still plenty of just crap contact. It's just extremely hard to actually buy Heyward is suddenly and permanently Darwin Barney the OFer at 26. Blengino's the only writer I read regularly on FanGraphs so this was nice to see.
  12. Blake Rutherford got thrown almost straight into a league where teams tend to send their college aged guys and is mashing (.392/.448/.667). 2014 Cubs picked turned 2015 Yankees signee, Isiah Gilliam, a switch hitting corner bat, has been mashing lately in the same league. This system's slowly but surely getting it together with some bats.
  13. Wow, there is a buzz with Chapman on the mound. Crowd on their feet to watch this inning, the people are entertained! Gd I hope they pay this guy and maybe even give him a shot to start in 2018 if they do pay him, he is a show all his own.
  14. Man, Addison Russell is really turning into a stud. Dude is still just 22, plays a GG caliber SS, and now has a .169 IsoSLG with a nearly 11% walk rate.
  15. A couple non-superstar comedians I like, Christian Finnegan (of the Mad Real World) and Sherrod Small, premiered a show on A&E tonight called Black and White. Did not know what to expect, wasn't planning to watch but Chapman is going to debut so staying up, I'm laughing - a couple of solid bits early.