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  1. Cubs Thread

    Perhaps! Good idea to plan ahead like that, Scott. Hope you're not full of it like usual!
  2. Cubs Thread

    There's always plenty of sh*theads on a baseball roster, but yeah I think the locker room can handle the press that would come with Chapman without a sweat. Might even get to see the facts of the case not get dismissed by the court of public opinion, though that's secondary to simply becoming a more complete and dominant team.
  3. Cubs Thread

    There's not even a hint of perhaps about it. You guys won the day last postseason, congrats are in order I guess - even though you couldn't win it all - but the Cubs are better built for the long haul than any franchise out there. That's this year, the rest of the decade, and then into the next.
  4. Cubs Thread

    I notice you keep specifying "this year" with the Cubs as if this is an old roster. 3 of their everyday starters are older than 26, Heyward himself is only 26. The best player on the team is only 24 and has actually gotten significantly better (mostly by going from a 30% K rate to <20% and improving his overall contact rate by nearly as much) from his unanimous ROY season. The Cubs have, at minimum, a 3 year window from 2016-2018 right now, and then media rights deals worth possibly multi-billions at the end of the decade. Basically, they have only just begun to be all in.
  5. Cubs Thread

    Yeah, this team is going to pile put up runs whether Heyward hits like Heyward or not, but there's no real reason to think his slow start is permanent. I want Richard out and Chapman in. Two long term guys I'd target for the rotation are Pomeranz or Daniel Norris. I feel like one of those two guys can/will shake free with my preference being Norris. Norris reads to me like a reverse Rizzo trade candidate where the Cubs swap one of Almora or Contreras.
  6. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Two guys I hope are Cubs after the deadline. Beltran would be great as a part time LF/bench bat for the second half, and Chapman is Chapman.
  7. Why is David Wright batting 2nd let alone playing?

    It's best to assume everyone is on steroids and the ones getting caught these days are the idiots using cheap stuff or taking accidentally like Mondesi's kid.

    That's the contract, but she didn't seem happy about it and figured out who contracted the FM pretty quickly.
  9. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Never said Cubs fans aren't insufferable themselves....They got plenty used to losing too and just last night some guy talked about shooting the umpire for making the correct call on Baez's baserunning gaffe. In terms of utility, fit, reliability, and flexibility, Zobrist was a big upgrade from Castro. Walker's definitely a competent (lower ceiling, similar or maybe even slightly higher floor) consolation under a favorable contract landed with a franchise surplus. Still, there's no denying that Zobrist was extremely high on the Mets' wish list and that they'd probably project better than the Cubs if he was on their roster rather than Chicago's - assuming Cespedes too. That was literally my whole point when I came back into this thread, knowing the Mets' IF problem after starting two minor leaguers against your top division rival, but more had to be made of it because stuff and things. I hope that clears it up as I'd prefer not to be dragged back into this thread with some of these wackjobs.
  10. Cubs Thread

    So there's some shot you are giving him until tomorrow? Seems reasonable
  11. Cubs Thread

    Are you patting yourself on the back in May of Year 1?
  12. 2016 Mets Thread!

    This place went to sh*t haaaaaaaaaard. Wow. If I actually lost the big fight this also wouldn't be happening. I forgot just how much of a dipsh*t you are when there's years between having to really take notice but good to see you are still going strong there. I'm the idiot but this mook believes you have to be from Chicago to like a Chicago sports team, alrighty then. Stick to Star Wars, movie, and comic trivia. You've never been much with the whole sports thing. Now that your leader has had his say and marked his wittle tewittowy, I'll voluntarily leave. It's clear that reasonable discussion is impossible with you clowns. Sorry to disturb your peace.
  13. 2016 Mets Thread!

    That's not how that line works? **** you guys got odd, what happened? Rotfl says JN's local self appointed alpha dog...Goooo **** yourself ya ****. Stick to lording over us all with your sick in depth knowledge of Daredevil comics. This is ******* pathetic...Literally the only people in this thread with any ill will to start were you dipsh*ts.
  14. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Wouldn't have happened if you guys could just take a compliment. The Cubs are all in for a whole lot longer than this year. Heyward was a good signing that probably will be a great signing by the time his opt outs come up. Zobrist is already one of the big difference makers between the Cubs and the Mets this year, the Cubs' lineup depth just trounces theirs. That Mets fans aren't losing any sleep over passing on Zobrist is mostly a matter of underrating the player, overrating what you can get in FA (while underrating what it costs), and a long history with accepting mediocrity.