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  1. Kris Bryant is truly great. Without him none of this works so I praise Jah every so often that Kris Bryant plays for the Cubs.
  2. There are a few systems available to fans, most made by fans, that are way better than the Jets at finding QBs and pass rushers in the draft. They all more or less say the same thing too, the Jets do the opposite or warp it somehow.
  3. Wilson for me too. I initially thought it was Luck easy but the Colts are botching him. He should leave
  4. I've never actually heard anyone use irregardless naturally. I only ever hear it in the context of someone explaining it isn't a real word. I imagine this makes one lucky fella.
  5. :Shrugs: Not a bad way to do it Imagine if the Cubs shot it by losing the WS at home, just avoiding a sweep, and then breaking the whole starting rotation almost immediately after? That would be some sh*t.
  6. So with Happ hitting and Heyward possibly back at the end of the week, maybe a pitching trade comes sooner rather than later?
  7. Right? Inexperience was supposed to be the reason the lineup wouldn't win it all last year. Not even a month and a half for it to come up again, but this doom and gloom nonsense is last June/July all over again.
  8. IIRC, adjusting only Wilkerson's numbers for competition using science, something around -18 sacks a season
  9. I'm going to subtract a dozen career sacks for insubordination and general uppitiness. This boyy looks worse and worse as both a man and football player every day.
  10. Hodges is a decent player if he's healthy.
  11. The thing is this is even less relevant than W-L record, save%, and two innings worth of ERA. Those are still metrics that would be laughed out of the room, they don't suddenly become more meaningful or telling because they're from 2015. From there, who cares if you like him or not? I don't particularly like him either. It could not possibly matter less, nor does it change that he was good in 2015 and 2016. Your logic doesn't even follow a straight path here - you're arguing that he was terrible then and the team can't win with terrible, but they ******* won with your wide definition of terrible on the roster. I can't be the guy you're mocking for using metrics *and* the guy you feel you have to explain both the date of the bad stats you cited and (poorly) what run differential is. It can't be both. This is silly and clearly some kind of personal thing for you, but yeah - still not nearly as serious as you imagine. If he's still pitching like this deep in the summer AND still a Cub then sure something might be up and the end is near, but May 9th? Meh
  12. Actual silly assertions in this discussion: - That W-L record, save%, and the ERA from 2 innings in one series are totally definitely things. In "my metrics world" citing those would be grounds to be laughed out of the discussion. Most definitely do they qualify for silly. I'm half thinking you're not being serious even bringing those up. - That the Cubs' run differential today not matching last year at this time is something to worry. They were playing at a historic pace at this time last year, matching it isn't necessarily the highest priority. This time last year the Cubs' run differential meant nothing to you, now it's a big deal. - That I said he's either OK and no problem. Clearly, as I've already said, he has had a bad month+ to open the season. This has happened before, alot actually, to players who still aren't nearly as dramatically bad as you like to imagine based on save%, W-L, and not just ERA but ERA after two innings. This is a team with the 7th most runs scored in the league with just Bryant and a couple role players hitting (Jay, Almora, Montero) well. A team that can score runs in it's sleep isn't relying on their bullpen to the point where everyone has to be super amazing awesome all the time. From there, the team was built with turnover in mind for the bullpen. Montgomery is part of the SP depth chart, Duensing was given less money than a guy they cut in April two years ago, they signed an extremely injury prone 5th starter in Anderson, they made several moves for better AAA P depth with the understanding that just between those three roster spots there will be flux. This is not the time to, again, pay a premium for a reliever. It would already be silly to do that two years in a row, to do it with a much more obvious hole(s, even) is outright foolish. Not only is the whole rotation struggling anyway, but the only 2018 rotation locks are Lester and Hendricks. They'll likely buy a SP, probably pick up a reliever in that same trade like several teams have done because there's a billion relievers out there. It's not something to fret about in May unless you buy that almost this entire roster is locked into a down year or something else unrealistic. It's just noise, no difference when it was more fun noise last year.
  13. Same, seems more polished than the rest. 8 TDs in 54 receptions last year, in that offense too, is nice.