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  1. As a foremost expert on bird law and various other lawyerings, this guy breached contract, is probably guilty overall, and is also washed up as a player. It's GOAT or GTFO, these be the standards for the high flyin' Jets!
  2. Pretty much. That Watson also happened to win a ton is a nice too
  3. Anthony Garcia in the third seems like a good enough LT prospect
  4. Hopefully this draft is a cake walk: 1: Garrett DE/OLB or Watson QB 2: Kaaya QB or Engram TE 3: Garcia OT 5: Carraway or some other OLB prospect 6: RB Hopefully the only thing that complicates this is a Richardson trade for more picks.
  5. On top of calling only completions and TDs, the plays need to be designed to do both. If not, can he make adjustments?
  6. Typical stupid move
  7. Lol degree in mathematics. Could this guy BE any more homosexual/Jets?
  8. Bates? I sure hope he's not a Psycho or something
  9. Some nice things said about a guy who might be my favorite prospect in the system next year, Isaac Paredes, this offseason. Manuel from BA thinks he can hit in full season ball at 18 next year with a feel for the barreling the ball. Bill Mitchell mentioned that scouts think he can hit. FanGraphs gave him an above average starter ceiling and he drew some interesting KATOH+ projections nice and early. All I'm asking is that this guy keeps hitting and is somewhere between Kipnis and Pedroia eventually. Nothing too crazy... ---- This is very serious, the 2022 Cubs: C: Contreras 1B: Rizzo 2B: Paredes SS: Lindor 3B: Bryant LF: Stanton CF: Trout RF: Sierra/Gutierrez Otani Kershaw Who Cares Who Cares Who Cares
  10. I was shooting for Hats McGillicutty
  11. Tss this guy is Nunn too bright or something
  12. So it just occurred to me that Amed Rosario is my favorite prospect in baseball right now. Good on the Mets. That they have two shots at a long term first division starting catcher in d'Arnaud and Pawlecki isn't bad either. Beats betting on a ton of young pitchers to not just stay healthy but get better. Plus the hard part is over on the pitching front - they already found an ultra rare rotation stud in Syndergaard. Score runs and prevent runs with position players and the whole pitching thing kinda works itself out.
  13. I can't imagine the GOAT CB who has always tackled like a safety would have even a little trouble with the position. Problem is the next best DB on the team is only nominally a DB.