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  1. Building some bullpen depth right now: Davis Montgomery Rondon Uehara Strop Edwards Jr. Grimm Duensing Zastrzny Pena Black Leatheresich They can still use someone that knocks Duensing off the 8th spot, preferably Jansen or Iglesias from the Reds. Johnson
  2. Soler's a DH in waiting and mostly sucks right now. Rosario's on track to be at least a competent starting SS and the Mets' current best shot at a position player star for the next couple years. Mets are my sleeper on Jansen.
  3. I imagine Chapman would still be a Cub if the DV never happened. He cost himself a ton by being a nut, otherwise this contract could have easily been 9 figures. The guy is a historic talent. I hope the Yankees give him a shot to start.
  4. The Nats did well in that trade. Eaton's a legitimately good player and the headliner is a pre-injured pitcher. Giolito lost me at the TJ surgery. Lopez is a nice grab for the White a Sox on the back end THO.
  5. Much less...Gardner's close to a decade older and more expensive.
  6. Richardson was always the odd man out. He's easily the least of the three.
  7. I legit look forward to Richardson not being on this team anymore. Cancer and a troll
  8. Sick get by the Red Sox in Sale. I want them to turn and deal Eduardo Rodriguez to the Cubs now. White Sox did fine - Moncada is arguably the top prospect out there, Kopech is a healthy power arm, Basabe is a young switch hitter with aptitude and some tools....
  9. I really can't stand Richardson
  10.^tfw Let's dooooo it
  11. Seems fine
  12. Such a great player....Already a HOF caliber career IMO....538 sums up how I feel about Gronk: JMO he's their best player and has been for some time, which says more about him than it does lessen Brady's greatness.
  13. Man would it be hilarious if the Mets were banking on this.