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  1. A regular Keats, this troll The irony in the bold THO, particularly since this guy is supposedly a baseball fan in 2016 who thinks baseball stats and prospects are a mix of magic and voodoo. I'm just saying it is a fact that roughly 1/3 of this thread, all of it in 2016, are Mets fans out for a troll. At least Pwhatever is straight up and honest about it, that's tolerable, these other guys are the equivalent of paper pusher trolls that know the system well enough to get away with trolling. It is what it is at this point, people support their Alex Smithness as posters and allow them to thrive, I'm not changing that, but I'm not not going to call a troll a troll.
  2. The Yankees are all about FA 2018-2019, I doubt they're throwing a huge contract at a closer with Miller and Betances both on board. They're waiting on guys like Torres, Rutheford, Sanchez, and whoever else to graduate and then looking to pounce on Harper in 2019.
  3. I still wonder what SP lucks into a gig with the Cubs. It's amazing that they still have a Soler or, for the right guy, a Schwarber to trade as well as a still hilghly rated farm.
  4. Actually, I have a normal amount of annoyance of trolls that do exist. The number of people trolls are trolling is not a factor into whether they are trolls or not. Both of these trolls claimed to be done with this thread multiple times.
  5. Wouldn't know it from the 10 pages of Mets trolls in this thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Eh, I don't think Torres is as good as Russell at this stage, though he is a damn fine prospect in his own right. I Agree with the last sentence but would definitely prefer getting an extension done just becsuse of his level of talent and relative youth. He's IMO the best FA available this year and now won't cost a draft pick.
  6. Yeah, I'm not worried about the Cubs' ability to extend Chapman. Gleyber is going to be a solid one - 19 YO SS actually hitting in a tough High A environment is an above average bet. I like McKinney a little more with a LHH friendly park. Solid haul, nothing the Cubs will actually miss but that wasn't a goal on either side. Good riddance on Warren. Apparently the Yankees actually decided to go Gleyber over Eloy. For this, I have to thank them. Gleyber lacks the star power offensive potential, though balances that out by being a little safer and playing SS.
  7. Who's bragging about what? Aren't you part of a fanbase on this forum that considers beating the Cubs the shining moments of their past two seasons? Scotttaaaaaaay
  8. This pleases the local Mets trolls, casual fans that they are, but with the level of joke this franchise has been I want it all for the Cubs. Rings, regular season records, post season records....This franchise is set up to own for a long time anyway, despite Scotty D's troll this does not hinge on Gleyber Torres and Adam Warren, but I don't know how it's possible to discount dominating a 162 game scheudle, treating it like a non-accomplishment.
  9. **** yeah, once/if an extension is done I'll go from liking this to loving it.
  10. I have a feeling of deja vu Have to agree on Cooper, but he will have to wait on AJ Green's decline whenever that happens.
  11. This guy's still here? Weren't you done with this thread like a week ago? The only people Heyward's season is a story to are - well sh*t, people like this guy who need a story. It's frustrating yadda yadda, but he'll be all of 27 next year still with a career 4.3 fWAR/ year over a 7 year career. We good over here, basically, just sometimes sh*t happens. This is the best team in baseball right now without this guy being his usual self offensively, which only makes me more excited for 2017 and 2018. ----- I'm very interested in what happens if this Chapman thing gets done. Prior to his offseason incident, I thought Chapman to the Cubs was inevitable. Afterwards much much less sure but we're talking a historical outlier as an on field talent - in the good way - so could not 100% eliminate him. It will be more interesting to hear what the FO has to say. I won't love a deal without an extension.
  12. I meant Interstellar
  13. Addison Russell is really shaping into the stud his minor league numbers suggested he can be. Before the season I called him Infield Heyward and said he could match Heyward's .268/.353/.431 career line coming into 2016 this year. Right now he is at .250/.338/.418. Since May 1: .260/.337/.439 This July he is hitting .308/.343/.538 with an 18.6% K rate. Edit: Actually, IIRC it was the Atlanta version of Heyward (.262/.351/.429 with ~18 HRs)....Which is pretty much right on target.
  14. The gap is much larger between what the Jets have at DL than what the Broncos have at LB. The gap isn't any where as wide anywhere as it is there. Throw the overall DB depth in and gives the Jets the legitimate shot at the #1 D in 2016. This is actually counting the pass rush, though the Jets do not have a single mainstream, big name pass rusher. Opposing teams will be sh*tting their pants playing the Jets' defense, no one wants to play then. (just talking about how scary good the Jets' defense can be, a different level from the others throughout the league with maybe the Seahawks their only legitimate competition for the top spot this year)