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  1. More like Roseanne in front of me at a buffet
  2. who are you?
  3. Not a lot of shows can draw my mother's attention and keep it. But that show was a must watch every week for her. It was awesome
  4. With the group of jabronies that post here, I'm sure you'll be able to use it soon
  5. So I'm glad this thread is going well. Please ignore each other if you can't get along please ignore one another rather than resort to personal attacks. thank you, Captain Buzzkill
  6. Quit being so sensitive
  7. Sorry that should have said "politics and religion." Were very loose here with the rules, but two of our major ones are no politics and no religion. I get why you'd want to have a discussion about this, which is why I haven't locked it yet. All im saying is it's virtually inevitable that it will have to be locked. But for now, it goes on
  8. We generally try to avoid politics of any kind. Mostly because people lack civility and it always devolves into a shit show. And yes, people are immature.
  9. I'm interested to see how far this gets off the rails before I have to inevitably lock it.
  10. Careful, I have that copyrighted
  11. Anyone have ft he number for the "international media" member who stole Brady's jerseys? We can probably give him McCowns now to save him the trouble after the Super Bowl.
  12. You're absolutely right. The first half thr season I was engaged, watching for every detail. After maybe episode 8, I found myself on the iPad, or phone, or not having a problem going to the other room without pausing because I didn't feel like they were really moving the plot forward, but rather rehashing the same shit with the company and who was running it
  13. While it wasn't the best od thr marvel series I enjoyed. I did find some of the pacing horrid as the reviews said, but it wasn't as bad as the reviews made it out to be, IMO