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    doug F'N brien
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    The end of 2008 season
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  1. There is and will only every be one Joe Brod
  2. ESPN radio has an app, maybe you can listen to it on there
  3. does he chew or dip
  4. you used to be able to stream the game off the official jets app, idk if you can anymore or not
  6. yeah by homecoming i totally thought you meant Pitt Panthers, which I was planning to do the day before. I go tickets six rows from the field for about $200 a piece
  7. I misunderstood, I thought he was talking about the Pitt Panther game the day before. I got my Steeler tickets for about $200 a piece, six rows from the field in the endzone
  8. i like to think her and Cindy are sipping tea and discussing Chaucer.
  9. I hear you. It was a compromise. We chose to be a bit further away in Pittsburgh and like a block from the stadium in Cleveland. We can handle a taxi or Uber for a couple days
  10. I was planning to go to the Pitt game because I figured tickets may be relatively cheap, but that might not be the case now I guess
  11. We're staying at the extended stay america in Canegie, like 7 miles from the stadium. Idk the exact price, but i remember we got it relatively cheap because we booked in April
  12. Get there are early as you can. The more time you have, the better. bring any type of food you guys would like to eat. There are no rules on that front. It's all about what you enjoy. Stick to the one car, one space rule if you want to keep the parking lot attendants off your tail. Other than that, just have a good time. Going to games with my father are some of my best memories. Do what makes you guys happy, don't worry about what other people do.
  13. Maxman is legendary. ECURB is legendary. 124 is legendary. JoeC36 is not legendary
  14. I'm not legendary at all. That honor is only bestowed upon 124
  15. coldest gave I ever went to. I think kickoff was 1 degree