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  1. As long as SOA is coming up, I took Opie's death a whole lot worse than either from the other night
  2. have you posted anything of value in the last few weeks or do you just complain about what other people post?
  3. Guys, I checked the IP, it comes back to a Z. Richardson in St. Louis, MO. Hi Mrs. Richardson!!
  4. Wait..Ryan fitzpatrick doesn't play defense?
  5. I spoke with an acquaintance from Baltimore last night who is a season ticket holder and is part of a significantly sized tailgate down there and he said his whole crew came up on Sunday for the Giants game and wouldn't be making the trip again. I think they'll be 5-10k baltimore fans, but not as many as there could be because it's back to back weeks.
  6. Yeah we dont have a lot of rules, but one of them definitely is to not call out other posters by starting threads.
  7. Call me when he solves how to complete a pass
  8. mods dont care
  9. I dont care about any of that stuff. Just win games. Do it with no name players. I dont care. Spread the ball around so no one has great fantasy numbers. I dont care. No one likes us. I dont care. I want more people to hate us because they wish they were us while we're winning games. Win games and people will visit MetLife Stadium. For the love of god just win f***ing games
  10. Personally, i would have gone with the "Fears" scene, but heart is okay too
  11. yeah but you love fat chix
  12. I'm very capable and responsible
  13. what about me in charge?