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  1. We need your email addresses because we're updating our records
  2. it took far too long into this thread for this response. I'm disappointed in this place.
  3. Enjoyed Gaurdians 2 much better on the second watch
  4. She comes to the first home game of the year with me every year
  5. I agree with GOTG2, it was a fun movie, but I enjoyed the first one a lot more. I understand these movies are longer because there are a lot of moving parts to try and work into the story, but at times it just felt like it dragged on. I have some other issues -- mainly regarding character interaction -- but I'll wait until the movie has been out another week or so as to try and avoid early spoilers.
  6. Saw Miranda Lambert and Old Dominion back in February. Seeing Thomas Rhett, Dan & Shay, and Granger Smith the first weekend in June. Taste of Country Music fesitval second weekend in June with Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt as the headliners. Then in July I'll see Chris Stapleton for the second time.
  7. Roberto is my rep too and I agree, he's great
  8. I prefer peeing off them
  9. I'll vouch for this tailgate. Myself, @124 and several members of the L7 Tailgate were allowed to spend time with the GNATS tailgaters and even though it stormed we had a great time!
  10. Well this one has run it's course. For those of you not personally acting people, thank you.
  11. You'd know if you bothered to answer your phone when i called you
  12. Don't try, Evan leaves you hanging. I tried to meet him at a viewing party a few years back. I ended up hanging out with Howie Gordon at the bar the whole night while Evan ignored my texts.
  13. post the article with the link Evan. I'll ban you again if you dont follow the rules