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  1. He didn't become NFL Executive of the year by accident
  2. please copy and paste the article along with the link. thanks
  3. Quit this job and get one i enjoy more even if it comes with a pay decrease
  4. I guess Newport Cigarettes won't be a team sponsor this year was really looking forward to the free giveaways after games
  5. he posts on JetNation, of course it's open to debate
  6. I don't know the specifics, but peole who owned the condos were renting them out to people who were living there full-time. The township stepped in and began fining the owners who were allowing people to stay there more than 30 days, or something like that.
  7. residents of the resort are now being evicted
  8. Most members of JetNation are too fat to hang from a ceiling fan. It's kinda our thing
  9. I don't hate this. So that's an improvement
  10. That season was one of my favorites for the first 11 games and one of my least favorites for the last 5
  11. considering the end of that year and the next almost 10 years, you would have lucked out not to be able to watch this team anymore.
  12. A Wayne Chrebet Bobble head and an Emerson Boozer bobblehead. So do you still plan to ignore me this year when you're basically skiing right next door to my house?
  13. Keep trying, but you're not getting a shot