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  1. I agree that it's a good show, but not on par with the other two. The two daredevil seasons and jessica jones I watched in the matter of days. With Luke Cage it took me a couple weeks watching here and there. It didn't grab me like the other two
  2. The overlooked talent of Robby Anderson on the Jets by Bobby Kirschenbaum23 hours ago The New York Jets have a plethora of decisions to make but at least have some bright spots moving forward. Like the tremendous upside of wide receiver Robby Anderson. When looking back upon recent draft years for the New York Jets, most fans immediately recognize the first round stars we selected, such as Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson. However, what many seem to overlook are the late sleepers that aren’t scouted or talked about heading into the draft. One of those guys is Robby Anderson, a wide receiver from Temple, who went from barely making the 53-man roster to becoming one of the biggest positives of the year and the most improved player. Anderson’s quest to be a part of the organization began in the preseason. He made an impact immediately, mainly with Bryce Petty as the quarterback. They had plenty of time on the field together, including the final one, a game in Washington against the Redskins, where Anderson went off for 131 yards and a touchdown, with huge gains of 50 and 42 yards, all with Petty under center. Anderson was, without a doubt, the MVP of the preseason, which led the coaches to take a shot on him and keep him on the roster. Once the regular season kicked off, Anderson was far down on the depth chart. But once the season progressed, things began to change drastically, as Eric Deckersuffered a season-ending injury and the team just kept on losing, especially with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. Anderson continued to improve, while Petty waited patiently for his chance to start, and he finally did towards the second half of the season. MORE FROM THE JET PRESS Todd Bowles chimes in on frustration of Jets fans3h ago Jets should convert Darrelle Revis to safety with pay cut4h ago Final grades from an awful season by the Jets23h ago Top 10 players who must return to Jets in 20171 d ago NFL Playoffs 2017: Final prediction for Giants vs Packers2d ago When Petty took over as the starter, he and Anderson picked up right where they left off in the preseason, moving the ball downfield swiftly against opposing defenses. In a game against the San Francisco 49ers, Anderson caught 6 catches for 99 yards, including a 20-yarder that set up the game-tying field goal to go to overtime. When asked about the rising star in Anderson, Petty said, “Robby just does a really good job. He’s kind of one of those, as we like to call him in our QB room, a QB-friendly guy. When you’re running and escaping, he just finds where you are,” per Neil Best of Newsday. While the Jets’ future at quarterback is an enigma right now, it is safe to say that Anderson and Petty have a stellar connection so far. And history has shown, even in the current league, that one quarterback-wide receiver connection can really set the tone for an entire team. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper, drafted one year apart, have carried the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs. Cam Newton and Greg Olsen took the Panthers to the Super Bowl. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown have been debatably the best in the league. While those are some prime examples, it would be unfair to say Petty and Anderson can’t be like that one day. NEXT: Final grades from an awful season by the Jets Anderson knows this is only the beginning of his career, but he seems ready to work. “I didn’t come in here to just say that I put on a helmet; I was a free agent; I got cut,” Anderson said, per Brian Heyman of Newsday. “I came here to do what I did. And I didn’t do what I wanted to do. I wanted to get a thousand yards. I want to go to the Super Bowl. So I’m still working for my goals.” With Decker still recovering from injury and Brandon Marshall‘s future with the team a question as well, Anderson is here to stay and deserves major attention moving forward.
  3. Please post the contents of the article along with the link. Thanks
  4. The show at the end of its run will be one of the longest running live action comedy series of all time, on for at least 14 years. But up through now it has never gotten its proper due. I don't know if it's because its on FXX or because its on at 10 p.m. for only 13 episodes a season. Or because the show is centered around a bunch a**holes, but it's one of the best shows of all time. There have been some down episodes, but in 12 years never IMO a down season. The five actors play their roles perfectly and how Charlie Day has not gotten so much as an Emmy nomination in the comedy category is beyond me. Just look at the episode "Charlie Work" from a couple seasons ago. Far and away a better performance than anyone else in the best supporting actor in a comedy series category that year. The show is in my top 3 of all time for any genre.
  5. I don't get upset. I'm used to my ED by now
  6. Why is that dummy giving Joe Klecko a baseball to sign? lol joe's face seems to be saying the same thing
  7. I see that self imposed exile did a lot of good. Knock it off
  8. I will renew my tickets. I enjoy going to see my friends at the tailgate and the people whom I sit around each week. It's 10 days a year. I spend much more time and money on hunting and fishing than I do the jets and I am much worse at both those things than the jets are at football. Yeah it sucks losing, but I will be there each week.
  9. don't you have enough room in the RV to bring both the full flat top and the grill?
  10. I merged the threads because there is absolutely ZERO reason to have two threads comparing Macc to the GM of the Raiders. Sorry if you feel you're not getting the attention you believe deserve, but work harder to make relevant points instead of starting another thread on the topic. Thanks
  11. I only remembered because I was scrolling through my instagram last night and saw it. I never would have remembered
  12. I don't remember if it was both end zones, but it was definitely the end zone I was in when we played in Pittsburgh earlier this year