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  1. Self-loathing
  2. The Jet's are going to beat a hobbled, one-legged Russel Wilson led Seattle for a 1pm East-coast game that will reinvigorate the fanbase, which will follow up by a proper curb-stomping by Pittsburgh and a shellacking on national tv by Bowles' old team. I think that is pretty much given. Going to finish at best, 9-6, with tie-breakers already given up to KC and Cinci. It's not being negative after a loss, it's just the odds, and it's kinda sh*tty knowing you aren't going to make the playoffs prior to week 4. Still gonna watch and hope I'm wrong, but hard to beat the odds.
  3. Revis Peninsula: majority of people can't escape, but some end up being able to get off.
  4. If he's medically cleared, you play him.
  5. Exactly. I'll remind Revis and the guys when I see them at our scheme instillation meeting later...
  6. There's actually been a ton of good papers on sleep deprivation and cognitive ability. Regardless, anectdotally, after driving home post-call or any other long stretch at the hospital, there's absolutely zero doubt in my mind that being sleep-deprived is more dangerous than driving under the influence. Clearly fall-down drunk/stoned is an exception, but the difference between someone driving home after working 24+ hours and a dude who's had four or five beers during dinner, there's no question the former is more dangerous, at least in my eyes.
  7. Until you start spelling BMW, F-E-R-R-A-R-I, no one is impressed 😉
  8. Looks awesome Max, you two deserve to enjoy it. Im thinking, I'll offer free cardiac surgery in the future for a bed to crash on after the games. And with the way that you treat your body, it's really a no-brainer for you!
  9. Blown coverages. Look at every big play we have up this season, 6/7 are probably blown coverages. Goodwin isn't a no-name, he's torched us before. He's also one of the fastest people on the planet who just simply beat Revis in a foot race on a perfect pass. Revis will be fine. He won't be revis island, he'll just be revis peninsula.
  10. Awesome to hear Max, best of luck to you both.
  11. Not the first, and probably won't be the last time that I mix those two up.
  12. I only got to watch the first handful of episodes back when it started, now that residency started and I decided to not pay for cable, i'm HBOgoing all the shows I never got to see. Halfway through season 3 right now; such a f*cking amazing show.
  13. Lol what's so shocking? Belichick is the best coach in NFL history and as such, he coaches his team to that standard. They don't make the same half dozen mental mistakes that the rest of the NFL does. If you make those mistakes in practice, you're benched or your ass is on the street, it's really not a mystery. When you practice the simple philosophy of "just do your job" you take that to the game. And when each game is decided by a handful of plays, they tend to win games that they shouldn't just based on gameplan and not f*cking up.
  14. Omar, from The Wire? If so, well played sir, well played indeed.
  15. Exactly how I read it as well.