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  1. #11. Dude is on an absolute tear.
  2. Intentionally walked twice tonight. He's obviously going to cool off, but the kid is special. Absolute cannon for an arm too.
  3. I would offer them all of my Star Wars guys... Wait, except Boba Fett. No matter what the stakes are, I never risk the Fett guy.
  4. Gary. Sanchez.
  5. He shall implode. Along with the rest of the living universe. It's scripture. Leviticus, if memory serves me correctly.
  6. What that guy did in the West when he was younger, with all the talented big men at the time, will always impress the hell out of me. One of the most athletically gifted athletes that I've ever seen, which blows my mind how he never averaged 10+ rebounds. Odd dude too, but always liked him.
  7. I'm out the door around 4:30 at the latest every day and thankfully for me there's a construction site on my street that is no parking 7am-6pm Mon-Friday that no one seems to want to park at, which has made my life extremely easy thus far. However, I am 100% going to be looking into getting a parking spot. The N&Q being a five minute walk has been fantastic; I haven't tried any of the food in the area, but I hear it's great.
  8. Ended up moving to Astoria, a few minute walk from the 30th ave NQ stop, love it so far. Parking hasn't been bad, as I'm out before 5 every day. Will start looking for a parking spot pretty soon; as I said, the parking isn't bad, but after working brutal hours, the last thing I want to do is drive around for 10 minutes and the schlep my way back to my apt. Other than that, really dig the place. Had no idea how easy it was to get into manhattan on the NQ. Thanks all for the advice.
  9. For whatever reason, I watched the Curse of the Jade Scorpion; Woody Allen has this uncanny way of making the first 90% of his movies cringe-worthy with a general distaste for him, then for some reason actually enjoying both him and the movie towards the end. Sort of.
  10. I think Daenerys, especially without Tyrion there, is a tyrant and will probably end up being the quasi-villain. It's definitely not going to be black and white, there's certainly not going to be a clear-cut winner/happy ending, it will be a lot of death, ambiguity and such. Excited to see it though.
  11. Davos finding that pyre, with the sun rising, was probably the most beautiful moment of the greatest single episode in television history. Jesus dude, that was unreal.
  12. Greatest battle scene since Saving Private Ryan's Normandy invasion. F*ck me that was awesome. Made up for every single bit of Arya's sh*tty storyline. God damn that was great. Sidenote: cinematography was brilliant. Jon Snow suffocating was just phenomenal.
  13. Which is the opposite of my usual advice of "it is better to do something and ask for forgiveness than permission and be denied." But I'm also a believer in, "do as I say, not as I do." You're a parent, you probably know better than I haha
  14. *sorry Max in advance, just thought this was humorous* We were out grabbing drinks right before graduation and one our older Infectious Disease attendings was out with us celebrating, and somehow got into a conversation with a young mom from California about vaccinations: she didn't believe in them, is homeschooling her children etc. and all I hear is this tiny, 75+ year old man go, "your state is more afraid of gluten than f*cking smallpox and polio" and just total mic drop and walked to the next bar. Probably one of the funniest things I've seen in my life.
  15. Yea, I've noticed that. Might have to rethink this. Not sure I want to spend all my free time parking and driving.