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  1. Because you touch yourself at night. So if we're keeping track; kittens are nigh on extinction, angels are being forced to walk and Petty isn't playing. Have you no control sir!?
  2. Likewise. And I don't wanna be that callous, but dude was a placekicker, that's exactly the type of person you sh*tcan. It's just a really bad look for Mara and the Giants.
  3. That's the issue, the dude is an abusive nutjob. It's been proven time and again that the most dangerous time for any woman in an abusive relationship is the second she decides to leave. I don't know their specific relationship, and not wanting to delve into the multitude of reasons people should be self-sufficient etc. etc. but if he beat her that many times when they were dating, I wouldn't be surprised if she was afraid he'd kill her if she left.
  4. That quote is getting a lot closer to explicit than implicit, not a good look at all for Mr. Mara. "We knew Brown beat his wife, what we didn't know was that it was of the unacceptable type; we were under the impression it was your garden-variety domestic abuse, not the intolerable kind..." **not actual quote from Mara.
  5. It's week 7, find me someone who isn't playing hurt. Hurt =/= injured.
  6. It's pretty simple, younger generations are just not watching television anymore. They've adopted other mediums to view their programs. I would surmise the percentage of viewers watching football compared to people watching television has remained static. The NFL needs to start allowing their program to be viewed on other platforms or they risk a large fallout when the older generations are no longer around.
  7. It's not that I'm above sleeping with rich, older women to pay for my schooling, it's just really difficult to find. I don't think I'm opening myself up to these opportunities well enough. I need to start hanging out in different locations. Increase my odds. By all means, if you know any shoot em this way. If they look like Helen Mirren, I'll do it for free....
  8. Saw The Nice Guys the other night, probably one of my favorite movies of the last few years, absolutely fantastic. Russell Crowe was great, as he always is, but Gosling was absolutely hilarious. Just a great movie. Saw The Accountant: super far-fetched, loved how they actually spent time with character development of the main character, overall it was entertaining, nothing great, but entertaining. I'm in love with Anna Kendrick, no idea why, but I'm absolutely in love with her. Brought my Mom to see The Girl on the Train; between that and Gone Girl, I'm not in any rush to get married. I use residency as my reason not to get married, but in all reality, it's that I'm piss-myself-terrified of women.
  9. Sooo that's a win for the legal system.
  10. Ran and swam in college in Boston during the mid 2000s when Brady began his holy ascension and I knew a handful of athletic trainers who said that Brady was genuinely disliked by a lot of his teammates and employees etc. but he won, and you know what? People really love to win, especially when that's your job. I'm sure people don't like Geno, he seems like an absolute dick, how is this news? If he plays well and they win, he'll still be a dick, but one that they'll enjoy playing with more.
  11. Derrick Rose has been cleared of all charges in a civil rape case. The two codefendants were also cleared in this case. The case was in California and Rose still will not make it in time for Thursday's game. Coach Jeff Hornacek said he'd like to see Rose practice before he gets out on the court. For now, it looks like he should be ready to start the season. Source: Julia Marsh on Twitter Oct 19 - 4:32 PM So there's that.
  12. There's only one player that's not named Kizer, Watson, Kaaya or Trubisky that I want and that's my boy Leonard Fournette. The Jets need talent on both sides of the ball and he's the most talented player in the draft, so that never hurts.
  13. But one that is exponentially more difficult outside of the first round. I'm not sure why math and odds allude this franchise and fan-base.
  14. Right, because the odds of landing a QB outside the first round is heavily in our favor...