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  1. Unless you were "pounding the table" for Dak as a top three pick, this is all lip-service, er finger-service. Either you feel a QB is a franchise guy and you draft him in the first, or you are throwing pasta against the wall and "drafting a developmental guy in the mid-round." Because if you knew Dak was going to be Dak, there's no way you let him get passed whatever your first pick is. And if you wanted him with our first pick, bravo. But contextually, I thought it was pretty clear the point I was making was pretty hyperbolic.
  2. People were saying the same things about Geno, about Cook from Michigan state last year, about Watson this year, nobody was saying anything about Dak. Darnold might stay or he might implode, who knows. You draft a QB in the first if you think he's got the ability to be the guy and do so until you're right.
  3. For what it's worth, Hackenberg can change the game in the most significant of ways. Albeit, not particularly in the most desired of directions.
  4. Just because math eludes you and performance metrics scare you, doesn't mean that they aren't valuable evaluation tools. The broad and high jump, combined with short-area agility and sprint drills are the exact metrics that are beginning to be quite accurately predict success in the NFL. The combine is only going to become more important as proper evaluation tools and algorithms are implemented in every-day use. More-so than they already are currently.
  5. What metric are you using for grades on players changing post-combine? Mock drafts? Until GMs from around the league post their pre-combine rankings and then you get to compare them to their post-combine rankings, you have no idea how the combine effects them. What more than likely happens, is Mayock and the rest pontificate all season long and their rankings only change when they start hearing what the GMs and teams really think of players. So a guy who was seen as a first round mock guy and ends up being a second round drafted guy, was most likely a second round guy from the beginning. Same goes for GMs catching up watching film around combine time, because their schedule has died down a bit after the season has ended and that may cause players to shift. I think the combine matters, as events like broad jump, high jump and your short shuttle/cone drills are invaluable, but the 40yd and others I could do without.
  6. When did accuracy and ball placement become the new buzz-words for if-you've-watched-his-tape?
  7. I just don't see how Watson isn't the pick. He has every single thing you look for in a potential QB, especially the not a head-case, nut-job like the rest of the clowns we've either drafted or watched get drafted. You need a guy who's played a lot in college, played well in college, played well in big games, has the physical attributes and isn't going to be showing his penis to the interwebz and getting thrown off of planes. That's why, I can already guarantee that the pick will not be Watson.
  8. Sooo McCown is not the long-term answer? SMDH. Thankz izdick
  9. Enough to ruin any hopes of anything good coming from it. There is no set number. Just so long as you know there is no hope.
  10. I dunno, as much as I love Denzel, and I love me some Denzel, there's never been a role where I don't just see him being Denzel. He's still amazing, and was amazing in Fences, but I was watching Magnificent 7 the other day and you see a guy like Vincent D'onofrio, who's different in every role, and then you see Denzel and Chris Pratt, basically playing Denzel and Chris Pratt. Still love the guy, but that was always my biggest gripe with Denzel and Clooney, they never seemed to really get into a character like some of the other guys. I dunno, probably just me.
  11. Nocturnal animals was fantastic, Gyllenhal is great in those neo-noir movies. Amy Adams was excellent as well. Speaking of, Arrival was probably my second favorite movie of the year, behind Hell or High Water. A lot of great movies this year. While I did like Moonlight, a lot, I still take Hell or High Water over all of them.
  12. So they were concerned about his physical at 5 years $55mill, but were totally fine with giving him 4 years at the same price? Totally.
  13. Ehh, I've just never cared for parents dominating headlines over their children, could have been Lauri Markkanen's pops and I would have felt the same way. I dunno, I grew up with some insanely over-bearing dads while playing sports and it always drove me nuts. However, I think watching Chuck and Ball play one-on-one would be brilliant tv
  14. "I like the Whopper, f*ck the Big Mac" ~ the venerable, Rob Base and D.J E-Z Rock. Truth.
  15. It's not as insane as it's made out to be, it was more a pile-on to his statement that he would have killed MJ in one-on-one. Part of me thinks he's just incredibly savy, as he can't actually believe that and he's just driving up his son's name recognition. Another part of me thinks he's actually bat-sh*t crazy. The shoe-deal seems a bit odd, just because the middle sons isn't even enrolled in college yet and the third still has a couple years of high-school ball yet to play. If the other two are as good as Lonzo, then it could be a bargain for whatever company lands them.