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  1. QB Of The Future?

    The only thing that I am certain of, unfortunately, is that he is not currently on our roster. Here's hoping Mac can find one though 🍻
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    They finally found the perfect role for Ryan Reynolds: instead of his obnoxious quips ruining the movie, they're tailor-made for this one. 
  3. I said all-pro talent, because he is. Pro-bowl and all-pro voting is nonsensical. I'd boot revis, snacks, brick and mangold before I booted Mo, plain and simple. only two guys I keep over Mo are Sheldon and Leonard and that's because of age and being on a rookie contract. That's just me though. 
  4. Jesus guys, i'm not gonna sit here and pontificate over every detail other than there's 50 guys on the roster that I'd kick to the street before letting Mo walk. You do not get rid of all-pro 26 year-old dline talent. You just don't. You don't get better by doing so, unless you swing it for a 1 and something else. But just remember that 1 could turn into Dee Milliner and cap space. 
  5. Who has the best profile pic on JN

    ☝️The dude pretending to be a chick wins. 
  6. I don't. I don't let home grown, all-pro type talent walk, just for cap space and a 3rd rounder. Especially when said talent isn't even 27 years old.  
  7.   You don't need four paragraphs to make a one sentence statement, jeeesus. I'm well aware of how to make a great 34 & 43 dline, but getting rid of argubaly your best player for a 3rd rounder is batsh*t f*cking crazy. 
  8. Congrats to Peyton thread

    Decade long, orchestrated network of cheating >>>>>>>> HgH use.   
  9. Very similar to my philosophy on investing, which is just: money, profit. 
  10. Do People Realize ...

    When you're former 1st overall pick starts playing like the best player in the league, I'd be more surprised if they didn't become a super bowl contender than did. 
  11. Lol at letting one of your three best players walk for a third round draft pick. Oh, and he's not even 27 years old. That's definitely the blueprint for success.  
  12. The Jam Bands thread.......

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood puts in a great show, not shocking considering they're all ridiculous musicians. Pretty cheap ticket, but not sure you can catch a show outside Cali. 
  13. Didn't he have something like five picks a few more fumble recoveries and a dozen or so PBUs? 
  14. Let's go Chiefs!

    Garbage. If that's Brady or Rodgers, that was guaranteed roughing the passer.