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  1. Jduwya 12 is essentially Marvel's Groot, but less endearing.
  2. I mean, do you?
  3. I disagree with Larz, watching Kevin transition slowly towards despising the very franchise that he roots for will bring me immense satisfaction. Very much like emperor palpatine, if he were a jets' fan. Which I can only assume he is.
  4. Borderline literacy? Sounds about right 😏
  5. The packers of the last decade pretty much prove that immaculate. At one point less than a dozen players on the 53 weren't drafted by them.
  6. There's no need to wax philosophical about it, it's pretty simple. Evaluating QBs is far from an exact science, being made by people who operate almost exclusively on the opposite end of the spectrum from scientific.
  7. Oh please. You actively routed for Petty to fail, as he somehow didn't fit your agenda, but then are all sunshine and rainbows about an obviously lost season and try to sh*t on those who would rather the team get a higher draft pick than win meaningless games. It's odd.
  8. Oh please tell us more how you're a better fan than us, pretty please... I'll take being an "amateur fan" and being in the position to draft Mariota all day, every day, as opposed to the "real fans" who get to watch Fitz and a slew of sh*t quarterback our franchise for half a decade.
  9. lol oh f*ck off man, it won't kill ya to be excited about a player. Dissappintment can't actually physically hurt you, you know that right?
  10. Oh god yes. Anything with Teh Falcon was glorious. Gonna have to go through that one soon.
  11. It's unreal. No more of those puff-piece articles where our big-men go train with Hakeem for $20k a day, then come game time still can't post up. The Unicorn simply says, yea, those moves look good, I'm just gonna f*ckin use them and murder the league.
  12. Losing Leo would really sting, but that's about it. I still think Sheldon, when playing his appropriate position, is the best player on our team, but Mac f*cked that when he cocked up the Wilk deal. Wilk should have been signed for pennies on the dollar two years ago and then he would have been easily tradeable, should we have decided to keep sHeldon.
  13. In all fairness, the cake was at the meeting.
  14. Fitz shouldn't have taken a single snap past the KC game, but here we are.
  15. I rarely go outside of the hospital, and when I do, but I'll def wear it to the gym: pretty sure the only shirts I own are sports shirts and a bunch of the free ones you used to get back in College. Never wear jerseys outside of the game or bar, thats never been my thing. I tend not to care what people think about what I wear or the teams I like. Unless she's hot and willing to sleep with me. Then that's just a diff ballgame altogether.