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  1. McCown, Forte, Kerley, Kearse. What I can only assume will be the foundation that our franchise is built upon moving forward.
  2. Down 29 in the 4th, the cornerstone of the offense remains McCown and Forte. I mean, lol.
  3. Darron Lee

    The 2016 draft was pretty miserable, save for the Cowboys' picks, but how Lee is drafted 20th overall makes me think Mac was planning the tank well in advance of this year. Chess vs checkers baby.
  4. As bad as we are, I genuinely get the feeling we'll c*ck it up some how. A late-season win or somehow tying three other teams at 1-15 and losing out on SOS or some nonsense.
  5. The best thing about Daron Lee's speed has to be that he's just so much faster to miss tackles than David Harris. No more waiting for the disappointment, we get it right away.... Le sigh
  6. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    His numbers after the all-star break have been absolutely sensational.
  7. Sheldon Traded

    You're really obnoxious when you make a good point, Sperm.
  8. Sheldon Traded

    Isn't 2018 the upcoming draft? Wouldn't your scenario be true if the pick were in 2019? Am I missing something?
  9. Sheldon Traded

    Best player on the team, traded for roughly a high third. That's just good value anyway you slice it.
  10. As it turns out, when used properly, Sheldon Richardson is the best player on the field in pretty much every game he plays. Color-me shocked.
  11. Planning a two week trip to Thailand at the end of April this year and was looking for some suggestions; things you have to see, places you have to go, food you have to eat, ladyboys you have to avoid... I originally didn't want to, as it's an expensive trip and I feel guilty with all the med school loans that I have, but I've also been told by all my attendings that in twenty years I would regret not doing more things with friends and family during residency as opposed to saving an extra couple grand. And, from people who have gone, I have heard mostly that once you get there, everything is pretty cheap as hell. For those of you who have gone or done similar trips, did you use any companies to help plan the trip, did you just backpack and go to hostels? A buddy of mine recently turned me onto googleflights and then roompro.net to book flights and rooms, respectively. Not sure of anyone's experiences. Looking at the room, it seems as though you can get rooms for damned near half off if you plan half a year in advance, seems pretty worthwhile, just curious as to everyone's or anyone's experience.
  12. Jacksonville all over Houston

    Glad to see my boy Fournette ball out. Stand up guy too. Donated 50k to Watt's fund, because the kid knows exactly what it's like to go through that.
  13. Right. Super job guys. Thanks for clearing that up. Anyone else, was he actually hurt? I woke up and thought I heard that he was injured. Just want to know if I need to get on the waiver wire for a new RB...
  14. 100% serious, I fell asleep, did Powell get hurt or was he just woefully underutilized in the second half again?