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  1. Oh mann, haven't seen this in forever. That referee bit still kills me. Sunkutsu elbow thrust to the up-back..
  2. Blockbuster trade cometh. Be interesting to see who they had to give up if all goes down.
  3. You're so pretty when you're brooding.
  4. Oh you're just angry because you can't read and the internet finally knows all about your struggle with literacy. Finally explains all those comics and picture books!
  5. It sounds like you had a viewing and dinner-date with all of Reddit.
  6. Sweet lord that sounds like a nightmare. There are things I prefer about both, neither of which detract from the other. It's the same thing with LOTRs. I always loathed the Tom Bombadill chapters in the books and went as far as to skip them whenever I re-read it. So glad they left that out. But yea, book people tend to lord it over others pretty often, as if their literacy is some sort of power, but that's been the same for any movie or show made after a book or comic. As long as neither suck, I don't particularly care. Plus, with the show, you get boobs. And it's been my longstanding opinion that boobs always beats out no boobs.
  7. Did you give him the jerk store line, or did you tell him that you slept with his wife?
  8. OOoh I totally forgot about that sand snake scene, yea, I'll actually bump her up to two and put bianca down to three. I pretty much used all those trips to Dorne as a bathroom or snack break. And Bianca was the chick in the theater troupe who wanted to kill lady crane. Phenomenal body.
  9. Best naked character on GOT? I've gotta go Melisandre as 1 and Bianca as 2. I will never forgive B&B or Martin for not letting Margaery take her walk of atonement. They stole that from us. The bastards.
  10. Not to dissimilar from you comic book nerds doing so with the movies/tv shows I kid because I love. Joking aside, one of my best friends ruined the red-wedding, in part, to another one of our best friends while we were all on vacation. It was like watching dad slap mom at the dinner table, everyone just stared in silence. Come to mention it, it was the same one of our friends who ruined Dumbledore dying for me, and he didn't even read those books! We've since killed him. His body is somewhere in the east river.
  11. Yea, there's been three actors, the most recent is the icelandic? strongman competitor. Absolute monster.
  12. One in the same my sweet sweet Jif, one in the same.
  13. I just was assuming he was referring to Dragonstone, which if the Night King makes it there, I think it's safe to say things didn't go so well for the North. I've been rooting for the Cleganebowl for a while now, but I'm not sure it's going to be that sweet a victory for the Hound to kill his un-dead brother. I mean, sure, it'll still be fun to watch, but probably not as satisfying as it could have been.
  14. Ha, I actually like both pretty equally. There are things about the books that I prefer and things about the shows that I prefer, those aforementioned characters being one example. My point was that I never liked Arya until more recently, just can't remember exactly when I started to like her. As for Sansa, I never liked her and still don't. Although I suppose I respect her as a character now. Fun fact the internets has been buzzing about, her hairstyle was identical to Cersei's before she got all neked and had it chopped off. Wonder if that and her quote in the most recent episode are a subtle indication that she's going to be more like Cersei in the coming episodes that we've anticipated.