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  1. If there was a vegas prop bet on wasted 2nd round picks, I'd bet the farm on Kizer being it.
  2. It's going to be a safety. He will be good. He will not be great. He will not help us win a championship. He will help the defense win a few extra games. We will not get a top 2 pick. A franchise QB gets drafted in the top 2 selections over the next three consecutive years. Big Macc and co will applaud the pick. We will be stuck in mediocrity forever.
  3. The power is for real with Judgey
  4. Encouraging outing by Severino.
  5. It's nuts, he'll still be 21 by the start of next season... I used to think Anthony Davis was the future, and he still is a part of it, but KAT hasn't missed a single game since he entered the league. Kid is absolutely unreal.
  6. Lundqvist seemed to excise some demons out there.
  7. You still need that many? Welp, I suppose that you have always been rather old school.
  8. Preface: there's only two recordings currently known to fans of Duane playing live with Derek and the Dominos, mostly bootlegs passed around. This is by no means a quality recording, but it's the best that I have ever heard. If you're a fan of Derek and the Dominos, Duane, Clapton, Allman Brothers or just music in general, this is the holy grail of findings. Just forget for a second it's 2017 and everything sounds amazing, put some headphones on, crank it loud and after a few minutes you get over the quality issue and can just enjoy the show. Why Does Love Tot to be so Sad and Have You Ever Loved a Woman are just out of this world. I love the early Allman Brothers, but god damn, I wish Duane could have just played with both. Enjoy.
  9. If you're gonna put water in the tub, might as well fill it up.
  10. There's a decent argument. Still think Embiid will get it, but if the voters weigh the per minute basis and offensive rating per possession type numbers, he could def get it. Having him, Porzingis, this year's #1 and Melo off the team are the only thing that gets me through. And Melo off the team is the biggie.
  11. Lol true, but it's pretty much the same thing everyone says in their house anyway. The internetz will feign rage for a bit, then forget about it once the next big dunk or dagger three happens. Sidenote: went to Citi Field for the series final between the Mets and Braves last night, such a nice ballpark. The amount of novelty food items made it seem more like a fancy mall cafeteria inside, which seems like all stadiums now, but it was an awesome ballpark. Had no idea how easy it was to get from Astoria/Queens to the field, definitely will have to check more games out.
  12. Drunk hobbits be wilin
  13. Mark's s*tty play cost us a trip to two super bowls, yet you've been able to let go of that pretty quickly.
  14. Dude is a total stud and I'm finding it hard to feign interest. Not to be a total debbie, but until we draft a QB, I'm finding it harder and harder to remotely care about anything else. I'm as big of an LSU homer as you'll find, and I just don't care. All I view a non-QB top pick as, a hurdle. Someone who will help this team reach mediocrity quicker, only to lower the chances of getting a top pick when a QB is available to pick. Yes, it would be nice to have a solid team for that ideal moment when a young, talented, franchise QB falls into your lap, but I don't believe in unicorns and I believe even less in the Jets ability to select a Dak or Carr.
  15. Absolutely. I listened to that album at least 100 times my freshman year of college. Still my favorite version of Dixie Chicken to this day, even over the one with Bonnie Raitt and Emy Lou. Lowell George and Delaney Bramlett go down as my two favorite musicians that no one ever talks about. I would add Stevie Marriott to that, but I think people know him moreso than the others: him singing Black Coffee on the Old Grey Whistle Test was one of my favorite performances ever. Dude was a stud. Another one who couldn't get his sh*t together unfortunately.