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  1. ISO: Jets/Buffalo Thursday night game

    Bump. (Too soon?)
  2. Come on tankers..tell me you aren’t having fun!
  3. Hey guys I know it’s early, I’m flying in to town with my family that weekend. Due to the fact this is a Thursday night game and we are going to be terrible this year..I know many of you may opt out of this one. Just keep me in mind if you are dumping these tickets..thanks 😀
  4. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    Isn’t that now?
  5. To me..Hack seemed to rush his throws most of his time on the field..I never felt he had a clean pocket to step into a big throw. Maybe that was the plan though..just have him get the ball out quick.
  6. Game Observations (TEN)

    I really liked what I saw from Dexter McDougle. He really showed a knack for breaking up some passes. Hopefully this trend continues if he gets reps against a first team offense.
  7. I really liked the zip he put on the ball..especially those early out routes. Not too many shots down the field, and I think that will be our season in a nutshell due to below average O-Line and bargain bin receivers that won't get much separation.
  8. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Mobile layout looks great!
  9. Sheldon takes bait, hammers Brandon Marshall

    Yeah he played..at OLB. Awful coaching.
  10. Jets claimed WR Lucky Whitehead off waivers. He had an interesting week or so.
  11. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Currently playing Sleeping Dogs..Gold gave it away free some months back. Remember playing on the 360..fun game with martial arts and such. Not the most polished game..but pretty fun.
  12. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    141 and 197
  13. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Our secondary was absolutely horrendous last year..not understanding all the negativity.
  14. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Both networks praised the pick..let this thing come together before we are firing everybody.