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  1. To lose!
  2. 141 and 197
  3. Our secondary was absolutely horrendous last year..not understanding all the negativity.
  4. Both networks praised the pick..let this thing come together before we are firing everybody.
  5. Who's our comp pick for?
  6. King or Cook for me please!
  7. Teams that lack leadership and talent on both sides of the ball covet him too.
  8. The Jets are in prime position to nab another playmaker on day 2. Cook, King, Lamp, Robinson all available still. Cook on day 2 would be a steal, I'm telling you this kid is a home run threat every time he touches the ball.
  9. 100% agree. We can't fault Mac for some of those other picks that didn't pan out..we unfortunately still have to draft defense due to those mistakes. Hopefully our next picks sh*t towards the offense, with at least a CB thrown in there somewhere.
  10. Jets just drafted their defensive captain for the next 10 years. Everyone complaining about not drafting offense where do you go? You reach for talent to continue rebuilding or do you draft BPA and get some damn playmakers on this team on both sides of the ball. You have to start somewhere.
  11. BPA..and yes safety is a need for the Jets, among many other needs. Cant ever satisfy this fan base.
  12. Let's go Adams!!!!!!!! Leo situation all over again!!
  13. This is exactly what you DONT do. A bad team like Chicago should not be giving multiple picks up to move up at all, let alone one spot. Only teams that are a player away should trade away picks..hopefully this new Jets regime understands this.
  14. Wooooooooow