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  1. Smith is Dog S""", He plays slow, looks scared, brought in to stretch the field, I see not of the positives he was drafted for. The Rookies look like nothing I've ever seen, i.e We have 3 young guys who are rookies and all can play, "I'm I watching the Jets?"
  2. I think he was bad before he got hurt, that headless Kick Return v the Bills game one at the Met Life cost us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmYqbO2SMOU
  3. Douche, the future is already on the Roster,,,
  4. I don't want to see Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, or Robby Anderson, cut because we spent a 2nd last year on Smith. These three guys have flashed more in Pre-season that this kid has ever done for the Jets. Personally I think he may be gone next year, if these guys continue to perform. Not a good pick.
  5. And Done...
  6. Sometimes doing the most obvious thing is the best. We did not out think ourself this time and Won.
  7. That's worse than the water slide Gif. He gives Gay men everywhere a bad name with that sh@t.
  8. Get with the program, It's #9 Petty World now..
  9. He was a bad pick, it happens, I'm excited we have a few young raw and talented receivers here, I'd like to have continuity, especially with Marshall getting older, and Decker hitting 30 soon. When I think back thinking Kearley was our best W.R, with David Nelson, Greg Salas, and Ryan Fooking Spadola.
  10. I want to keep them all, cut Thompkins, and one of those useless Tight Ends, we have hanging around. The Jets may count Enunwa in the T.E/H.B column when it comes to listing the Depth chart anyway?
  11. Geno Ball washers having a tough time on this thread.
  12. We need room for our talented Wide Receivers, Geno will be a late cut, when we get down to the 53. I could also see Hack getting a mysterious IR injury, and Jets bring in a cheap vet after the cuts.
  13. Funny thing is we Drafted Hack, and if Petty keeps improving, Hack will be irrelevant.