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  1. Did we Cool, at least any ring he wins will be legit.
  2. Rushing to save your BF's It's like shooting a fish in a barrel.
  3. What will hurt Brady is not giving him first ballot HOF, that will make him lose his sh*t. Even better is no HOF.
  4. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    End of May, NFL dead zone. No news, fans are bored. They start threads about how Geno has changed, and now he's awesome!
  5. You need a Trolling class please see PatsTX.
  6. Is Geno a leader?

    It's going to be a longggg off season..
  7. More important is interceptions and fumbles.
  8. Is Geno a leader?

    Ryan Leaf.
  9. Is Geno a leader?

  10. I to hate Geno Smith, nice PR move for him.
  11. I have feeling Forte was brought in because he's the NFL's best recieving back and not for his rushing skills, and given his age 30 I think he may get rested more at carring the Rock. I won't be surprised to see Robinson get more carries. They will want to keep Forte fresh. He's essentially another Wide receiver, and a very good one, he's also 6"2 which is usual for a Running back.
  12. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    Time to select a new Team.
  13. Sizing up MLBs

    Nice work, but I think we read to much into his postion. In the modern NFL the sub package, usually Nickle D, Is used most of the time. It's what Lee's been drafted for, not to be a beast against the run but to cover backs out the backfield, Tight Ends, and Slot guys. He's the new Moneybacker has some call it, or Hybrid LB/S. Either way he may be fast but can he actually cover time will tell.
  14. Wow even PS is more then most make, what an idiot. Abite it's funny it's Rex. I actually never knew we cut him?