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  1. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I'm just not buying the Brady playing till he's 50 BS, they need someone soon and I think they will make the break from Brady in next two years.
  2. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I'm going to be shocked if he's not Franchised by the Pats.
  3. Jets \ Dolphins Injury Updates

    Mo Wilkerson bruised Vag.
  4. I must be watching a different guy. Darnold looks great and I love Rosen also. I'd take Baker Mayfield over the other two. Jackson is 4th on my list.
  5. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Don't want Jimmy G. Also intersting comment by Robert Craft about if B.B wants to move on from Tom Brady in the future he's ok with it. I think they franchise Garropolo. Despite the Brady play until he's 50 BS. They need a young replacment and soon. JG isn't going any where x
  6. 3 and 2

    Meaningless Wins this year are no good, keep on the suck for Sam train!
  7. Here's the Jets Defense

    He's buddy, seems to be bullet proof.
  8. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    Ok I can live with Baker Mayfield
  9. Here's the Jets Defense

    One problem Kacey Rogers, sorry two Todd Bowles.
  10. Which one of those two Jags are making JJ Watt money? - Also if he continued on his current rate, will have zero sacks and 32 tackles.
  11. 66 points in 2 weeks

    What's the NFL record for most points conceded in a season?
  12. Values are flat too

    Try winning a few games, get in the playoffs, and then your stock will rise how strange..
  13. Tank Watch - Cleveland / Indy

    Well it puts at least one a little bit further out the race.
  14. Monday Morning GM Stories: The Horror

    1 QB 2 One of the BAP from OL, RB, WR. 3 More of the above 4 More of the above 5 More of the above 6 More of the above 7 More of the above Fook the D, its a waste in the modern NFL, we need to neglect D in the draft. Fill the holes with the 80 mill cap, or 90 mill cap, when we cut Mo "Dead wood" Wilkerson.