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  1. Really, it's down to one very thing that over comes other players being out, and masks issues. It's called a having a franchise quarterback, which we don't have.
  2. How badly is Petty really hurt?
  3. Defiantly a Gholston level bust. Good night Overbite we never knew ya...
  4. Sad a true 100%er, played hard every down, that's a bad back injury to over come good luck!
  5. Feeble attempt to make a 6 Interception game "not that bad" and we all have bad days.. It was fooking horrendous!!! - Let's see how they fair against the NFL's a best D? How's Petty's shoulder?
  6. The FO and coaching just did not like Jace the same with Dee. If we can sober up ASJ he's a very high ceiling guy, on vet min, what's not to like.
  7. Unitedwho the new Falcon63?
  8. Low risk, good T.E, for a team that has none.
  9. Geno may be around because they are waiting for Petty's shoulder to heal? I wonder if they wait till we are out of contention then thow Petty in the rest of the way?
  10. BS I'm a Jets fan not a Todd Bowles fan. Just aweful coaching. It was a master class in how not to coach a game.
  11. Just very poor Fitz bottles all his come back opportunities.