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  1. Easy, get 17, they just don't happen to be on the current Jets Roster. Joe Klecko Joe Nam,,,
  2. Where is he getting picked? - I like cocky if they can back it up. Just don't see it. I'd sooner have the gun slinger Pat Mahomes.
  3. Bostick, I still think he can stick around
  4. "Attention New York Jets, the NFL have changed the rules, to help the Offence. Please Draft people who can score TD's. That is All.."
  5. Fournette ( Unfortunatly the Jags will take him at 4). Fall back Howard.
  6. Phil's second Troll thread resently.
  7. Welcome to the Club
  8. Terrible, some Joke rankings. Plus "Todd" is to high.
  9. That was to additional Murder charges, not the original murder charge.
  10. Mahomes, is the only one I'd draft and it would not be 1st round. Kids got a monster arm. No more noodle arm guys. I actually like to just stock up this year, and go for QB broke next year.
  11. Yeah i'am always excited to go to work. Being at home sucks..
  12. Yes, spot on, especially the Idzik drafts. The number picks he had. He could have traded some for the following year. The last Idzik draft, was the mother of all (How not to draft videos).