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  1. So the Tank is on! "Mud Dogs, Mud Dogs"..
  2. Soils kicker with a weak leg. He was good for us in general but at 4 mill per in a total structure he was on the block.
  3. Just hire someone who can find a freaking QB! - The rest sorts it's self out.
  4. Sign this Douche! No let's not I was kidding really.
  5. Drat -The last thread of sanity is leaving. All the best and thanks!
  6. I will take the Running Back. We are tanking any way
  7. If we draft him at 6. I think I'd fire Bowles and Macc right away. Go draft the all World runningback!! - That is all..
  8. I know it seems like that, we just have to Draft a freaking QB! The rest fixes it's self. The last and only QB we ever had is Joe Willie.
  9. Geez is he not cut already!
  10. He's not been great since before he left the first time. He's made a fortune out of the Jets. The lack of effort was the killer for me, everyone declines it's natural. It was mailing it in I hated. Fook him he's was talking sh*t with his disrespect me comments, cut him 11 March. We need to cut more then his slouch, the cuts are going to be the best part of this season.
  11. I hear you, I think a special Running Back even in a passing age would be very good. I just don't want another corner, even if he's good, he may reduce the number of TD's we Conceed by 3 or 4. Points on the board is where it's at, Go Offence, a great RB takes pressure off whoevers throwing the ball next season.
  12. I get it about corners and Safety, since ours stink. the problem is it's a passing league, you need offence. Do we, A) Score more points. B ) Conceed another TD or two. I say buck the old trend defence we've been on for a decade. Go Offence!