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  1. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Having read all that I now, I want Mo to be Traded just to see Gato Explode.
  2. Oh No! - We've lost 300 posts onwhy we should resign Mo Wilkerson!
  3. Who cares who wins tomorrow !!!

    A Super Bowl for the true neutral. I can enjoy it with no Pats in the game. 
  4. Zero arm shadow of his former self almost 40, NO!
  5. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Listen I get it, it's just we can't keep everyone, Williams was Drafted to replace Mo or Sheldon, it's looking like Mo. I liked the NFL before FA but it is what it is. The NFL Draft is a crap shoot but another 1st rounder is another first rounder.  You have your opinion, and I've got mine, we both have no control what goes on. but I like to see us get younger have more flexibility. Trading Mo gives the Jets that.
  6. TEs on all time Jets roster?

    Wow, I'm struggling with 3, Shuler is the only lock for me, Barkum then it's pretty lean. It shows the state of the Tight End position, the Jets have had over the last 50 years. 
  7. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    I get it, Mo's a good player, but we can't keep them all. If his pick allows us to sign Bricks replacement, get a Franchise potential QB, or a LT and OLB. Sorry Mo's gone. Also has I've said, his replacement is already here.  
  8. Chase Daniel, or Sam Bradford....

    No to both, Fitz, Petty, Draft pick.
  9. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    He's a good player he's versatile but not a game changer. Von Miller took over the AFCCG, I like Mo, but he does not change games, he's Richard Seymour, Not Reggie White. He probably wants in the 15 mill range. I say no, not when his replacement is already here. Pass I'll take another 1st, and get younger and cheaper.
  10. He may be done now, even the dumbest GM, Owner is not going to hand the reins to their Billion Dollar Franchise to this dumbass.
  11. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    This story does fit in with what I think the Jets plans are with Mo. If they wanted to keep him the deal would have been signed. Look at this way, Mo's replacement is on the team already (Williams). Mo had a career year. (12 Sacks). He's never sniffed that before and no guarantee he will again. How would you feel if we resigned him to a huge deal, and he gets back to his usual 6-8 Sacks?  Trading Mo for a first opens up everything, Trading up for a Q.B, hitting on D'Bricks replacement and still taking a Linebacker. Even trading down for more picks. You don't jeopardise your team going forward with with hamstrung   Contracts, and you get young cheap talent for 4-5 years.  I love Mo but he's on a stacked DLine, they trade him, get another pick, and allows them to resign Snacks. Addtion though subtraction.
  12. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

  13. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Bad wheel and not enough production for Smith. I feel Zeke can be an All Pro back.