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  1. Now this is what's actually happening.
  2. The league is full of douche bags. His reaction was disproportionate, but he will play football, the video will cost him money. Draft stock etc. I'd draft him, but the Jets may not.
  3. Let's Draft a real QB, and close this thread.
  4. Got to go offence, another corner at 6 would drive me crazy.
  5. Snacks makes 15 Tackles. Where Mo just stands around holding, saying the Jets don't have a plan for him.
  6. Don't worry we have X Factor! - Todd Bowles, this guy can't Coach his way out if a paper bag. He alone will ensure we lose at least 2 close games. Looking for his trade mark punt on 4th and 1 on oppositions 40 yard line. While losing by 3, with 4 mins to play.
  7. Two may do it, 3 wins will drop us to far.
  8. Spot on, the media hate Macc, it's not like when Rex was in charge. When they knew a week before what he was going to do.
  9. Wish I could double Rep! - Great post.
  10. Who got the better deal..
  11. Love him, just think he may be gone at 6.
  12. Rant much, I think your still butt hurt over your boy Glennon going to the Bears. We are rebuilding get used to it. I'd sooner not pay the kind of money Mike Glennon signed for tying the Jets into a multi year contract, for a QB that may turn into Brock Osweiler? McCown isn't here to start, he just a vet that's here to throw in if the young guys sh*t the bed. It's tank time baby!
  13. I think we all got it wrong, no one saw that sh*t show coming. At least no one is kidding ourselfs this year.