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  1. Sign him, I want him over Geno. And a 12 Mill per Fitzpatrick.
  2. I've stopped trying to predict Brady's demise. It just seems like it's never going to happen. Untill his HGH wears off he will be Brady. I'm just hoping for some "rugged" tackling from the D-Lines he's facing may make him want to retire soon.
  3. I approve of this message!
  4. Mom says don't sign, she's seen a video of some Jet guy called Revis. He held out and it worked!
  5. A total hatchet job from a fake name hack. Rich Cimini must be pissed at the Jets with his "Ghost hack sh*t" theres more holes in that than a Swiss Cheese. The BS about Jordan Jenkins, and Jarvis Jenkins being the same player, (apart from the same name) one's a 3-4 300 pound 3-4 DE and others a 260 pound 3-4 OLB. The Lee nonscene also, he's not really a ILB, he's there's to cover and Blitz, he's the Jets Deone Bucannon. To much other negative stuff on that to comment on. It's all about our QB play, that will determine the season.
  6. He may not be IQ dumb, he's just football IQ dumb.
  7. Let's see how, or even if Geno plays, before we declare that his stats from 2014 are merely "misunderstood". Geno's got all the tools, I just think his brain's got less processing power then a Z80 CPU.
  8. Seems pretty butt hurt to me.
  9. After years of watching Rex bumble about, and the NY Media eat the Jets for breakfast. It's finally great to see a real GM at work. Not a leak, rumour, or hint of what's going on. Maccagnan just punk'd Cimini, he's not got a clue what's going on at 1 Jets Drive.
  10. Wow just woke up, to read this, after a pretty dire off season, this just made it so much better. I thought this deal was never getting done. Gratz to Super Mac this guy does know what he's doing.
  11. Good Luck and best wishes to you both. You can beat this together.
  12. We don't actually play in state that's our name Jets.
  13. To long unfortunately. We will be also rans, until he retires or we get a real Q.B.
  14. He's a NT, so really you can only see his worth looking at the teams average V the run. If we are sub 4 yards per carry he's good. Above not so good.