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  1. Rogers is so bad, he could have the 85 Bears D, and still have a bottom 5 Defence. "I'm moving Richard Dent to Safety, since it fits my scheme" Total dope.
  2. She still takes better angles then Calvin Pryor.
  3. Signing for the Bills http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000811311/article/transactions-roundup-gerald-hodges-joining-bills
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000811311/article/transactions-roundup-gerald-hodges-joining-bills Gerald Hodges join the Bills.
  5. Yeah, I think this guy is going to be legit.
  6. Let's see how many sacks he gets has the third D.E in the rotation. They aren't going to start him over Leo or Mo Money Wilkerson. He's now a rotation guy, not the full time starter, bye bye!
  7. This dunce will want $100 Million. He will get 8-10 sacks, and want 100 Mill just watch. Jets will have to cut Mo and sign Sheldon, or keep Mo. Personally I'm not impressed with either at the moment.
  8. On his way out, faster then we think..
  9. Teams that like to Win Rings.
  10. Von Miller Won the Broncos a Super Bowl in his own. Everyone else is a QB on that list. We got a lazy run stuffer, who's a 3-4 End, with 4 sacks. Should have kept snacks for half that, and got a third rounder in a comp pick. Instead we are carrying this dead weight. Please do sign DE's to QB money, but make sure they are getting you at very least double digit Sacks every year! - J.J Watt is not even on the list, for Fook sake!
  11. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000809063/nfls-biggest-contracts-for-2017 Only Von Miller on more money for a Defensive player. Not bad for 4 Sacks. Terrible Contract. 1) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts - $24,594,000 2) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints - $24,250,000 3) Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins - $23,943,600 4) Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens - $22,133,333 5) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers - $22,000,000 6) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks - $21,900,000 7) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers - $21,850,000 8) Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals - $21,000,000 9) Eli Manning, New York Giants - $21,000,000 10) Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers - $20,812,500 11) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers - $20,760,000 12) Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons - $20,750,000 13) Tom Brady, New England Patriots - $20,500,000 14) Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins - $19,250,000 15) Von Miller, Denver Broncos - $19,083,333 16) Brock Osweiler, Cleveland Browns - $18,000,00 17) Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions - $17,666,667 18) Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings - $17,500,000 19) Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets - $17,200,00 20) Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles - $17,100,000