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  1. Revi$ becoming the new Geno..
  2. He's not worth half of what we are paying him. It's not 2009 any more. We should not into paying him 17 mill per, just because he was amazing 5 years ago.
  3. It's a terrible contract for a player a shadow of his former self. I can't believable how far he's slipped. Just another negative revalation, I thought Bowles was running a a tight ship. It turns out he's Rex without the charisma.
  4. Well it's early, he looks terrible to me, but then the entire D looks terrible. Not a fan of the pick but we can hope.
  5. There has been rumours over the last week, including Sheldon. Granted mostly internet chatter.
  6. Breno is aweful, the other two have played fine without him. Devon Smith, well if he plays any thing like last year, he's not coming back. Im not high on this kid at all, he looks to have stone hands, and fumbles, both of them meh.
  7. Mmmm so having a Franchise Quarterback for long periods of time, has nothing to do with success in the NFL? All you need is a Semi cadaver like Rooney, or a Tv Dinner Maker like Kraft. Got it.
  8. Excellent, Harris clone replacment returns.
  9. It's must be a good feeling to have a real QB. I wonder what it feels like?
  10. Frankly if we lose to the Browns it's got to be Petty the week after. Can't believe the Brown's where stupid enough to trade out of 2. If you have a shot at a Franchise QB you take it. I thought the Jets where dumb, but geez Wentz will haunt them.
  11. Idizk sucked, drafting two decent players out of how many picks, does not make him good. I could have drafted better blind drunk. Winters started coming on last year, and Q is our future #1.
  12. Ah Airplane... Three now when Geno goes on IR.
  13. So this marks the end of "hte Geno gang"
  14. Who's worse the "Penningtologist's" or "hte Geno Gang?".
  15. Jay Ajayi ran for 214 yards on Rex's D.