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  1. This guy gets it, Fire Bowles!
  2. 8-8 no 6 Max with this douche.
  3. Love Nick, but guy gets cut next year. I do think they go scored Earth on high priced old vets.
  4. That's exactly my point.
  5. No it means playing Petty or Hack. I Don't want any of the QB's in 2017 Draft. Or Jay 18 per, 60 mill deal with 40 guaranteed. Since that's the kind of outlay we'd be paying, for a well past it, Interception machine. He's just Fitz with a stronger arm! Who are we trying to emulate, the Cleveland Browns?
  6. I have a Buddy who's a Bear Fan, and he hates Cutler with every Fiber of his Being. Just say no to cast off QB's, we've had enough of them!
  7. Only if they don't mail it in. The assumption is that the team will play. Bowles team quit while the team was still on contention. Bowles lost the team, that's a Big no, no in my book. Vets mailing it it before the half way mark tells me the Coach must go. If he gets a 3rd year 2017 it's going to just be a waste. I'm not buying the 3rd year only fair BS. You can either coach or you can't, regardless how poor your roster is, this guy can't coach. Since if he's does stay, he's going to be the dead duck Head Coach. (Play offs or bust). That not what you need on a rebuild. It's mean we sign Cutler was blow more time. The only real positive is Woody is 70. How many more years will he own the Club?
  8. I'm an empty stadium.
  9. Boom this guy gets it.
  10. I'm actually warming to bringing Tom Coughlin in, for a year or two and develop a younger guy of his choice. He's a ball buster and won't take any sh*t from Mo and Co. Someone needs to be cut. I'd cut Revis just to show them anyone can get fired. They need to at least try, I'm not seeing this. No way does Bowles should get a 3rd year, even Woody can't be that dumb.
  11. Unfortunately I think we can beat the 9'ers.
  12. Oh it's happening, Scored Earth.