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  1. To QB or not QB?

    Hoganfor me, don't like Hackensack (I know it's wrong) he's like his brother, and Cook is shi@te. OT, OLB in the second.
  2. It's not sexy pick,he's a new postion really, a cover LB/S hybrid. He will spend his time covering Running backs, Tight Endsand slot guys. It's not what I wanted buthey. Not much else to say buy I do think the Jets miss managed Mo and the QB postion. Let's hope for a solid pick in the 2nd I just think 20 is no where land. Miss on Sprigg's and Noah Spence.
  3. Welcome Darron Lee !!!!

    So I've just woke up to find we've drafted a Big Saftey, skipped on Lynch, forgot the wideouts, left the tackles. Colour me unimpressed, the guys not even going to start. It's going to be a long season.
  4. All the top Linebackers from thisyears draft seem to be broken.
  5. Final "Experts" Mock Drafts

    I likeTreadwell, Marshall's got maybe 2 years left,Deckers in his late 20's.
  6. Reggie Ragland's status for the 2016 NFL Draft has been affected by a medical concern. The former Alabama linebacker was flagged for an enlarged aorta and some NFL clubs have lowered Ragland on their draft boards as a result, people close to the player and officials with seven teams told NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport. The seven teams don't see the condition as something that will affect his football career, however, and consider it something that will merely bear close watching, Rapoport added. Ragland was a two-year starter for the Crimson Tide and anchored one of the nation's dominant defenses during that stretch. He is regarded as the draft's top pure inside linebacker and remains a first-round projection. Ragland made 195 stops with 17 tackles for loss over the last two years at Alabama. NFL Media draft expert Mike Mayock has projected Ragland to the Green Bay Packers with the No. 27 overall pick of the draft, a selection that would allow the club to move star veteran linebacker Clay Matthews back to his natural outside linebacker spot. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000656721/article/reggie-ragland-flagged-with-enlarged-aorta
  7. Paxton Lynch to Bills rumors

    19 isn't a problem, Lynch will go way before the Bills pick.
  8. Love Pats* trolls constantly running to defend Brady's honour!
  9. Love to Draft Sprigg's early in the 2nd using perhaps a Mo trade pick.
  10. A lot of bruised Vags in this thread.
  11. Wow if I'd did not know better I'd say most of the poster where 14 year old boys. It really will be funny when Brady retires.
  12. Geno Smith Breno Giacomini main two the rest fringe stuff.
  13. What's new we are the NY Jets.