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  1. He's a warm body, the Jets are going to suck in 2017. It's a one year deal, before we hit the reset again. Just as long as the "it's only fair he gets 3 years", people are happy.
  2. Darron Lee much...
  3. It's a lot for an ILB, but he's very good, and the Browns need people to build round. It's a good move for them.
  4. Agreed, I like Thomas I think he will shine next year.
  5. We good, we have a tiny one. You may not have seem him, because he's either stood behind Robbie Anderson, or in the Treatment room.
  6. Boom, I like Glennon, I watched a few Bucks games, and like the kid. He's better than what we have by someways. It's how much it costs us to Sign him, and for how long? - Because will not draft another QB if we are paying him 60 Mill over 4 years.
  7. What a beat down, I love NFL Royalty getting their Ass kicked!
  8. You gotta Love'em they've had more success then any Team ever but will still cheat for more. Just can't wait for Brady to retire, and watch it sink.
  9. No they wanted him stout against the run, with adding more weight. Inturn he lost some speed. Then they gave his reps to Sheldon. The CS have no idea who their best players are.
  10. What are your expectations for Smith? - I think he's lucky he makes the 53. Even Bowles said he was full go when he cam back week 7/8. We have our 9 route runner, he's called Anderson, and he can actually play.
  11. Dead on, they all know it's a one year gig. Why take it unless your desperate.