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  1. Jalin Marshall Added to Practice Squad

    Looks like he's had his chance now, he's close to being done. To many guys I front of him. I don't think Marshall or Peake are on this team next year.
  2. Perhaps the worst contract in the NFL.
  3. Thoughts

    You must have missed 2016.
  4. No, that was our old Offensive coordinator, Morton likes them.
  5. Game off, done

    Guy looks like he can play corner, very happy with him.
  6. Game Observations (NE)

    Ealy really guy gets some push and bats footballs for fun. He's not a star but plays hard I like him.
  7. If they get #1 they aren't signing Cousins, he will want a blockbuster deal, 5 year plus. You draft your future Franchise QB who's on a rookie contract for 5 years. It's 4 years before you pay him. It gives you 4/5 years of cheap play you can spend on others.
  8. This guy is number one on Jets resign list. He's a real Tight End, the last time we has one it was Mikey Shuler.
  9. Game Observations (NE)

    Tough to think who in the League may rate our D-line now. Mo's a statue just double a banged up Leo and the rest are Jags. Ealy is solid but plays in rotation.
  10. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Albert Haynesworth just rang to say he's insulted you compaired him to Mo "the sloth" Wilkerson.
  11. Game Observations (NE)

    Not a single Jets D linemen has a Sack this year, how telling is that? We only have 7 sacks in 6 games! I know who the #1 cut is on the first day of the off season #96.
  12. Yes some of this really irked me. The zero passion from Todd on the Touchback fumble Bull sh*t. The face mask to face mask picked up flag. The BS PI calls. It's the NFL way. I think the Big name franchises get to much of this, it's why people are switching off, we want new teams to emerge, and not the same old 5 or 6 teams every year winning it. It also makes it so much tougher, when the refs are this bad, and show obvious bias.
  13. We played them tight, they aren't good and neither are we. I like watching the young guys ball. ASJ is a must sign, he's a real Tight End. I like how the young guys try hard. The Pats aren't good this year.
  14. Game off, done

    Pats look mortal, we are never winning anything this year. Develop young guys. We need to spend some of that huge Cap on ASJ,and Ealy, Roberts.
  15. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    Yes I'd make the NFL know that level of officiating is not acceptable. I'd tell the league we don't want that crew again.