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  1. Mike Tannenbaum was an idiot. Do you suggest we stop drafting players or signing FA's because he did that horribly also?
  2. Pissed I can only negative rep this once
  3. Hopefully its on a delicious and robust pumpernickel, not some dangerous and unhealthy white bread. I don't even want to get into scourge known as the Avacado.
  4. Every team that isn't a contender is a QB away. Every team that has a QB is a contender every year. There are a very few exceptions that can win regardless but the window is tiny with FA, like the Broncos last year. An example is the Vegas line before Manning went down in Indy was probably 10 wins and that team sucked enough to get Andrew Luck and win one game without him. We aren't anywhere near as good as the Broncos and nowhere near as bad as that Indy team. We like every other team are in purgatory till we find a QB and I don't need a beat writer to realize it.
  5. The commoners have no place in one of Woody's suites. You should have bought into the coaches club like a man of influence. Until then you can duke it out with other poor people for a Bryce Petty bobblehead
  6. Enjoy your Newcastle while you can. The TV told me that the UK is now a post apocalyptic wasteland. Good news for the Jaguars is the games at Wembley will now have more of a hometown feel.
  7. Every time I've seen him talk off the cuff about any topic, it makes me realize he should stick to something he's better at, like playing Batman.
  8. So they had an extended memorial day weekend. When are the two of them shaving a couple million of their respective salaries so we can give Fitz the 16 million he wants? Brandon Marshall taking a stand is also irrelevant, he's got the attention span of a goldfish. Last season at this time he was living with Geno Smith talking about his leadership, in a year from now he might be sleeping in bunk beds with Hackenburg, doing karate in the garage or taking hot air balloon rides with Petty.
  9. Fitz has no real leverage now. He can retire or make 12 million this year. He needs to face the fact nobody else sees him as a starter and he's a bandaid here till we can hopefully, though unlikely, find a real long term fit at QB. The Broncos just won a SB with that roster and Elway thought Sanchez or a space case rookie was the better fit to take it over.
  10. I said months ago. I'm fickle. I was all in on Fitz and enjoyed the season on offense for the first time in awhile but the feelings are fleeting. 12 million is more than he's worth, the free market showed that. He can eat a dick because him coming back or not only effects me enjoying meaningless games slightly. I'd rather save that money for a good player
  11. I've been working pretty hard this election cycle also. I've been drinking at least double
  12. Did he come to our camp as a fake out? I'm confused. Retirement over living in Buffalo I get
  13. The ones I wasn't alive for sound great
  14. ****, guy looked good in a subway car. I thought we had something