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  1. I've been working pretty hard this election cycle also. I've been drinking at least double
  2. Did he come to our camp as a fake out? I'm confused. Retirement over living in Buffalo I get
  3. The ones I wasn't alive for sound great
  4. ****, guy looked good in a subway car. I thought we had something
  5. Mark Dominik? John Idzik and Mike Tannenbaum are still working in the NFL. My thoughts are who gives a sh*t what Mark Dominik thinks?
  6. They mad cause we cut ties with their favorite slot corner of all time. I miss you Kyle
  7. WR Charone Peake ~ ~ ~

    I was going to add TE but Gailey apparently gives no sh*ts about the position in general. I hate Amaro from what I've watched
  8. WR Charone Peake ~ ~ ~

    I think our team is going to get their sh*t pushed in this year, but the only thing really holding us back on offense right now is QB and OT. One there was no way to address for this year and the other he tried but the Giants preferred taking Kyle Wilson 2.0 at 10 as opposed to 20,
  9. She's very nuanced in her comedic genius.
  10. Offense- Whoever gets Breno to go away Defense-Mauldin
  11. Love Amy Schumer, if it wasn't for Lena Dunham she'd be my favorite comedian.
  12. **** you, Dude. Hack is like Rey from Star Wars. I'm attempting to finally watch this movie without fully paying attention, but the parallels are undeniable. Hack was abandoned in some sh*tty little world left to fend for himself. It never broke him, and he kept fighting on. With the help of our coaching staff and perhaps a little robotic soccer ball he can be reborn into a hero. You're more like Kylo Ren