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  1. Looked really good
  2. I am going to miss his delusional quotes.
  3. That's one you want to hold on to. It'll save hours on the initial therapeutic consultation
  4. It's weird cause commercials have been arguably the best part watching it on TV
  5. Notre Dame would be tied with us at worst right now
  6. I'd challenge any of them to come out at half time. I'd put our third stringers against anybody in the league
  7. Yeah, our starters look like sh*t. At least we all still have each other
  8. I'd settle for quality backup this year if it means I never see Geno in another real game,
  9. Nice! Now we just gotta get to work on those archaic cocaine regulations
  10. I'm outraged that the sanctity of the HOF game has been spat on. I wait all year for it
  11. **** Brett Favre. We where a pit stop on his quest to join Minnesota and stick it to the Packers. It led directly Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, on top of watching Pennington take a 1-15 Dolphins team to a division title. There's zero chance he actually went to Mangini asking to be taken out of the lineup.
  12. I assume their target market are idiots. Which is why I'm guessing we'll now see more Stephen A. on Sunday countdown.
  13. Mike Tannenbaum was an idiot. Do you suggest we stop drafting players or signing FA's because he did that horribly also?
  14. Pissed I can only negative rep this once
  15. Hopefully its on a delicious and robust pumpernickel, not some dangerous and unhealthy white bread. I don't even want to get into scourge known as the Avacado.