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  1. Over budget and behind schedule
  2. We have Sheldon Richardson at OLBer
  3. He to me is a more talented Dak Prescott. The problem is Dak Prescott would have failed here miserably.
  4. Clemson players seem like good kids with promising futures. Why do this? I'll take anybody from Alabama and ruin their careers instead
  5. Seth has more championships than him in the last 15 years
  6. Do I click the link or am I going to throw my laptop? It seems like all downside
  7. Fire him next year when we draft a QB. There's nothing left here for him to ruin
  8. Are you guys ******* kidding me with these jokes? It's 2017 You're a sexist a$$hole if you don't think this chick can do anything as good or better than any man. Aaron Rodgers had mechanical issues coming out of college
  9. At least he fired his sh*tty coach. He seems to be ahead of Woody on the learning curve
  10. The Bills leadership is brilliant. Players like coasting 16 weeks a year under weak and clown like leadership. Rex was the king of meaningless week 17 wins. Our team got up this week cause they make a lot of money and being uncountable is great. The problem here is culture. I'm only 31 basically my adult life is Woody and it doesn't seem like it's changing
  11. Great organization we got here
  12. It's good to see the team come together and rally so hard to save Todd Bowles week 17. They must really love the other 16 weeks where they don't have to listen to him, try hard, show up to meetings or generally give a sh*t.
  13. Somebody contact Elias Sports Bureau. I'm curious where we rank as a franchise at showing up big in meaningless week 17 games. At least I don't expect a Gatorade bath this time.