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  1. Maybe she wasn't the best babysitter candidatebut you can cut yourlosses andinterview other girlsminus the sexual assault. I doubt anyone who's deemed incapable of giving consent and is babysitting at 31 has the mental wherewithalto try and screw thisguy and go straight to the police. I question every story I see in the news cause people lie, but I'm going to side with the girl on this one.
  2. A good watch fellas

    The adjustments where really fun to watch, but at the same time when Penn State's line can't stop a 2 man rush it kind of ruins the whole chess match
  3. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Jordan Jenkins
  4. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    I'm more of a Devil Wears Prada guy
  5. I've always been a Hammurabi's Code kind of guy, whatever happens to him will be far too light and a waste of the tax payers money.
  6. A good watch fellas

    This has been posted before but I like it. I have the attention span of a goldfish so I can only get a quarter of the way through each time I see it.
  7. I probably would, but not cause Fitz. I don't know what the point of having Revis at his cap hit is if the coaching staff isn't going to let him play man against Sammy Watkins the one game we can't lose. Even if you have to give him help over the topwe let 1 guy beat us and missed the playoffs because of it
  8. I would cut Breno right now and run some weird hybrid offense with 4 lineman if I had to and it has nothing to do with Fitz or cap room
  9. I didn't think I'd get ninja'd that quick
  10. Is Shaq Evans still a Jet?

    Nobody is taking that away from you anytime soon, Your overall body of work is too impressive
  11. Hackington

    This is a big letdown after your last attempt. i gave your trolling an A for the start Hackington thread
  12. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    Idzik, lol
  13. The Wilkerson in the room...

    I think Idzik ****ed it up, not so much Mac who inherited the problem but it does look sh*tty throwing around all that money last year and never paying our own. I wanted it to get done when we had him under cheap team control for 2 years before those deals made the market ridiculous. Would have upped the cap hit for the last couple seasons but would be looking good now. We weren't spending any money on FA those years anyway
  14. The Wilkerson in the room...

    Mac ****ed this up but I also begged for Idzik to do the deal on team friendly terms when we had leverage and it was obvious he wasn't going to spend money otherwise. Now we just let him play and take the comp pick cause nobody is giving us anything better. It is what it is,
  15. So far, I love this draft

    Not sure what I'm bitching about, homie. All I'm saying is BPA available is for silly bitches that like 8-8 until you get the best QB available.