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  1. I wish I was him. I.could be obnoxious and wealthy. I'm just obnoxious. I think I made a joke about it being me on the draft thread 8 years ago cause I despised the Sanchez pick. Thor since then can not be convinced otherwise since 17 intelligence agencies and the Jetnation modstaff claim I have the same IP, which I think is impossible. Very Fake News!
  2. So I'm out of the wine game? That sucks
  3. I vote yes to both. Burn this ****er down
  4. He's complaining about people choosing money over a sense of loyalty? That's interesting
  5. Haha charging him with terrorism. DA must be a season ticket holder
  6. Over budget and behind schedule
  7. We have Sheldon Richardson at OLBer
  8. He to me is a more talented Dak Prescott. The problem is Dak Prescott would have failed here miserably.
  9. Clemson players seem like good kids with promising futures. Why do this? I'll take anybody from Alabama and ruin their careers instead
  10. Seth has more championships than him in the last 15 years
  11. Do I click the link or am I going to throw my laptop? It seems like all downside
  12. Fire him next year when we draft a QB. There's nothing left here for him to ruin