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  1. Win the turnover battle.......... lol
  2. After last week I'm trying church again
  3. The beginning of my 5 month journey into alcoholism and distrust
  4. Im waiting for JJ Watt to wrap himself in the flag and get lowered onto the field to some fireworks and actually make this interesting. Until then I'm over all this flag sh*t. Do whatever you want. I want to watch football. I get to hear how everybody's a victim without offering any real solutions on 300 other channels.
  5. No, I'm only 30. Ask me about fumbles, interceptions or the time I ruined thanksgiving. Edit: Just realized this is about the Bengals. I knocked on every suite door and tried getting in during the last game ever at Giants stadium, that sent us to the playoffs. sh*t was cold as **** and I was wearing a Jets bathrobe on top of my 8 other Jets layers. I got some chick to let me in that worked there after convincing her I was part of the party. I walked in and it was for air force personnel in uniform. I lasted for about 10 minutes, got some food but somehow they caught onto my outfit. Security did let me stay for the end though after a laugh and a promise to go back to my seat
  6. The one thing Smith excelled at in college was tracking a deep ball. He's been worthless since we drafted him so if they decide to cut bait at some point I don't care. That said he can't really do that when our starter can't throw a deep ball, so I don't know if he can even have a roll stretching the field at the NFL level till we move on from Fitz next year.
  7. In a world where Sam Bradford is worth a 1st and a 4th I don't even want to inquire about people who can play football.
  8. That's ridiculous. He's an awful, injury prone, mess.
  9. And we can't even get a sniff on Geno? Bradford sucks
  10. Mini Draft on Labor day weekend! Does life get any sweeter than this?
  11. Sounds like Herm, minus being any good as a coordinator. Rex also always has TV to fall baxk on. Fox Sports and ESPN would fall over themselves for the right to get that idiot on TV.
  12. It could be a steal if we fix society and his mechanics by mid September. If he wants to toss me a list of his demands I can get the ball rolling and drop them off at White Patriarch HQ later today. I gotta pick up my privilege package for the month, which I hear includes some pretty exclusive toiletries.
  13. Early contender for worst thread of the season.