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  1. I laughed, I cried..... the laughing was probably the drugs.   Why the **** can't we find a rush linebacker? We've been talking about this since Mangini.  We rolled with Calvin Pace for 10 years. Even ******* Sanchez was better then was Manning tonight.
  2. Does instant replay review even work?

    I clearly don't understand the rule then because if he had the ball and it never hit the ground, I assume catch. I get he didn't have control till the end of the play but why isn't that a catch? I thought the maintain sh*t was going out or the endzone
  3. Does instant replay review even work?

    When I'm agreeing with Mike Carey it's weird. I normally just enjoy him coming on TV to laugh, but the fact the NFL gave him a SB says everything. I thought that was a catch
  4. Chris Ivory Stats In Team Rice Loss

    Better than watching Big Brother
  5. It's a shame we weren't better than Buffalo and Oakland
  6. WR Brandon Marshall Out Of The Pro Bowl

    On behalf of drunken idiots everywhere I find this offensive
  7. Vernon Gholston , he was never given a fair shake
  8. All Time Great Jets Who Barely Played Here

    Scotty McKnight
  9. Eric Rogers

    I canceled my Netflix and sent over 100 letters in regards to them never acquiring Best of the Best 1 & 2. ******* 3 & 4 ......nobody wants that
  10. Good night, sweet prince. May hosts of angels sing you to sleep.
  11. All I took away from this thread is I want to party at Gronks house. NE is a bunch of classless animals, but we knew that yesterday.
  12. Derrick Henry?

    He'd average 2 yards a carry behind our Oline. We saw what a physical North South runner looks like behind crappy blocking the second half of the season
  13. Perfect Player For This Team

    He'd be on the team already if Rex didn"t announce we where picking him
  14. Bills hiring Rob Ryan

    Hard Knocks please
  15. RG III Anyone hes a free agent,

    I hoped at some point when I didn't log in for a months you lost your ability so start threads. SOJ my life is a perennial disappointment