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  1. This guy gets it. SB sleepers
  2. I was being generous. Figured I'd give us either Cleveland or Jacksonville
  3. After Week 10 going into the bye. At that point we'll be 1-9 and Sheldon will have posted a Facebook live stream showing him packing heat and running a sex trafficking ring out of the locker room.
  4. Rough stretch early, we could potentially win one of those and screw up my plans
  5. Just sucks for Johnny Depp. He never had a chance to protest it
  6. "The only way it'll work though is if people don't use it for other purposes (e.g. conversation, jokes, etc). " This will not work as you've planned it. Mark my words.
  7. I really hope we just trade down if he's there, but I'm not cutting Powell either way. Who really cares about a cap hit this year? We're not getting the money back and the season is going to be a disaster anyway
  8. Scott Baio
  9. Big Dick Decker
  10. Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood. Sucks big league
  11. Friends
  12. Putin likes riding horses, can't trust them anymore
  13. I know alpha male isn't one of NY's 31 officially recognized genders, but that's how I think of you