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  1. Alright, for once I apologize. I was just pointing out a double standard. I'm fine with everyone trashing everything but I get it's a slippery slope. Delete it all. I'll be good tomorrow
  2. I feel like you couldn't have trolled worse for web traffic than the Jets on their own with the second safety pick. Who do you want? I'm lost at this point
  3. You gotta know a world of censorship is a world we don't exist in
  4. Your last sentence is unfair. It's probably accurate but I'd like to joke about other people and I'm not allowed. I'm super angry about selective censorship. I'm also agnostic, lol
  5. I'm still.watching and don't understand why
  6. You drinking yet? I'm loving this
  7. We stil need a FS
  8. How was his accuracy thought?
  9. I don't want to sound insensitive but we live in the 2000s. I feel like every group who cares about anything is rewarded. Why do we have to keep losing just cause we suck? If a participation trophy was ever warranted it's for Jets fans. I guess it's the snoopy thing, but it sucks
  10. You picking up on the trend yet?
  11. Good deep ball skills. We took 2 strong safeties, maybe a conversation to FS?
  12. You'll never win like that. Any chance McDougall could transfer to a useful position like safety or should we use a 3rd here? I know you've been following him
  13. Safety is just code word for linebacker. The most efficient way to eliminate your poor secondary grade is to just eliminate the secondary
  14. I actually like Godwin he's gone before us or we go strong safety