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  1. I'm with you. My research just took 30 seconds. I typed Joe Mixon into Google and the first thing that pops up is a video of him knocking a chick out in as deliberate a manner as possible. Probably going to give him a hard pass
  2. Only reason I can figure he's still here after our fire sale is if they draft Fornette. It's a solid professional to learn from and no reason to grind him down this year with 200+ carries on a sinking ship when he's already got injury concerns coming out of LSU.
  3. Why are so many goyim jamming up this thread? He wasn't asking your opinion
  4. Jesus Christ, we're an hour and a half away from the start of the league year and this team is already threatening me with Jay Cutler to make me root for a Trevor Siemian trade.
  5. Good career move. She definitely got some instagram hits from this
  6. Bye, bitch
  7. Ignoring the fact we won in 1968, do you know what a majority means?
  8. Last Jet I cared about, bring on the 1-15 season. I despise the rest of them and I'm ready for a QB.
  9. I'd like to think we're gearing up to take the top QB next year but I doubt that's the plan since Bowels and Mac won't be around to make that pick. Not sure there's much these 2 can do to stop it though.
  10. I wish I was him. I.could be obnoxious and wealthy. I'm just obnoxious. I think I made a joke about it being me on the draft thread 8 years ago cause I despised the Sanchez pick. Thor since then can not be convinced otherwise since 17 intelligence agencies and the Jetnation modstaff claim I have the same IP, which I think is impossible. Very Fake News!
  11. So I'm out of the wine game? That sucks
  12. I vote yes to both. Burn this ****er down
  13. He's complaining about people choosing money over a sense of loyalty? That's interesting
  14. Haha charging him with terrorism. DA must be a season ticket holder