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  1. I've been teetering on my last strike with you for awhile. I've been on 2 for awhile. It's sad that I don't have.enough passion to worry about strike 3 this year. I wish I had an RV to make me feel better. This team has cucked me
  2. If the inevitable 8-8 is with Petty I'd be thrilled
  3. I've never cared less then I do this season. I went back to sleep after the botched punt 5 minutes in and didn't give a crap at all I missed the big comeback. I'm sure they'll finish 8-8 to screw up draft position but I just really don't care. Maybe I'll pay attention if one of the young QB's get in but until then it's a waste of my time and I've given them enough over the years.
  4. This is a good thing. I really don't want a top 10 pick cause I'm going to throw my channel changer through the ******* TV when we pass on a top QB next year because already took Hackenburg in the second.
  5. Bowles needs to go and have Woody spend whatever he squirreled away for his failed Jeb Bush endeavour on the best offensive coach his trust fund money can buy. Who the **** was our last real offensive coach? Rich Kotite? I was like 10. Maybe we can just chalk that up to him being a sh*t coach and try again There's a reason we can't find a competent QB despite countless resources wasted. Stupid owner and the sh*t rolls down hill throughout the organization.
  6. Who's fault are the other 10?
  7. It's an election year. Everybody has stockholm syndrome. They should really just be sitting home, drinking and adding to their canned goods collection. The Jets taking my hope away before October makes it all so much worse
  8. Go ahead. I don't give a **** what they do anymore
  9. None of that matters if Hackenburg and Petty suck. He whiffed on too many capable QBs ready to play right now for guys that can't sniff the field with embarrassment we're seeing from the position now. We're carrying 4 QBs and apparently none of them can play.
  10. I'd sign him. I assume he'll never play a game but If we don't he's just going to wind up on the Pats and put up 2000 yards
  11. Win the turnover battle.......... lol
  12. After last week I'm trying church again
  13. The beginning of my 5 month journey into alcoholism and distrust
  14. Im waiting for JJ Watt to wrap himself in the flag and get lowered onto the field to some fireworks and actually make this interesting. Until then I'm over all this flag sh*t. Do whatever you want. I want to watch football. I get to hear how everybody's a victim without offering any real solutions on 300 other channels.