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  1. You had this pre-written and waited for the right time to post it with the front added on, didn't you?
  2. I'd like to shovel pass Chan Gailey into the ocean.
  3. Why is it Nick ******* Mangold that gets hurt more than any other offensive lineman? Could it be someone sh*tty just once? These Mangold scares are pissing me off.
  4. LOL Glad I loaned them 25 bucks for a couple of days.
  5. I'll probably be in for five teams. Sent from my VS930 4G using Tapatalk
  6. I want to lose.
  7. Yeah, we could have had Isaiah Thomas as our GM.
  8. Great. Now I'll go on a date like a normal ******* person. lol
  9. I'm sure this thread is redundant, but I never start threads so **** it. If Bryce Petty is not under center, I do not watch this ******* team. I find something else to do with my Sunday. I don't remember being so hopeless about this team. I'm sure it has happened, but I was younger then and I'm running out of ****s to give. Seeing what we have in Petty is the only compelling storyline left to the season. Otherwise, it's just walking death. I've had it.
  10. If this game was being played in London, they'd never let Americans back into the country.