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  1. Eat forty of them and save forty bucks!
  2. Bryce Petty not being a part of this organization is no longer fathomable.
  3. Yes, they are numbered. And that number is 4,000.
  4. Yeah, I can't believe they're playing a 195 lber at center. What do they THINK is going to happen??
  5. So, for two weeks in a row, I wait all week to watch three quarters of football. Maybe I should arrive late to Metlife next week.
  6. I just have a feeling, solid like a good dump that we're winning this one.
  7. The Jets are beating Seattle. That's a win. Book it. Bet the house. If I had a house, I'd bet it. I'd also live in it. But noooo, I had to be an ACTOR, a profession that is like buying a lottery- sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, book it.
  8. How did his third string offensive line do?
  9. I agree. I didn't know people were doing that. I wanted Marquis Lee in the worst way.
  10. Are you saying that if the Jaguars had to do it over again, they would choose Lee? If they could only get one of them?
  11. Another doofus. Any more?
  12. Obvious sarcasm missed, I see.
  13. Yeah, let him prove it in REAL games.