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  1. On to Atlanta

    Their new offensive coordinator should find his stuff packed for him tomorrow morning.
  2. On to Atlanta

    This is some Branch Davidian sh*t right here.
  3. Some thoughts

  4. Some thoughts

    Wait, are we learning to win or learning to lose? A couple of weeks ago...
  5. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    The NFL should be ashamed to play a game on a field like this.
  6. jets viewership down the most

    Finally found a guy in that jersey gayer than tom brady
  7. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Macc changed the draft by taking safeties in rd 1 and 2, so skaiss the limits!!
  8. Darron Lee is 23

    23 kinds of awesome.
  9. jets viewership down the most

    The only time the season I've not watched with complete indifference or hoping for a loss was up 14-0 on the Pats. I then got kicked in the balls like in the Jetsiest way imaginable.
  10. jets viewership down the most

  11. Darron Lee is 23

    I really wish I could hear the melody to this song, must be better than the lyrics since it's sung so often.

    Yeah, I can see how the NFL wouldn't want to deprive people across America of seeing us work our draft magic in person.
  13. Jets Uniforms

    Not Joe Namath?
  14. Jets Uniforms

    Still think they should go back to Joe Namath era green. They looked good in the color rush game. Would have been perfect with white pants.