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  1. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Harbaugh, Darnold, 80 mil in cap room. Fun. Make it happen, Tanny.
  2. JetNation Fantasy League

    I just joined about ten mins ago. I can draft tomorrow in the evenings this week. After 8pm
  3. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    Somebody in my brother's fantasy league drafted Jamal Adams as his IDP. lol
  4. I wanted the first pick, I'm getting the first pick. I'm ok. I got enthusiastic for one second, that's over. I'm happy.
  5. No, there will never be a girl in the NFL.
  6. Preseason Power Rankings

    I think we'll avoid relegation this year.
  7. Why did the scene from Carrie when she got elected prom queen come to mind?
  8. Learn From History

    Fire this ape.
  9. 8/15 practice tweets

    Did Bill Parcells write this?
  10. Can they trade up to zero? Because we're going one.
  11. Please G-d, let the Jet's be saved by a Jew.