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  1. Play? You mean like when Ben Affleck plays Batman?
  2. Also, the only way, ever, a woman should be naked with Tom Shane.
  3. Can somebody appoint this guy as the ambassador to something? I don't give a **** where he goes, but he can't stay here.
  4. End thread and ban, please.
  5. We will have a zero win season next year and will lose out on the Darnold kid on strength of schedule. Bowles will be replaced by a frustrated stand up comic because hey, at least he has a pulse.
  6. Yeah, it's a shame about that rule preventing the Jets from improving any part of their team or offensive line, specifically the whole time Fournette would be on the team.
  7. Help me understand what you said. The most highly thought of running back prospect since Adrian Peterson is a 3rd string running back. That's what you're saying?
  8. Getting old sucks. Watching your heroes get old is one of the worst parts.
  9. He's the worst.
  10. Link is broken.
  11. That's not happening.
  12. So, you're saying the Jets will be good next year.
  13. Until then, vice versa.