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  1. Getting old sucks. Watching your heroes get old is one of the worst parts.
  2. He's the worst.
  3. Link is broken.
  4. That's not happening.
  5. So, you're saying the Jets will be good next year.
  6. Until then, vice versa.
  7. Yeah, Swiss.
  8. You make me ashamed to be Irish.
  9. I was working and didn't see the game. Did the Jets come out naked?
  10. No, no my friend. You are way, way worse.
  11. They're aiming for that Tuesday night market.
  12. Bottom line: If Petty starts, Wilkerson stops playing hard, Revis gains weight.
  13. He's got a boring personality.. That always means you're smart. Never gets two high or too low. That always means you should be leading a group of men.
  14. You got that from the who guy, didn't you? Try TWO H's. You'll thank me.
  15. I just did that! It was great. Thank you! I used two H's for mehh. Is that okay? Any other advice for things that I used to love and can't ******* stand right now or does that meh thing work for everything?