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  1. As eye candy for the mods.
  2. Blackfin in town center? Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  3. I spent an extra 45 minutes in a bar in Jacksonville fing Florida digesting my brunch to wait for this pic Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  4. You shut your mouth.
  5. This is the move. You know what you have in Petty, third stringer. Peterman comes from a pro style offense and you will know what you have in him quick enough to know the plan going forward. Yes, he's supposed to be a game manager, but doesn't mean he can't be good enough to be your QB for the next five, ten years. You have to find out. What is lost? A fourth rounder? How often do those guys pan out? Not often enough to at least take a chance on finding a solid QB. You already have five other sh*tball picks to play with later in the draft. Make it happen, Tanny.
  6. I don't like to use the word literally, but, you are literally the worst.
  7. It's usually what happens when you wake up the next morning horrified by your own degeneracy that counts.
  8. Yeah, I'm bumping the **** out of this.
  9. Because this is the draft that began the All-Safety Defense Era of the National Football League. Followed shortly by the All-Safety Offense Era, ending the Jets search for a Quarterback as they became obsolete (sadly, ironically, as they had just found one waiting tables in the Olive Garden in Times Square). Not able to get enough All Safety Football, humans stopped watching all other sports, then ceased to do anything besides watch what became known as The Beautiful (and Safe) Game. The season was expanded to twelve months, franchises fielded two teams, Ex. - The Summer Jets and The Winter Jets (both of which were completely awful but dressed temperature-appropriate for the entirety of the era) Playing with a fully inflated football was no longer required. Field goals were replaced by strong arguments on why your team deserved three points. Safeties no longer had two official designations, but eleven: Strong Safety, Free Safety, Left Free Safety, Middle Free Safety, Middle Strong Safety, Kind of Weak Safety, Not as Free With His Body Safety, Run Around in Concentric Circles Safety, Leader of Men Safety, Invisible Safety and finally, Hasidic Jew Safety. All safeties were cloned (except Jewish Safeties, who were supplied by the Yeshiva Ohel Moshe in Borough Park Brooklyn and were despised for their aversion to dairy) Super Bowl III made the NFL a national pastime, All Safety Football made the NASFL a national obsession.
  10. ...hurt my feelings.
  11. Character Wins Championships.
  12. Duke Riley...from Duke. LMAO
  13. It is sad that Tanny will have been way more successful than both of the guys that succeeded him.