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  1. Playing the way he did the last game against Buffalo and throwing THAT interception is fine for what he got last year; great story, nice run but you fell short, oh well. For twelve million when no one else sniffed him, I'd be furious.
  2. What do you think the Jets record could be if....

    Oh, are you talking about the game in which Geno won while completing eight passes against the Saints? Geno's record was 1-0 in that game, in case you're not a math wiz or anything.
  3. What do you think the Jets record could be if....

    Oh, I apologize, then. I thought you said Geno won eight games when you said Geno won eight games. You were better off not responding at all.
  4. What do you think the Jets record could be if....

    Which of those twelve touchdowns he threw that year were the most impressive to you? Any of the 21 interceptions not really his fault? His record in games in which he threw for more than 190 yards (his average), is that what got ya? The behind the back sack fumble? The forty three sacks he took? Geno, like Mark Sanchez before him, won nothing. He was a better QB in his second season and he "won" the Jets four games.
  5. Awesome insight from Bill "Duane" Parcells

    I think anything related to the New York Jets are probably the least of his issues.
  6. Awesome insight from Bill "Duane" Parcells

    His hobbies seem to be self pity and complaining. And he likes them just fine. He's good at them.
  7. Why do I remember the offense going in the tank against the Colts after Shonn Greene went down? I'm trying to remember how many points they scored after halftime...
  8. 28 targets 9 receptions 1 drop
  9. Did Hackenberg Throw Coach and Teammates Under the Bus?

    "I'm undraftable. Please move on - I'm hideous, look away!" - much better response.
  10. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Please God, let this be our punter.
  11. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Prediction: One day, Ray Guy will win an honorary Tom Hackett award.
  12. Not capable of giving consent to sex but capable of watching your children when you're not home? Is she at some sort of sweet spot on the spectrum? Rape is rape but this part confuses me. Are we saying she was a virgin or has she only had sex with other mentally handicapped people and so it doesn't count?
  13. Oh, it's the old Dbatesman - Shane tandem hand'em, how refreshing.
  14. Well, considering they'd never met before they stepped on the field that day...
  15. Yeah, a forty yard pass to the sideline the only place it could have been completed is all about the wide receiver.