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  1. To be fair, that kid has a very punchable face.
  2. If the Jets finish 0-16, draft Sam Darnold, spend the cap money wisely and turn the franchise completely around for the foreseeable future, I'm building a statue in honor of Mac, aboard a ******* tank.
  3. Who would you have signed? Someone awesome? So, why did they can the GM? Did he not have the okay from above to sit on his hands? Why did they fire the coach?
  4. I guess five fiercely competitive 6-10/7-9 seasons should be the goal, then?
  5. Yeah, because playing a guy with a neck injury to save a season when you haven't won a game yet is the right move, hands down. GM fired. Coach fired. They won two of their last three and almost blew the top pick. Name the awesome early September move that would have saved that season for them that year. Also, tell me how good that roster was without a Manning-level QB. REALLY how good they were, not when everyone obviously conspires to get themselves fired, perhaps get cut and lose their market value due to sh*t on-field performance all in the name of getting Jim Irsay a new boo.
  6. Yeah, the Colts lost Peyton Manning in August and didn't sign like Aaron Rodgers who was totally available. ******* tankers. SUPERtankers.
  7. Can't decide which is grosser.
  8. I cannot wait until Hackenberg becomes a Glennon-level talent and we pass on Sam Darnold to draft a cornerback.
  9. Yeah, totally. He's exactly like Calvin Pryor. We just drafted another Calvin Pryor. I remember when Calvin Pryor was being called the best player in his draft. It's like deja vu!
  10. They might as well be a million to one.
  11. Man, I was going to include that.
  12. I'll take whoever emerges as the best QB (Darnold, Allen, Rosen) and 80 mil in cap room all day long. And twice on Sundays, Angelo? Yep. TWICE on Sundays..
  13. These cocksuckers are going to make me actually root for wins.