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  1. He was active for one game against Tennessee and has more yards receiving in that one game than all of our tight ends combined for the season. How the **** did he manage to get prepared for the Titans in a week and a half?
  2. Wow, he can't beat out one of the best Tight Ends in football. Quite an indictment. We gave up too early on him. We have ******* nothing at the position.
  3. You know, for a crazy guy, you say some of the most sensible things on this board.
  4. No, he's not. He's not a smart quarterback. He's a dumb quarterback who went to Harvard and aced the wonderlic.
  5. Can we please ban this ****?
  6. This doesn't even seem real.
  7. This ******* son of a bitch. I'm ready for Bryce Petty. I don't give a **** what happens.
  8. The Jets have better players than the Chiefs. By like, alot.
  9. The Patriots are going to ruin this defense.
  10. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  11. Of all the annoyed posts, this one reflects the mood the most.
  12. Horizontal passes are our worst enemy.