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  1. Did Hackenberg Throw Coach and Teammates Under the Bus?

    "I'm undraftable. Please move on - I'm hideous, look away!" - much better response.
  2. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Please God, let this be our punter.
  3. punter.. Tom Hackett ~ ~ ~

    Prediction: One day, Ray Guy will win an honorary Tom Hackett award.
  4. Not capable of giving consent to sex but capable of watching your children when you're not home? Is she at some sort of sweet spot on the spectrum? Rape is rape but this part confuses me. Are we saying she was a virgin or has she only had sex with other mentally handicapped people and so it doesn't count?
  5. Oh, it's the old Dbatesman - Shane tandem hand'em, how refreshing.
  6. Well, considering they'd never met before they stepped on the field that day...
  7. Yeah, a forty yard pass to the sideline the only place it could have been completed is all about the wide receiver.
  8. Except by giving a guy more than 1.2 seconds to throw a football, having offensive lineman that don't block each other for two years and combine that with wide receivers that are better than the crap he's had for two years. Hey, how about a coaching staff that doesn't **** with your footwork?
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen

    You had parents.
  10. Everybody relax, we all know that drafts are made in the fifth round.
  11. Wouldn't it just be easier to hope that Maccagnan knows more than you do and Hackenberg turns out to be a good QB.
  12. My God, the monster is up with the bases loaded.
  13. Is Shaun one of those names you can just put any letter in the alphabet and an apostrophe in front of?