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  1. This post made me actually read the tweets in the thread. Sounds like he was god awful today and Geno was on point. Which was so predictable its a lulza. Oh how fun it is to be a Jets fan!
  2. I honestly dont want to know what goes on between Marshall and Fitz. It creeps me out. Then you throw in the creepiness of Decker and Mangold. It's so gross.
  3. The gayness of this team worries me.
  4. Cuz he's got chance to start, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm not talking about us. And why on earth would I bet against my team being successful? Also, 10 wins wasnt enough last year. So... I'm talking about being a moron. Should be clear if you can read what I typed. I have lots of hobbies, thanks. While I'm not working during the day I like to surf and fish, primarily. I've recently started Kayak fishing. It's great for fishing for reds in the Intercoastal. Great fight and good eats. You get a little exercise and catch fish! Cant beat it! I love the water. The Ocean is my sanctity. Just last night, I played a twilight round of golf. I also enjoy disc golf and play it often. It's lot of fun and free! I also enjoying riding my bike on the beach with my girl friend. I'm a real outdoors type of guy. Oh yeah, my jump shot is unstoppable and I just bought some new Jordan's. So, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get my hops back. In the evenings, we like to eat yummy food, try new places and drink fancy cocktails. I love Seafood! We also enjoy the movies. We are more of a eat, drink and fall asleep on the couch watching NetFlix kind of couple but we occasionally go to the Theaters. I like to grill as well. It's becoming a hobby or sorts, you could say. We also like to go to concerts or live music in general. We listen to a ton of different genres and I kind of fancy myself a little bit of a music history buff. Sometimes when I'm really not feeling like going outside, I play video games. I have a PS4. It's neat. My girl friend gets annoyed. Oh yeah! I also LOVE sports. My favorite teams are the NY Jets, NY Mets, NY Knicks and NY Islanders. I moved to Orlando when I was young so I like the Magic a little too. Pretty sh*tty, I know. Luckily, I'm an alumni of the University of Florida so I attend a ton of Gator sporting events. BBall, Baseball, Football. They've brought me a lot of joy unlike my professional teams. One of my favorites things to do is post on JetNation and talk about my very favorite team of all, the NEW YORK JETS!!!!! It's not hobby per say, more of a life style choice. How about you?
  6. Before this open letter, Fitz was all like...**** it, I got paid!!! Now he's taking this season dead serious. DEAD SERIOUS!
  7. Pretty confident he's losing that Porsche either way, so why not make it about something that matters? This is just annoying. Makes me feel like he doesnt care about winning..which we already knew pining for Fitz...but still. To basically come out and admit it was all about stats is bull sh*t.
  8. What a ******* idiot. Talented player but a moron. Was this whole "I want my guy back" b.s. all about you? So you could bet on your yards with the best receiver in Football instead of caring about winning? And you're going to lose, dumbass. Should have bet a playoff berth for the first time in his career or does he know that aint happen?
  9. ^^^^ mother ******* prophet, bitches
  10. I called this yesterday on the other Shefter thread. I'm a prophet. You're welcome. 1 year deal? Good with me!