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  1. Is the question who do we want to be the starter or are we predicting who will be the starter?
  2. The dynamic duo!!!! I liked some of those DM'ers that came over for DPR's game. They were fun and not a punch of patty cake homo's scared to vote each other..
  3. I want to play mafia. But I cant play mafia there.
  4. This is why they should have never fired Rex. Could you imagine throwing Rex in the mix with Cutler and Marshall? Like mother ******* kerosene on a fire.
  5. What are the odds that in the next 24 hours, Brandon Marshall makes a comment about how great Cutler could be in NY and that they have a great relationship and stuff reported in Chicago was b.s., him and Cutler face time each other every week.
  6. I want this soooooo bad. 2017 will be amazing. OMG. I just cant wait. Someone needs to have a 24/7 cam on BMarsh because when this becomes official, his reaction is going to be priceless.
  7. True but this game will be like our special swan song. Good to hear. Do you want to play my game? It's going to be amazing.
  8. My boys keep rolling, even with Egbunu. Look out, this team can win games any way you want to play.
  9. You're acting as if the Bills are a competent organization. They're literally run by some of the dumbest people in the world.
  10. I really wished there was a video of her actually getting in the cart. lmfao
  11. I'm thinking of modding a game. "The Day Mafia Died on JN" It should be a hoot!!!
  12. I got yelled at when I laughed at the idea that she's actually host the game.
  13. I mean, he doesnt have the beard but he's got a sweet goatee.