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  1. If anyone can do it, its the well conditioned young ironman, Tolo! lmfao. Guy is amazing. They need Thor for the WC game...I think this has to be the recipe. Especially with both the Cards and Giants losing.
  2. Prior to the season, I thought an injury to Decker or Marshall would kill this team because there was no depth behind him. Now? I actually think the Jets have quite a few guys who can step up. They wont be Deck but they're good.
  3. I'm pretty sure the only way the Jets can win this one is sending Kamdon long on a go route to open up the game with a big emotional score!
  4. I was calling them morons for the entire offseason. My foot has found my mouth and it's tasty.
  5. I was absolutely dead wrong about this dude. He has looked extremely impressive. I honestly cant say I've ever seen a rookie look so poised and have such command of the field. He looks like a veteran out there. It's extremely impressive and depressing all at the same time.
  6. Great stuff, man. Really wish I could be there. Enjoy it. What a game to remember. Lets beat those Seachickens for Kamdon!
  7. This is absolutely amazing. I wish I could be there to meet such a tough little dude. Win it for Kamdon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go Jets!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yep. He's been making good contact for a few games in a row now. Even on his outs. Timing is impeccable.
  9. 2 nights in a row. If he somehow pulls his head out of his ass, that would be HUGE.
  10. Odds he takes one to the house on a kick off? Well, maybe a punt. Kick offs are stupid now. But if they werent stupid now, you know that sh*t would happen on the opening kick off.
  11. Well, the last QB to throw 6 INT's without a TD to accompany such feat was Tom Tupa. Not sure that's a record but it's something.
  12. True. I guess the fact he had those picks toward the end of his rookie year kind of seal the deal. But man, remember how bad he was to start the year? He literally looked like he never played corner before. He had the worst footwork and technique l've ever seen and I'm not even being hyperbolic.
  13. I think his laissez-faire attitude toward it is annoying but you're probably right. Part of me actually thinks this is his way of giving Fitz a vote of confidence since they dont speak throughout the week.
  14. Bigger bust? Dee Milliner or Vernon Gholston?
  15. This is Fitzpatrick's team. Nobody else playing QB. Ride or die to week 17 every single snap. No question about it. He just had a bad day at the office. No biggie. Move on and have a better day at the office next time. That's life, man.