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  1. Holy **** man. There is another one? dude, take a deep breath, a walk, get out, smoke some drugs...something
  2. Cool man. Keep doing you. Even if it's creepy and bizarre and strange. All good.
  3. Haha - We have totally different perspectives on this, that's for sure. I just don't get how you can be so passionately in love with one sh*tty QB and so passionately hate another sh*tty QB. To each his own, all good but it's kind of getting a little overboard from a readability standpoint on the forum. Like this thread.
  4. You've taken this to another level. It's a little strange, not going to lie.
  5. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Smash and Pac are coming off disgusting.
  6. Dude I love you but it's getting creepy. Haha
  7. 2016 Mets Thread!

    The loss was one thing, the fact I picked that game to watch Thor is another. Haha
  8. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Couldn't have picked a worse game to attend. And I spent good money to watch Thor.
  9. Watch us cave, give him like 15mil the first year on a multi-year deal that declines but they're stuck with it and they go 6-10. That basically would define my entire life as a Jets fan.
  10. The best part of this whole drama is that it's over Ryan Fitzpatrick. Let that sit in for a second. This team. My god.
  11. Yeah just piss in my Cheerios next time, probably sit better with me.
  12. We root for the stupidest ******* team on the planet. 12 mil for Ryan Fitzpatrick? For **** sake...this sh*t never stops with this team, doesn't matter who is in charge.