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  1. Sign up for next mafia game

    Pickles vs. Cucumbers  
  2. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Holy ****!!!  
  3. Tom Brady and BB are the biggest frauds in sports history.
  4. Do you know the difference between the AFC and NFC?  
  5. Houston is the goal

    The best part is, if they dont, then Super Bowl 52, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Daredevil Mafia

    Again, you dont know what I gave scum. Either way, digging your heels because the mod wouldnt do this or wouldnt do that, isnt a good strategy, IMO.
  7. Daredevil Mafia

    You modding the game was 90% of the reason you flamed out.  Just my take.  You were dead set, I wouldnt do this or I wouldnt do that and I couldnt figure out why. Why wouldnt I put those things in the game?  You dont know what other mechanics I had incorporated.   Just food for thought for next game.
  8. Calvin Pryor ~ ~ ~

    Twitter is the worst invention, ever. 
  9. Guns, Hunting and other Outdoor stuff.

    Plan on buying a hand gun this year.  Too many crazy ****s out there.   Other outdoor stuff: I surf and fish.
  10. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    I dont have a picture to depict this memory. I mean, I could find one but remember when yoga pants were worn by hot, in shape women?   Now?  My god.  Some women...
  11. The Broncos had the worst offense to win a SB since the Bucs (who actually scored a point more a game)  Even the Ravens, scored more points per game.   Considering what this team did, how they won and who they beat and that you'd have to go back a really long time to find a team with a worse offense win a SB...yes, I think they're an all time D. 
  12. Von Miller

    Support unit > Job, bro
  13. We did this last night, Jim McMahon, Jeff Rutledge and Earl Morral. Craziest part to me is that Manning took 4 different Head Coaches to the SB.  Warner took 3.    
  14. Aaron Maybin be like, what???? Jason Taylor be like, remember me???
  15. He's been saying all sorts of strange sh*t but it's clear he had zero ability to coach and manage a team.