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  1. Meh, there's a ton of data out there that I'm too lazy to find but the odds of finding a franchise QB past the 1st or 2nd round are like really really low. The odds of finding an elite RB after the 1st round, are like really really high. Just look at the 4 remaining teams. 3, 1st round picks and the anomaly of all anomalies. Now do RB's, not a single 1st round pick. Small sample size but keep going around the NFL. Outside of Zeke not a single RB in the top 10 in yards was a 1st round pick. You go to QB and there are 3 out of 10 werent selected in the 1st. Sure, Wilson and Dak and Brady say hi. I get it. But the odds are so low it's almost lottery like.
  2. Oh, I'm not arguing...if he's Ed Reed, **** yeah he's worth it...I'm just saying I dont know if he is. He's a 1 year wonder. That's high for a guy who's only done it once. Those other guys you mentioned, ruled college Football for a few years. I've debated this to no end so I want go too far into it with Lee but that's the perfect example of reaching for a need (I really dont care what the experts had him projected at) to fill a specific role and it back fired. He was not a good use of a 1st round pick. The difference between the 32nd MLB and 1st MLB in the league is maybe like 1 win a year. That's why you take those guys in the later rounds. Just look at the league leaders at MLB this year...only 1 was a 1st round pick.
  3. I get what you're saying...I really do. I want offense too but not a RB. It's too easy of a positoin to fill and just doesnt have the impact other positions do. I think a lot of players could have done what Zeke did this year behind that OL and the play of Dak. We dont have either. sh*t, just look at Todd Gurley for example. Dude was terrible this year and he was the darling of the NFL the year before. And dont get me wrong...I would be excited to watch Cook or Fournette but I dont think it's a smart use of a high pick.
  4. The only thing accurate about this assessment is that he's a 4-3 weak side LB. That would fit him very well actually.
  5. You know, you're a real SOB sometimes.
  6. haha - no, I wont go that far. Hooker looks like he can actually play Football. Gholston was a stiff who bum rushed 275lb LT's that played for Northwestern. But he beat Jake Long once!!!!
  7. I love Cook. Like him better than Fournette but the idea of a RB at #6 makes me sick. I've repeated this all before but the Packers just beat the Cowboys with a WR playing RB. The Pats, start a UDFA. The Steelers, a 2nd round pick. The Falcons, a 4th. Lets put it this way, how much better would the Cowboys have been with Jalen Ramsey or one of the pass rushers and then taking Jordan Howard who rushed for 1300 yards in Chicago in the 5th? Maybe they could have made a stop when they needed it and Elliot was on the bench watching.
  8. Yeah, disagree. Positional value still applies. He's not worth it there IMO. He makes tackles. We already have a fast undersized MLB who makes tackles and nothing else (cant cover, cant pass rush), so it's redundant IMO. And the difference between the 32nd ranked MLB and the 1st MLB is minimal. It's a poor use of a high pick, just like last year. It's just not impact position, even if he's in the league for 10 years.
  9. And also, Reed was a 3 year starter who produced every year while his INT's #'s increased every year. Hooker is a 1 year wonder. That scares me.
  10. Hooker make some incredible plays. The one he made vs. Clemson in the playoffs was ridiculous. To cover that much field in that short of time to beat the WR to a well placed ball was just straight nutty. I keep hearing him being compared to Ed Reed. And honestly, it's not fair. Ed is top 3 all time IMO. That's a big comparison to live up to. FWIW - Ed Reed would have been a Jet if it were up to me. I remember almost peeing my pants that were going to select him and then Brian Thomas happened. Kind of similar to Brady > Sapp.
  11. The top of the draft certainly favors D. I mean, the QB's are always going to get looked at there but that's more out of a demand than it is talent, sometimes. The thing I worry about is, are any of these guys on D's outside of Miles Garrett cant miss prospects? Foster is probably safe but that's not a good use of the #6 overall picks. Positional value and what not. Which is why I'm good with someone who can cover if we're really going to ignore offense in the 1st round again. I'm firmly planted in the take Watson and dont think twice if he's available camp...but if that's not available, someone who can cover isnt a bad idea. And that's mainly because I dont think after Garrett there is a cant miss OLB prospect worthy of 6th overall.
  12. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good old Chadwick debate, am i right @Bleedin Green and @gEYno? The good old days... All this wonderful reminiscing and I still dont want Chadwick, if you're keeping notes.
  13. I just had a delicious spicy octopus with cucumber roll and some seaweed salad for lunch. It allowed me to give this thread some more thought. And I still do not miss Chadwick Pennington.
  14. Truth...but I think we can have that with some of the guys we have if our corners could actually cover for a second. When the opposing QB drops back and everyone is wide open, a pass rush gets eliminated easily.