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  1. Haha - I edited my post. Enjoy the game! Hopefully they give the fans a win. We need it!!
  2. Agreed. I'm probably just being too particular about the wording. Can't argue any of that. He's got weapons. These guys are open. He's got to find them. The Ravens are great not vs the pass. Id love to see them connect on a couple of long balls. Nope. Not this one. I will be the later this year. No games on Oct. for me.
  3. I actually dont which is why I've always been in the No Fitz, play the Kids camp. We knew with 100% certainty what Fitz is/was/always has been/always will be. What I dont know is if Geno has or can improve with a better coach and better weapons. Or maybe he just flat out sucks. I'm not 100% sure and that's been the point through this entire do-si-do with Fitz. I know their are many Jets fans who have a crystal ball and just know Geno is terrible and always will be. But I unfortunately dont have a crystal ball. Odds are, he's still terrible and that will never change...but the best thing for the Jets is to test those odds and move to Petty if he fails.
  4. I'm not sure I'd say the "stars have aligned". The team is 1-5. His 2nd best receiver is out for the season and the run game is completely non-existent. He's getting his chance in not the most ideal scenario but if there was any uncertainty with his career...he's now got a chance to salvage it.
  5. Today in Jax Beach FL. Luckily I got 3 hours of surf in before I had to be in the office!!!!
  6. His answer was to blitz on 75% of the snaps vs. the Cardinals because that helps a struggling secondary.
  7. The Jets have worst point differential in the league, Mevis $louch. You're not playing in close games because you and everyone in the secondary suddenly forgot how to play Football. You havent been in a competitive game since Buffalo.
  8. The Jets made a huge change this week, benching starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in favor of Geno Smith. But it might not be the only changes they make. Coach Todd Bowles has said several times this week that he may make changes on defense as well. He would not reveal any personnel changes yet, but he said he is working different players at practice and could make lineup moves. “I kind of want to see how the matchups look later in the week,” Bowles said. “Everyone’s getting reps and I’ll decide who goes where.” Bowles’ search for answers is an indication of how disappointing the defense has been this season. Fitzpatrick’s struggles were surprising, but not shocking considering his history. But this defense was expected to be one of the NFL’s elite. Instead, they enter Sunday’s game with the Ravens ranked 23rd overall, 28th against the pass and 25th in scoring defense. The biggest problem? “Mistakes,” cornerback Darrelle Revis said. “Right now we’re in a place where everything that we do gets magnified times 10. That’s where we’re at. We’re playing close, tight games or we’re maybe behind, so that one play can blow up to be something bad on top of being down. Right now, we have to play sharp. We have to execute every down to being a nearly perfect play because of where we’re at and what the stakes are. That’s where we sit right now.” With Smith at quarterback this week, the defense can give him a big assist by returning to the form they showed last year — when they finished No. 4 in yards allowed. If the defense can give the offense the ball in good field position, it can help out Smith. The Jets can create that field position by forcing turnovers, something they have been unable to do this year. Through six games, they have just four takeaways, the second-fewest in the NFL (the Giants have three). Last year, the Jets had five takeaways in the season opener against the Browns and finished the season with 30. “We’ve got to get our hands on more balls, whether it’s tipped pass, turnovers, anything,” Bowles said. “Last year we got a bunch of turnovers. This year we haven’t gotten them yet.” Bowles likes to say turnovers “come in bunches,” but even he seems to be getting impatient waiting for those bunches to arrive. “You try everything either blitzing, dropping back in coverage,” Bowles said. “You practice turnovers until you’re blue in the face. I’ve practiced a ton of them where they haven’t worked. I’ve practiced a ton of them where they have worked. It’s just a matter of them coming in bunches and us keep working at it.” Modal Trigger Muhammad WilkersonPhoto: Bill Kostroun Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson said he believes the Jets can do a better job forcing those turnovers. “They’re going to come when they come, but we have to make plays,” Wilkerson said. “When the ball’s in the air, it has to be ours. We have to win our one-on-ones up front, got to get to the quarterback, cause disruption, strip-sacks. There’s many different ways we can do that.” The Jets have failed to get to the quarterback too much this season. They had seven sacks in Week 1 against the Bengals but have had just five since. Bowles has been relying on his front four to get to the quarterback, going away from blitzing as much as he did last season because he does not trust his secondary, which has given up eight passes of 40 yards or more, second only to the Raiders. The Jets have blitzed on 36.4 percent of dropbacks this year, according to Pro Football Focus, as compared to a league-high 46 percent last year. This year’s percentage jumped this week when they blitzed the Cardinals on 72.5 percent of their dropbacks. Against the Cardinals, the usually stout run defense even showed cracks. David Johnson busted a 58-yard touchdown in the first quarter and the Cardinals ran for 171 yards, the first time the Jets allowed more than 100 rushing yards this season. So, the Jets not only are counting on a turnaround this week at quarterback, they also need one on defense. “We’ve put ourselves in this hole,” Revis said. “To get out of it, we have to be smarter in all situations.”
  9. Todd Bowles does not work out and he's never had a good diet. Liar.
  10. Jacksonville, FL has been straight representing in the MLB postseason the past 2 years. Last year was Murph and then last night Baez. Plus the waves were firing this morning.
  11. haha - everyone loves to be a critic and pick you apart when the going gets tough. I was talking to another poster about this the other night, its crazy the amount of traffic and people that start posting here when the Jets are sucking. People you never hear from when the going is good. I read them all. So thank you. It's hard not to follow the ball when you're watching from home, so getting to see the play break down is very interesting to me.
  12. You say this about every single coach we've ever had. lmfao And a lot of players too. Its your thing.
  13. Todd basically confirmed that. And when asked why? Because he doesnt get enough reps in practice. lmfao. I wonder why?
  14. Yep. Agreed 100%. Geno needs to anticipate better and be more decisive...in additional to holding on to the damn ball. He did on a couple of throws but I agree that he tends to hold the ball too long...as we said, going through his progressions. Who knows, Gailey said he was "light years" ahead of where he was last year. Hopefully it translates on the field. Side note: I really do love these threads and appreciate you doing them each week. It shocks me that it doesnt elicit more conversation. All the b.s that people spew, the hyperbole's, the assumption of what they see, the completely unsubstaiatned opinions and the back and forth banter about nothing....and here you're posting actual Football content/film and it's basically you and I talking to each other. lol