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  1. OLine > Franchise QB

    Great QBs make average OL's look great. This stupid league is all about one position.
  2. Marshall's drop

    Hahahaha this is amazing. At least he's playing for a contender. Hahahaha Statistically one of the worst players in NFL at doing his job and a total cancer and this fan base whined like girls when the Jets finally rid themselves of this fraud. That lockerrom is going to be so juicy soon.
  3. Yeah but have you heard about the 2018 class? Greatest of all time
  4. Darron Lee

    Gholston hated Football and made 1 tackle in his career. Milliner had the worst footwork I've ever seen from a 1st round CB. Darron Lee had the worst instincts I've ever seen from a Football player. Jets baby!!!
  5. Glennon is poop and this was predictable but at least they doubled down on the position that matters the most when they took Trubisky. Its cool though, the Jets doubled down on safeties and just look at the pay off!.
  6. They always say, your team takes on the personality of the Head Coach. This Head Coach, has a I don't give a **** attitude and the team follows suit. There is no accountability at any level, so what does it matter if you give 10%, consistently miss assignments and just over all suck at your job? So does the guy in charge.
  7. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Huh? Rivers has one of the fastest releases in Football.
  8. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Pac had zero clue who Derwin James is but he's the expert on college prospects in this thread.
  9. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Well you seem well informed to challenge my expert analysis.
  10. Is this an actual rebuild?

    3 years into a rebuild this is the proper real rebuild.
  11. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    None of them can sniff Derwin James jock?
  12. Shame I defended this guy. He took the money and ran. Probably because Temple players get special treatment tho.
  13. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Sam Darnold throwing the Football is not a pretty thing. It literally looks like it hurts him to throw the ball. It looks completely unnatural. Like Blake Bortles.
  14. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Undecided yet. Rosen has done a 180. He's never produced like this. Darnold and that wind up and his decision making makes me nervous. I don't see the hype. People are treating him like a god and I don't get it. Ar this point, I like the 17 QBs better than the 18's.
  15. Why? It's only week 2. The division is still in reach.