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  1. Ape got behind JiF the whole game. Encouraged all of my reads, wrong or right. Gave me rep on posts, saw the same game as I did, gave me compliments on certain posts. He only does this as scum. He never came after me all game. He he talks about doing this all the time too. And now he's coming after me immediately because I've clearly been off on my last few reads. He is trying to use 80's continuum as his case. lol Why does he have a vest? There were 2 kills last night. Dice followed me on a bad read too and fed into it. I will post some of that tomorrow too Yeah. I'm going to sleep on this. No need to rush but should be pretty obvious. Florida vs Duke on right now. Jimmy V classic.
  2. Very significant cuts.
  3. Yep. Scum are the inactives. Taking for ever for the day to break.
  4. Exactly. I know. I even lectured everyone on that a few pages back. haha I think its just because they built this character up so much that I'm just disappointed by how its played out. There is just some silly sh*t going.
  5. He wont be available and even if he was, he wouldnt come here to report to the Owner and not the GM.
  6. What a turd. I'd take a ham sandwich at this point.
  7. I rather over pay for the chance at finding a QB, than pay 40 mill guaranteed for a lazy piece of sh*t CB who retired 2 years ago. I'm on record, I think Fitz is back. edit: assuming this regime is retained.
  8. Everything you're saying is my entire point about this story arch. People just sit around watching him iron some dudes face because he decided to have sex with his wife that Negan has enslaved? Really? Not one person is willing to die to take him out at the same time? The guy who just tried to take on an entire crew wont take a shot when they're alone? Nobody ever tried to snipe him out or shoot him from a distance when he leaves his compound? That's the biggest gripe I have with the whole situation. Somewhere, sometime, someone had to think **** this...I may die and so will people I love but **** it. We'll be martyred for the sacrifice. Oh well. I did think Sunday night was much better...but it's just all kind of silly to me right now even though I think JDM is killing it. And what is Michone going to do? Take them all on her own with hand gun and sword. Rosita just made one bullet? Lmfao - this stuff is ridiculous as you talk it out.
  9. LMFAO - the worst unit on the team is the unit you're an expert in.... only the Jets.
  10. I love living in false realities. Personally, I like when we point and laugh at teams twice as good as the Jets.
  11. The Head Coach reports to the owner, not the GM. You literally cant be on the same page under that type of hierarchy.
  12. It amazes me what these guys get paid to make these decisions. This entire scenario was so predictably inevitable a bunch of morons on a message board played it out all the way down the inevitable dosey doe they're going to have with Fitz again this offseason because he gives the Jets the best chance to win.
  13. I figured it was going to be about how its the fans fault the GM sucks.
  14. What are the options outside of the draft? Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, RG III (maybe), Mark Sanchez, Fitz, is Jimmy G a Free Agent? I see nothing wrong with giving Glennon a shot.
  15. Geno has always been and still is, the most talented QB on the roster. This regime is just a bunch of **** tards that have no clue how to run a team. Literally everything that is happening was predicted the day they decided to stick with Fitz. Everything.