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  1. The Bengals are quiet? lol Did you not see how they lost their playoff game? Besides, you have to be in it, to win it.
  2. He signs before the weekend...
  3. They played 4 man fronts 70% of the downs last season when Sheldon came back from his suspension. Williams was on the inside with Mo for most of those fronts with Richardson and Maudlin (with a mix of others on the ends). In terms of Fowler vs. Williams, as a die hard Florida fan who was probably Fowler's biggest fan around here, I had Williams as the best prospect in the draft. Even ahead of the QB's, many did. Some people were calling him the next Reggie White (clearly a huge reach) but I didnt hear anyone calling Fowler the next LT or Derrick Thomas for that matter. Versatility in Bowles scheme is huge and Williams provides a ton of it. It's not apples to apples because this is essentially a rookie season for Fowler, but I bet Williams has more sacks this season.
  4. The sample size is one thing, the other is its just stupid. 4 years into his career, Mark Sanchez was throwing more INT's than TD's. 3 years into his career, Russell was still throwing more INT's than TD's. Geno in his 2nd year, didnt throw more INT's than TD's. Last year, in his one game, he was 2:1. And whether you think Geno stinks or not, his rookie season he played on the worst offense I've legit ever seen in my entire life. I think most of us can agree on that. Put it this way, if Troy Aikman started playing in 2009, he'd been in the lead for this conversation. It took Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 years to throw more TD's than INT's. It's a stupid irrelevant stat. Sanchez, Russell and Smith stink but this stat is stupid.
  5. True. For some reason I thought he was coming back. Either way, I like that top of the line up.
  6. I dont think it would hurt to sing a veteran Corner. As much as I like Williams, he hasnt been asked to play a ton...and things change when you're an every down or close to it player. I certainly have zero faith in Milliner and McDougle to stay healthy and Burris is a rookie. If there are any holes on this D, its depth at CB and OLB. I wouldnt mind some Vets for either positions, to be honest.
  7. Gsellman wasnt terrible in a spot call last night. Had some control issue but got himself out of some jams too. Reyes, Cabrera, Cespedes, Flores/Duda, Bruce??? Will that be the line up moving forward? It aint terrible. Especially with as hot as Cabrera has been since he got back. Maybe? Just maybe?????? lol
  8. Quiet is cool when you're making the playoffs.
  9. This is a ridiculously stupid stat and comparison.
  10. Like the actions that still keep him on the team?
  11. This was useful. It acted as a reminder. Thanks!
  12. The best part is, I'm not even arguing if Geno Smith is good or bad or any of the above. All my point has been this entire time; dont jump to conclusions based on meaningless preseason games. lol
  13. Holy ******* christ man. I'm going to walk away now. You're out of your mind.
  14. Geno doesnt need to simulate the pressure of the position. He's started 20+ NFL games. Look, I'll give you guys putting actual stock into a preseason game this; If we are assume that everything went right on every play call (which is highly unlikely with a bunch of make shift line ups), then yes...you can make some conclusions. The reality is, it probably didnt and acting like we know what we are watching is being very naive. We have no clue what type of break downs happened around the QB or if the QB just out right did something really sh*tty (granted that INT looked all Geno). This is why, you dont jump to conclusions in preseason games and players like Brett Ratliff despite looking great (better than Petty) never got a single start in the NFL.