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  1. I've been going since its started. There was even an event from the same vein back when I was in college and then it morphed into Wanee. I dont really do Hulaween...they havent had the headliners I like. This year looks a little different though. I went to school in Gainesville and now I live in Jax Beach. It's a hop skip and a jump for me. We're taking an RV this year.
  2. Meh, these holes have been there the whole time. And dont know you know what will happen? Isnt it more about how?
  3. The Jags select, Zach Banner G USC. @Powpow OTC
  4. As big of a jack ass as he is, he's hands down the best available QB in FA this year. Like or not, he's a top 32 QB in the NFL. He will 100% be signed if HE wants to play in 2017.
  5. So this is Eminem's daughter. Good gawd:
  6. The Head Coach says this. The Head Coach also said they're trying to win as many games as they can. The Head Coach needs to win as many games as he can to protect his job. Josh McCown was given guaranteed money. Josh McCown has familiarity with the offensive coaching staff. Petty is a god awful turnover machine and Hack couldnt even dress last year but people actually think that one of them is going to win this "open competition".
  7. McAddo hates Eli. Blames all their offensive woes on him. Like Geno said, dont be surprised.
  8. To each their own. I'm sorry you're not enjoying it. I think it's fun and I'm excited to see what's next. My suggestion for you is to stop watching the show. It seems as if this show provides you with a bunch of unnecessary stress. Max had to delete one of your posts. You're getting that worked up over a T.V. show? I'm not sure that's healthy.
  9. Sure. I assume the next episode is going to be gnarly. I'm looking forward to it. I feel like it will be incomplete with a typical Walking Dead cliff hanger which could make the following season a little more action packed. I would imagine the "war" will go on for a few episodes if not entire first half of next season.
  10. As explained, it's not what I'd do but its what I think the Jags do, which is why I did it. I also grabbed Cam Robinson in the 2nd round. I think its safe to say that the Jags running game just a got a ton better and its been nonexistent since MoJo Drew left the building. That's a good thing.
  11. You going to wanee??? See you there!