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  1. Just a Feel Good Story

    Amazing! Thanks for posting
  2. That's fine but I think good players still find away to make impact plays. At the end of the day, they play DL and are supposed to beat the guy in front of them to get to the guy with the ball.
  3. Nothing can drive me away from you. That said, the Jets defense, is bad. Very bad. All the high pick investments and their best players are by far Ealy who they got off waivers and Clairborne on a 1 year deal they picked up in FA. That too, is bad. I dont believe for one second that Todd doesn't heavily influence the draft. Otherwise, Lee and the double down safety picks make zero sense. So they both suck equally IMO
  4. I did hear about it, for like a day. It was basically nothing though. That’s the point. Never mind. Let’s ****.
  5. Darron Lee is 23

    Agreed. It’s the new rave. Speed over size. Unfortunately the Jets forgot about the “knows how to play football” when selecting Darron Lee and those guys aren’t typically selected in the 1st.
  6. Yes. Correct. Only people in New York/New Jersey hear New York/New Jersey news. That information is impossible to travel south. It’s so lucrative even my family and friends who live in that area will not share local news or opinions with their family members in the south. It’s such confidential news, Football forums sites like JN are not allowed to start discussion regarding said news and opinions. When I travel to New York and attend Jets games, I’m only allowed to look around. I can’t read news or watch local tv or listen to local radio. Just look and observe. Im not even allowed to hear when National News outlets report on that area.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    It’s weird, people don’t like piss poor products.
  8. Darron Lee is 23

    Lol the only difference is Shazier is good at Football and played that postion in college. He had more tackles in half a season than Lee has his entire college career.
  9. I literally have no clue what you’re talking about anymore. Literally, no clue. Thanks!
  10. My point is, I don’t recall any of the backlash. So it obviously is not a big deal. So I don’t know why people act like Todd can’t do such a thing. His mentor, Parcells, did it all the time.
  11. Darron Lee is 23

    Easy mistake to make while you draft for need to fit your scheme.
  12. I’m not comparing the 2. I’m saying he’s not scared to call a vet out in the media and it has basically zero ripple effect.
  13. Ben McAdoo routinely rips 2x Super Bowl winning QB Eli Manning and nobody throws a fit over it.
  14. Sure. We don’t know but considering what we’ve seen historically with Todd, I bet he gives Mo a nice tap on the butt and a get’em next time big guy. Go Owls!
  15. Didn’t he lead them to like 24 4th quarter points too?
  16. Darron Lee is 23

    I giggled because he’s such a bad fit and these jackoffs reached for him because he filled a need.
  17. True. But wtf? Why are these vets literally allowed to give zero effort and zero ****s every season with this guy?
  18. Darron Lee is 23

    He’s not a good Football player. He’s just an elite athlete. Terrible instincts. He’s like the total opposite of Jamall Adams.
  19. 2015: Cro is playing fine. The other 10 guys need to step up. 2016: Revis is playing fine. The other 10 guys need to step up. 2017: Mo is playing fine. The other 10 guys need to step up.
  20. Darron Lee is 23

    So, I watched about 20 seconds of this video. What exactly are we feeling sorry for him about? Because some people said he couldn’t do it? Lmfao He played for OSU and was overdrafted in the 1st round and I should admire his ability to overcome “adversity”?
  21. In this case, nothing but if Todd actually held players accountable inside the doors it would be a way of driving the point home and hoping for a different result.
  22. Sounds like a guy who knows his favorite player on the team is dogging it and the best player on the team isn’t as good as everyone thought he was.