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  1. Some o-line still out there
  2. Helps us get a better pick in rd 2 now
  3. Wow, Conley to raiders
  4. Howard dropping hard here...
  5. I'm past the non-trade, I like what i've seen, read and heard from adams, should help stabilize the back end of the d. lets trade sheldon for that extra pick and maybe pryor..
  6. Draft broke nice for the saints
  7. Hope this means more trades!
  8. Effort, effort, effort
  9. Mccafrey
  10. It's like an old friend passing, we all used to watch in the 90's early 00's.. and drifted away... still sad to see an era go, even tho we all passed it by years ago
  11. Wow, just some huge cuts today: Jayson Starkā€Verified account @jaysonst 6m6 minutes ago More For 17 yrs I've had a dream job covering baseball for ESPN. Today is my last day. Thanks to all the great people at ESPN, MLB & all of you!
  12. Some that some big cuts coming today at ESPN, on air talent, right before the Draft as well... just saw NFL dude Ed Werder was cut
  13. He would make the first half of the season very interesting and potentially exciting, but when we see him play, that feeling could sink fast... I want to grab a QB until we have one.. so sign me up for one in the 1st 2nd or 3rd...
  14. Coughlin aint a spring chicken, hes in win now mode.. he's going fournette, no trade down