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  1. 2009/2010 were fun
  2. Jax is winning a decent amount of games this year
  3. The nfl is brutal, on the field and off, it is what it is. Gonna be an interesting tank year
  4. I'll take any sliver of moderate decent news these days...
  5. Beat writer over professional scout.. mmmok.. got it
  6. I got a hunch he could be decent if he lets the smokin jay cutler attitude shine thru
  7. First time Coach and GM, getting a chance to learn on the job in NYC, doesn't get any tougher than that. based on this off season, they are doing a good job of learning from the mistakes. I am going to give them the chance to learn on the job here and see if we can get something going this year with development.
  8. I wouldn't mind a 1-15 season to get the top pick, but I think this team will be better than that.. 7-9.
  9. I hope jumps out at mini-camp, becomes the unquestioned starter in pre-season, gets most reps, comes out plays well and we have derek carr 2.0 if not, tank hard and reset in the top 5 next year,
  10. He should be snagged and battle for the 3rd slot for sure
  11. I'm intrigued by WR Gabe Mark and am interested to see how he does in camp in if he makes it to the pre-season games...
  12. I followed walter's grading the whole draft and was shocked, he has been a jet hater for years, but the tone was different this year, maybe he has made a few jet writer blogger friends out there.. there are a lot of tortured jet writer souls out there.. maybe he has warmed up. prisco is still a jet hater, no reason for a B for the Adams grade, best player available (and some say top 2 player) and its a B.. give me a break
  13. How de we know he is awful, we havent seen him play!
  14. Solid draft, plain and simple. this is an additonal 3 year rebuild, the mistake by the rookie gm and rookie coach was thnking they could rebuild and compete, they cannot. they are both learning on the job, hoping for a challenge to the division in 2020
  15. Solid draft, glad we are loading up, now lets see if any of them can play. qb next year